There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis. Most of them involve inflammation. When a patient goes to a rheumatologist to get a diagnosis, there is a process of elimination in order to arrive at the proper diagnosis. This process of elimination is called “differential diagnosis.”

Differential diagnosis can be a difficult undertaking because so many forms of arthritis, particularly inflammatory forms of arthritis look alike. The following is a list of types of inflammatory arthritis that can be seen and must be considered when evaluating a patient with inflammatory symptoms of arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

RA is an chronic, autoimmune, inflammatory disease, that may affect any joint in the body but preferentially attacks the peripheral joints (fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. It can also affect non-joint organ systems such as the lung, eye, skin, and cardiovascular system. The onset of RA may be insidious-slow- with nonspecific symptoms, including fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite, low-grade fever, weight loss, and vague aches and pains, or it may have an abrupt onset with inflammation involving multiple joints. The joint symptoms usually occur bilaterally and are symmetric. Damage to joints- called “erosions” can be seen with magnetic resonance imaging early on or by x-ray later in the course of disease. Approximately 80% of patients with RA will have elevated levels of rheumatoid factor (RF) or anti-CCP antibodies.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)

JRA describes a group of arthritic conditions that occur in children under the age of 16. Three forms of JRA exist, including oligoarticular (1-4 joints), polyarticular (> 4 joints), and systemic-onset or Still’s disease. The latter is associated with significant internal organ involvement and may also present with fever and rash in addition to joint disease. Polyarticular JRA is considered to be the type that is most similar to adult RA, and is responsible for approximately 30% of cases of JRA. Most children with polyarticular JRA are negative for RF and their prognosis is usually good. Roughly, 20% of polyarticular JRA patients will have elevated RF, and these patients appear to be at more risk for chronic, progressive joint destruction and damage. Uveitis- an inflammatory condition of the eye- is a common finding in oligoarticular JRA, especially in patients who are antinuclear antibody (ANA) positive. The dangerous feature of uveitis is that it can cause relatively few symptoms so careful screening is recommended in order to avoid blindness.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

SLE is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder that can involve the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and blood vessel walls. At least 4 of the following symptoms which have been formulated by the American College of Rheumatology are generally present for a diagnosis to be made:

• Red, butterfly-shaped rash on the face, affecting the cheeks;

• Typical skin rash on other parts of the body;

• Sensitivity to sunlight;

• Mouth sores;

• Joint inflammation (arthritis);

• Fluid around the lungs, heart, or other organs;

• Kidney dysfunction;

• Low white blood cell count, low red blood cell count due to hemolytic anemia, or low platelet count;

• Nerve or brain dysfunction;

• Positive results of a blood test for ANA; and

• Positive results of a blood test for antibodies to double-stranded DNA or other antibodies including anti-Smith antibodies or antiphospholipid antibodies.

Patients with lupus can have significant inflammatory arthritis. That is why lupus can be difficult to distinguish from RA, especially if other signs and symptoms of lupus are minimal.

Inflammatory Muscle Disease

Polymyositis (PM) and dermatomyositis (DM) are types of inflammatory muscle disease. These conditions typically present with bilateral (both sides) large muscle weakness. In the case of DM, rash can be a presenting sign. Diagnosis consists of four major features, including elevation of creatine kinase (CPK), signs and symptoms such as muscle weakness, elevated muscle enzymes (creatine kinase, aldolase), electromyograph (EMG) abnormalities, and a positive muscle biopsy. Often, laboratory test abnormalities can be seen including the presence of autoantibodies such antinuclear antibody (ANA), and the myositis-associated antibodies.

In both PM and DM, inflammatory arthritis can be present and can look like RA — including lung involvement. In RA, however, unless an overlap syndrome – ie., a patient having both RA as well as muscle disease) is present, muscle function should be normal. Also, in PM and DM, erosive joint disease is unlikely. RF and anti-CCP antibodies are typically elevated in RA and not PM or DM.

Spondyloarthropathies (SA)

A group of arthritic conditions called the spondyloarthropathies which include psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and enteropathic arthritis are a category of disease that cause inflammation throughout the entire body, particularly in parts of the spine and at other joints where tendons attach to bones. They also can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, upper and lower back, tendonitis, bursitis, heel pain, and fatigue. They are often called seronegative arthritis. The term ‘seronegative’ means that tests for lab markers such as rheumatoid factor are negative. Symptoms of adult SA include:

• Back and/or joint pain;
• Morning stiffness;
• Tenderness near bones;
• Sores on the skin;
• Inflammation of the joints on both sides of the body;
• Skin or mouth ulcers;
• Rash on the bottom of the feet; and
• Eye inflammation.

In some cases of SA, peripheral arthritis resembling RA can be present. Careful history and physical examination can usually distinguish between these syndromes, especially if an obvious disease that is aggravating inflammation is present (psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease). In addition, since RA rarely affects the end joints of the fingers (DIP joints), if these joints are involved from inflammatory arthritis, the diagnosis of an SA is favored. Usually, RF and anti-CCP antibodies are negative in SA, although in some cases of psoriatic arthritis there may be elevations of RF and anti-CCP antibodies.

Crystal Associated Arthritis

Monosodium Urate Disease (Gout)

Gout is due to deposition of monosodium urate crystals in a joint. Gouty arthritis is typically sudden in onset, very painful, with signs of significant inflammation on exam (red, warm, swollen joints). Gout can affect almost any joint in the body, but typically affects “cooler” regions including the toes, feet, ankles, knees, and hands. Diagnosis is made by withdrawing fluid from a joint and examining the fluid under a polarizing microscope. Patients may also have elevated serum levels of uric acid.

In most cases, gout is an acute disease that affects one joint and is easily distinguished from RA. However, in rare cases, chronic erosive inflammation can develop and affect multiple joints. And, in cases where tophi (deposits of uric acid under the skin) are present, it can be difficult to distinguish from erosive RA. However, crystal analysis of joints or tophi and blood tests should be helpful in distinguishing gout from RA.

Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease (CPPD; Pseudogout)

CPPD disease is caused by deposits of calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate crystals in a joint. The body’s reaction to these crystals, leads to significant inflammation. Diagnosis includes:

• Detailed medical history and physical exam;
• Withdrawing fluid from a joint using a needle;
• Joint x-rays to show crystals deposited on the cartilage (chondrocalcinosis);
• Blood tests to rule out other diseases (e.g., RA or osteoarthritis).

In most cases, CPPD arthritis presents with acute arthritis affecting one or more joints. However, in some cases, CPPD disease can present with chronic symmetric multiple joint erosive arthritis similar to RA. RA and CPPD disease can usually be distinguished by joint fluid examination demonstrating calcium pyrophosphate crystals, and by blood tests, including RF and anti-CCP antibodies, which should be negative in CCPD arthritis.

Sarcoid Arthritis

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory type of arthritis. The majority of patients with this disease have lung disease, with eye and skin disease being the next most frequent signs of disease. In most cases, the diagnosis of sarcoidosis can be made on clinical and x-ray presentation alone. Patients will have acute arthritis, painful nodules under the skin on the shins (erythema nodosum), and a chest x-ray showing enlargement of lymph niodes. In some cases, the demonstration of a specific type of inflammation change, called a noncaseating granuloma on tissue biopsy, is necessary for definitive diagnosis.

Arthritis can be present in approximately 15% of patients with sarcoidosis, and in rare cases can be the only sign of disease. In acute sarcoid arthritis, joint disease is usually rapid in onset, symmetric, involving the ankle joints. The knees, wrists, and small joints of the hands can be involved. In most cases of acute disease, lung and skin disease are also present. Chronic sarcoid arthritis typically involves one or maybe a few joints and due to its often erosive nature can be difficult to distinguish from RA.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) / Temporal Arthritis

PMR is a form of arthritis that leads to inflammation of tendons, muscles, ligaments, and tissues around the joints. It is characterized by large muscle (shoulders, hips, thighs, neck) pain, aching, morning stiffness, fatigue, and in some cases, fever. It can be associated with temporal arthritis/giant-cell arthritis (TA/GCA) which is a related but more serious condition in which inflammation of large blood vessels can lead to complications such as blindness, aneurysms and cramping pain in the arms or legs (limb claudication) due to inflammation and narrowing of the large blood vessels in the chest and extremities. PMR is diagnosed when the clinical picture is accompanied by elevated markers of inflammation (ESR and/or CRP). If temporal arthritis is suspected (headache, vision changes, limb claudication), biopsy of a temporal artery may be necessary to make the diagnosis.

PMR and TA/GCA can present with symmetric inflammatory arthritis similar to RA. These diseases can usually be distinguished by blood tests. In addition, headaches, acute vision changes, and large muscle pain are uncommon in RA, and if these are present, PMR and/or TA/GCA should be considered.

Infectious Arthritis

Many infections can present with arthritis either due to direct joint infection or due to autoimmune joint inflammation. In most cases, infections lead to acute single joint arthritis; however, in some cases, chronic arthritis affecting a few or many joints can be present. Because missed infections can lead to significant complications, it is crucial to have a high index of suspicion for infection in any patient presenting with acute or chronic arthritis.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is an infection due to a type of bacteria called a spirochete. The disease is manifested by a skin rash, swollen joints and flu-like symptoms, caused from the bite of an infected tick. Symptoms may include:

• A skin rash, often resembling a bulls-eye (target lesion);
• Fever;
• Headache;
• Muscle pain;
• Stiff neck; and
• Swelling of knees and other large joints.

The diagnosis of Lyme disease is typically made by blood testing. If, however, chronic single joint arthritis develops, joint fluid analysis or joint tissue biopsy may be necessary for diagnosis. Lyme arthritis can usually be distinguished from RA by clinical presentation and blood tests.

Acute rheumatic fever (ARF)

Acute rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that may develop after an infection with the Streptococcus bacteria (strep throat or scarlet fever). The disease can affect the heart, joints, skin, and brain. Symptoms include:

• Fever;
• Joint pain;
• Arthritis (mainly in the knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists);
• Joint swelling; redness or warmth;
• Abdominal pain;
• Skin rash
• Skin nodules;
• A peculiar movement disorder (Sydenham’s chorea)
• Nosebleeds;
• Heart problems, which can be asymptomatic.

