What type of test is there for HIV?

The actual test name for determining if HIV is present is called the Elisa confirmed by Western Blot test. Most people infected with HIV will show a positive test result within 3 months of exposure to HIV, using the screening test (repeated Elisa). If the screening test proves positive, that result is immediately confirmed with the Western Blot confirmation, which uses the same blood sample (you will not be required to give another blood sample). If you test for HIV before the antibodies have had enough time to appear (this process is called Seroconversion), you may receive a “false negative” result. If you believe you may have returned a false negative result, we recommend testing again within 6 months.

What kind of sample is required?

This HIV Test requires a blood sample which will be drawn by a medical professional at local testing facility of your choosing.

How to Prepare for Your Test?

No advance preparation is required before your test – just be prepared to have your blood drawn during the visit.

When can I expect results?

HIV blood test results are usually available within 1-5 days, but when ordered with other tests will only be available after all tests have been resulted. After you purchase your test from us, you can choose to receive a phone call or email with your results.

Is there an at-home test kit for HIV?

We do not currently offer an at-home testing option for HIV as the test requires blood to be drawn by a medical professional, ensuring maximum accuracy for test results.

What if I have a positive result?

If you get tested and are returned a positive result, we are here to help. Through our partnership with the American Social Health Association (ASHA), we have certified expert STD counselors to help you interpret results and discuss any concerns you may have. Additionally, we have medical doctors available 24-7 (by appointment) that can answer any questions you may have and refer you to a local specialist who can help you.

Purchasing your Test:

Local Center Testing: Choose a local testing center convenient to you, and show up within business hours (no appointment is required).

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how to read blood test results for lupus

9 thoughts on “How To Read Blood Test Results For Lupus


    Could incompetent cervix cause miscarriage?
    I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks the Dr. believes it was do to a incompetent cervix but another Dr. belives it was due to Cytomegalovirus (I was tested and my level was 3.03) Does anyone know anything about this? I had my miscarriage with absolutley no pain just a lot of bleeding with clots then my baby just fell out all in tact in the sac.

    1. MrsMarshall=)

      Yes an incompetent cervix is a very common cause of a miscarriage. However, Cytomegalovirus is also a common disorder to cause miscarriages. Read the following, it mentions both conditions. I’ve included the link in case you want to read the whole thing.

      The remaining 15% of miscarriages occur during weeks 13 to 24. For about one third of these miscarriages, no cause is identified. The other two thirds of them result from problems in the women. A miscarriage may occur because women have structural abnormalities of the reproductive organs, such as a double uterus or an incompetent cervix, which tends to open (dilate) as the uterus enlarges. A miscarriage can also occur if women use cocaine, are injured, or have certain disorders. These disorders include an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), diabetes, infections (such as a cytomegalovirus infection or rubella), and connective tissue disorders (such as lupus). Rh incompatibility (when a pregnant woman has Rh-negative blood and the fetus has Rh-positive blood) also increases risk. Emotional disturbances in women are not linked with miscarriages.

      I’m not sure which condition caused your miscarriage, only a doctor could tell you for sure but it could have been either.

  2. wangwingwong

    Why have i had pluerisy six times?
    I have had pluerisy about six times now and was sacked from my last job due to the amount of time off sick. A few questions:
    Firstly:Could the fact i worked with hard wood dust(mahogany),plaster dust and bronze dust could have caused it? Second,was it against the law to sack me due to this problem? And lastly,Why on earth do i keep getting it?
    Oh. And the last time i had it they sent me for a lung scan that showed air pockets in my lungs. Could this be early COPD?

  3. Dizel

    need website where I can upload blood test results for LUPUS so that somebody can confirm it if it’s positive?
    Hi, someone in my family was diagnosed with lupus today. I need your help to tell me if there is a site where I can upload blood test results for LUPUS so that doctors around the world can see it and tell me what they think is it lupus or not. It is not that I don’t trust my doctor, but I have read that this is very difficult to diagnose and that in some cases it is better to see as many doctors as possible. But this is very costly for average class family.

    So please if you know anything about LUPUS, or if you know how to read blood results for lupus, I can e-mail you the results. Thank you in advance.

