Blood presence in urine at the time of pregnancy which is known as hematuria, is a sign of severe health problems. This problem occurs due to unusual intensity of red blood cells in urine. This problem could be a sign of bladder stones, urinary tact or kidney infections. There are two kinds of hematuria which are microscopic hematuria and gross hematuria. In microscopic hematuria, you can not trace presence of blood cells with naked eyes but in gross hematuria you can detect it easily.

Reasons behind hematuria
There could be several reasons behind this problem which includes viral infection, tenderness of kidney, bladder cancer, etc. some of the common reasons are below.

Infection of urinary tract – Infection of urinary tract or infection of chronic bladder is a very common reason behind hematuria. Pregnant women are more sensitive to have this problem. With the growth of uterus and its weight, the urine passage from bladder can get blocked and cause hematuria.

Bladder and kidney stones – Stones in kidney can also cause blood presence in urine. This can cause pain because stones make a way through urinary tract. Deposition of hard minerals in kidney can also cause pain around kidney areas along with vomiting or nausea.

Kidney problems – Presence of blood in urine can also be due to kidney infection or injured upper urinary tract.
Bladder, prostate and kidney and bladder cancer – This is a common problem among people who are above 40 years in age. Blood presence in urine may indicate prostate and kidney cancer or bladder cancer.

Regnant women are also influenced with medical situations which include sickle cell anemia, diabetes or lupus. In many cases, high intensity of protein in urine is also present.

Hematuria can be noticed if urine appears red, pinkish or brown. Fever and nausea with loss of appetite and weight may be noticed in hematuria. In case of microscopic hematuria, none of the above mentioned symptoms appear.

Identification and cure
This problem should be detected as early as possible. Many tests are available to detect hematuria. After detecting it, you should immediately go for medical assistance and seek cure.

3 thoughts on “Early Signs Of Lupus Eyes

  1. PinkRaindeers

    Lupus, Narcolepsy, MS? What should I look for?
    30 y/o 5’2″ 115. mixed raced female.

    So 3 years ago around this time I developed bloodshot eyes (no other eye symptoms, no pain either) it lasted for weeks. shortly after that I started to lose movement to my right fingers, then my hand, then within a week my right leg and right arm. I had absolutely no feeling, and never any pain. My arm was like Jello. I was hospitalized for a week. The docs poked with needles and I didn’t feel a thing. I received an MRI the docs found nothing. I was told that they found elevated levels of something (don’t remember) that may indicate Lupus. They also said it could be very early signs of MS.

    Here I am with Bloodshot eyes again expecting the worst. Here are also some other things I can’t make sense of.

    * I’ve been having sleep paralysis (ongoing since 16 yo) I thought it was ghosts, so I didn’t get a referral to a sleep specialist till now.
    * I am always tired, since I was born. I love sleep more than I will every love anyone or money. I can sleep straight through an entire weekend or party.
    * I have a very weak stomach. Almost everything gives me loose stools.
    *I’m constantly confused, disoriented, lightheaded.
    *At times I seem to lose my balance, especially when I’m not looking at the ground, as if I have to focus on my feet and tell it where to go.

    Can you all help me piece this puzzle together? What tests should I take?
    THanks for your answers. I have to add that although I am concerned and curious I have not freaked out about the situation. When I was hospitalized and had lifeless limbs, surprisingly, I didn’t worry at all. Even now, I’m not going crazy over it (most people would) I’m just pissed because I will look like crap this 4th of July. I am more concerned about my loved ones finding out. I haven’t told anyone and when I was hospitalized I told my family I went on a vacation.

  2. f

    questions about lupus / ANA please anwser if you can?

    my first ANA in oct. was 1:160 also liver functions came up abnormal like sgot/ast 134 sgot/alt 219

    and they reran the test less than a month later and came back 1:80 rhemy said it was neg ( the paper said low positive/borderline ) (also ran sed rate crp and came neg)

    i been having a lot of symptoms ranging from full body joint and muscle pain (entire body )
    insomnia fatiuge sleep paralysis
    forget fullness/daze
    itchy all over no rash
    dry eyes/mouth
    urinating a lot
    restless legs
    mouth /nose bumps/sores
    anxiety depression irritability
    possible butterly rash very light (could be somthing else )
    and more symptoms

    they’ve been going on for about 4 months could this be early signs ?

    could this still be lupus or maybe another autoimmune problem even though rhemy doesn’t think i have it ? can ANA fluctuate like that ?

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