Hair loss in men is usually caused by hereditary factors.  For women, however, doctors say that genetics rarely cause female hair loss.  Hair loss in women is usually a sign that there is something else wrong in the body.  Sometimes, the condition can be helped as in the case of nutrient deficiency.  At other times, it may not be so simple.

Hormones can cause female hair loss, especially relating to the thyroid gland.  Women affected by hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism usually experience significant hair loss.  In addition, any sort of estrogen imbalance can cause female hair loss whether it is naturally occurring or a side effect from illness or medication.

There is a common hormonal problem called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that may present with multiple cysts in the ovaries and leads to cessation of or irregularity of menstruation, high rate of miscarriage, infertility and excessive male hormones.  Usually, hair loss is one of the only visible symptoms and it often leads to diagnosis.

Hormones also play a major role in the post-pregnancy period.  Hair loss often occurs postpartum and this is due to the body’s sudden deprivation of hormones that were present during the pregnancy.  Anywhere from two to four months after delivery, the mother’s hormone levels change and go back to normal.  During the trimesters, hormone levels are high and hair that would normally fall out stays in the mother’s head.  Therefore, after childbirth, the natural growth cycle resumes and an unusual amount of hair appears to come out.

The hair loss immediately after pregnancy is referred to as temporary hair loss or telogen effluvium.  This condition is offset by severe emotional or physiological stimuli.  In addition to childbirth, also fever, chronic illness, major surgery, anemia, severe emotional disorders, crash diets, and drugs cause female hair loss.

Many illnesses cause female hair loss as well.  Physicians have linked autoimmune disorders with dramatic hair loss usually coming out in patches or clumps.  Lupus is a common, chronic autoimmune disease that disproportionately affects females.  In lupus as well as diabetes, female hair loss is common and usually a permanent symptom.  Liver and kidney diseases as well as liver and kidney failure cause female hair loss. There are also some mild fungal infections, such as yeast infections, that can have an effect on hair loss.

Medications can also cause female hair loss.  Common medicines that offset symptoms include blood thinners, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, amphetamines, anti-cholesterol agents, gout medication, chemotherapy, antidepressants and birth control pills.  Especially with the case of birth control pills, hair loss can occur either as a cause of taking the medication or stopping it.

Nutrient deficiencies come into play as well.  The most common ones are zinc deficiency, essential fatty acid deficiency, protein deficiency (common in vegetarians) and vitamin B6 deficiency (especially if on birth control pill).  Curiously, an excessive amount of Vitamin A can lead to hair loss as well.

There are some environmental causes as well usually linked with heavy metal poisoning.  The most common one is mercury, but hair thinning can be caused by over-exposure to other metals such as lead or cadmium.  This is a particular risk factor for those working in related industries and cigarette smokers.

Female hair loss was always considered to be a simple process similar to male hair loss.  However, medical breakthroughs have discovered that hair loss in women can help as a diagnostic tool for many conditions and, in many cases, is treatable or controllable.

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  1. RoseMary C

    I am a Catholic with a son-in-law that has a SEVERE gluten allergy.

    He does not take the host, but where communion is offered with both the wafer & the wine—- he takes only the wine. In our Parrish there is a special line for WINE ONLY so that the wine is not contaminated but those that do take the wafer—–YOU WOULD BE TOTALLY SURPRISED THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE GLUTEN ALLERGIES.

    That way he partakes of the communion and does not endanger his health.

    If you know of people in your Parish that have wheat allergies—bring up the wine only line to your parrish priest.

  2. CeeCee

    I don’t know how to handle my health and my family’s reaction to it.?
    I am seriously ill with Lupus and it is causing liver and kidney failure along with joint damage and if anyone understands Lupus then they would know that it is not a fun disease to have. I am in the hospital several times a year and take a lot of medication but I am not depressed over being sick and basically I live as if I don’t have the disease. My problem is that with Lupus one doesn’t appear to be “sick” like maybe a person with cancer does so my family seem to forget that I have many days that I really don’t feel well and treat me as if I am just a kid trying to get out of going to school by faking being sick. Some days I can’t move very easily and some days I am so tired but no one seems to remember that I am ill and I hate to keep reminding them because I am not wanting their pity–just their understanding. My husband says that it is hard to believe that I am so sick because I basically look healthy and I almost feel guilty that I don’t look worse then I do but the fact is that this disease is killing me and I need my family to understand that I am not able to function and do all the things expected out of me by them because I really am sick. It is as if no one will talk about it and I feel like I am fighting this battle alone. If anyone understands what I am trying to say, please tell me what to do because it is really making me feel that I am letting them down by being sick. We are raising grandchildren that are young and my husband’s business envolves a lot of shovel work and when I am not up to helping very much with either, I get treated as if I did something wrong rather then recognizing that it may be a bad day for me. It really hurts my feelings..
    I don’t need someone trying to sell me on products, I need someone to honestly want to help me deal with my family and my illness.

  3. freckles

    could lumps in back be a sign of lymphoma?
    My mom has these lumps in her back kind of under the skin, and she has had them for sometime now. She went to the doctor and one told her it was prob. due to her lupus and one told her it was just tissue build up. She is taking a medical assistant class and her instructor who is a RN told her that she would go have them looked at again for another opinion, because in a recent lung x ray there was some strange dark spot that appeared but no in a place where cancer is normally found, which she said lymphoma can cause strange spots like that to appear. She was being treated for a lung infection. I have read that lymphoma can cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck, groin, armpits and organs like the spleen etc. but haven’t seen anything about the actual back.
    could it be a sign of lymphoma.?

    also she has been told it could be a result of her lupus or even her rheumatoid arthritis could this be it?
    she hasn’t really had much other symptoms the only fever she has had is when she had bronchitis, and hasn’t had one since finishing her antibiotics.but i have also read that in early stages no signs may appear. she has had these lumps for years.

    my grandpa (her father) also has some disease that i don’t recall the name that causes the lumps some are also painful if that helps, my grandma has them to. they are located mostly on the back, they itch and some of them have little to no pain and some of them are quite painful.

    any incite on this would be really helpful she has a doctors appointment in the morning but I cant sleep so was hoping to get some answers.

  4. Pent_uP

    Is it time to move on? Did I push her away? Or just trust issues playing tricks with me?
    Ok, here goes…My fiance, we’ll call her Sara, and I have been together for a little over 3 yrs. When we met, I was not yet divorced from my (now) ex-wife, but separated. In the beginning, Sara offered to pay for my divorce to get it done and out of the way. I always said no, that I didn’t feel that it would be right for her to pay for it.
    And like any LTR couple, we’ve had our share of good and bad over the last few years. SHE even proposed to ME. But I had issues with remarrying and having another child so soon. Yet that was very high on her list of priorities.

    The worst was when we had probably our worst fight ever and went to work upset. She was upset at work and a guy was consoling her and took advantage of the situation by kissing her. She told me about it a couple days later, but in the meantime was so sick with herself that it was making her physically ill.
    I forgave her as the way I see it, it was that guy who was taking advantage of the situation b/c he liked my fiance. But after moving back home for a couple weeks, we talked it out, I forgave her, and she did everything I asked pertaining to cutting all ties with this guy. She even talked to his supervisor and had his schedule changed to where he wouldn’t even be an issue. (she got fired 2 weeks later..but that’s another story. lol )

    Now, I’d said I’d forgiven her…but anyone who’s been cheated on knows, you might be able to forgive, but you’ll never forget.

    Fast forward about a year…Sara and I were living together for about 8-9 months when I got the call to come home. My mother had brain cancer and needed help. So, I quit my job and moved back home…and it’s been the toughest experience of my life, taking care of a brain cancer patient with the mental capacity of an 8-yr old. Even harder that it’s my own mother…but Sara moved in with me to help just a couple months later.
    So all in all, I’m the most stressed out I’ve ever been…ever.
    Having to be w/ mom 24/7, I can’t work a regular job or lead any sort of “normal” life. As such, I spend a LOT of time at home. On the PC, watching TV, cleaning, yard work, etc…
    But when Sara moved in to help, I was able to get to work more often. So she was stuck at home a lot too…and in a new state where she didn’t really have any friends and no family. Consequently, she spent a lot of time on the PC too. She got really addicted to WoW for a bit, which caused even more stress between us. I caught her sending “I Love You” to a character on WoW that she swears up and down is a 15 yr old kid. (But, I do know that she played a lot with a family in Cali that played a lot too. Father, Mother, and Son all played together.) I didn’t really believe her, but I kinda just let it slide.

    As it happens, I met a young lady on the net that’s about my fiances’ age (24) that happens to have lupus. She’s been a huge help in me keeping my sanity since I’ve been back home. She and I are kinda each others’ support group. Nothing more. She has a fiance as well. But we had been chatting nearly everyday for a while.

