How To Test The Battery: Voltage…
The first, basic, test is battery voltage. With a voltmeter check the voltage across the battery terminals. Make sure the key is OFF and any battery-operated items are off as well. You should have 12.5 to 12.6 volts across the battery terminals. 12 volts is acceptable if the battery is not fully charged but will turn over and start the engine. If voltage is less than specified, we need to go on to the next test.
With the engine running and with a properly operating charging system and fully charged battery Car Charger for iphone, the voltage should be about 14.6 volts.
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How To Test The Battery: Specific Gravity…
The next test is the “State Of Charge” (SoC). For this we will need a battery hydrometer. They are very inexpensive and you can get them at any parts store or Wal-Mart. I would avoid the 'balls' type and get the 'float' type; they are much easier to read. A battery hydrometer measures the proportion of sulfuric acid to water, which is a precise measure of the level of charge.
First remove the cell caps and check the electrolyte level. The level should be just at the level of the cell hole. If it isn't you will need to top it off. Ideally you should use distilled water. In a pinch you can use rainwater since it is cleaner than tap water and does not contain chlorine, calcium or magnesium. Using Reverse Osmosis (RO) or tap water to refill batteries can produce chlorine gas or calcium sulfate crystals that can fill the pores and coat the plate that reduces the batteries capacity.
How To Test The Battery: Low Or Maintenance Free Batteries
If you have a low maintenance or maintenance free Iphone 4 Built-in Battery there are probably cell caps hidden under the stickers. Lift the stickers up and you should be able to see them. Put the hydrometer hose into the cell and draw enough electrolyte into it to reach the 'full' line.
How To Test The Battery: Load Testing…
You will need some special equipment to load test a battery. You can buy a Iphone 4G Power Battery load tester at the parts store anywhere from .00 for a basic tester to well over ,000.00 for one with all the bells and whistles. Me? I like bells and whistles. I have the Milton Battery Load Tester that works very well and I have had it for years. Basically you connect the load tester to the battery and hold the load switch. Count 15 seconds and read the meter. It should be in the green zone for a good battery. Don't hold it for more than 15 seconds or you will damage the tester.
If the test ends up in the yellow and it's springtime, you may make it through the summer. If it's in the red zone, buy a new battery.
Battery Maintenance And Care…
Batteries do so much and ask so little, but what they do ask for they insist on. Like you, they like to be clean and need a bath every once in a while. First wash the battery with lots of water. Don't forget to wear your protective glasses. Heavy corrosion can be neutralized with a mixture of one pound of baking soda to one gallon of warm water. Some folks have been known to use Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi to dissolve corrosion. Once the corrosion is cleaned off remove the battery terminals and look at them. Any terminals that are cracked or broken should be replaced. Using a battery brush clean the battery posts and terminals until they are nice and shiny. Bare metal-to-metal mating surfaces are required for good current conductivity. To prevent corrosion on terminals, thinly coat the terminals, terminal clamps and exposed metal around the car battery with high temperature wheel bearing grease or silicone. Gluing a sacrificial anode, such as a penny or a piece of copper to the top of the battery will prevent or reduce terminal corrosion.
Replace the battery if the battery case is bulging, cracked or leaking, especially around “GM” style side terminals.

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how do they test you for lupus

11 thoughts on “How Do They Test You For Lupus

  1. befuddled

    Would someone with Lupus be willing to tell me more about the disease?
    I tested positive for Lupus, but don’t appear to have any symptoms. I’ve looked it up on line, I’m not looking for those kinds of answers. I’ve read about the symptoms and things. I guess I want to hear from people who have it, what do you deal with? What are your symptoms? How has it affected your life? Thank you for your help.

    Serious answers only, please.

    1. reifguy

      first i dont have it,second since u tested but asymptomatic i suggest u confirm becoz lupus is more of symptomatic before tests come positive ,on the long run some get many complicatiosn and problems so better u get regular examination and follow up with a rheumatologist

  2. roxemarie

    Is it possible to have lupus even though non of your family has lupus?
    I have tested positive for lupus, and I have many lupus symptoms. My doctors believe I may have lupus, but I have not been officially diagnosed with lupus. All of my family members are very healthy. No one in my family has any illnesses. No one in my family has ever had any type of autoimmune disease. I am the first and only person. Is this possible and how could this be?

  3. Mia Bella

    What are they signs of Lupus and what kind of test do they do to find out if you have it?
    I went to the ER because I was having chest pain they did a bunch of test and said my heart was fine but I had some kind of inflammatory thing going on and then the doctor asked me if I had Lupus in my family and I have no idea what it is or anything and no we don’t. Could I have it? I’m making a follow up appointment with my doctor. Should I ask him to test me for Lupus? What do you think?

    1. Linda R

      There is no test for lupus. A diagnosis of lupus is made based on a variety of lab tests, medical history, symptoms and after other diseases have been ruled out. It often takes years to get a diagnosis.

      Inflammation of the lungs, pleurisy, is one of the symptoms of lupus. The ER doc was wise to mention it. I had repeated bouts of pleurisy and joint pain throughout my life. The docs dismissed it. In 2003, I ended up in hospital for 14 days where I was diagnosed. I was 51 at the time and had been having these problems since the age of 13!!!

