Anal fissure is an injury in the anus. This injury is either a cut or a tear in the canal which passes stool i.e. the anus. This condition is very common among adults. It is one of the most common causes for rectal bleeding during infancy. Anal fissures can be caused if you pass hard and large stools, due to anal sex or probing things into the rectum. A common symptom for this problem is aggravating pain during a bowel movement. An urge to itch that area becomes very prevalent. You may even bleed during this period.

– Handy tips for Anal Fissures

• Apply Wheat Germ Oil at the affected area to help in the healing process.

• Apply Aloe compresses on the anus as the healing properties helps in alleviating the pain.

• A warm bath can provide relief to those painful fissures.

• The best bet for avoiding anal fissures is to have a healthy and well balanced diet. This diet contains fruits, vegetables, whole grain and drinking eight to ten glasses of water.

• Using lubrication is another method of treating the problem. To avoid any injury to your anal, apply petroleum jelly into your rectum.

• A key factor to avoid anal fissures is to keep the area dry. With every shower or bowel movement try to dab the area with baby powder.

• See to it that you are not affected by diarrhea because the watery stools are as harmful as hard stools. These soften the tissues around the rectum causing it to become a sore.

• Like many things we should not do, the urge for scratching should also be avoided when suffering from this problem. Having razor sharp fingernails would just add to your woes as it may tear through the anal tissue.

• Lose that extra pound which you have been flaunting around because when you are overweight you tend to sweat, between the buttocks too, making the healing process very slow.

• Apply creams which contain vitamin A and D. Consult your doctor before you buy any such cream.

• Sitting can be a painful task for all those suffering from this problem. To alleviate the pain while you are sitting, use a pillow. There are many different kinds of pillow in the market such as liquid-filled pillow, doughnut-shaped pillow and other kinds too.

• Avoid rough toilet paper as it may cause more problems. Be gentle while wiping the sores as it may open up the sores due to constant rubbing. Avoid scented and colored toilet paper. These may cause irritation. If possible use facial tissues to wipe your bottom.

• You can clean the area clean by using chamomile and witch hazel infusion. Their properties of healing and helping the blood vessels shrink become very useful.

• You can also apply calendula balm to relieve any kind of itching and pain. St. John’s wort oil, aloe vera gel or plantain infusion also helps in healing. Apply this three times a day or as per your needs.

• An enema in this state may be painful, but you can have a slippery elm enema to negate acidity and ward off causes of irritation.

• Try to drink nettle juice for an easy bowel movement as well as to be free from the soreness caused by the fissures. Drink one teaspoon three times a day.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

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  1. Michaela

    I need help please!!?
    Can anyone please help me? I am 15 iv had so many health issues lately and I went to my family doc and she tested me for lupus arthritis and other things well that came back all fine. Then she sent me to a rheumatologist tiger looked at well she tested me again for arthritis and lupus and sent me to an orthopedic because I was diagnosed with scoliosis. In result i might have a pinched nerve in bac Well all the blood tests came back normal except that I had juvenile arthritis. Well she became a quack and than said I didn’t have arthritis even tho the medicine I had been taking for the arthritis was clearly helping me. So my family doc then sent me to a pediatric rheumatologist in John Hopkins hospital. Well I went there today and he said that I am perfectly healthy. And nothing is wrong. I am so upset because I feel horrible all of the time!! I’m in so much pain sometime and these are my current symptoms:
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    -wrist ache/dull throbbing pain when I repeatedly do something such as cutting potatoes, picking weeds, or writing (orthopedic said I could have carpal tunnel)
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    -throughout certain times of day I feel a drop in my energy all of a sudden with symptoms of the flu. But I’m fine within an hour or so depending on how bad I feel that day.
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