    But Sara is insanely jealous of this girl. And one day when I wasn’t home, she went snooping through my YIM archive and read some old IM’s. There she just happened to find a log, from more than a month previous, that I was talking to my friend about an argument Sara and I had. I said some things while still upset that Sara didn’t take too kindly to once she read them.
    As she was packing for a visit to go see her parents the next day, she decided to just go ahead and pack the rest of her stuff.
    Sara called me about an hour after she left, nearly in tears and wanting to come back. But still going, so that she could see her family.

    Not within 3 days, all of a sudden she’s making these big plans to go back to school. Ok. Great. Then a couple days later…BAM! “I’m considering joining the Navy”. She also went on a trip to California a few weeks ago. I happened to log on to MSN, and saw a msg where “Mike” had been added to Sara’s friends list. Well, *I’m* the only one on the friends list to that email. And it just so happens that “Mike” lives in about the same area as Sara was visiting. When I asked, I got that it was a friend of the family that send her pictures. Okay…so I dropped it.

    All of a sudden, she doesn’t want to get married anymore, she’s wanting to go off to college in another state, and wanting to join the Navy.
    We still tell each other “I love you” on a daily basis, and we talk multiple times per day. And now, my aunt has assumed care of my mother so that I can get back out and support myself and try and build my life back.
    Right now though, I’m so stressed out and depressed w/ my mom and finding a new career in this job market, added with the troubles Sara and I are having…I’m going bonkers. Especially that we’re now doing the long-distance thing again.

    I don’t really know what I want in life anymore except one thing.

    1. priv828

      I am unable to tell you if there’s someone else in her life, but it sounds like your drifting apart. I don’t think you’ve pushed her away i just don’t feel you two were in the same place at the same time with your relationship, people are growing and changing constantly, sometimes you grow and change together which makes your relationship stronger, and sometimes you grow and change separately drifting the two of you apart. It sounds like the latter one relates to you. Only by talking to sara openly will you be able to work out where to go from here.

  5. ʜəɑƋɩəƨƨ нояƨеωомɑɴ

    Breast Enlargement Idea ~I’d like some feedback~?
    PLEASE READ, THIS IS VERY BENEFICIAL. I’ve spent hours upon hours reading different ways to increase breast size.
    The pills are worth hundreds of dollars, with only a slight chance of working, why would you do that? Also with breast enhancement pills, there are other ingredients in those pills the manufacture isn’t making completely known, only after doing research on different pills have I found out what is in them. Some have little bits of harmful ingredients while others are completely filled. Some are made all natural, but still have that little hint of danger, and still, are all expensive.
    Breast Augmentation is something completely different. Costing a range anywhere from $5000-$10,000. Going under the knife, leaves scars and sometimes unevenness. Would you really waste $8000 on lopsided breasts? Good idea for some, not so for others. Either not having the money, or the dangers involved. They do say breast augmentation has gotten safer over the years, but still, there is ALWAYS a danger with any type of surgery.
    Between the pill and the surgery, I’ve considered one, then the other, then back to one. I’m unhappy with the size of my breasts, and I always have. I can easily have the money for surgery, but don’t want the scars, I’m not wasting money on pills that can damage my health and have no affect on my bust.
    So, sitting and reading on what affects breast and their growth, I’ve read a few good things.
    -Estrogen is a hormone that comprises a group of compounds, including Astron, Estrada and Estrella. It is the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle. Although estrogen exists in men as well as women, it is found in higher amounts in women, especially those capable of reproducing. Anyways, when you’re pregnant your estrogen levels rise, and well, your breast are noticeably larger. After reading and confirming, estrogen is the main hormone connected with breast growth. If you want larger breasts, here’s what you can do:
    Start eating different foods that have a higher level of estrogen. Apples, Cherries, Grapes, Tomatoes, and Pomegranates all have a good amount of estrogen. Apples especially. Alfalfa has high traces of phytoestrogens which is called dietary estrogens. Which means it acts like estrogen. Soy is also very high in estrogen, but a warning, soy extracts are BAD for you. If you are going to eat soy, cook your own soy, no soy extracts. Protein laden foods such as: fresh milk, fish, soy products, nuts and seafood, are also said to increase bust. Very last, flaxseed oil! Flaxseed oil is high in fatty acids and omega 3, 6+9. Very good to take for breast enhancement. And if in the end you don’t see you bust grow, flaxseed oil capsules also:
    Lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure, Counter inflammation associated with gout, lupus and fibrocystic breasts, Control constipation, haemorrhoids, diverticular disorders and gallstones, Treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and rosacea, Promote healthy hair and nails, Minimise nerve damage that causes numbness and tingling as well as other disorders, Reduce cancer risk and guard against the effects of ageing, Treat menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, female infertility and endometriosis, Fight prostate problems, male infertility and impotence.
    All the food I’ve listed are healthy, and are not harmful to your health. Also, if you plan to change your diet, as with any diet do not do it in an extreme way. Slowly work the different foods into your already existing diet, this is best for you and your body.

  6. Holly

    What can cause severe hives and swelling?
    For the past four years my entire body has been covered with hives along with “knots” in my hands, feet, and face that come with a burning, deep itchy sensation. At times my feet will swell to three times their normal size; this is different from the knots that appear in that when my entire foot swells it is extremely tender rather than itchy, to the point of being unable to walk. The severity of this situation varies in severity but has never completely ceased in four years. I am a 21 year old female in great health aside from the hives and swelling. I have seen 27 different doctors in the past four years in hopes of finding a solution; or at the very least, a cause. I have undergone all standard allergy testing, the allergy patch test, a skin biopsy; as well as eliminating foods and soaps, etc. from my lifestyle one thing at a time hoping that it was simply an undiscovered allergy. I have gone through multiple sets of blood work, ultrasounds, fluid samples and exen xrays testing for most major diseases and cancers with similar symptoms; lupus, thyroid, heart disease, etc., I have also been told that it is not gout or anything of that nature.
    I am in constant discomfort and am desperately searching for an answer.

    1. tom m

      what hospitals have you been to?
      try calling Loma Linda, California hospital it is a University hospital! thy are great at finding out problems out. like this one!!

  7. cool breeze

    How to control anxiety ?
    I find myself terrified today by a Dr. appointment tomorrow..I have had ongoing test..they thought I had lupus but never proved it,now it’s lung cancer due to an enlarged lymp node..the insurance wouldn’t cover a scan so the Dr wanted to crack my chest open..I didn’t let her..soooo..I ignored her,saying she needs more proof I have that before cracking me open so she sent me certified mail saying I am risking my life and to come I did..eventually and let them do a scan to see if it’s grown…(which I think is more reasonable then cracking me open..) so she wouldn’t discuss results on the phone.I go tomorrow..being as she would give me a yay or nay I think she will try to talk me into more test or an autopsy while I am still alive..
    My fear is to be cast into a helpless position of recovery ,to be dependent on people who are not dependable to care for my children and I…usually I’m the strong one,not scared of anything but being helpless scares the living crap out of me while my children still need my strength’s just fear getting the best of me today..panicky fear..what can I do to curb it..I’m cleaning house like a crazy person in case I have to have some procedure cause I know ti’s the last time it will be clean for a long time…My husband is a big baby who needs help with everything and my mom offered to stay but she abused me so I don’t trust her with my girls ,to protect them from her male friends or to respect them and not abuse them..I am terrified..yeah..I think I explained..I can’t be helpless !

    1. ***

      Take deep slow breathes until you relax. Don’t assume the worst.

      I know how you feel because I’ve been there (only I left my spouse for being abusive, etc. ) but all else was pretty much the same.

      I was scared by doctors into thinking I possibly had lung cancer / breast cancer / cervical cancer (all at different times) and all your same thoughts ran through my mind: who do I trust & who could take care of my kids they way I would (no one), etc. etc. etc…. who would raise them the way they deserved to be raised (my kids are great little people, smart, clean, responsible, etc.)
      Anyone I know would most likely ruin all the hard work I have done with my kids into helping them to become wonderful, well-rounded, responsible adults. Anyway…

      Turns out that I have none of those (although there were issues.)
      Honestly, the only thing I could think of was to turn to God – I felt He was the only one that could give me peace and ensure my kids would be just fine. … Really, I prayed so extremely hard that nothing would be horribly or fatally wrong with me. I prayed day & night.
      I even skipped going back to my doctor until I felt deep down inside that I was healed and the doctors wouldn’t find anything seriously wrong with me. I even went to a church and was prayed over for healing. For me, IT WORKED!

      Here’s what they had me repeat daily:
      “By His stripes, I am healed.”
      I said this over and over for a very long.
      *I told myself that nothing was wrong, that my body was healthy. I also ask God to protect me so that I can live to raise my kids, my promise being that I’ll raise my kids to love God & to always do the right thing.

      Maybe you’re not religious. I wasn’t for a long time either.