  4. Liz

    What physical symptoms can flea bites cause?
    Ive been having knee/leg pain also arm pain. Basically joint pain. I seen a rhematologist today and my doctor took arthritis tests, lupus, and some others, all negative. He noticed flea bites that i have from about two months ago. Their everywhere! Tons! He said that infections from other people or animals can cause these symptoms, and that they go away in about 6 weeks. Has anyone else ever had this? Or heard about it? This is new to me. I hope that’s all it is. I don’t want arthritis!


  5. Cassia

    Is there anyway I can get tested for lupus without my fathers consent?
    I’m currently 15, and my father won’t get me tested for lupus even though my mother has it. I show signs of Lupus, and my mother wants to get me tested (my parents are divorced) what should I do? How can I get these tests done, just to be sure, without my fathers consent? Is there anyway?
    I have no “doctor”, and i have these symptoms:
    Painful or swollen joints and muscle pain
    Unexplained fever
    Red rashes, most commonly on the face
    Chest pain upon deep breathing
    Extreme fatigue
    And Swelling (edema) in legs
    mouth ulcers

  6. Ash W

    How do autoimmune disease affect fertility and pregnancy?
    I would like to start trying for a baby next year. I have chronic erticaria and raynauds, and I have been tested for lupus twice and recieved a low positive result. I am really worried.

    1. .

      Systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus) may appear for the first time, worsen, or become less severe during pregnancy. How a pregnancy affects the course of lupus cannot be predicted, but the most common time for flare-ups is immediately after delivery.

      Women who develop lupus often have a history of repeated miscarriages, fetuses that do not grow as much as expected, and preterm delivery. If women have complications due to lupus (such as kidney damage or high blood pressure), the risk of death for the fetus or newborn is increased.

      In pregnant women, lupus antibodies may cross the placenta to the fetus. As a result, the fetus may have a very slow heart rate, anemia, a low platelet count, or a low white blood cell count. However, these antibodies gradually disappear over several weeks after the baby is born, and the problems they cause resolve except for the slow heart rate.

      Autoimmune Disorders: The abnormal antibodies produced in autoimmune disorders can cross the placenta and cause problems in the fetus. Miscariage often happen in 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy affects different autoimmune disorders in different ways.

      Raynaud’s comes in two forms. One is Raynaud’s disease, which occurs in isolation. The other is Raynaud’s phenomenon, which occurs in conjunction with other diseases, including scleroderma, a hardening and shrinking of the skin; lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin, joints, kidneys, nervous system and mucous membranes; and rheumatoid arthritis. Raynaud’s phenomenon also commonly occurs in people who use vibrating or hammering tools or instruments
      It’s not known why more women than men have Raynaud’s, but women get autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma and lupus more than men do, and Raynaud’s often develops with these.

      Pregnancy often aggravating urticaria.

      Your condition is very complicated.But there are many worst condition. Baby are worthed, every women ready to sacrifice almost everything to have baby. You might need ask your family to support you, get as many information as you can, and very important to cooperate with your physicians. Select them carefully. We want you and your future babies to be safe.

      Best wishes.

  7. julie

    What kind of Neurological symptoms do you have with Lupus?
    I’m being tested for lupus after being sick for 2 yrs and I have tons of neurological symptoms just wondering if these are common symptoms for lupus. here are my symptoms.
    Burning stinging headaches, dizzy, lightheaded,vertigo, seizure type incidents, sharp shooting pains in head, also get weard sensations on my body like warm water pouring on me. Any info will be appreciated. If you have any neurological symptoms from Lupus pleas list them for me. Thanks!

    1. Linda R

      Some lupus patients have neurological symptoms, some do not. Lupus symptoms vary widely from patient to patient.

      Headaches could be caused by lupus or by Raynaud’s phenomenon or other things. Many lupus patients have Raynaud’s, a condition in which stress or cool temperatures cause the nerves to tell the blood vessels to clamp down and restrict blood flow, usually to hands and feet, but can also cause headaches.

      Lightheadedness can be caused by a number of things as well. Lupus patient are often anemic, When you are anemica, there is not enough available oxygen in your blood, which could account for light headedness or dizziness.

      Vertigo usually has to do with the inner ear. Lupus can cause inflammation anywhere, including the inner ear.

      I am not sure what you mean my “seizure type” incidents. Do you lose consciousness? Do you convulse? Some lupus patients do have seizures. But seizures can be caused by many other things.

      Lupus patients with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (sticky blood) which causes clots may have TIAs or ministrokes. This could account for your head pain and seizure type incidents. Ask to have your blood tested for this.

      As for the weird sensations, please find a clearer way to describe that as well. If you tell the doctor that you have “seizure type incidents” and “weird sensations on your body” you are not helping the doctor get to the root cause of your problem. If these weird sensations are painful, you could have neuropathy which sometimes comes with lupus, or diabtetes, or multiple sclerosis, or other things.

      As a patient your job is to give the doctor the best and clearest information possible. It is the doctor’s job to connect the dots. A diagnosis of lupus is made based on family history, your medical history, a wide variety of lab tests and after everything else is ruled out. There is no definitive lab test for lupus.

      To do your job, keep a symptom journal including
      1. a clear description of the symptom
      2. when it started
      3. how often it happens
      4. how long it lasts
      5. what makes it feel better
      6. what makes it feel worse
      7. to what degree does it interfere with your activities of daily living

      Then create a concise summary and bring a copy for your doc and a copy for you.

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