The diagnosis of ARF is made by clinical assessment and blood testing for antibodies against streptococcal proteins. ARF and RA can have similar clinical features including arthritis and nodules. However, ARF can usually be distinguished from RA by clinical presentation. Rash and migratory arthritis are unusual in RA. The use of blood tests is also helpful.

Viral arthritis (hepatitis B and C, parvovirus, EBV, HIV)

Arthritis may be a symptom of many viral illnesses. This makes viral infections a great masquerader. The duration is usually short, and it usually disappears on its own without any lasting effects. Clinical features in adults:

• Joint symptoms occur in up to 60%. These can be symmetric and affect the small joints of the hands, wrists, and ankles as well as the knees. Morning stiffness is also present.

• Parvovirus B19 is a very common viral infection that looks like RA.

• Diagnosis of viral arthritis is made by serologic testing. A high percentage of patients with hepatitis C may have elevated titers of RF. Therefore, RF testing is not helpful in distinguishing between hepatitis C infection and RA. However, in these situations, testing for anti-CCP can be helpful as anti-CCP antibodies have not been shown to be significantly elevated in isolated hepatitis C infections.

So as you can see… “it ain’t easy…”

66 thoughts on “I Have Arthritis That Affects A Lot Of My Joints Could It Be Rheumatoid Arthritis And How Will The Doctor Know?

  1. betsy_51783

    Does anyone have discoid lupus and is pregnant?What are your symptoms? How do you deal with them?
    I am about 9 weeks pregnant and I cannot take my medication to help prevent the rash. Every day about 2 hours after I wake up I get a flare up on my hands, arms, legs, ankels, neck and chest and they seeming to get worse. Is this normal? I can’t get into my dermatologist for 2 weeks and none of my other doctors will touch the lupus issue. HELP!

    1. Linda R

      Call the dermatologist back and be very firm about getting in earlier. If they gatekeepers still refuse, ask to have the doctor call you that day. If that does not work, call your rheumatologist.

      Personally, I would look for another dermatologist ASAP. Lupus patients need to be able to see their doctors within a reasonable time when there is a problem Two weeks is not reasonable. It is most likely the receptionist who is the obstacle. Asking the doctor to call you should by pass him or her. Don’t bother telling her your whole story. You can also fax the doctor explaining your symptoms clearly and asking him or her to call you ASAP. You can also call after hours and get the doctor’s service and leave a message with them if you think your other approaches are not getting through to the doctor.

      You might also call your ob/gyn and ask if over the counter cortison cream is permissible during pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy the doctors who treat your lupus and your obstretician should be working hand in hand. You will be the one who has to make that happen.

  2. 4 due in Sept 2011

    doctor testing for lupus? because of rash?
    rash started small on arm thought was an allergic reaction to something,

    then it spread on more of arm and leg thought was staph infection
    treated no luck

    its not staph its also not scabes or bed bugs,

    they are saying it looks like blood pockets where blood is comming to the skin surface and then some spots where those are inflamed

    it has spread and is all over my body but the main spots is my arms and fingers and palms of hands

    also had severe back pain since around the time this rash started and very tired and no appitite hardly

    what would you think i can take pictures if you want to see if you think you may know what it is

  3. betsy_51783

    Can anyone help me with a rash on my arms, hands, legs, and chest?
    I have a raised rad rash that comes and goes on my body some times it is worse than others but it never goes away. I have had it for over a month now. I have tried topical ointments over the counter and prescription. I have taken antihistamines again both over the counter and prescription. (prednisone, atarax, benadryl…) The thing is no one seems to know what is causing it including 3 different doctors. It itches and there is no hiding it when it decides to flare up. I do have Discoid Lupus but this is not a symptom of it (so the doctors say) I am at a loss. A few people have told me that it might be caused by stress. I have tried to do research and have found very little on rashes caused by stress. I have been through a little lately and I could attribute it to that I just need to do something. Please any advice. Nothing I am taking or using topically is working and doctors are not helping. Any advice or help would be welcomed!!!!

    1. Love the babies

      If the “raised red rash” is obviously square or triangular in the areas that it pops up in, it is probably a contact allergy to something. A lot of folks have nickel allergies, so you may want take notice of where it happens and what you are wearing in those areas. You may want to consider patch testing as well. Contact a dermatologist rather than a family doctor.

  4. fancy

    Ill get right to the point.. could this be Lupus?
    I have extremely bad joint pain in my right elbow, shoulder, hip, lower back, and fingers that come and go. With just a little bit of cold for a short time I lose circulation in my hands and feet and they turn blue then white. I have a swollen lymph node on my left side of my neck that wont dissappear and its been 7 months. I have a small nickel size rash on my scalp that has been with me for about 5 years it is scaley and red and raised. I was tested for Lupus 8 years ago and it was positive, tested about a year ago and negative. My grandmother died of Lupus and it just seems to be fitting the bill. I am a little scared and very painful. Just want some ideas here.
    Thanks wiseone…. Sounds like I am not the only one who is the life of the party.

    1. P.J.

      Dear it really does sound like you have a rheumatological condition. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I take Remicade infusion treatments ( Like Chemotherapy through my veins) every 6-8 weeks, and other medicine for it every day. I too have the severe joint pain and wonder sometimes if mine may actually be lupus too. If it is from what I have researched the drugs my rheumatologist gives me is the same as what they would treat me with for Lupus have some scaly places too. I also have big knots on my wrist , hands, and this disease just has my whole body, spine and all. I had juvenile R.A. too. I suggest you go to the specialist to see if this is his diagnosos. They did blood work on me, it wasn’t showing, then we did a series of MRI’s and found it in several places in my body. I suggest the MRI’s. Now it shows in the blood work up too. Best of luck to you. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy, (if I had one, LOL!) Try to get to the bottom of it before it gets you down all the way. Keep your head up like I try to do, and keep on pushing. I ride a scooter (kind of like a wheel chair) and I am only 43 years old. I still put on my make-up, jewelry (what I can still wear due to disfigurment) and look like I am fine as much as possible. I have a wonderful husband with 3 older kids 24,21,and 19 years old, and 2 grandchildren. I still force myself to cook , but sometimes I have to have assistance. I will not let this get the best of me. I hate it when people that have horrible remarks to make to us when we mention being sick and worried. These people best remember that what comes around, does go around, and I hope they are made to understand the pain! Best of wishes to you honey, I will keep you in my prayers…

  5. CalaLilly

    Does Anyone with SLE Lupus & Discoid Lupus or have TENS or Steven Johnson Syndrom Have advice?
    I have been living with 2 types of Lupus SLE & Discoid for 13yrs. I recently have had an external rash for about 4 months now & was hospitalized for it in March from the severity of the pain & scabbing issues. 3 Dr.”s are saying its Stevens Johnson Syndrome others are saying could be TENS. My Rheumo Dr. doesn’t know & 1 Dermo Dr. said it’s my SLE Lupus. They discharged me just to keep an apt with a Dermatologist that took me 3 weeks to get into. I couldn’t take the pain or burning & suffering from this rash (as I have chronic pain & Fibromyalga on top of other Auto Immune Diseases) on every inch of my body, ears, mouth, nose, eye lids, scalp, loss of hair, bottom of feet throbbing & blistering, palms of hands, arms & finger tips & nail beds. I went to Dermo & because my insurance doesn’t pay much he wouldn’t even look at me, said it was the SLE Lupus, Told him Infectious Disease Dr. & other attending Dr.’s need him to do a skin scrape & skin Biopsy & he wouldn’t even listen to me or acknowledge me. Just said its your Lupus let your Rheumotologist deal with it. This was in March. The scabbing went away but now with my anxiety & any stress it’s causing the Rash to come back in full force leaving me in extreme pain, on 80mg Prednisone daily until I can see a new Dermatologist to get this Biopsy done. They thought it may have been caused by an allergic reaction to one of my Medications, but have not been diagnosed yet. I am back @ square 1 waiting for apt but I cant take the pain & skin feeling it’s on fire & the scabbing. Can Anyone help me with this? Blood work showed that my ANA was 1/1,280 any advice?
    I am waiting on Healthcare Authorization to see new Dermotologist but feel I am going to end up back in the ER before I get the Authorization to go. I have about 4 different DR”S waiting on this Biopsy and cant get the proper treatment until the get results back.

