There are a lot of anti inflammatory products on the market today. Unfortunately, many that you find over the counter are not very good for other parts of your body. For those with kidney or liver problems, an anti inflammatory can be outright harmful. For those in good general health, over use of these products can cause minor damage. Fortunately, there are many natural products that are very good at reducing swelling.

Bosweilla is an herb that is excellent at reducing joint inflammation associated with arthritis. A recommended dosage of 400 mg per day for arthritis is known to help reduce the discomfort associated with the disease. The origination of Bosweilla is in Africa. It has also been found in China as well as the Middle East. This herb works by blocking the inflammatory chemicals that are present in such diseases as osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis and other auto immune diseases. It acts in a similar way as NSAIDS, although it does not block the cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1), important in keeping the lining of the stomach healthy. It does block cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) which is a chemical that causes inflammation. To be effective the Bosweilla should have at least 30% concentration of AKBA. This may take a bit of research to find.

Another supplement that all people should take, especially those affected by inflammation is Omega 3 fatty acids. There are a variety of Omega 3 products on the market. Searching out purified Omegas that do not have high levels of PCBs in them is very important. A bit of research on the internet can reveal which companies are steadfast in keeping their fish oils PCB free. The Omega 3s are a very necessary part of any diet, and are especially helpful in controlling inflammatory issues.

Curcumin is found in the root of turmeric. It has a long standing reputation of being used to treat stomach problems, chronic fatigue and arthritis. Recently, studies have shown that curcumin is also excellent as an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are known to attack free radicals in the body. Free radicals are what causes pain and illness in the body.

Because inflammation happens for a variety of reasons in the body, such as infections, injury, or a minor irritation or even a bug bite, choosing the correct herbal remedy is important. Not every herb that “fights inflammation” is going to be best for every type of swelling. Turmeric is good for arthritis and tendonitis. Bosweilla will dramatically help those who suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms. Other herbs, such as Arnica are great for reducing swelling found in bruises, or tooth and gum issues. White Willow Bark is an excellent headache remedy that many find great relief with.

So why all the fuss about using natural remedies instead of the over the counter stuff like ibuprofen? Let's look at some of the side effects of these man-made products. Motrin is one of the most common anti-inflammatories on the market. Some of the side effects from this drug include cramping, gas and bloating. Those are quite common. That does not sound like something someone would want to experience if there was already inflammation and pain associated with that. Some of the more severe side effects include abdominal bleeding and ulcers in the gums and even depression or congestive heart failure. While these are more rare than the others, they are concerning, especially if someone is taking large amounts of ibuprofen for chronic pain.

It should also be noted that when taking Motrin or similar products, that the use of other products for swelling is absolutely not a good idea. The warning labels also state that people with kidney or liver issues should not take the Motrin. Diabetics should be aware of the sugar content in the ibuprofen products as well. With all of these warnings, side effects and cautions one has to consider if it is worth taking at all. Especially when there are some great natural remedies out there that are effective and don't have all the side effects.

With auto immune disorders on the rise, so is the use of anti inflammatory medication. There are so many possible side effects from over the counter products that one must consider the options. Natural health remedies such as Bosweilla and Omega 3 fatty acids and even the spice turmeric have no side effects, but have big benefits to the whole body. Fighting free radicals and bringing down inflammation is what will help bring the body back into balance. This is best done with quality anti-inflammatory supplements that are natural. Save .00 on your next purchase at by entering discount code “save” upon checkout.

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18 thoughts on “Autoimmune Supplements

  1. cherub20

    Is vegetarianism a healthy life style if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    I have controlled RA and I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. However, I don’t want to if it means my joints will get even more shot etc…

    Would I have to take supplements to offset the loss of meat?

    I plan to ask my doctor tomorrow, but I didn’t know if anyone out there knows anything from personal experience.

    Also, no mean answers about how vegetarians are lame a$$ people…this is a serious thread.

    1. Woody C

      RA is an autoimmune disease, meaning that your boy attacks itself. I’m sure you already know that.

      Anyways, I would recommend not changing your diet to a vegetarian diet until your trying other methods first. My uncle has RA and he has tried everything under the sun, but so far nothing seems to work.

      One thing that he tried a few years ago, but hasn’t stayed with it because people look at him funny is water fasting. He did a supervised one-week long fast and felt much better afterwards. This is because he gave his body time to rest and heal itself the best it could.

      I would not recommend going all the way vegetarian yet, but first, start doing a 24 hour water fast once-a-week. The best source for information on how to do this safely is in Brad Pilon’s book, Eat Stop Eat. I’ll leave a link below so you can read about it.

      Also, if you do decide to go vegetarian, you must eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Many people do go veg and just eat veggie burgers and fries and ice cream which is worse than the diet they were on before with meat.

      I wish you the best. Like I said, try 24 hours fasts. The healthful benefits add up over time.

  2. whataday

    What is diabetes, what causes diabetes, and is there a way to avoid it?
    Are there any natural supplements that can aid in the control of early onset diabetes?

