What is strange about people who have been infected by HPV the human papilloma virus is the absence of any symptoms in some cases. The only way the person will know he or she is infected is to do a periodic health checkup. Genital warts are the result an infection caused by the HPV virus; it is a sexually transmitted disease. When you come into skin to skin contact with someone who is infected the chances are very high that you will get it.

Genital warts symptoms are really the appearance of the warts themselves on or around the genital area for men and women. In men that means the penis, scrotum, anus and all of the surrounding area. For women it means the vagina, vulva, cervix and anus as well as the surrounding area.

What we need to remember is there are no hard and fast rules about genital warts symptoms; they may or may not appear, they can appear immediately after the person is infected, after months or after years. The warts can reappear once you have undergone medical treatment as well. It is hard to say what actually triggers off a recurrence; however it has been established that excessive indulgence in smoking and alcohol consumption can trigger a reemergence of the warts.

The warts are actually small bumps or growths that can be found growing in groups or alone. They may be flesh colored or of red, pink or gray color. It is not always easy to spot them with the naked eye and a doctor will often use a magnifying glass to check.

Some of the warning symptoms that may occur when you have been infected by the HPV virus

–      Burning and itching when urinating

–      Bumps, rashes, warts on the genitals, anus and other areas (mouth, thighs, groin)

–      A foul smelling discharge in both men and women

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