What Causes Nightmares: And How To Stop Them

Author: Carmen Beese

Everybody has experienced nightmares at some point in their lives. They are experiences that can be very frightening and incredibly disturbing. The feeling when awoken is of relief and the thought that it was only a bad dream nothing more. However, the feelings and images of these nightmares can frighten some people for the whole day or even for years.

What causes nightmares has been studied and discussed for thousands of years and unfortunately even with the most modern technology the scientists haven’t been able to come up with a precise answer for this question.

Nightmares can be caused by physical conditions that affect health. Stress is one of the causes for nightmares. If someone is under extreme stress, nightmares are a way that Mother Nature finds to release all the pressure suffered by the dreamer.

Post-traumatic stress disorders can also cause the individual to have nightmares. This is where someone has been through some kind of event that caused emotional or physical trauma. The memories and feelings about that specific event can cause sleeping disorders, especially nightmares.

Worries are also a big trigger for nightmares. If someone is worried about something at a particular time then it is very likely they will have a nightmare around that time. Some people are classed as ‘worriers’. With constant worrying about something they are the most affected ones as they are likely to have regular nightmares.

Nightmares can also be genetic; studies showed that individuals with frequent nightmares have a family history of similar sleeping disturbances.

Childhood is when nightmares are the most common because this is a time of our emotional development when we all have to come to terms with, well, raw, primitive emotions such as aggression and rage.

The imbalance of our emotions can also cause us to have frequent nightmares. Primitive emotions such as rage and aggression, profound resentment, excessive fear and an over competitive character may trigger frequent nightmares.

There are some techniques you can use to ease frequent nightmares. You must try this every night until the problem is resolved.

– Write down your nightmare in as much detail as you can remember. Tell the whole story even if it is extremely scary.

– Try to end the story of your nightmare with a happy ending. Do not include violence of any sort when writing the story. Keep it as peaceful and compassionate as you can. Don’t forget that you are working with raw emotions and trying to turn them into more refined emotions.

– After you finish writing the new story, go through it in your head over and over again. You must do this every night straight after you go to bed. Don’t do anything in between as it will weaken this powerful technique. Do it when you go to bed so you are not tempted to do things in between.

– Then do some relaxation exercises. You can choose anyone that you are comfortable with such a yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises.

If you suffer from nightmares you may want to try a magnificent book that takes you step-by-step in the most advanced techniques on how to stop nightmares for good. I was a terrible sufferer of nightmares before I read this book and although they have not stopped from happening every single night, I can now say that I sleep peacefully at least 90% of the time more, than before I read it.

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7 thoughts on “How Do You Get Lupus

  1. angeldevoid71

    How do you describe Lupus to someone?
    I was diagnosed with Lupus last summer. I was engaged a the time, and would have hoped my fiancee (now husband), would have researched it a little, but I really don’t think he understands what I deal with on a daily basis. How can I get him to understand that there are days when I can barely drag myself out of bed?

  2. betsy_51783

    Does anyone have discoid lupus and is pregnant?What are your symptoms? How do you deal with them?
    I am about 9 weeks pregnant and I cannot take my medication to help prevent the rash. Every day about 2 hours after I wake up I get a flare up on my hands, arms, legs, ankels, neck and chest and they seeming to get worse. Is this normal? I can’t get into my dermatologist for 2 weeks and none of my other doctors will touch the lupus issue. HELP!

    1. Linda R

      Call the dermatologist back and be very firm about getting in earlier. If they gatekeepers still refuse, ask to have the doctor call you that day. If that does not work, call your rheumatologist.

      Personally, I would look for another dermatologist ASAP. Lupus patients need to be able to see their doctors within a reasonable time when there is a problem Two weeks is not reasonable. It is most likely the receptionist who is the obstacle. Asking the doctor to call you should by pass him or her. Don’t bother telling her your whole story. You can also fax the doctor explaining your symptoms clearly and asking him or her to call you ASAP. You can also call after hours and get the doctor’s service and leave a message with them if you think your other approaches are not getting through to the doctor.

      You might also call your ob/gyn and ask if over the counter cortison cream is permissible during pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy the doctors who treat your lupus and your obstretician should be working hand in hand. You will be the one who has to make that happen.

  3. cass

    How do you keep a job when you have Lupus?
    I am off sick at the moment and the local council I work for has a strict sickness policy.When I get back to work I will have a final warning against me and could loose my job. I have appealed against the warnings in the past, but have been told that unless I am actually dying! the warnings stand.Lupus and arithitis is not recognised by them as a chronic long term condition. I am on my own and need to work to pay the bills!

  4. kenbfos

    How do I deal with lupus with out taking drugs?
    I have had lupus for three years, but I just started get treatment from a lupus specialist at Magee womens hospital. I take a small dose blood pressure medication. But my doctor wants me to take plaqunil and prednesone. But those drugs have so many side affects and I hear so many bad things about how they help one thing but then something else breaks down, Then you are on this cycle of adding on medicine after medicine. I want to live, but I don’t want to lose my eyesight, have liver problems, or other complication caused by these medicines. I know their has to be a way of life change, or natural medicine that will help and have less or no side affects. I lived three years without medicine or help. But I do notice that I had more flares lately. I need to make a decision, I recieved my plaqunil in the mail a week ago, i need to decide if I am going to take or find something else that help to present to my doctor at my next appointment. I want to live but not taking alot of medicine

  5. SouthernBelle

    How would I know if I have Lupus? What test should I ask my doctor about?
    My sister is a nurse and she thinks that I have Lupus. Somedays I have to make myself get out of bed. It is a struggle to perform normal household chores. I have had the “butterfly” rash on my face but it wasn’t that bad. I have episodes where I feel like I can do anything. When I have a flare-up I get nodules behind my ear and one in my neck. I also get a rash on my chest that itches. There is also pain in my joints when I have an episode and could sleep for days. I do not suffer from depression. I was told that it can be hard to determine if you have Lupus. If I do have it will it affect me having children in the future and could it be the cause of a previous miscarriage? Just to be clear I have been tested for EVERYTHING but Lupus.

    1. J

      I am no doctor, but sounds like you have many lupus symtoms…..take it from someone that was diagnosed in 1996. Some days are better than others, but if properly diagnosed they will be testing your blood for overproduction of white blood cells……my doctor (he was so aweseome because I went to 6 that misdiagnosed me!!) said that was really the only true test to tell if you have the disease or not. If you get diagnosed with lupus you will have to take care of yourself more and learn that you can’t do everything you used to do! (You need more rest for sure, you will learn to take naps, etc.) Good luck with your search for a good doctor.

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