Illness in human body is closely associated with inflammation. Normally, it is the role played by an invading virus, serapeptase, or other organism. The damaging consequences that inflammation can have on human body are well known all over the world. For instance, it gives rise to unwanted side-effects such as scar tissue, toxins, cysts, blood clots, arterial plaque and mucus. History has it, for yearsyears; scientists all over the world have been trying their best to unearth a perfect solution to it. They have tried tirelessly to search for a natural and side-effect free alternative.

This especially pertains to NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents. It took almost 25 years for them to find something named serapeptaseserapeptase, which is actually an enzyme. Normally this is found in guts of a silkworm which it makes use duringbreakingduring breaking-free from its cocoon. Theserrapeptaseenzyme is credited for eating away dead tissue of a cocoon. This gave the scientist an idea to use it for benefit of human mankind. humankind. This enzyme was found to be responsible for breaking down or digetingdigesting various proteins from toxins, dead tissue that arose because of inflammation. They are also believed not having the capacity to digest any living tissue. Europe and Asia are the areas where serrapeptase serrapeptaseis used for many different conditions. Most of these conditions pertain to arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, fibrocystic breast disease, sinusitis and migraines. Fearing widespread misgivings about its side-effects, scientists have done an extensive research in this regard.

This research requires a special mention because it was related to safety and effectiveness of this enzyme. the main reason for easy availability of this enzyme is credited to the laboratories that make it synthetically. There are a number of popular brands which have played a crucial role in preventing use of potentially harmful drugs. Serrapeptase has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in pain relief. Abaco Health is a provider of Enerex serra peptase in an enteric coated capsule form. Visit the Abaco Health website for more info on serapeptase Illness in human body is closely associated with inflammation. Normally, it is the role played by an invading virus, serapeptase, or other organism. The damaging consequences that inflammation can have on human body are well known all over the world.

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general information about lupus

17 thoughts on “General Information About Lupus

  1. Christina

    What does a dream of suicide signify?
    I had a dream that I killed myself. It was very graphic. I stabbed myself in the heart continuously, until I slowly died, however I was glad to end my life in the dream, and used my greatest effort to do so. I am only 15 years old right now, but in the dream I was older, probably around 18-early 20’s. I was in a bathroom with some other male, about the same age. He seemed to help me commit suicide, as if it would benefit me greatly, however, I don’t recall much of him. The dream felt so real, it was very vivid! I fear something tragic may happen soon in my life.

    Does anyone know what this signifies? What does a dream of suicide mean in general?

    For more background information:
    I have recently been undergoing physical and emotional ‘discomfort’…in the past two years I have lost the majority of my self-confidince, and esteem due to family complications and I am in the process of diagonsis of Lupus.

    Help me, please?!

    1. KD

      When you dream of killing yourself it usually means that you are in a situation that you no longer can cope with as you did in the past. This is usally a situation that has been ongoing, one that you have a lot of yourself invested in such as a relationship. You are either at your wits end or you are at a point in which you can’t move forward and it is time to move on and past that particular situation. On a good note, the dream may indicate that you are moving on to a new aspect of yourself.

      As for your background information, your emotional strife could be creating your physical discomforts. Try to find things that you like to do and focus on them. Self confidence is a very tricky thing and can overshadow every aspect of yourself. I believe that attitude influences our physical self. Keep your chin up and try to maintain a positive attitude… even in the face of opposition!

      I am not sure what religious affiliation you have, but if you have none or if you are open to it, try reading “When Things Fall Apart”, by Pema Chodron, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk. I have read this book countless times and it has gotten me through a lot of worrying.

      Lots of Luck to you!

  2. Dancer Girl :)

    General information on Lupus; including symptoms.?
    My doctor told me my joint problems could be caused by Lupus. I just want some general information on Lupus.

  3. icantwait48

    What is lupus and how does one get lupus?
    My annoying ex-boyfriend and I got into a huge argument over what lupus really is. My dad, a physician for very sick adults, told me that lupus could be anything because it disguises itself as other diseases. My ex told me, his source being a doctor, that lupus was a skin disease and that it starts out as a skin disease. Any medical information?

