Does your horse pin his ears back and swish his tail while you try to groom him? Has had a sudden drop in performance or doesn't like been tacked up? These are some of the general symptoms of back problem in horses. Back problems in horses are common and these can be detected and treated by using Mctimoney. It is easy for horse back problems go unnoticed and remain untreated until they become severe so it is important to get regular Mctimoney checks even if your horse is exhibiting no signs. Poorly fitting tack, a trauma, landing carelessly while jumping and a bad rider position are the major factors that cause back pain problems horses. You can identify back pain in your horse by noticing changes in behaviour, poor performance, unusual gait and pain or discomfort when being touched.

Back problem in horses can cause asymmetrical muscular structure. Consequently, a horse may face difficultly in maintaining balance while moving. A back injury caused due to a slip, fallen, a twist generally are the reason behind the back problems in horses. Badly fitting saddles and poorly balanced feet of a horse causes excessive stress on your horses back. Inflammation that occurs at the sacroiliac joint can lead to pain in the back muscles. You can easily see the soreness, stiffness and spasm in the lower back area of an affected horse. Horse owners often question how they can properly take care of their horses and protect them from back pain and if one does occur, how to treat horse it effectively. Mctimoney is a gentle treatment which is used by qualified practitioners to manage horse back pain. It is a non- invasive and holistic Treatment for Horses. A consultation with a professionally trained Mctimoney practioner is the first step towards helping to relieve your horse back problem by a Mctimoney treatment for horses. This will help restore natural balance and health.

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