      But in case you don’t want to seek God in this, simply tell yourself the same things I told myself, convince yourself & believe that you’re ok, say it all the time, and if anything, you could benefit from counseling should you find you’re not in the best of health (maybe your husband would too.)

      I know how you feel. You & your kids are in my prayers.

  8. Nenita

    What the difference between Sjogrens Syndrome and Lupus which is worse?
    Need to know whether I should worry about if diagnosed with either or. Someone told me it’s like living with diabetes online I read one of them can cause Cancer. Can this be true?
    Thank You for your answers they both helped out alot.

    1. writenimage

      My aunt actually has both syndroms. The Lupus seems to be the one that causes the most hassle. They are both auto-immune so can both effect the boddy in similar ways. I think either can be the worse one depending on treatment and serverity of the conditions.

  9. oldtimekid2

    The simple statement is that there are a lot of people and companies who look negatively at herbs and supplements… the article you found seems to be written by one of them.

    Regardless of that, they are basically pointing out that there are very rare allergies (as there are with all plants and anything that you can get into your body… some are rarer than others), but if you were allergic, you would know within the first couple times of taking it. If you’ve been drinking it all week and don’t feel anything negative, you’re not allergic.

    The things that you listed there are possible, but VERY rare occurrences, plus the fact that you would have already experienced some problems if you were going to have any issues like that. Most of what they list there are basically from conditions that people had beforehand and the Green Tea just aggravated it (eg. allergies, asthma, Hep C, etc). Viral infection is just silly for them to say… yeah, if someone had a virus and sneezed on the plant right before it was harvested, the plant wasn’t cleaned off (which is an FDA requirement, BTW), and the virus somehow survived the drying process (and extreme heat of boiling water that’s usually applied), then you could theoretically catch it… but the only way I can see someone catching a virus from Green Tea would be if they picked the tea leaf themselves after someone infected it and they put it right into water and drank it. As long as you buy it from a reputable company and not some guy on the street, you’ve got nothing to worry about. 😉
    Virtually every “caution” on that list could be listed for most of what’s in your grocery store’s produce section, too.

    Don’t worry about the “attack site” as there are many more sites (with proof, tests, and citation to verify their facts) that show the minimal risk and good benefits it gives. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  10. s.g.

    Q for those knowledgeable about the body, esp. kidneys. proteinuria question?
    Two years ago I went to my primary care physician for a routine annual physical. My lab work came back abnormal. I was spilling very high amounts of protein and creatine. More tests followed and the same result was shown. I was sent to a Nephrologist.

    She was sure that I had some form of kidney disease. I was checked for the big diseases like lupus, cancers, etc. None. I held off on my kidney biopsy for several months; during that time I had frequent trips to the hospital for more blood and urine samples, all of which turned out very very high.
    I finally had a kidney biopsy. The results turned back negative for everything. She said my kidney tissue was very normal. She herself was shocked, and even had my test results ran through extra times and by different specialists, including those at the Mayo Clinic. Normal.
    However, the fact still remains to this day that I am spilling excessive amounts of protein in my urine.
    This is not normal.

    I never heard from my kidney specialist again. I was never diagnosed with anything, nor put on medicine, nor told to see anyone for checks on the matter or follow ups.

    The last time I saw my kidney specialist- when she told me I was fine she said “Well you probably had some IGA (nephropathy) brewing but stopped it by taking fish oil.” wtf???

    My questions for you are:
    -should i be worried or do something about this?
    – am i okay just because my doctor sent me on my way or was she negligent?
    -can this proteinuria cause problems in the future or develop into a disease eventually?
    – would having proteinuria itself affect daily life? because i’m always tired and i wonder if this has anything to do with it
    -any other helpful comments

    to perhaps help you answer my question better; a little health info about me:

    -5’6″. 120lbs.
    -17 at time this occured. currently 18
    -no drug use, do smoke cigarettes
    -no health history except for asthma and iron deficient anemia
    -family history includes heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, one case of teen leukemia, survived. other than that no other cancer, no kidney or strange diseases, no obesity.

  11. angelinaismywifey

    ~~Please help diagnose me!!! extensive bloodwork with no abnormal results…SO FRUSTRATING!!!~~?
    I have MANY symptoms pointing to something systemic, connective tissue involved or auto immune… especially similar to lupus, mixed connective tissue disease, scleroderma, dermomysotitis, sarcoidosis, lyme disease,lymphoma, skin cancer etc………all blood tests normal so far accept slightly low blood sugar and 1positive towards lyme 9but you need a few positive to go in that direction according to dr’s…. so does this not make any sense? shouldn’t blood work show some markers of disease especially if i have symptoms of this severity??? or are there somethings you can just never know!?? ……………….so confused!!!!
    symptoms vary greatly and im getting no def answers after switching dr’s time and again seeing specialists and researching ,myself(which is relentless)
    i have symptoms of:
    Renaud’s syndrome, alopecea, circulatory problems(painfull swollen vessels causing hives!broken blood vessels), skin problems(acne, wounds wont heal, blood vessels leaving marks, hives), hard lymph nodes in groin as well as swollen tender lymph nodes EVERYWHERE!, weird lump type feeling inside throat(went to ENT saw rawness w/ scope but no answers) itchyness(especially scalp), DRY SKIN, W/ PURPLE ROUGH PATCHES OVER KNUCKLES THAT SOMETIMES ULCERATE, shiny tight skin on hands, many oral changes (pale coloring in several areas, red sore like marks,white lines that come and go, inflammation under tongue and on the sides in the back of tongue and inside cheeks, bumpy lining of cheeks and where my gums connect to my bottom lip w/ pronounced veins, extremely dry mouth w/ white coating–not Candida’s and its almost like my tongue and cheeks are bigger or my mouth is smaller bc i get teeth marks on my tongue and have been noticing the inside of my cheeks are in the way and i bite them more often) also: swollen pain full knees and ankles(tested neg forRA), GASTRITIS(after endoscopy), heavy periods w/ blood clots, swollen vulva and cervix(cervix has cysts that have grown rapidly)
    Also ive noticed that the structures of my face have changed___ALL OF A SUDDEN !! i cant smile the way i used to my eyes are more buldging like and the creases in my face are diminishing!! its starting to cause depression and anxiety about leaving the house… please help

  12. Scotty

    Some foods, and drinks are harmful to some one in some way. i drink green tea multiple times a day because i love the taste and its good for me. it is healthier than most teas because of the herbs, anti-oxidents etc. in it but i wouldnt worry about it if i were you, your fine. just drink a glass of water with it because it dries out some skin, but it should be fine for you!!
    hope this helped a little!

  13. ExaltLoth

    Very interesting – You have a good story, but This I Believe essays are typically about a page and a half double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman font. This might be three pages in that format. Also:

    – no technical errors (this might be the first esssay I have seen without a few gramatical or spelling errors).
    – The essay should be a bit more about the belief than the story behind it. I was wondering if you were even writing about a belief until the very end.
    – “So, I believe” – As my teacher said when we were writing these in class, You shouldn’t have to directly state your belief. It should become apparent through your stories and perspectives in the essay. It isn’t essential that you fix this, but it is still something to consider.
    – you might be able to make the essay shorter by excluding some of the details. For instance, instead of saying exactly how each relative died, you might simply say something like “My aunt, who has a blood disorder called lupus, almost died a few years ago from a stroke.”

    As for my personal perspectives on this (you may not care, but…):

    I completely agree that death shouldn’t be feared as it is, but I have never liked phrases such as “he is in a better place.” This phrase is so easy to believe and comforting that, even if it was false, it would be believed anyways. I am not saying that consoling people who have lost a loved one is wrong, but, to me, it seems wrong to simply say what they want to hear, reguardless of validity. You may disagree; this is only my personal belief.

  14. overcast

    Do I have Hypothyroidism?
    I cannot afford to go to the doctor right not because my insurance doesnt cover it.
    -About once a month I wake up with my eyes swollen shut and the skin around my eyes, nose, and my lips, look dry, peeling and red. This takes 4-6 days to go away if I continually moisturize it. This is what led me to research what could be causing it…it seems like it could be allergies or maybe a small chance of hypothyroidism?
    -My mom had to have her thyroid removed because doctors werent sure why she had a small tumor in her neck. It turned out to be noncarcogenic. (she is 47) My aunt has bad thyroid cancer and we think my great great grandma died from it (they didnt know what it was then but she had a huge goiter on her neck)
    -I had to have my tonsils taken out because of my allergies. I get bad sinus infections and they were always swollen.
    -I dont heal very well
    -I dont know if I am abnormally tired. I dont think so. Just sometimes.
    -I think I have a little trouble loosing weight.
    -I dont sweat at all hardly.
    -My fingers are toes are always very cold no matter what. I get cold easily.
    -I get depressed a lot
    -I have a low pain tolerance (I had horrible cramps in high school and had to go the hospital-I sill get these, now I have terrible upper back pain. I think I may have strained my back in high school but that was 5 years ago. My upper right side of my back gets a dull pain, then feels cold and then has sharp pain sometimes when I am active/sitting in a chair/standing)
    -I dont have swelling in my neck
    -The only other disease we have in my family is breast cancer at around 35 (2 people have died from it) and my great grandma had Lupus.

