Despite the fast rise in popularity of the Hoodia products there are still potential Hoodia Gordonii dangers to the body. But before we deal with the possible danger, let us discuss first the historical and health background of this famous plant.

Background Information

The Hoodia Gordonii has been used by the Bushmen of South Africa for thousands of years and had no recorded side effects. They availed of the Hoodia Gordonii plant appetite suppressing properties in moderation. The use of the Hoodia today is quite different from the way it was used by the Aborigines. Today, it is in a form of a supplement and is taken at a daily basis with an average minimum dosage of at 2,500mg to a maximum of 4,500mg, in order to have its full effect on an average person.

The Probable Cause Of Danger

With the appetite suppressing effects that Hoodia products give to the human body, there are still no known adverse effects and probable Hoodia Gordonii dangers are at a minimum. With it popularity and possibility of earning millions there are concerns of fake Hoodia Gordonii products in the market. These fake products contain very little or no Hoodia extract at all.  They contain fillers and hazardous ingredients that give the negative effects on the body and are not at all connected with the Hoodia extract. The catch for this fake products give you a cheaper price by strategically selling it to you at discounted prices. The real Hoodia Gordonii products cost a lot but at least you are positive of its efficacy. One way to find out about fake products is by taking time to browse the internet for product customer reviews. If the site has more negative comments it is most likely that their products are not authentic.

There are prohibitions of taking pure Hoodia Gordonii or even fake ones for that matter. This product should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women. Though there are no factual records of the effect of the product on pregnant and nursing women, seeking medical advice should be taken before taking any of the products. People with diabetes or patients who take other medications should not take the Hoodia.

The Real Danger

The only real danger with authentic Hoodia Gordonii products is that when taken at high dosages the body might just crash because you might end up not eating enough food or take in the right amount of liquid that the body needs, because you do not feel hungry or thirsty. It is important not to depend solely on the product alone but take it together with healthy exercise and proper diet to attain a healthier body and lifestyle to avoid potential Hoodia Gordonii dangers.

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15 thoughts on “Does Lupus Cause Weight Loss

  1. Kismet27

    Is weight loss with lupus possible?
    I am a thirty year old mother of one. I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 14. I have gained nearly 100 pounds since! I have tried so many times to lose weight but I always get stopped with a lupus flare. It seems that whenever I change my diet even when I change to healthy foods and enough calories I get sick. I especially have a hard time with exercise. I feel great while doing it but try hard not to do too much. Its really difficult to be overweight and not push myself during workouts. Every program I have ever gone on no matter how gentle causes a flare. A bad bad flare! I am now finally on meds that are suppose to help control the disease and stop the flares. Im worried though I hate going great for two weeks losing ten pounds and getting sick and gaining back 15. I know if I lose weight my symptoms will improve but how do I survive the process? I watch biggest loser and think one of those workouts would land me in the ER!!! I feel three times my age and never have any energy. Can someone offer some kind of advice?

  2. kaeylarae

    Coeliac Disease? Systematic Erythromatus Lupus?
    Ok. I have Coeliac or Celiac Disease. I was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I know in some cases SLE can be associated with this. I tick a good few of the boxes with SLE symptoms IE, Rashes that wont go away.On my arms but especially purplish spots on my legs that dont go away when pressed.Also Joint pain in bones and and swelling,depression,severe weight loss,muscle loss..Severe unknown cause of Anaemia requiring regular blood transfusions.I haven’t had a period since i was 32 as I had an Hysterectomy.I have had checks done to see if I am bleeding internally but these were negetive.Seizures and blackouts.poor memory..Just to name a few. My doctor does suspect I have SLE but I haven’t had more intensive tests done as yet. Can anyone tell me a bit more about the possible link between the 2 diseases and also as I am seeing my doctor this Friday.Should I bring the matter up again?. I hate being ill. I just want to know what is happening to me. I have been ill since I was 29 and I am now 38.I lost 7 stone (yes I was hugely overweight) but this was done without dieting.The weight has just fallen off me.I am tired all the time.I don’t sleep well due to the pain I am in and also have Scoliosis of my upper spine.Any info would be of great help.Many Thanks in advance

    1. Ginny Jin

      You definitely have an autoimmune problem. The rashes and blackouts are more suggestive of Lupus. But you can have 2 illnesses at the same time. My opinion is that you have an extremely comprised immune system caused by one of the following – environment (poor living conditions), stress, travel, bad sleep pattern, or excess use of alcohol/caffeine/soda.You no doubt have a wheat/diary intolerance. Cut those. Take magnesium for nerve function. Try pilates.