  6. ProactiveMom

    Is it hard to diagnose Lupus in a teen with no positive labs?
    My very active, healthy, 15 year old daughter has been sick since November 2009. She started complaining of headaches, joint pain, chest pain, painful periods,tiredness and dizziness around the beginning of that month. Her symptoms would come and go. By mid month she was coming home from school, getting a snack & doing her homework as normal, but by 5:00pm she was asleep on the couch 3 out of 5 days during the school week. She would wake up long enough to eat, get a shower, text a little and then be in bed asleep by 10:00pm. Over Thanksgiving break from school, I noticed she was sleeping most of the days. She went back to school that following Monday. She kept telling me she was fine, “just tired from sports, school, etc. The next morning, Tuesday, she was noticeably sick with a fever. She also had a swollen gland under her right arm. So I took her to the doctor. Lauren had been sick back in September 2009 with H1N1 AND Strep-throat AT THE SAME TIME and her Pediatrician new this. She seemed to think that Lauren had a viral infection and ordered blood tests for Cat Scratch fever, Epstein Barr and ran a CMP. (Also strep & Flu swabs) In the meantime she prescribed her Omnicef. Both came back negative and the CMP was normal. It was several days later that we got the test results, because of the weekend. Lauren was still sick. She was running a fever, swollen glands, achy joints, fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, extra cold hands and feet,chest pains, headaches and sleeping constantly. (Even after having an antibiotic.) Her doctor ordered a chest X-ray, EKG, urine sample, CBC. Everything was normal. By December 16, 2009 we were getting frustrated after numerous tests and no answer but still a sick kid that was too sick and hurt too much to go to school. Our Doctor decided to send us to a Pediatric Rheumatologist. Knowing this, I decided to contact Lauren’s biological father’s parents to get a family history.(Lauren was adopted by my husband after her father gave up his parental rights and we do not have any contact with his family) I found out from them that eight women on Lauren’s grandmother’s side of the family have/had (SLE) Lupus. My daughter’s grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother, three great-aunts and two cousins ALL were diagnosed with Lupus. I immediately contacted her doctor. She was not going to be there the rest of the week. Knowing that Christmas was the next week and it would be a short week for everyone, I made an appointment with another doctor in the group to see if he would go ahead and order the blood work commonly used to help diagnose Lupus. His first response to me was, “But she doesn’t have the butterfly rash.” I was quick to point out that not all Lupus patients has the malar rash. He agreed and proceeded with the testing. He ordered the following: ANA level, Anti-DSdna, Sed-rate. ALL came back negative and normal. Meantime we were made an appointment with a Rheumatologist Specializing in Pediatrics. We had to wait 2 months. During that time Lauren’s symptoms were the same but she would have good days and bad days. We still saw the doctor when “odd” things would come up. Her knee would swell up for no reason, her throat would hurt but no strep, on and off gland swelling and lots of coughs and colds. She had lost 12 lbs by this point. We began a homebound school program for her after Christmas break and made sure she was still active and saw her friends. Her doctor kept saying it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I didn’t agree with that. Finally our day with the Rheumatologist came! We were SO ready for answers or at least a plan. We traveled 2 1/2 hours away to a very well known pediatric hospital. After asking Lauren and I about her symptoms and performing a physical exam of her joints, he said he thought he could “help” her. He told us that we could rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. (I was so relieved) He prescribed her 10mg of Elavil every night before bed to “promote healthy sleep” and instructed Lauren to start walking 10 minutes a day for a week and then do a little more each week until she was back to her normal physical routine. He told me that he thought she had received “a double whammy” from having H1N1 & Strep in September of the previous year and her body had just “shut itself down” from the stress of being so active in school, sports, etc. (Lauren is a straight A student, plays soccer and really strives to be the best she can be) He called it a “short-term Fibromyalgia” and said it wold go away eventually. I was pretty satisfied with his plan and agreed that we would definitely try. At this point, after her being sick for almost 4 months, I was willing to try anything. So this past Monday she started taking the Elavil at night, before bedtime. Thursday morning she woke up with a prominent, red rash underneath her eyes that spreads from one cheek, across the bridge of her nose and over to the other cheek. I thought immediately that she was havi

  7. *-*

    I think I have Lupus, how do I get my doctor to test me?
    Well, I’ve been having various symptoms for 3+ years (joint pain, getting worse, better, than worse again on and off), ulcers in my throatish area, raynauds phenomenon (where my feet and hands get blue/white all the tiem) rashes (scaly and red), itchiness, im always tired, my muscles hurt, frequent hedaches,

    I talked to a dr. i know through a mutual friend and he put my symptoms together and was thinking lupus, only i dont know what to do…my dr. knows i havent been feeling well lately, so how should i tell him and have him test me, i really feel like this is the answer i have been waiting for 3+ yaers for.

    im 16 and female, btw, if that matters:)

    1. Softball_Super_Star17

      just ask.

      tell your doctor that you had another doctor look at your symptoms (if thats correct, from your story) and that he was thinking lupus and that you would like to know for sure whether or not its lupus.

  8. devilishly curious64

    I am concerned that I may heave lupus and never really paid much attention?
    I am 45 years old and for 1 year I have developed some symptoms that have lead me to believe I may have Lupus. I have been feeling very tired, but it has increased severely, hair loss to where i can run my fingers at me scalp and hair falls off, eyes very dry and burning hot, low grade fevers of 100.0 oral, feeling cold to point I sometimes feel I am freezing even while it’s hot, unexplainable heart palpitations, sometimes a slight wheeze, joints hurting, fingers at hands turn white to purple to blue and look like dried prunes, sometimes an stabbing pain at heart which may last for 4-5 seconds, back hurting a lot, weakness in hands,red blotches on face when coming from outside cold to a warm enviroment, itching then a rash, headaches, dizzyness. have done some tests at my doctors office. ANA was a 4, retested 3 months later and itwas ran as ANACHOICE (Choice screen)
    results being POSITIVE,DNA antibody is 1, PTT-LA SCREEN wa 42 high. So what could this be?

  9. Snooks M

    I think I could have lupus but I am not sure how to talk to my dcotor about it..?
    When I was younger I tested positive for Lupus but my pediatrician said because I didn’t have a butterfly rash, he didn’t think I had it. So he gave me athritis meds and said I had rheumatoid athritis and sent me on my way. Years later I still suffer from the joint pain in my hands, hips, back and legs. I am exausted all the time, I have been diagnosed with anemia. I have been having emense pain in my lower back but it doesnt feel like my spine. I can’t stretch it out, I feel as if I am being stabbed. I am also on meds to control night terrors, paranoia and hypopalmic Hallucinations. I have super bad dry skin that causes these red bumps all over my arms form the wrist up even to my back and my face feels like sand paper. I feel as if they are treating the symptoms but not the problem. They give me ambien to force me to sleep. I have sever headaches and even dizzy spells. When I talk to my doc, he never runs tests just tells me to buy lotion which I own tons and pills for motion sickne
    ss. I just want to feel well again. I am tired of being in Pain. I need referals to go somewhere and he doesnt’t even refer me to a specialsist to get answers

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      You need to demand that you see a specialist. A doctor has an obligation to help you feel better. If he can’t then he needs to send you to someone who does.

      Here’s what you should do. Call and make and appointment with him. Prior to going to your appointment make a list of every symptom that you are having along with all the medications that you are taking. Have a family member come with you as an advocate. When the doctor comes into the room calmly and methodically go over the list of symptoms and medications that you are taking. Tell him that you don’t feel better and all of the medications aren’t helping. Tell him that you desire a second opinion and need a referral to a rheumatologist.

      He’ll either do one of two things. He’ll either refer you to a rheumatologist or he’ll tell you that you don’t need to see anyone else. If he gives you the referral then you’re good.

      If not then you let him know that you’ll be making an appointment on your own to see a rheumatologist for a second opinion. If they find something that he failed to test for then you will report him to the AMA for possible malpractice.

      Once you mention this he’ll give you the referral. No doctor wants to be wrong but no doctor wants to be reported to the AMA for failing to listen to a patients complaints only to have those complaints validated. I know it sounds harsh but you really need to get some answers. This will work 100% of the time.

      Having a family member or a friend in the room with you during this will also put more pressure on him/her as it’s not just your word against his/hers anymore you have a third party involved.

      The stabbing pain you feel in your back could be kidney issues. Have you had a urine test recently? I would make sure you follow up as soon as you can because if you do have Lupus and it has attacked your kidneys, time is of the essence.

      I wish you all the best!

  10. Joyce C

    what should my niece-in-law should do?
    my niece has psoriasis and shes had it since she was 23 and now she is 43. she has two small children and does not work. she lives with me her aunt and mother-in-law. well the problem is she started getting this rash that just took of over night got really bad and she went to one hospital and they said it was just her psoriasis’s was acting up and she knew that was wrong. so she went home and had to go back the following morning because it got worse. this rash was on her hands, feet, in her mouth and painful. the other hospital took one look at her and said it could be lupus we need to admit you or you could go home and get worse and eventually die if not taken care of. well they put her in hooked her up to iv’s took blood and said they where going to take a skin biopsy. well the docs said the next day that they still don’t know what it is and since she has no insurance and no money it would be best if she just left. this hospital used to be the county hospital and everyone went there that had no way to pay. over the years they changed their policy but now both hospital has to give a patient reasonable care no matter what the circumstances. she asked well can she get some of the medication that they had her on to go home with and they asked why you could not afford it. she asked about medicaid and said she didn’t qualify. they said that her lupus test would be in tomorrow maybe and she could get the results at the health clinic and sent her out the door. i just think that the hospital did her wrong and how could they send her out the door when she is still sick with this rash that goes from the top of her head to het toes and is so painful she can barely walk. i would just like someone elses opinion. thank you

    1. Laurennn

      I dont have any information about the rash or anything. And I dont really know what the laws are like over there. But in England, all health care is free, and it is against the law to treat anybody like this. Maybe you should research about the laws put into place for situations like this

  11. complicatedtallblonde

    Can anyone please help me with these symptoms? (very similar to lupus)?
    rash under eyes, on arm, and on cheek (will go away with high dose steroids but always comes back right after) I have had the rash since early to mid december

    headaches (daily)

    always tired or lagging

    sore muscles and joints

    light nausea (sometimes)

    past diagnosis of anemia

    irregular periods since I was 16

    unreasonably cold hands and feet

    can never get comfortable, always too hot or too cold

    bowel problems including
    severe constipation
    blood with bowel movement
    up to 6 days with no bowel movements
    oct 31st 2009 small bowel obstruction

    weight fluxuation

    trouble concentration (brain fog)

    protein in urine and bacteria in urine

    light stomach pain (now and then)

    My mother has fibromyalgia and reinods phenomina

    I just got a lupus panal blood test back and they are negative.. where do I go now? whats next?

    1. mgunnycappo

      Your doctor isn’t curious about the protein in the urine? How much is your creatine clearance? This is an indicator of Lupus Nephritis (when Lupus attacks the kidneys). Many people with Lupus test negative for all of the blood work but still have Lupus. If you have kidney the protein in your urine, then you’ll need a kidney biopsy to check for Lupus. You have many of the symptoms of Lupus. What does your doctor think. They obviously know that Lupus can only be ruled IN with blood work not ruled OUT.