    Am I being paranoid? Is there anything I can do if I have it? I am a vegetarian and I try and go to the gym 3-5 times a week (I just joined a gym 2 weeks ago).
    I get bad headaches a lot too (about twice a month and they last 24 hours)
    My boyfriend thinks Im being paranoid and he is in medical school..
    I do have insurance but it doesnt cover doctors visits so it costs me about 100 a month. I had to go to a doctor last month and it was going to be 300 dollars!
    I also have a low sex drive :[
    Im pretty sure I get enough protein through Tofu, grains, veggies etc. They have more than you would think.
    And I have a horrible horrible memory.

    1. Big Daddy

      it could be your tyroid…i have that problem and your symptons are like mine. i take a daily pill that cost about $5 per month that keeps it in check. go to your Dr and get checked out.

  15. The Mommy Delivered

    pain in brain? nose bleeds??? help?
    I believe my husband may be dying and we wont know whats wrong until the autopsy


    If anyone has any ideas PLEASE help??

    basics: 45 yr old male, no health problems, heart and lungs in excellent shape…former drinker..smokes 1 pack per day….no history of drugs no current drug use. no medications…140 lbs, 5’5″.

    family medical history:
    aneurysms, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, lupus, arthritis.

    personal medical history:
    presented with headaches 5 yrs ago. when the headaches would come, the blood pressure would go up. diagnosed with migraines. had allergies or severe side effects to all migraine meds. Pain meds dont even touch the pain. 2 yrs into it, the doctor put him on blood pressure meds, which did n othing to control the blood pressure. two years after that, he was taken off of blood pressure meds.
    In the last 6 months symptoms have become worse.

    recent medical findings:
    CT scan done one month ago showed nothing abnormal. CT scan done last week showed mild generalized brain atrophy higher than expected for man his age.
    blood work showed low immunoglobulin G QN.

    Chief Complaints and symptoms at this time:

    weakness (he can not work for the past 5 weeks)
    constant headache (pain comes from deep in head..unlike a headache or migraine)
    a feeling that brain is smaller than head and every turn causes it to bounce against skull causing severe pain
    aversion to noise
    elevated BP with headaches
    most recent, he has developed nose bleeds
    a fungal skin rash that continues to grow in spite of lotrimin cream.

    Help please…I honestly feel like something is bad wrong, but I just dont seem to be able to have any info to share with doctors that would help them to look deeper into this…

    thank you in advance

  16. The Mommy Delivered

    brain atrophy?????…………………………?
    I believe my husband may be dying and we wont know whats wrong until the autopsy


    If anyone has any ideas PLEASE help??

    basics: 45 yr old male, no health problems, heart and lungs in excellent shape…former drinker..smokes 1 pack per day….no history of drugs no current drug use. no medications…140 lbs, 5’5″.

    family medical history:
    aneurysms, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, lupus, arthritis.

    personal medical history:
    presented with headaches 5 yrs ago. when the headaches would come, the blood pressure would go up. diagnosed with migraines. had allergies or severe side effects to all migraine meds. Pain meds dont even touch the pain. 2 yrs into it, the doctor put him on blood pressure meds, which did n othing to control the blood pressure. two years after that, he was taken off of blood pressure meds.
    In the last 6 months symptoms have become worse.

    recent medical findings:
    CT scan done one month ago showed nothing abnormal. CT scan done last week showed mild generalized brain atrophy higher than expected for man his age.
    blood work showed low immunoglobulin G QN.

    Chief Complaints and symptoms at this time:

    weakness (he can not work for the past 5 weeks)
    constant headache (pain comes from deep in head..unlike a headache or migraine)
    a feeling that brain is smaller than head and every turn causes it to bounce against skull causing severe pain
    aversion to noise
    elevated BP with headaches
    most recent, he has developed nose bleeds
    a fungal skin rash that continues to grow in spite of lotrimin cream.

    Help please…I honestly feel like something is bad wrong, but I just dont seem to be able to have any info to share with doctors that would help them to look deeper into this…

    thank you in advance
    ZAM: thats the problem..he quit drinking 6 yrs ago…the brain CT a MONTH ago showed normal…in ONE months time, his brain shrunk.

    1. Alex

      Alcohol abuse and smoking seems caused most of the brain injury.
      People often underestimate the magnitude of problem and therefore surprised when damages accumulate.

  17. GreenAppleGirl

    Brain shrinkage?
    My aunt has been diagnoised with brain atrophy (the shrinking of the cerebelum). The doctors can’t seem to find a cause for it, but she is experiencing lost of equilibrium, speech, motor skills and double vision. Has anyone had experience with this, either themselves or family members? Any ideas?
    **Her doctor as already ruled out Parkinson’s, Lupus, various forms of cancer, and MS

    1. leroux3s

      have them check for a stroke of the brain and/or brain stem
      this was my symptoms to after a surgery and a high fever and it baffled them for a while.
      when I saw the neurologist,she is the one that ordered the right tests and found out.
      I was only 42 at the time so it could/does happen to anyone

  18. rainydays08

    Is it true that if you dont get sunlight you can get lupus?
    My mom told me that if you dont get sunlight you can get lupus. Isnt the sun bad though cause it causes skin cancer and aging? What if you wear sunscreen and go out in the sun?

  19. Jennifer P

    Can hot flashes w/ Menopause cause temp 99.7?
    I’m starting to get hot flashes for the last month and when I get the the overwhelming hot flash feeling, I get low grade fevers too. I’ve been to the doctor so many times and had so many test. They can’t find a thing wrong with me. But I’ve been getting the hot flashes and fever (99.5) on and off for 6 weeks. My doctors they even tested me for cancers, lupus and autoimmune disease all are negative. All blood work is normal.

    Have you had hot flashes and low grade fever too? Please share your experience. I’m going to have them check my hormone levels. I’m only 41 years old and this SUCKS!

    1. Maggie may

      Its quite a shock isn’t it when the hot flushes start, mine
      started in my early 40’s like you and I still get them. Many go on HRT but that wasn’t for me. The best food to take
      is Soya Milk (takes a while to get use to). The chinese do not have a word for menopause, as the women don’t get them. Due to their rich soya diet. I still drink cow’s milk too, but if I’m off soya milk for a couple of days, the sweats come back. (I think soya has a substitute hormone-oestrogen to replace what not being produced). Did you mom start hers early? Don’t lose heart – it not for ever.

  20. Tomier

    Why do I have so much pain!?
    I have been in what I would say is “chronic pain” for almost 3 and a half years. It hurts everywhere….and I sometimes have difficulty getting up stairs and such. I hurt everywhere, in fact, just yesterday I was at work (I am behind a register) and all I could do was sit, and even then the pain was so intense I was in tears. I can’t keep living like this, I’ve been to hospitals for emergency and I have been to my Doctor many times, a lot of things have been suggested then ruled out. I can’t take it anymore. I was tested for come Cancers, m.s. lupus….I can’t spell or pronounce most of the others. What could it be? It hurts everywhere. And no real causes except I’m awake to feel the pain, and even when I am trying to sleep I can’t…why? (I’m only 20 years old)

    1. randi w

      Check into fibromyalgia– alot of people in the medical community are skeptical of this diagnosis but more and more are starting to come around.
      dont know too much about it- but suppose to cause chronic pain all over. There are some prescription meds out there for it now

  21. star69

    can someone help me write a summary on this science article?
    i need this for tomorrow and im not soo good at ready so can you helo me please
    Environmental pollution is the release of environmental contaminants, generally resulting from human activity.

    Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides produced by industry and motor vehicles are common air pollutants.

    Arguably the principal source of air pollutants worldwide is motor vehicle emissions, although many other sources have been found to contribute to the ever growing problem.

    Principal stationary pollution sources include chemical plants, coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, nuclear waste disposal activity, incinerators, large animal farms, PVC factories, metals production factories, plastics factories, and other heavy industry.

    Pollutants can cause disease, including cancer, lupus, immune diseases, allergies, and asthma.

    Adverse air quality can kill many organisms including humans. Motor vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of air pollution.

    Principal stationary pollution sources include chemical plants, coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, nuclear waste disposal activity, incinerators, large livestock farms (dairy cows, pigs, poultry, etc.), PVC factories, metals production factories, plastics factories, and other heavy industry. Some of the more common soil contaminants are chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFH), heavy metals (such as chromium, cadmium–found in rechargeable batteries, and lead — found in lead paint, aviation fuel and still in some countries, gasoline), MTBE, zinc, arsenic and benzene.

