Guduchi or tinospora cordifolia is an ayurvedic herb well-known for its numerous medical benefits. Guduchi is used in homes to treat various medical situations. Guduchi helps to boost your immune system and prevents you from the repeated attacks of the infection. Guduchi increases the function of the macrophages which prevents us from infection. It is recommended to treat the urinary tract infections, gastric disorders as well as fever.

It helps in treating the stomach disease with worms. It helps to deal with the renal infection. It acts as a diuretic. Guduchi has antibacterial properties along with anti-inflammatory action. Guduchi helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body and helps in the easy and fast healing of the immune system.

It is a useful product for increasing the protective action of the white blood cells. White blood cells are called as soldiers of our body as they help us to protect from any infection and also strengthen our immune system.

It is very useful Ayurvedic herb to treat the kidney infection. It acts as a diuretic and helps to remove urinary stones without causing any discomfort and also helps to bring down the normal levels of blood urea. It is an excellent herb that acts as an anti-infective, antibacterial, anti-viral and it is believed to be a wonderful herb for liver. It helps to prevent any liver infection such as hepatitis, jaundice, etc. It helps to increase the memory. It helps to sharpen the brain and bring back the lost memory. Guduchi increases the concentration.

It is also an herbal product for joint pains. It is a very good product indicated in joint pains. It gives you immediate relief from pain and inflammation. Regular intake of the drug helps in quick recovery of the suffering.

It is also known for its action on the skin. It is a very good natural remedy for various skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis, acne etc.

It is a very good natural herb that is beneficial for digestive disorders. It helps to treat chronic diarrhea or constipation, hyperacidity, flatulence and pain in the stomach.

Guduchi, also otherwise known as Tinospora cordifolia in the scientific world, is a huge climbing shrub which has been bestowed with a number of wonderful therapeutic values. This medicinal herb is a unique health rejuvenator which is widely known for it's effectively in enhancing natural immunity to fight against a number of health diseases.

Guduchi : Ingredients
The most active ingredients of Guduchi supplements include – Tinosporin, Diterpenoid furanolactone tinosporidine, Columbin, Beta-sitosterol, Tinosporide, Tinosporaside, Cordifolide, Cordifol, Heptacosanol, Clerodane furano diterpene, Diterpenoid

Uses of the Guduchi

The main indication of the Tinospora and its Satva includes:
* Immunity booster. The herb builds up immunity to remain unaffected by infections that we face daily.
* General debility
* Fever and common colds
* Urinary problems

The Guduchi plant- Tinospora cordifolia is a large, hairless, broadleaf climbing shrub. Its stems are rather succulent with long filiform fleshy aerial roots coming out of the branches. Guduchi's bark is grey-brown in color and warty. The shrub's leaves are membranous and cordate. Where as the flowers are small, yellow or greenish yellow. The male flowers are clustered and females are usually solitary. The drupes are oval, glossy, succulent, red and pea-sized and the seeds curved.

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immune disorders list

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  1. Shawney

    What are the effects of anorexia and bulimia?
    Someone I know is going through it and I wanted to know what are some effects? Also if they could get online help? Please list any kind of website.
    Please don’t only put- They will die. or anything along those lines.

    1. Nickay B

      [edit] Psychological
      Distorted body image
      Poor insight
      Self-evaluation largely, or even exclusively, in terms of their shape and weight
      Pre-occupation or obsessive thoughts about food and weight
      OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

      [edit] Emotional
      Low self-esteem and self-efficacy
      Clinical depression or chronically low mood
      Intense fear about becoming overweight
      Moodiness or ‘mood swings’

      [edit] Interpersonal and social
      Poor or deteriorating school performance, however in some anorexics this is not present due to their perfectionistic tendencies
      Withdrawal from previous friendships and other peer-relationships
      Deterioration in relationships with the family

      [edit] Physical
      Extreme weight loss
      Endocrine disorder, leading to cessation of periods in girls (amenorrhea)
      Starvation symptoms, such as reduced metabolism, slow heart rate (bradycardia), hypotension, hypothermia and anemia
      Growth of lanugo hair over the body
      Abnormalities of mineral and electrolyte levels in the body
      Zinc deficiency
      Often a reduction in white blood cell count
      Reduced immune system function
      Body mass index less than 17.5 in adults, or 85% of expected weight in children
      Possibly with pallid complexion and sunken eyes
      Creaking joints and bones
      Collection of fluid in ankles during the day and around eyes during the night
      Very dry/chapped lips due to malnutrition
      Poor circulation, resulting in common attacks of ‘pins and needles’ and purple extremities
      In cases of extreme weight loss, there can be nerve deterioration, leading to difficulty in moving the feet
      Headaches, due to malnutrition
      Thinning of the hair
      Nails become more brittle
      Constantly feeling “cold”
      Bruise easily
      Dry skin