  12. knowlesy

    wheres the help for me?
    I am 38 and have lupus, epilepsy, endometrios, psorisis, depression and have been very underweight for the past 6-7 years, i have got to the point now where i feel the doctors are just not helping i’m in alot of pain with the lupus rash being all over my face, back and hands the gp sent me to a dietician to help put some weight on which was useless as she just kept telling me to put cheese on every thing which is hard when you dont enjoy food anymore, i have got to the point now where i feel there is no help out there for me and get so depressed that i want to end it sometimes, i dont go out anymore, i am unable to do anything round the house because of the pain in my hands i have tried alsorts of pain relef is there any doctors out there that could adise me on what to try
    as i thought no help cheers anyway

    1. Barry

      Change GPs. I have a friend that is having basically the same problems. She sees a pain management specialist. She’s on all kinds of meds to handle her issues, including Lyrica, Hydrocordone/APAP and others. If you smoke, stop, because that exacerbates all those problems. And all these issues are causing your depression. Email me, if you’d like, so we can discuss this.

  13. MaluLanix0x

    How common are these symptoms in the earlier stages of Lupus (SLE)?
    * Frequent and or blocked urination
    * Muscle spasms & weakness
    * Muscle tingling/pins & needles
    * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    * Loss of coordination & sensation (starting with feet and then hands)
    * Numbness/tingling in neck
    * Shakiness
    * Loss/less of sweating in hands & feet
    * Eye floaters/eye flashers & pressure and blurry spots/dimness in eyes
    *Headaches w/ some mood changes & trouble focusing

    I am 17 and a half y/o, and almost positive that I have SLE. I was just diagnosed with Raynauds. I get symmetrical joint pains & have the malar rash. My eyes and mouth get dry frequently. My grandfather had type 1 diabetes, and my aunt (on the other side of the family) has sclederma and hypothyroidsm.

    * Out of those list of symptoms the first were the eye changes and carpal tunnel w/ numbness in hands/feet. This seems to be progessing & i am verry VERY frightened. (i am going to the eye doctor tomorrow & am seeing a neurologist VERY soon.)

  14. Momentum

    I believe I have lupus?
    I am a 34 year old female and was recently told by my doctor that I have fifth disease. I have extremely painful joints and a week prior had a fever. I have, over the last several years, been battling a variety of things. My hair has fallen out…Dr. says it’s stress, I urinate at a minimum of 15 times per day, I am always exhausted. Also, I was told more than one year ago that I have an anxiety disorder so I was prescribed medication for that as well. I woke up a few days ago with an all over body rash-it did not affect my face but it was everywhere else (torso, top and bottom of feet). My hands, wrists, elbows, knees and ankle joints are very painful. The rash only itches on the bottoms of my feet. My chest feels “junky” inside. I did not have the characteristic “slapped cheek” appearance as seen in fifth disease. I am wondering if this could be a manifestation of lupus. Every time I explain to the doctor that I am having urine problems they say I just have a bit of protein in urine.
    My family is really tired of me being tired. I don’t know what’s wrong. I am tired of being told that the hair loss is from stress and that I have anxiety issues. The only reason I feel anxious is because I know for certain there is something else going on with me! The Dr’s think I am cuckoo. They tested my thyroid and I am borderline hyperthyroidism but nothing worth medicating. What could this be? Please help!
    Belligar—> yes that is chronilogically about right….here are the answers to your questions

    We could do with the answers to a few more questions,

    (1) Do you have to get up at night to pass urine? If yes, how many times? After I go to bed…it’s like my body relaxes and I have to get up to go to the bathroom at least 3 times but I do sleep through the night. If I’m wakened at all by anyone or anything…then I have to go to the restroom.

    (2) Do you get stiffness in the joints at all, first thing in the morning, or not at all?
    I’ve never really noticed stiffness in the joints until recently or unless I try to get some exercise
    (3) Have you been taking any medication in the last 3 months? No medication

    (4) Any change in your weight?weight gain-about 40lbs the last 3 years

    (5) Have you had any urine tests (beyond a dip-stix), or blood tests? Do you know the results? Just came from Dr she is doing blood work-up including ANA?
    CheryAnn-you have no idea what you are talking about. Don’t be rude…my family is very loving and supportive…they just want mommy/wifey to feel better.

    1. Belliger


      I’m sorry about your difficulties. It’s difficult getting your symptoms in chronological order, is this correct? – –

      3 – 4 years ago: hair falling out, still a problem?

      2 years ago: passing urine 15 times a day, severe tiredness. Dipstix test:protein +

      1 year ago: anxiety disorder diagnosed, medication given

      A month ago: Fever, followed 7 days later by very painful joints, especially hands, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.

      3 – 4 days ago: Body rash excluding face, especially torso and both sides of feet. Soles of feet itch. ‘Junky’ chest.

      Is this about right?

      We could do with the answers to a few more questions,

      (1) Do you have to get up at night to pass urine? If yes, how many times?

      (2) Do you get stiffness in the joints at all, first thing in the morning, or not at all?

      (3) Have you been taking any medication in the last 3 months?

      (4) Any change in your weight?

      (5) Have you had any urine tests (beyond a dip-stix), or blood tests? Do you know the results?

      I’m no Dr House but I’ll try and outline some possibilities,

      Best wishes, Belliger (retired uk gp)


      Hello again,

      Thanks for the extra details.

      I think this severe tiredness is your main problem, and you aren’t getting anywhere with it, in fact sometimes you doubt whether the medical profession is taking you seriously.

      The reason the doctors aren’t taking the passing urine 15 times a day seriously, is probably due to your not having to wake up to pass urine at night. Most of the causes of passing urine too frequently, – – like kidney infections, bladder infections, sugar diabetes, poor kidney function etc., – – work at night too. If it is only a daytime problem, it might be just due to drinking too much fluid during the day, so possibly they think that.

      I think it’s very likely that your problems of the last month, the fever followed by painful limb joints and the widespread rash, – – are all part of the same illness. But I doubt whether the previous 2 to 4 years’ of symptoms are connected.

      It could very well be 5th disease, because that does account for all the new symptoms you have got, – – and the face rash appears right at the start of the illness and then disappears. Indeed, I hope it is that, because the outlook is very, very much better than for Lupus erythematosis. There’s a test for 5th disease which consists of testing for the infection’s DNA, in the first 6 months after symptoms start, that your doctor may consider.

      I hope and expect that the anti-nuclear antibody tests ANA will be negative.

      The weight gain of 3 stone is re-assuring so far as serious illness is concerned, and also so far as the mild hyper-thyroidism is concerned, – – with serious illness or significant hyper-thyroidism, you should be losing weight.

      The lack of early-morning joint stiffness is against rheumatoid arthritis or one of its relatives.

      My guess is that the tiredness will remain a great problem to you, after your current illness has gone away in a month or two. I wish I could be more helpful about that, since I believe it is your worst problem.

      Best I can do at being Dr House, sorry. I may be like him in lacking tact, my apologies, if so.

      Best wishes, Belliger (retired uk gp)

  15. SnuggJeans

    If you have lupus could you give me some pointers ?
    I started having joint pain,ankles,shoulders,wrist,knee Fatigued, Rashes on hand and stomach. Right after the birth of my son 10 months ago.I have already been diagnosed with anemia for 5 yrs also I have had HBP since 16yrs old. My brother has lupus. Could I have Lupus? I am only 24Yrs . I have alway’s complained of fatigue and sensitivy to sunlight. The kidney specialist claimed I had a trace from blood work but her practice relocated and I was 17 and thought whatever… But the now it’s taking over my life and I want to play all day with my son. not just when im not tired… Is there anything I should try first before going to my doctor and asking for a follow up lupus test…. Thanks for your answers in advance…

    1. impression722

      Eleven criteria have been established for the diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus(which also involves internal organs not just the skin):

      * Malar (over the cheeks of the face) “butterfly” rash
      * Discoid skin rash: patchy redness that can cause scarring
      * Photosensitivity: skin rash in reaction to sunlight exposure
      * Mucus membrane ulcers: ulceration of the lining of the mouth, nose or throat
      * Arthritis: 2 or more swollen, tender joints of the extremities
      * Pleuritis/pericarditis: inflammation of the lining tissue around the heart or lungs, usually associated with chest pain with breathing
      * Kidney abnormalities: abnormal amounts of urine protein or cellular elements
      * Brain irritation: manifested by seizures (convulsions) and/or psychosis
      * Blood count abnormalities: low counts of white or red blood cells, or platelets
      * Immunologic disorder: abnormal immune tests include anti-DNA or anti-Sm (Smith) antibodies, falsely positive blood test for syphilis, anticardiolipin antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, or positive LE prep test
      * Antinuclear antibody: positive ANA antibody testing
      The treatment of SLE is directed toward decreasing inflammation and/or the level of autoimmune activity. Persons with SLE can help prevent “flares” of disease by avoiding sun exposure and by not abruptly discontinuing medications.
      SLE is eight times more common in women than men. The causes of SLE are unknown. However, heredity, viruses, ultraviolet light, and drugs may all play a role.
      I hope this helps with trying to detect whether you have it or not. Just remember to stay positive no matter what, your body will respond in a very negative way. You van work through anything, if not for yourself, at least for your son. My boyfriends mother had Lupus and my aunt has it and the worse thing you can do is be miserable, you need to fight any obstacle that you may come across as if it is some mere annoyance in your life’s journey, don’t let it consume you, because it will try to. I wish you the best of luck!