    Ordinary municipal landfills are the source of many chemical substances entering the soil environment (and often groundwater), emanating from the wide variety of refuse accepted, especially substances illegally discarded there, or from pre-1970 landfills that may have been subject to little control in the U.S.

    or EU. Pollution can also be the consequence of a natural disaster.

    For example, hurricanes often involve water contamination from sewage, and petrochemical spills from ruptured boats or automobiles.

    Larger scale and environmental damage is not uncommon when coastal oil rigs or refineries are involved.

    Some sources of pollution, such as nuclear power plants or oil tankers, can produce widespread and potentially hazardous releases when accidents occur. Adverse air quality can kill many organisms including humans.

    Ozone pollution can cause respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion.

    Water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to contamination of drinking water by untreated sewage in developing countries.

    Oil spills can cause skin irritations and rashes.

    Noise pollution induces hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, and sleep disturbance..

    1. evoL

      The human source of pollutants, of which causes death and disease in humans and also animals, is as varied as the common car, factories, technology industries, is very great and obviously dangerous. Despite human attempts at containment, destructive natural phenomena can vex these intentions, spreading more than its’ share of distruction.

  22. Matt

    What is the cause of this person’s rapid weight-loss?
    I’m a college student, and there’s this one guy who’s been in at least one of my classes every semester I’ve been there. I always wondered if he had cancer or some kind of illness, because he’s only about 20 and is almost completely bald. He has like the hair you’d find on a baby/toddler (very thin). Last time I saw him was late May, just before summer break. Classes began today, and the kid looks COMPLETELY emaciated, like you can see every bone in his body. And his eyes are sunken. He’s a walking skeleton and literally looks like he just went to hell and back. But yet, he’s there in class and acts fine and everything. Keep in mind that this guy was probably 170 or more lbs by my estimate in late May. In fact, he might have even been a little overweight. Now I swear he’s more like 110. What would cause a person to lose 60 lbs over a summer? Parasite? Lupus? Chemo-therapy? Medication of some sort?
    to how’s this – I wasn’t staring at this person. And I’d ask if I actually knew him personally, but I don’t, and I don’t want to ask someone a question that might be too personal or even offensive.

  23. Mercury Pearl

    I really need everyone’s help PLEASE (Preg questions)?
    I could be pregnant. The last time I had sex with my boyfriend was on June 17th and that’s because he went back to Arizona to visit his family so I haven’t seen him since. I have been going to the hospital lately for reasons unrelated, because I think I might have lupus or cancer. I have been throwing up violently but I’m not sure if it’s because of the illnesses I might have, or because I might be pregnant (or both?).
    If I were pregnant, I’d be 1 month along right now.
    About 4 days ago I didn’t know I might be pregnant so I drank…a lot. I got wasted, I had 1 beer and countless shots of whiskey.
    I am on birth control, I was on the Depo Shot when he was out here, and then after he left I switched to the pills.

    I have two questions,
    when is the soonest I can take a pregnancy test? Could I take one tomorrow morning since I might be 1 month along already?

    and also, do you think the alcohol I had will cause problems to the baby if I’m pregnant? Or do you think it won’t because it would be too soon in the pregnancy and it was only once? (I’m never drinking again.)
    No I haven’t gotten my period yet but my period has been very random for months because of the Depo shot. I got it on the 8th of June and it lasted for like 3 weeks straight. So I don’t know when I should be expecting this period. My normal menstrual cycle before I started birth control was always around the 20th of each month.

    1. Marie W

      You should be able to take a test now if your think your that far gone.

      It would be best to go and see a doctor as being pregnant could complicate things if you do have cancer or lupus. Most cancer tumours thrive on the hormones you secrete in pregnancy so it needs to be checked out asap.

      As for the drinking, i know loads of women who have got drunk when they didn’t know they were pregnant, including myself, and the babies have been fine. But you do need to stop now as continued drinking can cause problems. If you are pregnant they will be able to pick up any problems on the ultrasound. You can’t change the past so just be extra careful now.

  24. Adam F

    I have pain… and no end in sight.?
    OK, so I’ve got pains I can’t explain… the problem is that I’ve been to countless doctors and have been unable to get a satisfactory diagnosis.

    The pain seems to be everywhere… when I am seated in certain positions… I feel it in my hips and in my mid back. When I walk or stand for any length of time… the pain is lower now… like my lumbar area… and in my neck… I also have numbness and heat in my hands (like arthritis)… tingling in my chest… numbness, tingling and heat in my legs. I have pains in my chest too… though I think that might just be panic and fear over these pains…. I don’t know.

    I’ve been given pain meds and muscle relaxants which work… but then I run out and I’ve been unable to find a doctor who is willing to give me an ongoing prescription.

    I’ve gone to acupuncturists, chiropractors, pain management centers, walk in clinics…. I’ve spent THOUSANDS, all to no avail.

    I have also invested in a Temper-pedic mattress, weekly massage, a hot tub… and still I am plagued by pain.

    Further, as this is impacting both my mood and my ability to think clearly, I’ve spiraled into a deep depression where I feel absolutely certain I am going to die… and soon. The fear of this and worry over my family is keeping me up at night… I find myself looking up my symptoms and finding the causes ranging from anything from a weakened immune system to lung cancer to leukemia. So naturally I’m terrified.

    The other thing is that I’m uninsured and insurable (due to my weight… I’m 315lbs, and the fact that I’m self employed)… and because I’m unable to really exercise…. so it’s getting worse… not better.

    I had a seated MRI in January… I think some of my problems are only clear when I’m standing since that’s when I’m in pain.

    According to the MRI (we didn’t do the lumbar), I have I have at least three blown discs… T-10 to T11, T-11 to T-12 and T-12 to L-1…. that plus macular degeneration of the discs is causing inflammation and osteoarthritis symptoms…. I’m only 38… yet apparently I have the spine of a 70 year old.

    I recently paid $3000 OOP for facet injections… a mixture of steroids and Novocaine… and I’ve gotten some minor relief…. but I’m still in alot of pain and it’s not getting better. My hands are on fire most of the time.

    To be honest, I’m not convinced the pain I’m in is all in my back…. I feel chest pains and hip pains too… I’ve been told it’s all related… but part of me says fibromyalgia, part of me says it’s depression or a midlife crisis… and another part of me thinks it might be cancer, lupus, a heart condition, or even AIDS…. because all sometimes present as inflammation of the joints… and referring pain.

    To make matters worse, I now can’t find a doctor to give me something to help the pain anymore… I’ve been to dozens of clinics…. the prevailing thought is that if it can’t be cured with 30 days worth of flexoril and vicoden… I should be made to suffer.

    The last doctor I went to suggested I lose the weight…. as if that hadn’t been discussed… or as if I could stand up long enough to exercise meaningfully.

    So guys…. what do I do?
    I am dieting… and I’m taking Alli… a great diet pill… it’s working.

    I also do not have any history selling pills or avoiding treatment.

    The pain management clinics in my area are against giving out pain medication for some reason… they all promote alternative remedies… which don’t work.

    How do I find a pain management clinic who is willing to prescribe drugs?

  25. Christine R

    Husband had an ECHO done, doctor said normal but the paper seems to say otherwise, please help!?
    My husband is a 35 year old man and had almost a complete work up done up on him.
    Chest x ray was normal, EKG, and the ECHO is normal except for the small pericardial effusion noted on the results(the paper). My husband has been reading all the negatives of pericardial effusion trying to rationalise this saying on the paper “small pericardial effusion” as being normal because his doctor said everything was ok but didn’t look into it until he got home and seen that on the paper. Being very concerned, he went to a cardiologist today to have the paper(results) evaluated further because he didn’t feel it sounded right even though the doctor said he was fine. The cardiologist recommended a follow up in a year but my husband insisted on it sooner since he was worried so the cardologist agreed to retest in 3 months. So now my husband thinks he has this pericardial effusion which can result from autoimmune disorders such as lupus or R/A, then infections such AIDS, or cancer, etc. So being the sort of hypochondriac that he is, he thinks he may have one of those things causing the Pericardial effusion.
    His blood pressure is good, 110/64, and he does not have any signs or symptoms of pericardial effusion. He wore a holter monitor for 24 hours which did not show any abnormalities. He initially made the appointment to get all of these tests done because he was experiencing fast heart rate in the middle of the night, which he thinks could be anxiety but wanted rule out any posssible heart problems. Any comments are welcome. Worried wife.