    1. ★☆✿❀

      It really depends on what is considered normal for your lab. It can vary a lot. My lab has normal values of (0.30-4.00), so if your mother had had her TSH level tested at my lab, it would be considered a bit high. They’d probably want to reorder it and make sure it wasn’t a false reading.

      Always ask for a copy of your labs (or your mothers), that way you’ll be able to read them for yourself. In the past I’ve had blood tests that have been abnormal, yet my doctor said it was normal. When I had a copy of my lab results I was able to ask the doctor why she/he hadn’t mentioned it.

      Also keep in mind that Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion, so if your mother has Lupus this is most likely the cause of her symptoms. Also, thyroid problems can mimic Fibromyalgia and Lupus.

      I’d recommend you ask your mother’s doctor to order Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies blood tests and refer her to a endocrinologist.

      Good luck.


  4. mz.thang

    does anybody know what Multiple sclerosis is and what symptoms you had ?
    well beginning about 10 yrs ago i started having trouble with my eye sight blurred vision floaters and things like that and over the years it seems that is getting better but still have trouble sometimes now i have had weakness in my arms and legs . i am in pain all the time in my back legs feet arms neck problems , depression dizziness sometimes i dont know what to do i really dont im thinking very serouisly about asking my doctor to test me for MS . anybody out there have it and could tell me what their symptoms was ?

    1. sewcrafty007

      I have MS. The sypmtoms are so close to many other conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, there are others. I had been going to the doctor for many years for fatigue, sores that wouldn’t heal etc. well the doc’s checked me every year for diabetis, sugar was always normal. I went to the doc a year or so ago because i felt like i had had the flu for 3 years. I had bladder issues, bowel issues. Get this. Bladder i was incontinent, bowel IBS. Well When I lost my sight due to OPptical Neuritis, i was sent for an MRI by a retenologist. This is when I found out i had MS.

      The body is virtually being attacked by your immune system. The nerveous system does not have the immune system working in it. Something happens in the body and the immune system breaks though the Blood-Brain Barrier. When inside it thinks the CNS is a foriegn entity and attacks it. There is mylin on the nerves that assists in the conduting of the bodies signals to the area it is sending it. When it eats away the mylin the nerves will either misfire or not work at all. This will result in an aray of problems. The symptoms you will have depend on where the leisions are in the nervous system. I have 2 lesions one on each side 12mm and 10mm in diamiter. Lesions are where the body tries to heal the nerve and places a scar tissue on the nerve to protect them. Since the nervous system doesn’t have the immune system to aide in healing it can’t rebuild the mylin.

      I hope I helped and didn’t confuse. A peron can read alot about MS, and it is good information. But since it is different for everyone it is hard for a doctor to diagnos it. Sometimes when a person has lost sight or become paralyzed will they check for MS.

      Talk to your doctor, tell him what you think you have. It could be anything but don’t rule MS out. You can email me anytime. June 30, 2006 was the day I was told I have it. I take a shot every week. There is no cure, only a shot that will hopefully keep it from progressing. I will find out in August whe i go for another MRI if it is helping me. I still have all the syptoms they will never go away. I take medicine for the servere cramps in my legs, the constant pain in lower back and legs, and the tremors.

      The nervous system operates everything in our body, the organs everything.

      Good luck, sorry got on a soap box.

  5. momzpeachy

    need some help understanding MS? How often are the flare ups and how does it get diagnosed?
    I had an MRI done early February due to neck and arm pain. That was of the brain and showed no lesions. Since that MRI ..I had a major flare of pain all over and all kinds of symptoms that go along with MS. My vision got blurry and nlood pressure raised. I was a real mess. I was told by the neurologist that since that MRI was negative there is no chance I have MS. I had those symptoms for a few weeks and now I am better. It’s really weird how it all went away. Except for the vision part…I still have blurry and distorted vision. Flourescent light drives me nuts!

    I am quite concerned as to whether the neurologist could be wrong. I was also told it could possibly be lupus but all the blood work came back negative.

    I’m wondering if some of you might be able to help me and guide me in a direction. I am seeing a rheumatologist tomorrow but not sure that’s the right doctor to see. What other tests need to be done and who orders them?

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