  16. Anonymous

    DOCTORS PLEASE HELP! I have EBV and my dr. said I will most likely develope Lupus> What should I be expecting?
    I am a 14 year old girl and I have Epstein-Barr Virus and I was told that I will probably develope lupus. Many symptoms I have had are — a red rash that is on my cheeks and nose and it is always on my face just its not always bright red but I can see the outline if i look really close. Here are some other symptoms I have had since July if I remeber correctly. For starters I have the hardest time remebering things, depression, really hard time consintrating, 2 periods of where it hurts when I take deep breaths or move my head, I can’t sit criss-cross anymore because it hurts my knee’s, I have several swollen lymphnodes that come and go except the one behind my ear that never changes, I have musle weekness i think because I can’t even hold a book out to someone for more than 2 seconds before my hands and arms start shaking. Also, my hands and feet are always cold but my legs are always really warm and lets just say you can feel the heat off my legs through my pants. Also sometimes I have just plain out muscle aches that move from my leg to my arm and so on. I think my parents think I am faking it because I never have a fever. I don’t want to tell my doctor either cause he might think im faking. Really need some advise or something I feel so helpless and down. Does this sound like I have just convinced my self that its lupus or is it just in my head. Please answer with something useful and you will get some free easy points. I would wait until im 18 to go and talk to my doctor but it is so frustrating not being able to consintrate in school and its so hard to read because I forget things so easily. Also, track is going to be starting soon and I don’t know how I am going to handle this with sports and school work plus being so tired. Please realize that all my symptoms don’t come at once and they aren’t an everyday thing its on and off. Thanks for the help 🙂

    1. Suzan K

      As lupus does not really have any consistent or real treatment in conventional medicine, I hope you will not get it. If you think the cause was that Epstein-Barr Virus, why not to fight against it?
      –Have always fresh air in your house
      –Be on a kidney diet, avoiding too much salt and proteins
      –eat a lot of raw garlic with food
      –Often use vit C to strengthen your natural immunity
      –Eat a lot of fruit, avoid sugars, artificial sugars like aspartame splenda are worse, and avoid high fructose corn syrup.
      –Avoid all kinds of flu shots or other shots which can affect your immune system, as lupus is an immuno allergic disease.

  17. PrincessAsh23

    I am sick with Lupus and need help! Can anyone answer my questions? I would like to find someone to talk to!?
    I have been sick afflicted with a mystery illness since I was 13. By the time I was 18, I had a heart problem, liver disease, a ruptured Gallbladder and Peritonitis (infected abdominal cavity) from which I almost died. I am now 23. For the past three years I have had skin rash, mouth sores, nausea, bad joint pain in my knees and shoulders, fevers, tremors and left-side arm/hand weakeness. In the past year I was in the ER for four bouts of Pleurisy, fluid on the heart and Pnemonia.My doctor told me I had Fibromyalgia and Lupus. Now they are suspecting MS (Multiple Sclerosis) as well. I am depressed and I can’t cry anymore. I can’t work and I am tired all the time. I take Vicodon, Percocet, Promethazine and Naprosyn. I still don’t feel well and I am suicidal. I have a good support system but I am tired of being sick. I want to feel good and be young. I want the opportunity to have children and get married. I have a wonderful fiance and he loves me. Can someone give me advice? Hope?

  18. sondra w

    hello i have sle(lupus)for 5 yrs now, do my sypmtoms mean my lupus is active?
    I am the typical story, I suffered for one year with doctors disbelief that something was wrong even after the rash broke out covering almost my entire body, it wasnt until I ended up in the ER for two weeks when I finally got the definete answers to my elements. I have SLE,discoud lupus, now lupus nepritis and so on. Now my first indication that something was wrong with me was joint pain(i thought carpool tunnel), but the pain eventually spread everywhere and then the fatigue, and then swollen joints and raynuads syndrome,so of course then fibromayglia. When I left the hospital I wasn’t as fatigued but the pain never went away nor the joint swelling, just a differnet joint everyday,so for five yrs I’v been on oxycotin and percocet to live a more pain managed life, but sometimes my symptoms get even worse( how could they?) they do basically my joint pain becomes every joint, the pain medicnes stop working, I cant walk without a walker or I walk very slow and painfully, so I tell my doctor as always andwe run more labs, platlets at 60K,but not low enough for her to be concerned shes waitin for mor test results, she says that although I have these sypmtoms including a lovely rash, that my lupus may not be active. Please anyone is this BS or what? Can you have what is obviously a flare and it not be your lupus causing it? right now i am on imuran and plaqnil and i was on predinose for 4 years straight and finally said no more because it wasnt controlling these elments, she wants to but me back on it to bring my platlets up, but i know once i go off they go down again, I have been on every medicatio for sle and none have changed anything, I have had rituxan injects no chnage so last year we tried it again and i had an allergic reaction. She doesnt want to try cytoxan because she says it doesnt help with swollen joints fatigue or pain, does any one know or have any idea? please give me your suggestions, thank you and sorry for the spelling my hands hurt and keep missing the letters.
    i’m sorry i forgot to mention , i’ve tried cellcept for two years no help sp they took me off, methotrayate for did not help either, we did the rituxamab once it did nothing so we tried it again a year later and i had a severe allergic reaction so no more of that. I am on 200mg plaqnil 2 times a day and imuran3x a day, i also do accupuncture thru kaiser but only for two months now and start biofeed back next week. I have been on permanant disability Social security since i got lupus in 2003(it took 18 months),I’m 34 this happened when i was 27-28. All your answers have been great, if my doctor would try the cytoxan i would be more than willing she doesnt think it will help with the joint pain and swelling or the fatique, I just had an Mri for the headaches today so maybe that will show them something.

  19. Pseudo Nym

    Can the ER diagnose Lupus?
    A little back story- I have several symptoms of lupus. Excessive tiredness, joint pain, painful skin rashes that come and go, mouth ulcers, all that stuff. My physician doesn’t seem to take me seriously when I say I don’t feel well, or that antihistamines and itch creams do not help my rashes. My fingers do not turn blue when cold, but the nail beds do. So far the skin rashes have been mild. It’ll start with a few bumps somewhere and by a few days later I have several small patches of itchy, painful rash that take a week or two to resolve. The worst case I’ve dealt with, until now, was during a trip to the beach. I thought maybe I was sensitive to something new I encountered on my trip and again allergy meds and creams did nothing. It wasn’t until I started reading about Lupus that I found out about photosensitivity and rashes caused by sun exposure. That incident took 3 weeks to fully resolve.

    Starting two weeks ago I started getting tired, almost zombie like. I was very groggy, couldn’t think straight, and my hands HURT. The only comfortable position I could keep my hands in were balled in a loose fist, extending the fingers was painful. That eased up a bit, but body aches soon kicked in, and are worst first thing in the morning. On Saturday I noticed a weird spot on my upper thigh that looked like rug burn under the skin. Nothing raised, no sores, pain or itching involved. By last night I had a couple of bumps surface and that was it before bed. When I awoke this morning my thighs burned. I had an intense rash down the front and inner parts of both thighs. The rash bumps thinned out but still continued to my calfs. I also have patches of bumps on the nape of my neck, my shoulder, my ribs and I have non-raised red spots on the back of my hands and underside of my right arm.

    I am tired of my doctor’s lack of understanding of the issue. I went in last week for the pain and fatigue and he wanted to test my thyroid and other basic blood levels. All was normal except for my vitamin D, which I take a daily supplement for already so I found it odd that it was low. More research has revealed that lupus patients often struggle with low vitamin D. I’m afraid that if I go to my doctor that he’ll try to brush this off as a basic rash and send me home with another cream that will do nothing for me. If I go the ER will they be able to do anything? I want to be seen with the rash in full force, so waiting for an opening at a new physician’s office won’t do. I don’t want to waste a trip to the ER if they’re just going to tell me to see my primary doctor.

    Advice please!

    1. 2blest2Bstrest

      Better than waiting for a rash……. From the sound of it, you very much need to have the thyroid testing … TSH and Antibodies (make sure BOTH!) All of this can be from thyroid disease.


  20. sprees (:

    If I have a the butterfly rash on face, is there is possibility that it is not lupus?
    I’m 17 years old….. Female. I have a butterfly rash on my face, fatigue, a swallon face, hands, feet, itchy skin, and my face just looks washed out or I don’t even know how to describe it, I just do not look myself. I went to the doctor, and they took blood and are running tests, and it might possibly be lupus. Is there any possibility it might not be lupus? I am prescribed adderall, and of course my doctor knows that because she’s the one who prescribed it to me, but could adderall be causing some of these symptoms?

    Also any suggestions on how to make my face look normal in any way, I am getting very depressed with my face not looking the same, and it’s causing me to not want to do anything or leave my house because it’s embarassing looking and people stare at me. I don’t even want to hangout with friends anymore because of this! I use foundation and stuff but it just does not cover up the weirdness of my face shape and swalloness.
    Any help or support would be awesome(:

  21. star

    positive ANA 1/320 HIGH?
    i had blood work done for lupus or rheumatoid my ana came out positive i don’t have lots of symptoms but hair loss for the past 6 yrs . my hair falls out then it grows back my dr said it is normal. now im worried since my ANA is positive my knee my hurt or wrist but it goes away no swelling no redness . my middle finger hurt for about 3weeks but it went away . my back hurts all the time but the lupus clinic said it has nothing to do with lupus my dr had my kidney , liver test everything is normal my cholesterol is excellent no diabetes overall i feel good. until now that my dr call me about my result i always stress about everything i thought maybe that’s the reason my hair is falling. i have no rash or swollen joints no fevers. can i just have a positive ANA should i worry? My older sister was just diagnose on 11-22-08 but she had all the symptoms swollen ankles wrist hands rash on the hands now shes staring to lose hair
    my sister was just told has actually has lupus

  22. complicatedtallblonde

    I just had a bunch of blood work done, including a Lupus panel and some others?
    I had some blood work done on Thursday (A lupus panel) is what they called it I believe and two other tests, then Friday I went to the derm. for my rash that is very similar to the “famous butterfly rash” except it’s under my eyes, just above my cheeks, but my dr said it’s still very similar. I have been very very tired, fatigued, irregular periods since I ever had one, tingling in my face, very cold hands and feet, and a lot of problems going to the bathroom regularly (constipated) I have also had a small bowel obstruction and other issues. Any advice or does anyone know what it sounds like I might have? My mom has fibromialgia and raenoids if that helps?
    The symptoms I’ve been having are:

    rash under eyes, little higher than cheeks

    tired all the time

    sometimes so tired i feel ill

    i feel really sore (partic. my back and neck)

    im always really hot or really cold

    my hands and feet are either sweating and cold, sweating and hot, or just cold

    irregular periods since i started menstration

    anemia (was diagnosed in high school and it’s a known side effect of some autoimmune diseases)

    also I’m female which they say makes you more likely to have one, and my mom has fibromialgia and raynoeds (sorry i can never spell them)

    1. DR.DUDE

      With your positive family history (Raynauds), the possibilities of autoimmune phenomena such as Lupus and Hashimotos Disease(hypothyroidism) should be investigated and ruled out.