    1. Dr. House

      Small amounts of pericardial effusion is actually not too much to be worried about. While those things that you mentioned are capable of causing pericardial effusion, there are many other causes of pericardial effusion including radiation, vascular collagen diseases, or even having been hit with something, etc. The main problem with pericardial effusion is that if it becomes too significant, it can cause pericardial tamponade, but that’s if he has like 2 liters of fluid surrounding his heart. Otherwise, if all other findings and lab results are normal, it’s not too much to be worried about. Just follow up once in a while to make sure cardiac function is normal.


    what could be the cause of me going bald im a 34 year old women and have had a head full of hair all my life,v?
    my doctor tould me a while back i had an auto immune desease,ive been worried about that cause im losing all my hair,he also seems to think ive got lupus,ive heard that can lead into cancer is that true cause ive got three kids at home to raise still.

  27. Jessy J

    PCOS and ovarian cancer?
    ok, so im 19 and have been diagnosed with having PCOS. but, i have noticed that i also have symptoms of ovarian cancer. now, what are the chances that i could have that also?

    i have changed doctors 3 times in the last three years and have finally found one that seems to truly care and she does everything she can to find out the true cause of things so i am very thankful i have her now, but i have not even been with her for a year yet.

    so, i was wondering if i should wate till my july visit to talk to her about this.
    i can not find much on ovarian cancer, and was wondering if any body had a good list of symptoms because i am very confused about this

    also, my sister has lupus, and her and my mother(both in medical fields and mother is married to a dr.) think i may have a m,ilder form of lupus, so it may not be ovarian cancer.

    so if some one could just please give me a good list, i can add more details because right now i am so confused i do not know where to start and all this is so overwhelming when you KNOW something is not right but do not know how to explain it in hopes of being properly diagnosed with out it taking years.

    (my sister was mis diagnosed with lupus for over ten years.)

    thank you soooo much!!!

    1. Jenny

      I also have PCOS so I understand the concern over other issues that can develop down there. If you’re thinking you could possibly have ANYTHING that affects your health, you need to talk to your new doctor as soon as you can. As horrible as they are, you need to get a full papsmear and examination. Your doctor will know if you should be worried or concerned. And it’s worth going as soon as possible because thanks to medical science of today, if caught early enough almost anything can be treated or cured.

  28. Connie

    What to do if a family member is trying to destroy your world around you?
    Hi there is a family member that is trying to cause problems any way she can and one of the ways lately has been calling human services on my husband & I for a child protection concern. This is not the 1st time because we know that she has had human services at our door in the past. Now my mother-in-law has a disabled adult child in a wheel chair so she requires home health care. Ok..well needless to say the person that is causing all of us undue grief is a home health care nurse and she is working inside my mother-in-laws house. This nasty person has human services & home health care on her side because of her work credentials. Also she is worming her way around by making everyone feel sorry for her because she has lupus. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and now thanks to this lovely person….she has made it so we can not visit my husbands mom that may be dieing of cancer and also we can not go into her house for her birthday in two days because this is the way that this trouble making person has it set up through home care! Please help us someone……..

    1. traildawg

      Blood is thicker than water. Go and visit your MIL… what’s she gonna do? Call the police? I doubt it… she knows that you and your hubby have a legal right to see his mom. BTW… go to the party too! She is not going to make waves in front of the party guest.
      If for some reason… she denies you access to you MIL… contact an attorney.

  29. blahblahblah

    Does this sound like lupus?
    let me start with i am sick with doctors , & that’s why im posting on here , yes i am going to see another doctor yet again soon , but i just want a fresh perspective on this ! im a 15 year old girl , im a little underweight , and i admit im not the healthiest eater , i eat a lot , but not always healthy , but i do have tons of fruit ! to make a long story short this is what has happened to me in the past
    * i used to have stomach issues , they did tons of testing and found nothing (5th grade)
    * i had something with my heart that came back inconclusive (4th Grade)
    * i had a neck kind of twitch , they ruled it out as stress (3rd grade)
    * i have always been very prone to infections
    * not sure if this is related , but i have always had messed up fingers , my mom does too , the bones grew crookedly & the joints are messed up in them too
    * my knees are also ‘odd’ i have sort of a slight odd walk , they don’t straiten out when i walk

    * i have just been diagnosed with iritus (an inflammatory disease in the irus of the eye , i have it from an unknown cause – which is common)
    * i often get lower back pain , not to bad , just annoying
    * my spleen area also sometimes hurts , not super bad or anything , i was at the doctor for it before , they took xrays , (you can see a lump where it hurt , but they were looking at my kidneys?)
    *i always seem to have a cough , not always a bad one , but it seems like its always there
    * my knees also feel stiff sometimes , not to severely though
    * my hands & feet have always been odd colored , when im cold they usually turn kind of a purply color
    * i always have a strong heart beat , i can feel it , and if i hold still i often can see it through my shirt
    * im almost always light headed when i stand up or move to quickly (where everything goes black)

    i have had many conditions in my family , my uncle has most types of skin cancer , my grandpa passed away from lymphoma , my grandma and uncle have a heart condition , my second cousin has lupus . Those arent all the conditions i have in my family , just the ones i could think of off the top of my head ! I did have a few doctors bring up the idea of me having lupus , but never tested me for it because they are usually concerned about testing me for something else at the time . sorry about this being long , for all i know im just an unlucky person with all this , but i would just really like to be healthy ! thanks for all your inputs on this !

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      It’s possible. But no one here can tell you for sure. It sounds like something is going on and you shouldn’t have to put up with these symptoms.

      Talk to your doctor and tell her/him that you NEED to see a rheumatologist. They specialize in Lupus and other rheumatic connective tissue diseases. They can run the blood tests and look at your symptoms.

      Good luck.


  30. xnenaxo

    Can eczema cause multiple swollen lymph nodes?
    I have at least 5 swollen lymph nodes on my neck and about 4 swollen lymph nodes on my groin area. I already got tested for cancer, I do not have it. But the biopsy came out as “reactive”. My doctor told me that my immune system is fine and that I have no signs of Lupus or anything. But the swollen lymph nodes are really freaking me out. I got an allergy test done and I’m staying away from the foods/things that I’m allergic to. But this itch is still so bad.
    The lymph nodes are hard. All the doctors are saying that they’re lymph nodes.

  31. Destiny

    What is wrong with me? Serious Answers Only Please.?
    Okay for a while now I have felt extremely out of wack. Here are a list of symptoms, maybe you can tell me what is wrong with me…
    1. Pain in my joints. (especially hands, knees, elbows)
    2. Low grade fever (never over 99)
    3. Tired yet can’t sleep
    4. Dizziness
    5. Swolen throat (difficulty breathing)
    6. Pain in upper right hand side of chest when breathing (not persistant, mostly random)
    7. Round dime size bruises popping up randomly on legs and feet (no known cause)
    8. Severely dry lips (looks more like a rash of some sort)

    And before someone leaves something about STD’s that is impossible/ out of the question.

    Also some background info. My family has a history of heart problems, diabetis, lupus, and cancer.
    Also, I am not dehydrated. I drink water all the time. And I am trying to decide if I should see my doctor. I don’t have great insurance and don’t want to spend the money if I have nothing to worry about. I am thinking it could be Lupus. But I don’t like admitting I have a cold, much less anthing else.

    1. o'leary

      Have you spoken to your doctor or other family members? Because these are all signs of Lupus, so you’d better see your doctor. (not sure about the dizziness, but lack of sleep can cause that.)
      See your doctor for treatment options – take care…

  32. CanadianOutdoors

    Please help me, I am in serious need of a medical opinion re: high WBC count, chronic infections, pnuemonias?
    I’ve had lung issues ever since suffering 5 pulmonary emboli 3.5 years ago. The issues have been severe pleuritic chest pain and coughing up of blood (hemoptysis).

    Recently March I suffered from pneumonia and have gotten sick over and over since.

    Occurence #1

    I go to the emergency room coughing up blood and my white count is 18.9, platelets 23 (i have a platelet disorder called ITP) the doctor takes an xray and reads it quickly saying it is just a bronchitis. He prescribed Azithromycin 250mg twice a day for 5 days.

    Occurence 2:

    2 days after finishing the Azithromycin from “Occurence #1” I end up in the emergency room with a fever of 100.3 and I see the same doctor who again prescribes Azithromycin but in stronger dosages. 500mg twice a day for 7 days.

    Occurence 3:

    4 days after occurence 2 I again go into the emergency room coughing up COPIOUS amounts of blood and I am admitted to hospital instantly for 7 days. I am told I have a very severe pneumonia (White blood cell count of 32) that the previous 2 doctors on the other occurences had somehow failed to see and that now it was “a very bad case of pneumonia”. I am started on Vancomycin intravenously with Azithromycin 500mg per day orally. After 7 days of Vancomycin and Azithromycin I am released and feeling better.

    Occurence 4:

    2 weeks after occurence #3 I am admitted to hospital again with a white count of 29 and pneumonia, I am treated with intravenous Ceftriaxome, Levaquin, and Azithromycin. I am released after 7 days, and sent home with 7 extra days of Levaquin and a drug called Cefuroxime as well as Azithromycin.