  3. EvArtD

    By-Pass, Lap Band and Lupus/Fibromyalgia Patients…..?
    I am 40 yrs old. Female, About 328 lbs (stable weight for several years). I have Lupus and Fibromylagia which cause me a great deal of pain.

    The Fibro and Lupus are becoming a great disability and I know my weight isn’t helping the issues at all. I am on about a dozen different meds a day just to function. I’ve tried to diet and I don’t lose anything, not even water weight. I’ve been thinking for a few years about having the by-pass or lap band surgery but I’m really scared on so many levels.

    Please share your experience and weather you would do it again or not. I’d even love to hear from family members of weight loss surgery patients, especially if they had/have Lupus and/or Fibro.

    1. crimsonshedemon

      I have lupus and fibromyalgia also. Losing weight can only help… not only SLE and FMS but your overall well-being. I also take a lot of medication and it’s not fun.
      Good luck to you!

  4. RoseMary C

    I am a Catholic with a son-in-law that has a SEVERE gluten allergy.

    He does not take the host, but where communion is offered with both the wafer & the wine—- he takes only the wine. In our Parrish there is a special line for WINE ONLY so that the wine is not contaminated but those that do take the wafer—–YOU WOULD BE TOTALLY SURPRISED THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE GLUTEN ALLERGIES.

    That way he partakes of the communion and does not endanger his health.

    If you know of people in your Parish that have wheat allergies—bring up the wine only line to your parrish priest.

  5. Lisa

    Aspartame cannot cause Lyme disease, but Lyme disease can cause fibromyalgia.

    I agree with you, aspartame is very nasty stuff. It should never have been approved for human consumption.

  6. Stephanie McConnell

    Can birth Control trigger the symptoms of lupus?
    I am taking Birth Control and wondered if it could cause symptoms of lupus, such as fatigue, weight gain, night sweats, muscle pains, hair loss. I am 20 yrs old and i weigh 127 and am 5’8. and lupus runs in my family. i went to the doctor and they did test results i find them out thursday, but thought i asked.

    1. mandyj67

      Yes it can honey, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Recently completed studies have shown women who are on birth control injections or pills (especially the higher dosage ones) have been found to have a higher incidence of Lupis, especially if it runs in the family* Since Lupis does run in your family, I would suggest that you seriously rethink your birth control method.

  7. HBeerock

    A little help please?
    Now, I just want to start off by saying that I have never really posted a question on here in reference to my health and body image. Usually, I ask questions about my cats. This is new to me, since this means a lot to me.

    Here is the story, before I got pregnant, over three years ago I weighed a little less than 115lbs. I gained over 110lbs with my son, it is embarrassing to type as it is to the responses I may get. I got terribly ill the last few months of my third trimester and ended up having to be induced for medical issues. Now, after he was born I lost absolutely no weight, none what so ever, and my son was a good healthy weight of 10lbs! After he was born, I began to get ill periodically as the months past, and I developed arthritis and doctors eventually diagnosed me with Lupus. Again, very little weight disappeared. I was told not to do any athletic activities, but I told myself to lose the weight, and I was able to lose 20lbs. This was 2 1/2 years ago. A few doctors told me that the only way I could cure my chronic pain was to lose weight. I couldn’t exercises, it was getting me no where. I went to a weight loss clinic and was given phentermine. I was able to get down to 140lbs, but eventually noticing the damage it had caused to my kidneys landed me back at a doctor and I was put on steroids for pain and gained the weight back. I have been exercising and dieting for the past year now, I run daily and eat very healthy, I do p90x and insanity, it was my last resort. Sad to say, but I have lost absolutely no weight. I have asked doctors why, and they keep giving me the same answer- you will in time. I have been tested numerous times for a reason for the “no weight loss”, and nothing ever comes up. I have to stay pretty active since I work with prisoners. However, this is getting a bit too much for me. My husband tries to reassure me by saying it is just skin, but it’s just frustrating. You know how when everyone sees you for the first time since high school and they comment on how big you have gotten, yeah, that’s the feeling.