  23. 27 Yr Old Married Guy

    Crohns, Celiac, Lupus, Hypothyroidism????? Help!?
    I started to have mental fogginess issued back in 2004, and remember having a general feeling of not feeling well. I can’t really remember exactly what it was like back then though. By the time 2006 came along, my issues had progressed pretty rapidly. I…

    – Had mental clarity issues.
    – I would get up to go to the grocery store and get in the car and realized I had forgotten where I was going.
    – I would bruise easily. I had diarrhea.
    My stomach was extremely bloated.
    I could barely carry on a conversation.

    After a few failed attempts at the doctors, I DIAGNOSED MYSELF with Celiac’s disease. Immediately, I went on a gluten free diet. After 6 months of being gluten free, I did notice improvement in some areas. But I never got to feeling 100%. Not even 60%.

    So I continued my research…

    About a year ago, I truly thought I was dying. I had…

    It feels as if all my stomach organs are swollen along with my head
    I feel like I have a fever, and my skin is hot to the touch (but no actual fever)
    Severe mental fogginess
    Underarm sweating
    Severe grogginess when waking
    Severe bloating
    Pressure headaches (get migraines on occasions with blurred vision, I think unrelated)
    Swollen and puffy eyes
    Got sick easily
    Cold hands and feet
    Shiver in cold weather
    Major skin issues. Pustuals on the hands and feet, rashes, etc. However I was able to get that at bay with very very mild soap.

    I knew at this point, I had to make a change. I cut everything out of my diet and slowly reintroduced things. At the end of this test, the only thing I could eat (at not perfect at that) was fruits, veggies, millet bread, sunflower butter (peanut butter substitute). I stuck to that diet for about 6 months and really better but dropped to 140 pounds. I went from a 1 out of 10 to a 6. But then started noticing that I was lacking nutrients and was getting other symptoms for not being balanced nutritionally. I have added a few things back in with a major herbal supplement system that I have created to help assist.

    Right now my diet is this…

    Millet bread
    Sunflower butter

    Garden of Life meal shake with probiotics and enzymes
    Activated Charcoal (Draw out poisons)
    Aloe Juice (Digestion)
    Basil (Digestion)
    Cayenne (Immune Booster)
    Cilantro (Detox)
    Cinnamon (Anti-Inflammatory)
    Coconut (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial)
    Flax Oil (Anti-Inflammatory)
    Garlic (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal)
    Ginger (Anti-Inflammatory)
    Ginko (Blood Flow)
    Ginsing (Digestion)
    Lime (Anti-Biotic)
    Mushroom (Cancer inhibitor)
    Peppermint (Digestion)
    Rosemary (Blood Flow)
    Tumeric (Anti-Inflammatory, Cancer Fighter)
    Lemon Water

    I have seen certain improvements with my herbal remedy, but nothing too major.
    I thought way back that it was celiac’s. Deleting gluten from my diet helped, but did not fix the problem. My current research makes me feel like it is either Crohn’s or something similar, or Hepatitis C. I have read that the two can be confused. I have recently been tested through a private company for Hep C and it came back Negative. What confuses me is that I do not have stomach pain like most Crohn’s patients do. However, I am pretty sure I have an ulcer. I do have a sharp pain in my stomach that comes and goes at times. And the biggest issue for me is mental clarity and this swelling fever I deal with. I can deal with irregular bowel movements, but the way I feel is unacceptable. I have a copy of blood work I had done a year ago when I was feeling my worst, and I noticed that they didn’t test for Hypothyroidism? Do these symptoms sound like this could possibly be a culprit? Lupus?

    I am probably the healthiest person you know. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, all of my diet is natural organic from the earth foods, herbs and minerals. I should not fee the way that I do.

    Please help!

  24. M A

    Help!! Shaking/Fever/Skin Rash! ?
    Help! My boyfriend keeps getting the “shakes” were he feels cold and starts shivering!! He gets a fever sometimes and everytime this happens he gets a skin rash!! We don’t know what it is! We have gone to the ER before and all they do is give him a shot of Motrin to ease the pain! He does have arthritis, and his elbow/joins/ and hands ache when this happens!!

    This has been going on for several years now, about 4-5years! It’s not on a regular basis, first time I took him to the ER was 4years ago they checked him for lupus and all kinds of deceases but everything came back negative! They gave him some antibiotics and it went away! It came back about 3years ago and once again, we went to the ER to a different hospital! And they told him the same thing!! Now it’s come back! We don’t know what’s wrong, he changed eating habits, detergent, soap and we don’t know the cause of it coming back!!

    I’m so scarred because no one can pinpoint what it is! We finally got referred to a specialist, and we are currently waitin on a call back for an appointment! But it’s a scary situation!! We don’t know what to do, Motrin helps but it temp eases the pain! It’s to the point where we are asleep and he starts shivering in the middle of the night, it can last between 30min-2hrs!!

    If anyone has a single slight of idea what this can be, please let me know. It’s frustrating having symptoms and not able to determine the cause!

  25. Christine Evans

    Do I have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 12 years ago (I am now 53), and have since developed additional symptoms. I have debilitating fatigue, unexplained fevers, a “butterfly”rash on my face, severe anemia, frequent nausea and vomiting, pain, numbness, tingling and swelling in my hands, fingers and one of my knees, headaches and “hazy” urinalyses. I have also had 2 hospitalizations (once for 3 weeks) this year for kidney failure secondary to dehydration. My rheumatoid factor has been positive since the time I was diagnosed, but I cannot locate any blood work where an ANA test was performed. My doctor is suspicious that I may actually have Lupus, because of some of these more recent symptoms, and the fact that I have yet to develop any deformity in my joints. I have been on methotrexate and Enbrel for many years. Can you give me an opinion? I do not have health insurance, so I am saving up to pay for the additional blood work I need. In the meantime, I am trying to get some feedback on these symptoms. I also suffer from fibromyalgia, migraines, and have had 5 surgeries on my cervical and lumbar spine. Thank you.

    1. JMITW

      sounds as if you were misdiagnosed iwth FMS and really have Lupus…..that was just mild before..

      most docs are incompetant when it comes to fms and use it as general label for most people really have something else…

      your spinal issues alone with mimic fms…lupus mimics fms…

      it is possible to have fms and those, but being that you weren’t properly diagnosed with other conditions–once you can get competant care you need to reassess if you really have fms

      you can have RA and Lupus too

  26. screamingfreedom

    I agree with the above. See your doctor. Lupus can only be diagnosed by a doctor not a discussion group. Whether it is lupus or some thing else you want to catch it early.

    Most of your symptoms are not consistent with lupus. To be diagnosed with lupus you need to match at least 4 of the symptoms.
    * Butterfly rash
    * Discoid rash
    * Photosensitivity
    * Mouth ulcers
    * Arthritis
    * Inflammation of the lining of the lungs or the lining around the heart
    * Kidney damage, as noted by the presence of protein or other abnormal substances called casts in the urine
    * Seizures or psychosis
    * The presence of certain types of anemia and low counts of particular white blood cells
    * The presence of certain immune cells, anti-DNA antibodies, or a falsely positive test for syphilis
    * The presence of antinuclear antibodies.

    From your list I see 2 that match.

    Any way you should not feel the way you do, so you need to see your doctor and find out what is going on.

  27. House, almost MD

    I don’t really see any appreciable rash on your face in any of those photos. If you think you might be getting lupus, go get the blood tests for it to make sure you are not in the early stages. Based on what you have said so far, I am confident that you do not meet the diagnostic criteria for lupus. However, it is definitely something you should keep an eye on and if you have other bothersome symptoms you should go to the doctor and get tested for lupus since you have a family history.

  28. Sassy Stasia

    Confused about Fibromyalgia & Lupus?
    Ok, here’s the whole story. I had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia when I was 4 until I was 7. I recovered, had two kids yada yada. Ive been suffering from pain in my joints, both my arms going numb all the time, slight hair loss, sharp shooting pains in my head, ringing ears, rash on my face, swollen hands and feet, TMJ, “blood inflammation, light sensitivity and severe migraines more than 3-4 times a week regardless of the circumstance. I went to TWO different docs so far. A Rheumatologist and a regular MD. One said he thinks its Fibromyalgia (and I know what that is because i did a TON of research) and the other says i have “inflammation in my blood” and some other symptoms “not like” that of Fibromyalgia. He said Lupus and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis could be to blame but Im so confused as to how they are going to diagnose me properly without just sending me out with a “general pain disorder” Im 22 years old, this isn’t normal. I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and Im not overweight so “general pain” just doesn’t make sense to me. I know you’re not docotrs but Im just looking for some advice maybe from people who have one of the two and what they think my outcome will be. I know its kind of difficult to answer but any help would be greatly appretiated. Thanks so much!

    1. victoria05202000

      Well, autoimmune diseases can overlap and the symptoms for many are the same. It is tough to diagnose and it is VERY possible you have both. I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome 4 years ago and recently within the last year the doctors “think” it is just Sjogren’ s Syndrome. It is hard because Sjogren’s mimics Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

      I know it is very frustrating when your doctors don’t even know for sure. Have you tried a university hospital? I have found that they are on top of everything and seem to be the best of the best because they are teaching future doctors, surgeons, and specialists.

  29. :)

    Could I possibly have Lupus?
    I am a fifteen years old girl. My symptoms are:
    reynauds phenomenon, swollen/stiffness in joints (especially hands), extremely bad memory loss, fatigue and insomnia (exhaustion to the point where i can’t sleep), headaches, dizziness, loss of concentration causing confusion, weakness (i often feel like my muscles are just so weak and fragile), depression (it comes and goes), joint pain (it’s the worst in my knees), sensitivity to the sun (weird purple rashes that are not raised and last about a day), butterfly rash (only had it once when i was about 9), bad chest pains when breathing or moving (occasionally), hip pain, and anxiety.

