Causes And Remedies For Skin Rashes

Skin rashes often manifest themselves as dry, flaky patches that can be red, swollen and inflammed.  Left untreated, skin rashes can spread and become infected.  Often a result of skin disease such as dermatitis, psoriasis, or dandruff, skin rash can can be treated by use of moisturizing skin care products that penetrate to deep dermal layers where rashes often begin.

The most common rash of the skin is dermatitis. This is simple a swollen area of skin that may or may not change the skin color around it. It will be red and might even itch. The cause of these types of  skin rashes will vary and depend on the particular rash symptoms you are suffering from and what the skin looks like. It could be something simple requiring a skin care application or a result of a more serious disease. The three most common rash types are Contact, Dandruff, and others like Eczema.

Covering Up For The Real Problem

A rash may indicate a more serious problem such as allergies. It could be that toxins in the body are being sent from the skin and blood cusing inflammation and flaking. This deposit of toxins is usually in the sweat glands and stay there until they are dealt with properly. The skin becomes swollen and may become red.

Some rashes may itch terribly, have scales, or have a rough appearance to them. Some of these may break open and become infected. The problems causing the rash are best dealt with by natural medicine instead of synthetic medications. Skin care products containing Emu Oil have been found treat rashes effectively.

Emu Oil has been used by the Australians for thousands of years for burns, cuts, and rashes.  Its transdermal properties allow it to penetrate into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin “carrying” other active ingredients to help soothe and heal skin.

Emu Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial – killing fungus and bacteria, while promoting healthy cell development.  Combined with other active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, or Shea Butter, skin rash products are often found to reduce or eliminate itching, reduce swelling and inflammation, and smooth rough, dry skin.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments will feed the body and make it healthier as it heals. The body will be treated from the inside to relieve the problems on the outside. The skins natural balance will be restored and the digestion will improve. When the internal organs are clean and in proper running order, the body will get rid of the toxins and the buildup causing the rash will be eliminated.

Natural remedies do not cause the side effects of conventional medications. They simply nourish and support the skin, detoxify the body, reduce swelling, clean germs and bacteria away, and produce healthier cell function.

Seek The Advice Of A Physician

When a severe rash appears, however, it may be time to talk with your doctor about what is causing it. May people may wait thinking the rash is nothing to worry about and end up having a serious reaction.

A rash can be an indication of a serious disease like Lupus requiring medication for treatment.

3 thoughts on “Early Signs Of Lupus Rash

  1. Crisen H

    Possible Lupus?
    Is lupus a slow progression or does it rapidly develop? I think I may have lupus. After researching, I’ve come to realize that I have several of the symptoms, some I’ve had for years and others developed recently.I’m 25 Symptoms are: Knee pains; started in my early teens,had x-rays but they showed nothing.In the past few years they’ve started giving out and tingling like they’re going to sleep. Next: migraines; started in my later teens, Dr. said they were stress related. I’m tired alot, I get the recommended 7-8 hrs of sleep most nights but I’m still tired. Then there is depression/anxiety:Started having mild anxiety attacks and mild depression in my late teens, again Dr. said it was stress. I also have been getting knots on my legs when I stand for more than 10-20 mins. The knots don’t hurt. This spring I was out in the sun and developed a rash on my exposed skin.First it felt like razor burn, then it became itchy.Never happened before. None on my face however.Normal signs of lupus?
    About the skin rash, it was definitely not a sunburn, I’ve had plenty of those. It was small red bumps. My mother has the same reaction to the sun/tanning bed but her’s is everytime she’s in the sun. Her doctor told her it was just an unexplained reaction to sun rays. Any other suggestions on what the rash could be?

    1. hello

      Well, those are all the symptoms that I had for APS a sister of Lupus that was dismissed by doctors for years! Migraines were TIAs. Geez, I knew my vision cutting out in one eye wasn’t right.

      I suggest you see a rheumatologist and get tested for both Lupus and APS.

      I am now on Coumadin, Aspirin and Plaquenil and guess what most of my problems including the so called “depression” is gone. Listen to what your body is telling you.

      ETA following your comments: Polymorpic Light Eruptions? Sounds like it is time to see a dermatologist. But tanning beds are high in UV that set off Lupus rashes. Start taking pictures of them for your doctor. And stay out of the tanning bed.

  2. f

    questions about lupus / ANA please anwser if you can?

    my first ANA in oct. was 1:160 also liver functions came up abnormal like sgot/ast 134 sgot/alt 219

    and they reran the test less than a month later and came back 1:80 rhemy said it was neg ( the paper said low positive/borderline ) (also ran sed rate crp and came neg)

    i been having a lot of symptoms ranging from full body joint and muscle pain (entire body )
    insomnia fatiuge sleep paralysis
    forget fullness/daze
    itchy all over no rash
    dry eyes/mouth
    urinating a lot
    restless legs
    mouth /nose bumps/sores
    anxiety depression irritability
    possible butterly rash very light (could be somthing else )
    and more symptoms

    they’ve been going on for about 4 months could this be early signs ?

    could this still be lupus or maybe another autoimmune problem even though rhemy doesn’t think i have it ? can ANA fluctuate like that ?

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