    1. beckerton12

      type I is autoimmune and your body destroys the cells in your pancreas that make insulin. Type II is the most common type and is a metabolic disorder that occurs from insulin resistance or lack of the cells producing insulin. Onset can be prevented by maintaining a proper weight, not eating a high fat diet, so eating healthy and exercise. Exercise is super important….i wouldn’t trust taking a pill over trying to have a healthy lifestyle…

  3. Anne B

    I have been getting b 12 shots. How long does it take before I start feeling more energitic?
    I saw the doctor because I was losing sensation in my hands and feet. Checked for diabetes and vitamin deficency. Just low on b12. Have been getting shots for 5 months now, sensation in my hands getting much better, feet starting to feel better. I just don’t have any more energy than I did before. Have been tired for years, have trouble getting iron levels up to normal. Exercise regularly, losing weight, taking supplements, no smoking, no drinking, no surgeries, no diabetes, no high blood presure or cholesterol. Is there something else I should be looking for. I worry that the HMO will not look for problems until things get worse.

    1. hiphypno

      Vitamin B12, deficiencies have been linked to autoimmune diseases such as, Multiple sclerosis, pernicious anaemia, and aids. Get a second opinion or see another Doctor. Long term use of B12 shots could also be damaging to your health.

  4. 阿部 定 ♥ [sada abe]

    How to lose fat without losing the muscle?
    When losing weight, it is important to lose fat, and not lean muscle mass. Maintaining lean muscle mass is important because lean muscle burns more calories, making it easier to keep weight off. Currently I’m doing Yoga and Aerobics; but I’m feeling weak and tired during the exercise routine and after. I gain the weight (110 pounds) after being confined to bed for 2 years with an autoimmune disease. I’m 27yrs. female, weight is 330 pounds and height is 5’10”. I’m looking for any supplements, food, exercises or advice.

  5. Sunshine22

    Which is the best dietary supplement or vitamin known for severe women hair loss?
    I am very young, not even 18, and i’ve already tried many hair loss treatments without result.. Can you recommend any?

  6. Joyce

    What natural remedies help a hyperthyroid condition that was caused by an autoimmune response?
    A family member has a hyper-thyroid supposedly caused by his immune system attacking his thyroid gland. The scan shows one side larger than the other. What can he do naturally to try to stop this autoimmune response and heal his thyroid gland? He is already taking a megavitamin to help alleviate the stress. Are there some other supplements or natural remedies that could help stop this autoimmune response? Thanks!

  7. .

    Is short-term memory loss caused by severe nutrional deficiencies reversible?
    Caused by severe lack of B vitamins in the diet for many years. (Diagnosed, please do not question this, just answer the question). Foods naturally containing B vitamins as well as supplements have been reintroduced in the diet for 1 month and still no improvement. How long will it take? Person had phenomenal memory (better than average) prior to this and is young.

    Thank you.

  8. Atlas

    What vitamins and supplements can help you to combat fatigue and feel more energetic?
    I’ve taken B12 but still feel a bit lethargic at the moment. What other vitamins or supplements can help you to feel more energetic?
    Mister – I’m a competitive dancer and routinely get at least 2 hours of exercise a day when I’m well.

    I’m an incredibly healthy eater, and am currently slightly underweight. I rarely consume sugar. I do have caffeine, but I try to not overdo it.

  9. xxXFaith the vampire slayerXxx

    Does anyone have a thyroid problem and if so please describe?
    My thyroid levels alternate between being low and high, I believe at the moment my thyroid is hyperactive because I sweat all the time, I get headaches etc, I take thyroxine supplements 200 micrograms, however I believe it’s making my thyroid worse, I did have Hashimoto’s Disease, can anybody reccommend anything to me about getting this thyroid problem fixed long term wise.

  10. ElleCeleste

    Has anyone heard of Butyrate as a nutritional supplement, and where can one buy?
    What are it’s main uses, and is anyone familiar with it’s use for auto-immune conditions ? Thank you.

  11. JeffKan1

    How to give normal glucosamine pills to a dog?
    I have a puppy about 11 months old, a pomeranian, that looks like he may have arthritis in his back right leg. I have this big bottle of Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM supplements for humans. They are tablets, about 3/4 of an inch long.

    Groomer suggested to give a small piece (less than a 1/4) of the tablet to my dog daily. Does that sound about right?


    1. greygarious

      No young dog will have arthritis unless there has been an injury, or there is an autoimmune condition.
      Do not diagnose this yourself. Does he suddenly hop on one back leg while lifting the other so the foot does not touch the ground? Then at other times walk normally? That is patellar luxation, common in toy breeds. Many dogs do not require treatment – your vet is the one to determine if and how to treat it.

      As far as the G/C/MSM goes, human dose tablets can be used for large-breed dogs but have far too much in them for a toy breed. You’d have to be cutting the caplet into 6 or more pieces, which would leave you with a crumbling mess. I have been successful in keeping my elderly greyhounds’ joints pain-free by supplementing them with gluc/MSM and other anti-inflammatory supplements beginning at age 5. These substances are less effective when begun on old dogs who already have arthritis.

  12. frogholler9

    Is anyone supplementing with liquid iodine for their thyroid or other medical conditions?
    I have been doing some research on iodine and how important it is for a healthey thyroid and that we are lacking this nutrient in the U.S. because of the depletion in our soil. I have been thinking of taking a drop a day as my hair is thinning and I have brittle nails and other symptoms that a lack of iodine can lead to. I have been taking armour thyroid which is a natural form for a number of years.

    1. Lisa A

      We are not lacking in iodine in the US. We use iodized salt. You can get all of the iodine that you need from that. Plus there is iodine in multi vitamins. You probably get all of the iodine that you need that way too. So you are probably getting at least twice as much iodine as you need. If anything, we overdose on iodine in the US. Lack of iodine is a third world problem.

      If you have hypothyroidism, you probably have an autoimmune disease, not an iodine deficiency. You need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis, and proper treatment.

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