    The symptoms are greater at times and i can go a while with out expirencing all of them. But I always seem to struggle with pain and fatigue the greatest.

    I’ve already been diagnosed with reynauds phenomenon. I was told that i DO NOT have arthritis at all. I’ve been tested for lupus twice. And was told i do not have it. A part of my ANA tests came back positive the first time. Is it possible that I have it and my doctors aren’t catching it? If you have lupus, were you misdiagnosed at first?

    I’m really worried and confused about what is going on with my body. Believe me, I hope that I am not ill; but if I am I want to know. I feel like these symptoms are taking over my life with the constant pain and horrible fatigue.

    So is it probable that I have lupus and the doctors have misdiagnosed me? Please help.
    I forgot to mention that when I am expirencing just about most of the symptoms and they all seem to be greater, I always get this weird skin sensitivity. It feels tender to the touch and is even painful to take a shower because of the water touching my skin. I’m not sure if that would be a sign of a “flare” but I have always found it strange and a very important symptom.
    @Ginny jin: no i don’t eat junk nor do i ever drink coffee but sometimes soda. i have a pretty healthy diet because of these symptoms. and i do spend most of my time indoors because of the pain and fatigue (it seems to control me). but i do walk about a mile or so 4 times out of the week to attempt stay active.
    @debbie: are there beginning stages to fibromyalgia? because i have read a little up on it and i have noticed that people talk about the pain being unbearable and constant. also that it was virtually impossible for them to lead a normal life. also i go to a very small highschool and i only have to walk to about three classes. i walk home almost everyday (that’s where i get my mile from). but i do think that i am expirencing “fibro fogs”. and very bad at that. they seem to be happening more and more lately. also i just recently started developing some of those symptoms. i almost feel like i am falling into sickness, if that makes sense

  30. Sassy Stasia

    *********SEVERE KIDNEY PROBLEM PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    Severe ongoing kidney pain please help!?
    I had leukemia when I was a kid. In remission. Extensive chemotherapy for 3 years on and off. Tested for Lupus one year ago due to questionable symptoms. I know not everyone on here is a doctor but I need advice for the time being. My symptoms are severe kidney pain (right side) for AT LEAST one year now. Weird rash on hands-have to itch it with a brush and the skin peels of my fingertips and palms. I cant stand for a long time because my right kidney hurts so bad its debilitating. I know its not a joint/bone problem because I had some arthritis and RA testing done-alls well there. I cant drink soda’s, juices, milk or coffee obviously this causes severe chronic pain. Kidney hurts whenever I have to urinate-which I do as soon as I feel the urge to go. I get nauseated often but dont vomit, and when I wake up in the morning Im in severe pain its hard to even get dressed. Ive read up on the symptoms of kidney disease but I dont want to sound like a hypochondriac to my doctor when I go. Please advise-anyone know anything about these symptoms. And yes, I constantly have kidney stones that pass and regenerate, and my urine is always foul smelling and extremely clouded. Please help-thanks so much.
    53 minutes ago – 1 week left to answer.
    Additional Details
    Also, I always feel like Im thirsty and I always have something to drink with me. I try as often as possible to drink water. I know the pain is kidney pain because I went to the ER and they said I had kidney inflammation. The pain takes m my breath away at points and their are times when I get extremely dizzy and faint.
    50 minutes ago

    1. J. Edward Egavas

      Hi Sassy!
      I think that you already know the obvious but perhaps need a little confirmation. Girl, there are a few organs within your body that strongly affect the total health and well being of your body as a whole. You probably know already that your kidneys are one of the primary organs that does influence your health. Two things that you have mentioned caught my attention. one is the “itchy rash” on your hands. That is a sure sign of nerves and in conjunction with your kidneys; actually create agitated conditions that intensify your kidney problems. The other is the ‘foul smelling; cloudy urine. Of course this is brought on by the kidney infection ‘but’ it is a good sign that the kidneys are functioning and trying to cleanse themselves. I know this is not a time to be trying ‘old remedies’ but a few of them actually help. Most likely, you are drinking liquids that are cool or cold in temperature. The kidneys actually have to work harder at cleansing under these conditions. Try warming your liquids to slightly above body temperature (between 100* and 110*Max.). This will help. Also, in your case, please try to drink distilled water only, because; most bottled water is actually “pure tap water.” To a healthy person, this does not create consequences of any magnitude. In your case, the slightest deviations of germs or enzymes, foreign in nature, can present problems. Please also try to drink considerable amounts of nothing but water. It may be painful to begin with but it does in fact help flush out those conditions that are helping to agitate your ailment. Now, for the “Old remedies.” This one, I place quite a bit of faith in because I too have bouts with my kidneys. Honey is the only absolute pure energizing food that has zero harmful substances. It never has to be protected as it will ‘never; spoil, period! You take two tablespoons of honey in the morning and the same before you retire at night. I will personally assure you that it will make a difference in your condition in a short time.(perhaps a week or less and you will notice a change for the better) Your pains will diminish and your nausea will subside. Other than this, I am going to strongly urge you to visit a good urologist. Perhaps you feel that it is an expense that you cannot incurr at present. I am going to tell you it is an action that you must take regardless of expense. (there are assisted programs to help you if this is actually one of your problems). Sassy; You owe it to yourself to take care of this “Now” and not put it off. “If” your kidneys actually start to fail, expense will no longer be an equation to consider. It will be a mandantory action that you will be forced to take at that point. Please get on girl with what you know you must do. I will pray for you and hope for your best.

  31. arianna3at

    I have a lot of the signs and symptoms of lupus how do I get tested I also have no primary doctor?
    I have horrible rashes rashes on my hands and feet that just progressively get worse they almost look like little blisters in clumps and they make the skin raw. I get fatigued for standing it seems like or any other activity. My hands and feet turn blue when i am tired or cold.Ihave had chronic urinary tract and kidney infection since i started menstrating 9 years ago. This time frame is similar to when all other symptoms started. also any herbal naturopathic or homeopathic remidies for these symptoms would be helpful. (must be safe to use while breastfeeding)

    1. 1GR8MOM

      Go see a naturopathic doctor, if you can. They can order all the blood tests that may be relavant. Lupus is very difficult to diagnose since everyone presents differently, so don’t be to quick to self-diagnose, you could be adding to your stress by doing so. For the time being, try ginger tea (grate fresh ginger, or powder into a cup of boiling water). It helps with poor circulation.
      Raynauds and diabetes also presents with circulatory problems to the hands and feet.

  32. Anonymous

    Could it possibly be Lupus?
    I’m very tired of being treated as though I’m just going nuts. A hypochondriac in a sense. I’m not…I’m sick. Without much to back up what is causing it. The symptoms mainly started when I was around 18…I’m 24 now. I’ve been to the doctor many times being told the same thing. I’m perfectly fine. One doctor finally took into consideration I had a list of symptoms too long for my age and sent me to a digestive specialist. I wasn’t able to continue seeing the specialist, but from the two visits I was able to attend, he determined I had GERD. But I just keep getting worse. It’s not just my upper digestive system, it’s my entire digestive system. Nothing seems to work properly. I’m vomiting in the mornings from acid and bile building up in my stomach throughout the night. I can hardly eat anything without feeling nauseated afterward. My stool varies in color and texture. Some days it’s near normal, others is sticky, others it’s like water. I stay pretty bloated the majority of the time. So bloated and gassy that I have to where a pant size larger than usual. I have to pee once or twice an hour. I get chest pains that are more than likely associated with pain in my esophagus. It’s pretty deep and aching.

    Aside from my digestive problems, just last year I started developing eye and skin problems. I’ve never had any problems with my eyes. Never needed glasses. I’ve started having static like vision (visual snow), I sometimes see bright spots (seeing stars), I’ve noticed an increase in floaters in my vision. Some have came and gone…others are still around. I feel what feels like sparks bursting in the inner corners of my eyes several times a week. I see ghosting. Distant objects are now slightly blurred and my eyes tend to stay dry. All of this developed within the last year. The eye doctor said I had developed an astigmatism. Seems like more is going on than that…just in the last 5 months since my visit to the eye doctor…the symptoms have worsened. Seems a bit quick and much to just be an astigmatism.

    My skin problems started developing around the same time my eye troubles started. I started out just getting a rash on my side. It wasn’t raised…more like a big red blotch. Didn’t itch. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I noticed over a week period it had come and gone in the same spot 3 different times. A few weeks later I started breaking out in hives. They started just on my thighs, then progressed to my entire body over time. They wouldn’t go away unless I laid down, and even then it took hours before the majority would cease. Hives became an ongoing problem that randomly popped up for about 8 months. I could never find a trigger for them. Some days I’d be working and notice them, others I’d wake up and have them…indoors, outdoors, no food allergies, no medication…stress…nothing. I could never find anything. I haven’t really had an outbreak in hives now for about 3 or 4 months. Instead I’ve been getting itchy skin (not dry skin), and more red blotches (not raised) on my skin. First they were mainly coming on my chest, then I started getting them on my hands, feet, stomach, legs…wherever. They seem to start on my chest. Sometimes they itch…sometimes they don’t.

    My symptoms all come and go…aside my eye problems. The dryness in my eyes come and go…but the rest stay pretty constant. But my digestive problems and my skin problems come and go. I have no thoughts as to what may trigger these problems.

    I know that is a lot to read, so if you’ve done so, thank you. Aside from all of that, I stay tired, I have minor body aches that come and go. Especially in my arms and in my knees. I find some days I can’t think as clearly as others…mild confusion occasionally. I have good days and just down right nasty hateful days. Dunno why. I stay depressed for weeks at a time. I went to a State Park just two days ago. It was a cold but sunny day. First time I’ve really been out in the sun that long in months. That night I noticed the butterfly rash across my nose and cheeks. Not a sun burn. It faded yesterday for a few hours and today it’s darker again. This is what made me begin thinking…could this be Lupus? and yes, it does run in both sides of my family. Lupus and Leukemia both do. I’ve had several people tell me even on good days…”You don’t look so good” My last employer told me I wasn’t working out because I just seemed too drained all the time.