    Occurence 5: I present to the emergency room urgent care unit with cough and the coughing up of blood and severe pain in my left lung. The Xray is clear of pneumonia but my white count is 27. I am given Cefuroxime and Clarithromycin. I start feeling better after a week.

    Occurence 6,

    2 weeks after occurence 5 I am back in the urgent care unit and my white count is found to be 19.8 again antibiotics are prescribed because of the WBC and the coughing I am suffering from as well as I have a fever/chills. Diagnoses is “viral bronchitis” supposedly. I am discharged and sent home on Cefditoren, and Levaquin for 7 days each.

    So now I am on Cefditoren and Levaquin i’m starting to feel better but I have a feeling as soon as the antibiotics are out of my system my WBC count is going to skyrocket again and I will start coughing.

    What could be causing this ? All of this has happened since March of this year!!! That’s alot of antibiotics to have been on and considering my White blood cell count keeps climbing once they are gone I don’t know how I am going to get this under control.

    I do have ITP which is an autoimmune disease causing decreased platelets but it’s not known to cause this kind of problem. I have suffered from fevers ever since I had the ITP (when I was 18 and now I am 25) Basically my health has been terrible and i’ve been bed ridden since 18 years of age.

    The doctors have investigated me for lupus and all sorts of other things, cancers etc but I know there is something going on that they can’t pinpoint.

    It doesn’t take a doctor to realize all of this is not normal. I’ve been on about 10 different antibiotics several times, by mouth, by IV it doesn’t matter the strength, my white blood cell count and pneumonia or bronchitis comes back.

    I don’t have Tuberculosis……I don’t have HIV/AIDS I am stumped! Ideas would be appreciated.

    The only thing that comes to my mind is maybe leukemia or some type of cancer or that it is lupus that is flying under the radar. I know you can have lupus without any of the tests being positive but doctors will almost never diagnose you as that unless you are positive for their tests. I have been treated for lupus with one drug when one doctor about 5 years ago said I could have it despite my tests not showing anything. After I tried the Hydroxychloroquin (plaquenil) she said i can’t have it or my symptoms would have all went away. I know that is complete rubbish because there at least 10 more drugs used to treat lupus and giving me one drug and not having very positive results does not mean I don’t have it.

    What do you all think?
    I know they tested me for TB, I believe they test everyone who comes in with respiratory problems for TB and other things.

    I was put in a negative pressure isolation room for my admittance each time. I was in a room alone because I was coughing up blood everywhere I guess? They said I wasn’t infectious after being on antibiotics for 24 hours which I found to be kind of ridiculous.

    I was tested for HIV again. I personally asked to be tested since I haven’t been tested in 2-3 years, and I haven’t heard that I have HIV so I’m guessing it’s not that or they would’ve given me the health canada shakedown and informed me of all my obligations as an HIV positive person to not spread it blah blah. So it’s negative…..

    It could be viral but why do i feel better when I take antibiotics. I know it’s not a placebo effect because my white count does decrease and I got better enough to go fishing with my father for the first time in almost a year and a half.

    I’m really stumped.

    I am going to s

    1. golbio33

      Sorry to hear you are having so many problems… Have they tb tested you? Or have they just given you the its likely it’s not tb talk. Your WBC count is up prob bc or the auto immune disease or because what’s happening in your lungs is an attack from some sOrt of pathogen. I am guessing since u have not responded to all the antibiotics that it’s viral, but shame on them for giving you such a cocktail. That could cause more problems in the end. What i recommend is going to see a resp. Specialist who knows better than Er docs. Really they are just there for emergency situations and are not the best for 100% specialty diagnosis. Really hope u figure this out

  33. xnenaxo

    Can eczema cause multiple swollen lymph nodes?
    I have at least 5 swollen lymph nodes on my neck and about 4 swollen lymph nodes on my groin area. I already got tested for cancer, I do not have it. But the biopsy came out as “reactive”. My doctor told me that my immune system is fine and that I have no signs of Lupus or anything. But the swollen lymph nodes are really freaking me out. I got an allergy test done and I’m staying away from the foods/things that I’m allergic to. But this itch is still so bad.

    1. Lisa R

      Eczema does not cause swollen lymph nodes. The same process that causes the eczema causes the lymph nodes to swell.

      You see, allergies are the body reacting to a foreign substance the same way it reacts to a bacteria or virus. The problem is that the substance is something that is common, like food or pollen. So the immune system is overworked. My two-year-old has had swollen lymph nodes since he was tiny. I wouldn’t worry about it–especially since all the tests you did came back negative.

      As to the itch, see if you can get ahold of some Renew lotion. That stuff is amazing for eczema! It may not stop the itch entirely, but it soothes it and is a better moisturizer than any other lotion on the market. Let me know if you need help finding some.

  34. xnenaxo

    Can eczema cause multiple swollen lymph nodes?
    I have at least 5 swollen lymph nodes on my neck and about 4 swollen lymph nodes on my groin area. I already got tested for cancer, I do not have it. But the biopsy came out as “reactive”. My doctor told me that my immune system is fine and that I have no signs of Lupus or anything. But the swollen lymph nodes are really freaking me out. I got an allergy test done and I’m staying away from the foods/things that I’m allergic to. But this itch is still so bad.
    Yes I am sexually active (I’m married). I got tested for STD’s (syphillis, h.i.v/aids, etc) and it came out negative.. The only thing I came out positive for is Herpes type 1 (oral herpes not genital herpes).
    Also, the lymph nodes do not hurt. I do not have sore throat or a fever.

    1. Jory

      this could be a sign of infection or are you sexually active??? i know people with herpes right before an outbreak their lymph nodes were swollen all over the place especially in the groin area

      if you have oral herpes i would bet money that’s they cause of the swollen lymph nodes if you’ve been stressed or anything it can cause it to flare up… how long has it been going on???

  35. david_portillo30

    I am doing an essay and really need some help with English grammar. Thanks?
    Protecting the environment is a great way to improve global health. Because of too much contamination, we’re getting some many disease caused by Pollution. The more protection to the environment, the less pollution. Pollution may cause some diseases such as cancer, lupus, immune diseases, allergies, and asthma. Protecting the environment would also help to preserve healthy the food chain. So protecting the environment would help us a lot because we’ll be more healthy and will avoid pollution infections.I know simple things that we may do at home. For example: we can recycle by separating the trash, not wasting the way and some many other simple things.

    Please help me to correct it!! Thanks a lot….It will be highly appreciated.

  36. TERESA B

    how would i find out if my older house is causing cancer and illnesses?
    we moved to this 1972 lake house in 2005. then we were in perfect health.then i became sick with all over pain and would be given pills for systems.then i got perforated bowels from a hernia lifting to much.this house also is a little haunted! ha!2007 i had breast cancer,survived 2010 skin cancer and husband since 2005 has been sick a lot and very fatigued and now is loosing feeling in his 16 yr. old daughter has been so sick with bone pain .she missed a whole year and now has precancerous cervical cells. can a house do this to you? we live on the Arkansas Missouri line. there are a lot of sickness in this area,but we even have people say,do you think its the house.but what in a house could cause cancer.

    1. Technologirl

      This would take more than a house. These are the kind of cluster incidents that occur when there are major groudwater breaches by toxic waste (Love Canal, for example) or those caused by Pacific Gas & Electric that inspired the movie Erin Brokovitch (I think the contaminant was chromium in that case).

      Contact your local EPA office and see if you can find out anything there, or file a complaint.

  37. Michelle H

    I may have fibromyalgia.?
    I am a disabled 31 year old woman. I have had my share of pain. I have osteoarthritis in every vertebrae. I also have scoliosis, disk depletion disease and mild spinabifita.
    I am to have my 7th surgery on my spine for a fracture in one of my fusions. Here’s where I’m a little more concerned. I went to my orthopedic surgeon about the pain I have been having that shoots down my legs and down my arms. He reasured me that this surgery and the problem with my fracture was NOT causing these pains.
    I went back to my family dr. and she did a blood test for all of the rheumatoids, Lupus, cancer, etc…. All came back perfect. No detection. So next thought is well what is it? I’m telling her that even narcotics DO NOT WORK when this pain comes on.
    I live in Ontario and I’m wondering if there is a good dr. they can refer and/or more personal stories they can share with me.
    BTW…I have a bad flu and my surgery was scheduled for tomorrow which of course is canceled. Devinne intervention?

    1. Individual

      shooting pains does sound like a neurological problem-
      But it has beenmy experience that shooting pains are not Fibromyalgia (a disorder of teh central nervous system)

      I woudl get another opinion if teh known problems could be causing this type of pain-

      shooting pain down the legs is often due to teh siatic (sp?0 nerve-

      could be another nerve that is causing pain in your arms and legs-

      Many docs are quick to label any pain as Fibromyalgia because they use it as a trashcan diagnosis–even when

      Narcotics don’t work well on nervous system pain-

      look into the meds for neuropathy…….