    My question is, is there any program I can try that is good for this sort of problem, or any medication I can take. I am up for anything, I just want my healthy body back!

    1. Gail

      Wow, you’re a trooper :]
      The only thing I can think of is weight watchers.
      I’m not sure about the “no weight loss thing”. The doctors HAVE to be missing something. Have they tested your thyroid?
      I’m really not sure hun..

  8. Lauren

    Would a normal cbc rule out type 2 diabetes? Symptoms similar to Fibro/rheumatoid issues?
    I am a 33 year old female, and I have had progressive symptoms ever since a miscarriage a few months ago. The symptoms started as muscle pain and headaches, progressed to mirgraines, hunger w/ weight loss, swelling of right wrist/hand, blurred vision, left eyelid twitch, tingling/buzzing feeling in legs & feet (has gotten better), dizziness/”out of it” feeling, pain on side of throat (ultrasound showed a “mildly enlarged” thyroid, but Endocronologist said its not “large enough” to be causing issues, feeling of someone choking me/lump in throat, and now a slight tremor (gets worse when using hands/arms, and better at rest). Got a CBC and other tests (Lyme’s, Lupus), all normal- was sent to a rheumatolgist. I am waiting for a batch of test results, including rheumatoid factor, mercury poisoning, celiac disease, vitamin d deficiency, etc… She is telling me a lot of this sound neurological, so that is my next move- and I am terrified! The tremor scares me to death, thinking of Parkinsons/MS- but I am reading that tremors w/ those diseases usually are worse at rest, and get better w/ movement- mine are the opposite. Anyway, I just remembered that my grandfather has type 2 diabetes, and I’m wondering if that is hereditary, and if that would be ruled out by the standard CBC and other tests that were already done.
    If anyone knows, I would greatly appreciate the help. I would also welcome any input regarding what might be going on w/ me. They are suspecting Fibromyalgia- but would that cause blurred vision & tremor? Thanks in advance for any help, as I am waiting for my results & my next doctor’s appointment.

  9. Yvonne

    What can cause kidney damage or failure in a 22 year old?
    After seeing a regular doctor and kidney specialist we have found that my kidneys are not functioning properly. There is protein and blood in urine and a low creatinine clearance level in urine. I don’t know the results of the blood yet. Symptoms are mainly frequent urination, frequent hunger and thirst, headaches, weight loss, fatigue and slight to moderate kidney / lower back pain. We have already ruled out diabetes.

    I am an otherwise healthy 22 year old woman with two children. Never had any major abnormal test results in my life. The major diseases that pop up (besides diabetes) are polycystic kidney disease and lupus.

    The kidney specialist is ordering an ultrasound and biopsy of my kidneys within the next 2 months. I had a CT scan done but she kind of avoided my question when I asked if she found anything. All she said was there were no stones found. I go back and see her next week.

    What the heck can possibly be wrong?
    I am very petite but have never had any eating disorders. I take Tylenol once a month, if that. I am not an alcoholic lol.