      [edit] Behavioral
      Excessive exercise, food restriction
      Secretive about eating or exercise behaviour
      Possible self-harm, substance abuse or suicide attempts
      Very sensitive to references about body weight
      Become very angry when forced to eat “forbidden” foods

      Your friend sgould speak to parwnts or a counsellor.

  2. PollyPocket

    So I know anemics are immune to malaria, but what other genetic disorders have “benefits”?
    I don’t need a lot of information, just the name of the genetic disorder and a short list of benefits. I’ll google the rest. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous Viking


      In a normal brain there’s a pruning phase early on in development where unnecessary connections are eliminated and the brain specializes to focus in on other people so you can determine their emotions and what they’re thinking about and pick a single voice out of all the noise in a crowded restaurant.

      Autistic brains don’t prune enough. They never get the normal set of savant abilities. However sometimes they get something else. Instead of focusing on humans their brains try to focus on, say, music or math or simple games. Anything predictable is a potential target. Whatever it is that’s their world. They often try to get along with normal people, but they have no idea how.

      Mild cases that are focused on practical fields have accomplished incredible things. The result is people like Bill Gates, Robert Oppenheimer and probably Issac Newton.

  3. pkr t

    How can a man know that he is infected with a HIV ?
    How can a man know that he is infected with a HIV (or caught by Human Immune Virus?) And what steps he can take to prevent the virus turning into diseases like AIDS?

  4. Hello

    How do you get an anorexic person to eat?
    My sister is anorexic, and it’s so hard to get her to eat. She’s already been to the doctor, and right now she’s on a waiting list for an eating disorder clinic. My parents are dumbasses, and they have no idea what they’re doing. All they do is yell at her when she refuses to eat, and it lowers her self-esteem even more. How do I get her to gain weight without her getting upset about it?

    ********I only want answers from people who actually have experience in this issue.

    1. daisy

      Scare her with what could happen if she keeps it up.

      Side effects are:
      -bad breath
      -nutrient deficiencies (which can lead to other problems, like poor eye sight, low immune system)
      – fatigue
      -mood swings
      -stunt growth
      -rupture of the esophagus
      -tooth decay
      -dry hair and skin, hair starts to fall out
      -infertility (no kids)
      And eventually, death.

      Show her pictures of people who are anorexic. Toothless, hairless, people with bones sticking out all over the place. Read her articles and stories about people who’ve died from this, and how awful it was for them to go through it. Check out a couple books from the library about it. Leave them open conveniently on graphic pictures around the house. Do some reading about it. Leave lots of easy snacking food around the house.

  5. Kezze

    What are the effects of only eating 500 calories a day?
    I am 55.5kg and 5 ft 6 i eat nothing all day until dinner because i’m not hungry…If i eat i will feel bloated…
    Can i please have a full list of symptoms that will start happening to me?

    1. Marcus Deakins

      Weight loss.
      Weakened immune system
      Lack of energy.
      Muscle loss. (basically, your body will begin to ‘eat’ itself)

      Reccomended calorie intake for adults is 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men. You have an eating disorder. Get help.

  6. ial926

    If I were to get a lung transplant, would I still have asthma?
    Not like major surgery would be a desirable alternative to good asthma management, but more of a curiosity: suppose, for some medically viable reason, I got a lung transplant. Would I still have asthma? Is it something inherent to my lungs, or something about my immune system/body in general?

    Along the same lines, suppose I went braindead and my family consented to donating my organs. Would whoever got my lungs have asthma, even if they didn’t before?

    1. LazlaHollyfeld

      It depends on several things. If asthma is a disease of the lungs (rather than of the immune system or something), then yes, they’d get asthma. Of course, if that were true, they wouldn’t use them.

      If, on the the other hand, it’s an immune system disorder (and they don’t seem to know for sure WHAT causes asthma), then you would still have asthma after you got new lungs.

      Some cystic fibrosis kids get lung transplants, though, even though the cf will eventually damage the new ones. A few more years of breathing must be considered enough of a benefit to use them in such kids. If there is not a lot of demand for lungs, or heart/lungs, it seems a good use to me. If there were other people dying who could be saved to live a normal lifetime, I’m sure they’d be higher on the list. Lots and lots of people work together to come up with the best ways to use donated organs, and I’m sure they’ve gone over these things in great detail.