  38. bobbie

    can backpain be a sign of miscarriage due to high levels of stress?
    My best friend has a bratty 13 year old who throws bad temper tantrums cussing her mom out last night at 11PM, trying to sneak out, and my friend at one point had to call the cops since her daughter took off and she couldn’t find her my friend was suppose to go to work today but she did not sleep last night and she has been crying today worried since she has lupus, use to have cervical cancer, and a week ago was bleeding she is high risk and last night her back was hurting all night i wander if it is a sign of contractions she is only 3 months pregnant could stress like this cause her to miscarry?

  39. britters *

    What is causing all these symptoms?
    I have been having health problems for the last few years and I’m determined to find out what is wrong! I am an 18 year old white female who lives in new york.. if any of that makes a difference.

    Some of my symptoms include: increased fatigue, I can sleep for hours and still feel tired. For the past 3 years I have gotten a rash on my neck and chest that is not inflamed but warm and comes and goes at all sorts of times and have heat sensitivity to that area and sometimes chest pain. A few months ago I had an infection in my arm pit and was told it was cellulitis and was given an antibiotic, since then I have had frequent pain in both of my arm pits and it seems to be swollen at times. For the past 2 years or so, I produce breast milk in my left breast but I have never been pregnant, sometimes it is a clear liquid that comes out and sometimes a milky liquid. About a month ago I had to go to the emergency room because both of my breasts were swollen and it was very very painful but they sent me home without telling me an explanation to what it was and it all went away a few days later. For as long as I can remember I have had joint and muscle pain all over my body, mainly the upper back and neck. In january of 2010 I went to the hospital because my back, both lower and upper, hurt so bad that I could barely move. I had high blood pressure and slight chest pain but once again they weren’t aware of the cause so I was sent home with some tylenol. I have noticed that when I get many of these symptoms I get very emotional, either very sensitive or angered easily. Recently I have been getting twitches in my hands, mainly in the thumb area. I have noticed that my concentration isn’t as good as it used to be, I am very anxious and impatient.

    Doctors have gave me some ideas of what it may be but nothing was ever diagnosed. They suggested: anxiety disorder, lupus, thyroid disease, tumor on the pituitary gland, breast cancer, skin cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, graves disease and I think thats about it.

    Someone please help before it gets worse!!!

    1. Tuning In...

      Sounds like Cryoglobulinemia.

      Symptoms vary depending on the type of cryoglobulinemia and the organs that are affected. In general, symptoms may include:

      Difficulty breathing
      Joint pain
      Muscle pain
      Raynaud’s phenomenon
      Skin death
      Skin ulceration

      And many more others as it’s is a syndrome with many possible symptoms

      The doctor will perform a physical exam. There may be signs of liver and spleen swelling. Tests for cryoglobulinemia include:

      Complete blood count (CBC)
      Complement assay — numbers will be low
      Cryoglobulin test — may show presence of cryoglobulins
      Liver function tests — may be high
      Rheumatoid factor — positive in types II and III
      Skin biopsy
      Urinalysis — may show blood in the urine if the kidneys are affected

      Other tests may include:

      Chest x-ray
      Hepatitis C test
      Nerve conduction tests, if the person has weakness in the arms or legs
      Protein electrophoresis – blood

      As there are too many complications, anxiety builds up within yourself which is why doctors may think you have anxiety disorder or as suggested by the other answer of having neuro related illness.

      This blood disorder is very difficult to be diagnosed and treated. It won’t kill you but you’ll have to take constant medication so as to contain it. Many doctors are baffled by it and seriously many don’t even know about this blood disorder.

      Please suggest to your doctors to try those tests on your blood. I have a hunch I am right.

      Take care and good luck.

  40. Miguel Lahunken

    What is the neurotransmitter of anger?
    Surely the feeling of anger is caused by a neurotransmitter. It would be such a benefit to humanity if it could be blocked, like other neurotrnasmitters are easily blocked. If it were also substance P, its blocker is top secret. But, all you need to do it take a sample of substance P, mix it with an immune system adjuvant, like nickel acetate, put that mixture in the blood stream, and, the immune system will destroy it for the rest of your life; or unless, those antibodies could be isolated and mixed with an adjuvant and that mmixture put in the blood stream to destroy the unwanted antibodies. I know about a case of lupus that was cured that way. Cancer can be cured this way. The problem isn’t medical ignorance, it is un-Constitutionally enforced secrecy.

  41. monroe

    I’ve heard that a persistent dry cough can sometimes be a symptom of undetected cancer. Is there a link ?
    My mother’s dear friend Anne, who felt generally ill, had a persistent, dry cough. Her “coughing fits” often resembled chocking. Having underwent many medical procedures, doctors/specialists could never pin-point the cause of her ailments, nor her cough. My mother had read that such a cough was often a sign of cancer. Three years later, Anne was diagnosed with colon cancer, and succomb to the disease 2 yrs later. Unfortunately, my mother, a non-smoker, has developed the same cough as Anne, brought on by eating, drinking, laughing, and anything in between. We even went to see a Pulmonary specialist, who was unable to offer a diagnosis. She and I have many ailments, and both suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus, but neither list such a cough as a possible symptom. My mother is my best friend and soul mate, and I can’t imagine living without her. At 65, she has a lot more living to do, such as walking me down the aisle and holding her grandchild. Any and all suggestions are appreciated

    1. blaze23

      If this cough is brought on by eating, drinking maybe it could be GERD (acid reflux) a dry hacking cough is common with that and happens after consuming food or drinks. My husband has it. Has she ever been tested for allergies. I have “allergy cough” and have coughing “fits” for what appears to be no rhyme or reason for and this was my diagnosis. I take Singulair and Nasonex and it helps quite a bit. Just some ideas. Best of luck my dear.

  42. chan

    I am worried I have melanoma under my fingernails and toenails.What can I read in the Bible that will ease me?
    since black friday of this year, I came down with unusual sickness (feeling of burning throughout body constantly), fatigue, brown streaks in all fingernails and several toenails and my WBC has dropped to 3.8. I have tested for everything from routine to fungus to parasite tests . My dr doesnt feel the need to test me for cancer or even lupus but something is wrong as I know my body. I dont know what to do. I have two small children under 3 and I am freaking out. My symptoms are strange and the only thing I find that causes these thick brown streaks under nails is melanoma.
    I know I need to lean on the lord during this time. Any help of what readings will ease me would be appreciated.

  43. Beewally

    match these questions please…?
    bone marrow
    communicable disease
    red blood cells
    white blood cells
    inherited disease
    acquired disease
    immune system
    llymph nodes
    down syndrome
    natural killer cells
    dendritic cells
    acquired immunity
    passibe immunity
    immunodeficiency disorder
    autoimmune disorder
    lymphoma and leukemia
    acute stress
    chronic stress

    1: Principle upon which childhood vaccination is based.
    2: Researchers think that these cells are responsible for transmitting HIV to T-cells in order to activate an immune system
    3: Filters antigens out of the blood; acts as the immune system’s cleaning agent.
    4: Small, bean-shaped clusters that also helps filter the body’s infection fighting system
    5: The result of a sudden or uncontrollable thing such as a natural disaster, or surgical procedure.
    6: Main function is the production of antibodies in response to antigens such as bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells.
    7: Carries oxygen throughout the body.
    8: White blood cells.
    9: Produces T-cells which are responsible for immunity and disease resistance.
    10: Means that all or part of the immune system is unable to properly respond to the presence of an antigen.
    11: A white or yellowish fluid that forms from a collection of dead tissue, dead bacteria, and live and dead phagocytes.
    12: A condition caused by an abnormal chromosome.
    13: A disease that is passed through the genes froom parent to child.
    14: Caused by an inherited abnormal gene.
    15: An acquired disease that is contagious.
    16: The interuption or disorder to normal body functions.
    17: When the immune system cannot distinguish between normal body tissue and antigens and launches an attack against the normal tissue.
    18: Types of Autoimmune Disorders.
    19: Involves antibodies that are produced in someone’s body otherthan your own. Protection is temporary.
    20: A process by which leukocytes known as phagocytes consume microorganisms and dead or dying cells.
    21: Caused by infection, human behaviors, or environmental conditions that affect health.
    22: Performs much like T-cells, only they directly kill tumor cells.
    23: Infection fighting cells.
    24: The body’s defense system against disease.
    25: A birth defect that results in a lack of both T- and B- lymphocytes and you are unable to fight infection. Also known as the “Bubble Boy Disease.”
    26: Produes red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
    27: A disease causing organism.
    28: It’s daily and on-going – such as lack of sleep, long-term physical pain, and day-to-day hassles such as traffic.
    29: General types of cancer hat can happen to the immune system.
    30: Cells which help the blood to clot.

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