    I am uninsured now, and I’m not sure how I would get tested for Lupus…or even how they test for it at all. I’ve read some websites about Lupus, it just seems like such a complicated disease. Any thoughts? Thanks again.
    I forgot to mention my miscarriages. I’ve had 4 healthy children, yet before and after my successful pregnancies, I’ve had 6 miscarriages without a reason being determined. Dunno if that has any relation to this…but thought I’d add it.

    1. Cally J

      Well knowing someone who personally has Lupus it sounds like it may be. However I had very similar symptoms due to a bad reaction to medication, (antacid of all things), and it took awhile to figure it out! So I mean it could be so many things. No one here can answer it for you.

      I would say that you should try to figure out how much it would cost. Maybe call around to different doctors or internalists and see how much something like that would be and try to get it done. If it runs in your family I’d get tested just to be on the safe side. If you want to talk just send me an e-mail.

  33. Debra L

    Could I still have lupus if my labs came back negative? My symptoms, rash on hands,loss of hair, ringing in?
    hands,loss of hair, ringing in ears, pictures of rash on hands and outbreak on eyelids, previous chronic Epstein Bar,migraines, diverticulitus, joint pain in hands, extreme fatigue, no butterfly rash but face breaking out with acne like never before,some trouble concentrating, anxiety,blurred vision at times. The labs came back with a vitamin d deficiency only. The doctor suspects that a positive ANA will come later. She still wants me to take the Placquenil and Prednisone but said she can not say that I have lupus. The prednisone made me feel much better, rash gone, more energy. If it does not show on the labs, what else could it be and is this typical of lupus?

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      I answered your other question. No one here can say yes you have Lupus or no you don’t. We don’t have your medical records, blood tests and none of us are doctors. I’ve done quite a bit of research because I’m having similar symptoms.

      Your symptoms do indicate that something is going on, but they are definitely not strongly indicative of Lupus. All of your symptoms could be explained by other things. The rashes on your hands could be because of an allergic reaction. Hair loss, stress. Ringing in your ears, medications, many medical conditions. Chronic Epstein-Barr, this in itself could explain your symptoms. Migraines, hormones and possibly related to the ringing ears. Diverticulitus, could be related to your diet. Joint pain in your hands, could be related to over use, muscle strains, osteoarthritis. Fatigue is the most non-specific symptom that there is. Acne is most likely related to a bacterial infection or hormones. Trouble concentrating could be related to your fatigue. Anxiety is most likely a separate condition. The blurred vision could be related typical aging. I’m not saying that your symptoms are definitely not Lupus-related, but they definitely do not ‘scream’ autoimmune to me. There are many other conditions that could explain your symptoms.

      You can have Lupus with a negative ANA, this occurs in about 5% of people with Lupus. 1.5 million people in the USA are thought to have ‘some form’ of Lupus. So 5% of 1.5 is not a huge number when over 300 million live in the USA. I would assume that most of the 5% who have a negative ANA will have a positive anti-dsDNA, anti-SM, anti-histone, anti-RNP, anti-SSA or anti-SSB. If you have none of these and a negative ANA, it’s very unlikely you have Lupus, but it’s still possible. I have heard of people being diagnosed based on a punch biopsy of a rash and having negative blood tests.

      If you’re in the middle of a flare and you don’t have a positive ANA, you will probably never have one. Blood tests often reflect how you feel, sometimes they don’t.. But if you’re in the middle of a flare and your blood tests are negative, they’re probably negative because you don’t have the condition.

      Prednisone is an amazing drug. If you have Lupus it will improve your symptoms, but even if you don’t have Lupus or an autoimmune disease, you’ll probably still feel amazing on Prednisone. It can create a euphoric mood, improved fatigue and give your a lot of energy and Prednisone or cortisone creams are often given for severe rashes. The fact that Prednisone makes you feel better could be discredited quickly.

      I would strongly, again, recommend that you find a new rheumatologist. It seems quite unlikely that this is Lupus. I’m not discrediting your symptoms, there’s obviously something going on. I’ve seen a number of doctors and I have a positive ANA and an elevated ESR, my symptoms are far more consistent with Lupus and my rheumatologist said it’s definitely not Lupus.

      Please get a second opinion.


  34. Optimist

    Have your doctor run a Gliadin antibody panel. You also may benefit from having other tests done including: food allergy, heavy metal tests (Hg, Pb, As, etc), and other environmental toxin tests.

  35. wahh.

    RASH on face, please help?
    I have a rash on my face, like the rash you get with Lupus.
    Also, I have very itchy palms on my hands, sides of my fingers, soles of my feet, and sores in my nose that won’t heal. Has anyone got some idea’s as to what this could be?

    The itchiness it driving me crazy, and nothing I seem to be doing is helping to relieve it.
    Also, I have a pain on my chest, difficulty taking deep breaths (my daughter also has the chest symptom) – could these all be connected, with stress?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. vampsgotsoul

      I have Lupus but I’ve never had the itch you are speaking of. But you do have some other of the symptoms of Lupus, like the rash and sores. Twice, I was hospitalized for Pericarditis, which is the pain in my chest when breathing hard. Is the ER an option? If not I would get to a Rhumotoligist ASAP! Good Luck

  36. michimama

    Help, I’m having signs of Lupus should I go to the ER?
    I’ve been having weird symptoms for 6 months and I think I may have Lupus….

    I have been getting;

    a butterfly rash on my face that feels warm

    red rashes and swelling in my knees, hands and other joints, sometime with purplish spots

    swollen lymph nodes,


    feeling faint

    shortness of breath,

    chest pain,


    difficulty urinating/straining to go


    myoclonic-like muscle jerking in my arms and back,

    tingling, numbness and sensations of hot and cold in my hands, face, arms, legs and torso.

    I recently had a 48 hour holter monitor test that came back abnormal. My doctor didn’t tell me until yesterday on a phone message, but I can’t reach her for for 7 days. She said it was probably no that urgent, but now I’ve been feeling really strange and awful.

    Now I have pain on the left side of my chest, when I press on my chest it hurts and I can’t tell if it’s just a swollen lymph node or something worse and have been feeling deathly ill off and on the past few days. Should I go to the ER?

  37. Melissa F

    Please Help Me! I’ve Had An Itchy Rash That Has Lasted Four Months. Lupus Rash?
    I’ve had a rash that started on my upper back that appeared after tanning one night. I’ve tanned before and never had this happen so I didn’t think it could be the tanning bed. Well I continued to tan and the rash begin to spread to my chest and then down my arms and on top of my hands. Then it spread over my cheekbones and over the bridge of my nose. It only appears in sun exposed areas. It’s stings, and itches and feels like it has a fever. It’s dry, scaly and shiny looking. I’ve spoken to several doctors and they all blame the tanning bed even though it’s been several weeks since I’ve been in one. When I get into the sun or around heat it seems to flare up more. From the pictures I’ve seen on the internet it resembles the lupus rash, especially the one on my face. I’ve had almost every symptom of lupus with other problems I’ve had but it seems like lupus rashes are not itchy nor do they have fever like mine. I’m a white female and I’m 28 years old. I’m also starting to see white spots all over my skin where the rash is present, like sun spots. I’ve tried-benadryl, hydrocortisone, bactriban, neosporin, nystatin, and various other anti-histammines etc. nothing relieves the itch or burn. This is driving me mad and becoming very bothersome. If anyone could please help me I would appreciate dearly. Thanks

    1. Dog Rescuer




  38. Lacey

    What could all these strange symptoms be?
    Throughout the last 6-7 years of my life (I am currently 21) I’ve had numerous medical problems, all of which had “no explanation.” My symptoms have included:
    Age 14-present: Severe hypertension (Average BP is approx 150/95), Severe tachycardia (resting HR approx 110-120), Severe chest pain, Elevation in white blood count with no signs of infection, Fevers with no infection, Massive hair loss, Cankers
    Age 17-present: Photosensitive (burning badly and easily), “Burning skin sensation”, Extreme fatigue, Rashes on both hands
    Age 18: Unexplained paralysis of left side (no signs of stroke)
    Age 20-present: Butterfly rashes, Inability to keep food down, Partial seizures, Blackouts, Kidney Infections

    I also have a diagnosis of Schizoaffective Bipolar if that helps at all.

    My doctor has done an ANA blood test, but results results were negative. It’s to my understanding that Lupus can be very hard to diagnose, but if it isn’t Lupus, can all these problems possibly be something else? I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I just want answers!

  39. wahh.

    RASH – please help, please?
    I have a rash on my face, like the rash you get with Lupus.
    Also, I have very itchy palms on my hands, sides of my fingers, soles of my feet, and sores in my nose that won’t heal. Has anyone got some idea’s as to what this could be?

    The itchiness it driving me crazy, and nothing I seem to be doing is helping to relieve it.
    Also, I have a pain on my chest, difficulty taking deep breaths (my daughter also has the chest symptom) – could these all be connected, with stress?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  40. agonisticstudent

    Lupus and Sudden appearence of rash – cause for concern?
    I am a 20 year old female diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) and woke up this morning with rash over most of my body which is also spreading. It has not affected my arms or hands so far and has leveled off now but is still spreading onto my face. The rush does not itch at all, but my face feels slightly sore/wound and my ears are quite red and hot. I do however not have a proper fever only a very slightly elevated temperature. I have not eaten anything noone else ate (and no one else has any problems) or worn any new cloth/new body cream/new perfume or anything which might easily cause a reaction.
    How likely is this to be caused by my lupus? Is this serious reason for concern or probably a rather benign symptom? Would it likely to be an isolated incident or rather a new symptom which might occur a lot from now on? What are the potential treatements and how long would it take for the rash to wear of?

    Many thanks to anyone

    1. Linda R

      It could be lupus. Even those of us with SLE get weird rashes.

      Lupus patients often feel feverish or actually run fevers for periods of time.

      When in doubt always call your rheumy. When people have acute medical issues like a broken leg or strep throat, they follow doctors orders and that’s it. When you have a chronic illness like lupus, you and your doctor become partners in your lifelong health care. Give the rheumatologist a call.

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