Does your skin itch without any rash? Then you may be a victim of itchy skin without rash. Here I will present you with some of the causes as well as how you can prevent this situation. The factors contributing to itchy skin without rash are stress or other factors such as yeast or fungi. In most cases though, Stress often results into rashes, pimples or dandruff in some cases. Pruritus is how itchy skin without rash situation commonly referred. Its main symptom is sensation or itching that is felt on the whole body or some specific body parts. Unlike itching with a rash which is easy to treat, treating itchy skin with no rash can be tricky as there difficult to determine the exact causes of this condition.

As already mentioned the two major causes may be fungi or bacteria. Fungi are tricky to find out particularly if it grows beneath the skin, consequently making it even more difficult to cure. Skin infections and different allergens may also cause itchy skin without rash. It is important to note that itchy skin can be cured easily if healthy habits and hygiene are observed both outside and inside. However some of the tips to use in preventing this condition may include: Bathing regularly using body wash or anti-bacterial soap, often changing of bed sheets and wiping your body using towels that are clean, cutting your long finger nails to remove any bacteria underneath, regular washing of hands especially after holding any public thin or going to washrooms, keeping off dusty places or rooms, being less exposed to sunlight, stopping the scratch of scalp particularly where the dandruff are, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking sufficient amounts of water.

Bacteria may also cause itchy skin without rash. It is essential for you to bath regularly so as to maintain a healthy skin, remove bacteria and also allow the skin to renew itself. Wiping yourself with a clean towel is also necessary as small insects and microbes may live on the towel especially if you don't place them properly after using. It is necessary to change towels once every week.

Nails that are used in scratching the body will hold bacteria and microbes underneath if you don't clip and wash them properly. When the same nails are used to scratch another area of your skin, bacteria and germs spread to these other areas causing an infection. It is therefore advisable to take good care of your nails by clipping and washing them thoroughly under running water. Being less exposed to sun is also another good way of preventing itchy skin without rash as being too much exposed to the sun normally damage the skin and in some cases result into fungi growing under the skin.

Eating foods that are healthy such as fruits and vegetables are important for healthy skin. In addition you should drink sufficient fluids as this would assist to give you a beautiful healthy skin besides good complexion. It is advisable that you drink about 8-12 glasses of water each day to complement foods you take in giving you a healthy skin.

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butterfly rash on face after shower

8 thoughts on “Butterfly Rash On Face After Shower

  1. Anonymous

    What are symptoms of lupus?
    It runs in the family and for the past year i feel tired alot for no reason. My hair has also been breaking off in the middle and i have a bad itch in that one spot with a tingling sensation. I also think I have poor circulation. If i put pressure on any part of my body it starts to go to sleep after just a few minutes. My joints also are weak and start to hurt if i overuse them. Advise please?

    1. ★☆✿❀

      The symptoms of Lupus are so vast and varied. No two people are ever the same. There are common symptoms of Lupus, but you could have them all, and still not have the disease.

      The most common are-
      Rashes, mainly on the face. The most well known is the Malar/Butterfly rash that occurs on the cheeks and across the bridge on the nose.
      Joint pain and arthritis
      Mouth ulcers
      Protein and red blood cells in the urine and other kidney problems
      Generally feeling unwell
      Muscle pain
      Cognitive impairments.
      Hair loss
      Low platelet and white blood cell
      Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
      Lung and pleura inflammation
      Sensitivity to the sun and UV lights.

      From your symptoms, it does not sound overly convincing of Lupus. Fatigue is a very common symptom, and can be related to a vitamin deficiency, stress, lack of quality/quantity of sleep, mood disorders or a chronic illness.

      Your hair sounds dry and brittle. In Lupus, the hair falls out. Make sure you’re not having a really hot shower.

      Circulation isn’t related to Lupus, but you could have Raynaud’s.

      I’d suggest you see a doctor. There are three things that pop to mind. The first is a vitamin D deficiency. It’s very common and causes many of your symptoms. The second is Celiac Disease, which is a common autoimmune disease that can often present without stomach problems. And the third is a thyroid condition.

      Please speak to a doctor.


  2. wot_tha

    Where does FibroMyalgia stop & Lupus Start? Is this condition ‘manageable’? Will I be able to return to work?
    After spending heaps of time, effort and money on specialists, I have been diagnosed with Fibro Myalgia, Raynauds Phenomenon together with a “side serving of SLE”.
    I find this diagnosis .. vague to say the least.
    I am taking Plaquinil, and pain killers.
    I have been unable to work for 3 months due to hot flushes, varying degrees of pain, chronic tiredness, crazy skin rashes etc ect.
    I have not had a period for 5 years (which is not such a bad thing! )
    yet, all the blood tests and ultrasounds reveal that I am not menopausal.
    Some mornings I can barely walk – my feet feel like they have been burnt, and they ache (like an elephant has stepped on them)
    When I move my shoulders they sound like rice bubbles – Snap, Crackle & Pop! They hurt like all fury as well.
    If my shoulders are not hurting then it’s my lower back, if it’s not my lower back, then it’s under my rib cage …. yarda yarda yarda!
    I have the memory span of a goldfish – which the teenage kids think is wonderful (they get away with lots)
    I regularly sleep 16 hours out of 24.
    I do not have a butterfly shaped rash on my face, it is on my neck. If I spend any time in the sun – regardless of hat, shirt or sunscreen – I come up in itchy, burning welts.
    Since I was 12 years old … After showering, swimming, perspiring, or sudden temperature change – I break out in an itchy hive type rash (great look for a teenage girl) for which I take antihistamines.

  3. natalie!

    Skin Problem? any help?
    This morning I woke up and got in the shower then realized my face felt like i had slept on something textured i just figured it would go away but it hasn’t. Plus my face is blotchy red. It doesn’t itch or hurt if i touch it though. Before I went to work this morning my mom suggested i put some benedryl cream on it cause it could be an allergic reaction to something. While I was at work, I took a benedryl pill about 2 hours ago and I’m waiting to see if it will go down but nothing has changed yet. It’s not on my forehead much but it is along the side of both of my eyes and all over my cheeks and partially on my neck.
    Does anyone know what’s wrong?

    1. peash

      it’s probably due to something you ate, but however you need to be cautious, if the rash looks like a butterfly shape, going from one cheek, across your nose and to the other cheek, it could be a sign of lupus. If you’re feeling alright and no other symptoms, i suggest you get some witch hazel, it works great and gets rid of redness almost right a way. Make sure it’s witch hazel with added vitamin E.

  4. Boo Radley

    Well water- face, rosacea/ breakout?
    Anyone know if well water causes rosasea? adult acne? ever since I have moved into my house, I have had a red butterfly rash on my face, tried numerous products, but I am starting to think it is the harsh well water I wash my face with in the shower? has anyone heard of this?

  5. Yep

    Anybody with lupus please answer?
    Anyone who has lupus please answer..or if you know anything about it. Im 22 and ive got symptoms of lupus, the lastest one is a red rash on my face I get after showering. I havnt changed soaps or anything. It started about a week ago. Its what they call a butterfly rash. It goes away after about an hour. Did you have symptoms, what made you find out that you had lupus? Thanks.

    1. DB

      i’ve had lupus sonce 2001…..for both accurate info & wonderful support, go to the Lupus Foundation of America & join their patient message board — ask whatever questions you want – the wonderful group of patients who communicate with one another there will be happy to help you out in any way they can…..posted the link for you….you’ll need to register, but you don’t need to tell anyone who you really are, just sign up under any screen name you’d like…

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