      Are you an organ donor? Please, tell your health-care provider and your family your wishes.
      *******Edit: I was wrong about people with CF eventually devloping problems in transplanted lungs. The transplantation actually fixes the lung problems for them forever. Other things are still affected, but not the new lungs. Hooray!

  7. meowisthetime

    How to get my very low vitamin D up?
    It’s REALLY low and supplements aren’t very effective. List of foods and activities that will bring my vitamin D up?

  8. Krystina P

    The name of a hereditary disorder/disease that affects the blood and immune system and starts with G?
    I was told the name of the disorder at one time and only remember it started with a G, it was a long and unusual name and the disorder involved the blood and/or immune system. It is hereditary and may affect fertility and recovering from simple colds and the flu.

  9. Sheila

    Is there an illness referred to as over active immune system?
    My brother in law’s boyfriend, a hypochondriac, now says he has an over active immune system. I briefly researched this on webmd and only came up with auto immune disorders, a list/group of immune disorders, with lupus topping the list. So, is there an illness also referred to as over active immune system?

  10. Chad L

    Can I become a police officer with an Immune Deficiency Disorder?
    I am about to begin college majoring in Law Enforcement, and I haven’t found a Police Officer that I felt comfortable asking the question to. I was wondering if there are any diseases that they will not let become police officers?

    I have an Immune Deficiency Disorder, and I receive infusions monthly.

    I’m looking for a police officer to answer, but anyone that knows for sure would be appreciated.
    It’s not contagious, either.

    1. Dog Lover

      Here is the deal…. you have to pass a comprehensive physical examination prior to employment.

      Any defect or disease that would prevent you from doing your job would disqualify you. If you require weekly infusions they would say you are to much of a health risk. It would be like if you had a weak heart. Its not contagious but it could effect you from doing your job at any time.

      Also, any agency with a pension will not hire you because the pension board will not accept you if you have a serious disease that would cause you to be a risk to the pension.

      What you need to do is contact what ever agency you are wanting to work for and ask them for a list of medical conditions that would be a disqualify issue.

  11. xpert

    Vegetarians and others immune to the SWINE Flu?
    A friend told me she heard on the news earlier that scientists are saying vegetarian, vegans, and anyone who hasn’t consumed pork products in more than a year, seem to be immune to the swine flu virus. Something to do with the antibiotics the factory farms put in the pigs feed that caused the flu virus to mutate or become immune to traditional flu vaccine or something. Has anyone else heard this? regardless I’m going veg for sure!

    1. izzy

      Histidene is needed for the production of both red and white blood cells, protects the body from radiation damage; lowers blood pressure.

      Isoleucine is needed for hemoglobin formation; stabilizes and regulates blood sugar and energy levels

      Leucine works with Isoleucine and Valine to promote the healing of muscle tissue, skin, and bones

      Lysine ensures adequate calcium absorption and maintains a proper nitrogen balance in adults; helps form collagen (which makes up cartilage and connective tissue); aids in the production of antibodies which have the ability to fight cold sores and herpes outbreaks; lowers high serum triglyceride levels

      Methionine, apowerful anti-oxidant and a good source of sulfur, which prevents disorders of the hair, skin, and nails; assists the breakdown of fats

      Phenylalaline, sed by the brain to produce norepinephrine, a chemical that transmits signals between nerve cells in the brain

      Threonine helps maintain proper protein balance in the body; is important for the formation of collagen, elastin and tooth enamel

      Tryptophan natural relaxant, helps alleviate insomnia by inducing normal sleep

      Valine needed for muscle metabolism and coordination, tissue repair, and for the maintenance of proper nitrogen balance in the body

      Non essential…
      Alanine plays a major role in the transfer of nitrogen from peripheral tissue to the liver; aids in the metabolism of glucose, a simple carbohydrate that the body uses for energy; guards against the buildup of toxic substances that are released into muscle cells when muscle protein is broken down quickly to meet energy needs

      Arginine, ”The Natural Viagra” by increasing blood flow to the penis; retards the growth of tumors and cancer by enhancing the immune system; increases the size and activity of the thymus gland, which manufactures T cells, crucial components of the immune system; aids in liver detoxification by neutralizing ammonia; reduces the effects of chronic alcohol toxicity