    1. Anonymous

      The cause of lupus is unknown. It falls under the category of autoimmune diseases, which are noninfectious diseases where the body is believed to be, for some reason, attacking itself. There is one type of lupus which is called “discoid lupus erythematosos” which affects only the skin and is usually not very serious. The other lupus can attack MANY different areas of the body and its seriousness can go from mild to extremely severe. There is not one specific test for lupus and it can be hard to diagnose since its presentation may differ greatly from person to person and it may appear differently at different times even in the same person. Some of the more common presentations may include joint pain and swelling, chronic or intermittent low grade temperature, severe fatigue, red skin rashes (the “classic” lupus skin lesion is a red rash appearing over the nose/upper cheeks in the form of a butterfly–but of course not everyone gets that)–lupus can also affect the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, can cause blood disorders and may cause many other symptoms as well. In some cases lupus patients may experience head hair loss. If lupus is suspected, the best type of doctor to see would be a rheumatologist who would be familiar with the group of blood tests which may indicate that a person MAY have lupus–since there is no one blood test. If a person is diagnosed as having lupus, treatment would be directed at stopping the abnormal body response that is causing the patient’s symptoms–there are a number of very different types of medications which can be used to try to achieve this.I have given a very general description of a very complicated disorder and would suggest you read up on it –perhaps WEBMD would be a place to start.

  4. johnxonglee

    Where can I find general sources for a biology paper about medical disease?
    Its for a ten page paper with a minimal of 10 sources, need help. The paper examine Lupus in particular.

  5. heartzz_ablaze

    why does the summer heat make my body hurt so bad and drain me of energy,one dr told me i had fibromalygia?
    My dr says fibromalgia is just a catch all term and i dont have it But i cant stand the heat and in severe pain all over my body and i have 4 cousins with severe fibro. Im 41 female

  6. Dani J

    Anyone have any information about LUPUS?
    I was told this morning that I have lupus, that the form of Lupus i have is in my blood vessels and causing hives. I believe this one means that It is attacking my organs as well. Everyone keeps telling me how sorry they are but when you on meds doesnt it like make lupus dormant or something? can anyone tell me anything else about this? Is it curable? Does the treatment make it dormant, or just make life a little easier?

  7. cstmom613

    Is it possible that schizophrenia and deep depressions are caused by a flu to the brain?
    I have noticed that when the schizophrenia or the depression is not familial that the person exhibits flu like symptoms before the onset. Perhaps we are missing something important here. Perhaps these problems are in the same catagory as ulcers which research now indicates is a bacterial problem in the stomach.

    1. majnun99

      I work in the mental health field, and I have seen plenty of evidence that both depression and schizophrenia are genetic. I have seen many people from the same family who have the same mental illnesses. And it’s not just my opinion, research has shown this to be true. I have never heard of people with depression or schizophrenia necessarily having flu like symptoms; I don’t know where you got your information. However, it is a fact that diseases that affect the brain can cause mental illness that resemble schizophrenia or mood disorders. Meningitis is an infection of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord, and encephalitis is an infection of the brain; other disease like tuberous sclerosis, multiple sclerosis or lupus erythematosis can cause psychotic or mood disorders. They wouldn’t call it schizophrenia though,.it would be called “psychotic disorder due to general medical condition” or “mood disorder due to general medical condition.” Sometimes the mental symptoms go away after the disease is treated, sometimes they don’t. Some people also get a brain injury and wind up with a mental illness; epilepsy can cause hallucinations too. Sometimes people with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia also have hallucinations or mood disorders.

  8. Sunofreckle

    Does anyone have experience with chronic fatigue and exercise?

    My fatigue is as a result of brain surgery, and we have ruled out thyroid, depression, and other causes of fatigue. My problem is that whenever I try to exercise I get rebound fatigue that lasts several hours. I now do simple stretching, and 10 minute walks, but would like some advice about what else helps.

    1. july

      Are you asking if exercise improves chronic fatigue?

      If you suffer chronic fatigue, your physician should rule out treatable conditions such as anemia (there are several different types of anemia), hypothyroidism, diabetes, mononucleosis, allergies, cardiopathy, lupus… there can be many underlying dieases that reasult in profound fatigue.

      If your fatigue isn’t due to an underlying treatable medical condition, it’s possible that mild exercise can give you more energy.

      I am a fibromyalgia sufferer (10 years now). Fibromyalgia hurts, and it makes you tired. By forcing myself to exercise even when I have pain and am tired, even if I have to physically pull myself from place to place in my yard, I can decrease the fatigue and pain.

      Your Question is such a general one that I hesitate to provide any definintive information other than my own personal experience. After all, I don’t want to tell you to start walking 30 minutes a day if you have undiagnosed congestive heart failure!

  9. Nicolette

    What are Specific Behavioral Characteristics of The Vancouver Island Wolf? (Canis Lupus Crassodon)?
    I chose this wolf for a project for school. However, there is little information about the behavioral characteristics of this wolf and that is one of the things I need the most. Here are specifics:
    How would this wolf react to a threat?
    other than that just general information would be great. I’m mainly looking for how they would operate inside the pack and outside.

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