What are primary lesions? Primary lesions are those objective lesions with which cutaneous or skin diseases begin. This type of skin lesion may continue as such or may undergo modification, passing into the secondary or consecutive skin lesions. The primary skin lesions include : Macules, papules, tubercles, wheals, tumors, vesicles, blebs and pustules.

Now in this article, I will explain the meaning of each of these skin lesions.

What are macules (maculA¦)? Maculae are variously-sized, shaped and tinted spots and discolorations, without elevation or depression; as, for example, freckles, spots of purpura, macules of cutaneous syphilis.

What are papules (papulA¦)? Paules areSmall, circumscribed, solid elevations, rarely exceeding the size of a split-pea, and usually superficially seated; as, for example, the papules of eczema, of acne, and of cutaneous syphilis.

What are tubercles (tubercula)? These areCircumscribed, solid elevations, commonly pea-sized and usually deep-seated; as, for example, the tubercles of syphilis, of leprosy, and of lupus.

What are wheals (pomphi)? These areVariously-sized and shaped, whitish, pinkish or reddish elevations, of an evanescent character; as, for example, the lesions of urticaria, the lesions produced by the bite of a mosquito or by the sting of a nettle.

What are tumors (tumores)? These areSoft or firm elevations, usually large and prominent, and having their seat in the corium and subcutaneous tissue; as, for example, sebaceous tumors, gummata, and the lesions of fibroma.

What are vesicles (vesiculA¦)? These arePin-head to pea-sized, circumscribed epidermal elevations, containing serous fluid; as, for example, the so-called fever-blisters, the lesions of herpes zoster, and of vesicular eczema.

What are blebs (bullA¦)? These areRounded or irregularly-shaped, pea to egg-sized epidermic elevations, with fluid contents; in short, they are essentially the same as vesicles and pustules except as to size; as, for example, the blebs of pemphigus, rhus poisoning, and syphilis.

What are pustules (pustulA¦)? These areCircumscribed epidermic elevations containing pus; as, for example, the pustules of acne, of impetigo, and of sycosis.

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  1. just a daydream away

    I have some questions about skin lesions…?
    I was diagnosed with cutaneous lupus recently, and I think being in the sun and getting a sunburn can cause lesions. I got a bad sunburn on my face and arms today, so I was wondering how long it takes to form the lesions. I’m not very smart about this subject, I haven’t done that much research. So is it possible that I will get those? And what do they look like?

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