      Aspartic acid – ncreases stamina

      Cysteine and cystine glutamic acid – a powerful anti-oxidant in detoxifying harmful toxins; protects the body from radiation damage; protects the liver and brain from damage due to alcohol, drugs, and toxic compounds found in cigarette smoke

      Glutamic acid, an excitatory neurotransmitter for the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord; important in the metabolism of sugars and fats; aids in the transportation of potassium into the spinal fluid; acts as fuel for the brain

      Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid found in muscles; helps build and maintain muscle tissue; helps prevent muscle wasting that can accompany prolonged bed rest or diseases such as cancer and AIDS

      Glycine. retards muscle degeneration; improves glycogen storage, thus freeing up glucose for energy needs; promotes a healthy prostate, central nervous system, and immune system

      Ornithine. Helps to prompt the release of growth hormones, which promotes the metabolism of excess body fat ne

      Proline improves skin texture by aiding the production of collagen and reducing the loss of collagen through the aging process; helps in the healing of cartilage and the strengthening of joints, tendons, and heart muscle

      Serine. Needed for the proper metabolism of fats and fatty acids, the growth of muscle, and the maintenance of a healthy immune system; is a component of the protective myelin sheaths that cover nerve fibers

      Taurine. Strengthens the heart muscle, boosts vision, and helps prevent macular degeneration; is the key component of bile, which is needed for the digestion of fats

      Tyrosine is important to overall metabolism; is a precursor of adrenaline, nor epinephrine, and dopamine, which regulate mood and stimulates metabolism and the nervous system

  12. Beautiful girl

    If you knew flu shots contain carcinogens and formaldehyde would you want one?
    I watch the Doctor’s Show on television and wanted to see what they are putting in flu shots and they listed carcinogens and formaldehyde just to name a few of the ingredients. The swine flu shot has mercury in it. What is the government trying to do? Poison us all? I already had endometrial cancer, I really don’t want cancer again. I believe I’ve had the swine flu and haven’t died yet!

    1. Rayak

      Gotta love the same answer that everyone above spilled out in different words. Even a lot of doctors themselves are greatly misinformed about the vaccines and think they are safe. With the current state of the world, the pharma and political agendas are intermixed. They are not going to tell you about big ill effects of the vaccines if it doesn’t suit their agenda. There is no ‘paranoia’ here, you’re just asking question and thinking for yourself. People just LOVE to say ‘oh you’re paranoid’ if you say something that goes outside their comfort zone and border of undestanding. B/c that’s how most of the public in North America is raised. To accept everything without questioning, and if they do question something, they are labeled as being ‘paranoid’ and their questions/opinions are ridiculed.
      Flu vaccines contain Thimerosal, mercury based preservative. There are studies that link the use of Thimerosal with an increase in auto-immune disorders in kids (such as Kawasaki, that generally happens in Japanese kids, but began to rise in US after the introduction of Thimerosal). But such studies are greatly suppressed and it’s hard to find scientists that will openly talk about such issues.
      Mass vaccination against flu is non-sense in my opinion and in opinion of many other professors and doctors I have talked to. I finished 4 years of university and currently starting my 3rd year of med school. So far, the only opinion that I’ve heard, while privatly talking to proffs and doctors, was that vaccines such as flu should be used with caution and only in those who are a higher risk of dying due to the actaul infection because of underlying conditions! Flu virus mutates every year, and there are more than one strain of it. So it’s virtually impossible to come up with a vaccine that will protect agains it 100%. A lot of people who get vaccinated still contract the flu, either from the shot itself, or from another strain of virus.
      Now, I’m not talking about ALL vaccines, and I’m not anti-vaccine myself. There are vaccines that I think are really necessary, such as DPT and the like. But to mass vaccinate people against something like flu, is non-sense. I bet more people contracted the flu just by waiting for hours in overcrowded rooms and in line ups just to get the shot they didn’t need!
      One of the current reason why there is such a huge hype about the H1N1 going on is because it brings fear to the public, and scared public is easier to manipulate especially if you say that you have a solution. It’s a form of brainwashing and training to do things without questioning them!
      You’re doing the right thing by thinking for yourself! Familiarize yourself with such issues and do research!
      All the best! 🙂

  13. Maggie Brzezinski

    Eating disorder and Nervous system disorder and diseases questions?
    I really need to know some of these things.

    Are there any type of diseases you can get from Eating disorders? If so, what do they do?

    If you have a Nervous System disorder, can it turn worse or can you get a disease from it?