  10. angelinaismywifey

    My LYMPH NODES are extremely palpable (for years) i have lost TOO MUCH WEIGHT, what is wrong?
    Hello….if anyone would like to try to DIAGNOSE ME, I’d be SO GRATEFUL AT THIS POINT!
    ….. i’m 30 year old female, with a 10 year old son and had a thoracic fore gut tumor(benign) removed from my chest @ 15, a good portion of which was attached to my lungs, aorta,esophagus, Trachea.
    To Date- no known complications or regrowth.
    109 lbs
    hypothyroid, on synthroid
    Had IUD recently placed in cervix
    amphetamine salts,celexa, lorazapam for depression/fatigue and ADD
    CURRANTLY AND THIS PAST YEAR: Generalized Swollen lymph glands(some firm and hard in groin area. Also where my hairline is in the back of my neck behind my ear i guess, and a few large ones up the side of my neck aligned with my shoulder), Re currant low Grade Fever(no higher than 101 w/out infection),Itchy Skin, Memory Loss,Hair loss, Acne,Bowel Changes,On and Off fatigue, mucus in my stool(for one year at least.More mucus than actual stool on average! SORRY TO BE SO GRAPHIC! Lower Back Pain, DULL ACHING PAIN on the inside of my knees,stiff neck,ankle pain after being on my feet for more than an hour.Also extremely dry; mouth,skin,hair,eyes,&nostrils, dizziness upon standing, sweats,wounds heal slowly, weird painless swelling above my butt where my dimples are(no dr has been able to guess why/what this swelling might be),diarrhea and constipation, tenderness above my belly button, hyper pigmentation on abdomen, arms and feet, anxiety, blood pressure has steadily increased throughout all of my many dr’s visits this past yr.
    ADDED RECENT SYMPTOMS:Kidney pain, visible blood in urine: for 2 months now! it was bright red and then less visible for awhile and now dark brown like tea and extremely strong smelling, hardening and bloating of abdomen, extreme fatigue, productive cough, chest pain, neck pain,easily exhausted, unexplainable bruises, muscle spasms and bulging type pain JUST under my rib on both sides separately, weird stabbing pain on my left groin area near my larger lymph glands that makes my tendon look swollen, thrush, protein in urine, HI albumin in urine, repetitive rbc in urine, BUT NO INFECTION!! (multiple negative cultures), kidney stone shows on CT in an area that is expected to be asymptomatic and may not even pass. BUT I DO HAVE difficulty urinating and cramping JUST PRESCRIBED CIPRO FOR A SECOND TREATMENT. (not sure exactly why since culture is consistantly negative)

    Many tests HAVE BEEN DONE: …..All Basics(CB C’s, liver, etc panels) + Lyme Disease,Hep(B,C etc), ANA,Sed Rate,R.F.,AIDS, Celiac Disease,Fecal Bacterial+Viral cultures,Lupus,Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydiae,Anemia, scleroderma, h. pylori, bladder cancer,
    P.C.P. says: hematologist &will do allergy & routine testing upon insurance ok
    E.N.T(ear,Nose&throat) says: inflammation or irritation down deep in my throat(but i smoke so…)
    GASTROENTROLOGIST says: gastritis, hemorrhoids,IBS, lymphoid aggragates in non lymph areas
    UROLOGIST says: extreme gross & microscopic unexplained hematuria, referral to hematologist(concerned about enlarged lymph’s in groin and unexplained hematuria———says kidney stone most likely not causing this amount of rbc,did FISH URINE TEST…NO CALL SO I’M GUESSING ALL CLEAR ON RESULTS)
    HEMATOLOGIST says: i’m thin so nodes are more palpable s we should wait. does not believe biopsy is neccessary at this point
    RHUEHEMATOLOGIST says: no signs autoimmune, non arthritic/ lupus like disease
    GYNOGYNECOLOGIST says: no infection, no discharge see urologist…
    DERMOTOLOGIST says: see rhuemotologist! lol, biopsied pigmented marks(inconclusive-possibe allergic reaction)

    i am waiting on results of a chest CT from HEMATOLOGIST because he heard alot in my lungs and another aids test(that’ll be 4 tests in the last yr(all negative)

    but i can’t remember everything! lol any EDUCATED ADVICE would be appreciated
    THANK YOU!!!! i feel so helpless when i am sooo tired or weak….. i just want a solution!

    1. PoisonTrees

      See what the CT results are. If you get no answers there, I would go to a different hematologist and insist on a biopsy. If you can’t get answers switch to a hospital that specializes in diagnostics.

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