This article was written to provide useful information for people who want to buy hcg drops as a method of losing weight quickly.

Things to look at carefully before you buy hcg drops.

What are Hcg Drops:

The Hcg Diet Drops is the main ingredient of the Hcg Diet Plan that literally thousands of people from all over the globe, are raving about.

With a whole bunch of users saying that this is a diet plan that actually works without harming you.

Now with all the weight loss plans out there, it is quite unbelievable that there maybe a diet that will have you losing weight fast and permanently.

Apparently the high success of this plan is due to the use of hcg drops along with a daily 500 calorie diet.

Now, with this low calorie diet surely you will feel tired and hungry, yes?

Not according to the huge amount of rave reviews from people who have had amazing weight loss results from this plan.

Whats so different about this particular diet plan that has created such ado?

Lets quickly try to work out how, why and where it all started.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or Hcg for short, is a hormone that is mainly found in pregnancy.

Because the growing baby needs extra nutrients to stay healthy, this smart hormone will use stored body fat to provide these nutrients.

So with this knowledge in hand, Dr Simeon a renowned Endocrinologist, come up with the Hcg Diet Protocol, theororizing that by using HCG to burn body fat to provide nutrients and combining it with a low calorie diet , should in essence allow fast and safe weight loss.

In recent times HCG Diet Plans have been used successfully. these plans were put together using information provided in a book written by Dr Simeon called “Pounds and Inches”

Thankfully, modern day HCG Diet Plans use formulated liquid drops quite successfully, whereas the original protocol called for the use of injections to supply the hormone.

If you want fast weight loss then by all means go ahead and buy hcg drops, but be sure to find a plan that strictly adheres to the original protocol which. i.e 500 calories a day made up of lean protein, approved fruit and vegetables, at least 8 standard cups of water or more and the correct dosage of hcg drops 3 times a day.

By doing this, the consensus of most users is that you will achieve a weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds per day.

Are All Hcg Drops The Same:

Be aware that unfortunately like lots of other things there are concoctions of water and alcohol being passed off as Hcg drops so be very careful who you buy hcg drops from.

You need to buy from a reputable company that manufacture their own or source their product from a reliable US company.

Starting anything new can be quite confusing, so make sure the Hcg Diet Plan you decide on will give you clear instructions on what to do and how to do it.

You need to have their full support throughout your diet and whoever you buy hcg drops from, please make sure they offer a money back guarantee, if for some reason you are unhappy.

Because I wanted first hand knowledge, I have 3 people under my watchful eye. They are 12 days on and are all doing very well so far, especially Mel who manages to lose between 1.6 and 3.1 pounds each day while Shane and Nicola are on a par at around 1 pound a day.

I will post a full honest report on my website when they have completed their cycle, which will include everything from their diaries – So – Watch this space!

So Yes – I believe the Hcg Diet Plan is worth a go!

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