    And have they found a disease for Huntington’s yet?

    I also need a list of the top ten deadliest diseases of 2011.

    I don’t have an eating or nervous system disorder, I just need to know for school.


    1. Sem Sti

      Types of diseases from eating disorders- any vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, and an increased susceptibility to infections (weakened immune system.

      A nervous system disorder is usualy a disease in itself, but i guess you mean something like if you get encephalitis you can suffer from amnesia? And CNS disorders can get worse

      Huntington’s is a disease. I assume you mean a cause. The cause of huntingtons is a genetic basis. It is caused by a trinucleotide repeat and is part of the trinucleotide repeat disorders. I suggest you also look into the huntingtin gene

      Deadliest diseases of 2011- hmmm… By deadliest do you mean common or most fatal? I know the most fatal ones but most are rare and probably wouldnt help you

  14. ggnore

    What are the most common treatments for Parkinson’s disease?
    I’m doing a brochure for a health class I’m in and I want to list the most common treatments in brief sentences. Also, are there any lifestyle and/or nutritional changes this disease requires?

    Also, what is the prognosis, and how do people with Parkinson’s usually cope with it?

    Thanks a bunch!

  15. DoYourResearch

    What vitamins should I take after a chemical peel in order to speed up the healing process?
    Lysine is said to help promote healthy skin, and Vitamin C helps support the immune system. Will taking these two supplements after a chemical peel help speed up the healing process? And if not, which vitamins would be best? And how much of it should I take? Also, are there any vitamins I should avoid during this healing process? Thank You!

    1. Ovilia Fernandes

      Nature care has some helpful remedies to provide immediate relief and for continuous use to make the skin prevent disorders such as peeling skin.

      Here is a compilation of some such known home remedies that one can use for curing peeling skin. It is important to note that if desirable results are not achieved it is wise to consult a physician.

      -Grated cucumber applied over the affected areas for 15-20 minutes has been found to be effective especially for the skin on the face. Regular application prevents dryness of the skin.
      -Applying the juice of fresh mint every night on affected areas of the skin can help prevent dryness. It is also a suggested remedy for eczema and dermatitis.
      -Honey, olive oil and a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood paste are very effective in rejuvenating dry, parched skin
      Diet for Peeling Skin
      Peeling Skin : Home Remedies suggested by users
      Replenish essential vitamins to deal with Peeling Skin
      Diet plays a very important part in nurturing a healthy skin. Skin disorders usually surface due to diet inconsistencies. This can be avoided by having a healthy and nutritional diet that nourishes the skin and keeps disorders at bay.

      A good diet must include important nutrients for the well-being of the body. It must include protein, carbohydrates, fats, essential fatty acids, and all essential vitamins and minerals.
      Peeling of the skin is sometimes caused due to deficiency in Vitamin A, Iron, Iodine or Vitamin B. While proteins and Vitamin C, prevent infections and accelerate healing. Replenish the skin with these basic essentials by including them as part of the regular diet.

      Here is a list of sources of these essentials vitamins:
      Vitamin Sources
      Vitamin A: Cream, butter, fish liver oils, eggs, carrots
      Vitamin B: Meat, yeast, unpolished cereal grains, liver, eggs, cheese, milk.
      Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, green peppers and tomatoes
      Proteins: Meat, fish, cereals, dairy products, nuts, lentils, pulses and some vegetables.
      Iron: Red meat, almonds, baked beans, broccoli, kidney beans, peas, raisins, rice etc

      Other Suggestions for Peeling Skin
      Dos and Donts of Peeling Skin
      Some simple situations best avoided can accelerate healing.

      Here is a compilation of the certain preferred and most avoidable situations one can note when faced with peeling skin:

      -One may snip loose ends of the peeling skin but avoid cutting skin bound to the skin.
      -Moisturizing peeling skin may help. Soothe dry the peeling skin and moisturize it with any good moisturizing cream or lotion.
      -For all-over peeling, a soak in an oatmeal bath is a helpful remedy.
      -Drink plenty of water about 10-12 glasses a day.
      -Use sunscreens when out in the sun.
      -Use mild soaps instead of strong and harsh soaps

      -Resist the temptation to pick or scratch the peeling skin .It may damage the skin further.
      -Avoid taking a hot water bath as it drains the skin of its natural oils. Warms baths are milder and causes less damage to the skin.
      -Stay out of the sun during Peek UV Radiation times such as: during mid day 11.00am-2.00pm.

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