A large number of migraine headache treatment therapies exist. The term migraine is derived from a Greek term that translates to “half a skull”. This is because migraines typically arise on one half of the head in a unilateral fashion. Migraines are described as severe vascular headaches with concomitant symptoms of constant pain around the temple area or near the eyes, nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to sound and light. For some individuals with migraine they experience an aura, which is an extra sensory experience of light or sound. An episode can last for a few hours or a couple of days.

A migraine headache treatment is needed if triggers start a migraine. Triggers can include stress, less exercise, particular allergies, bad sleep, the use of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol have been reported to aggravate migraine headaches. Migraines come about due to increased dilation of blood vessels in the head. The use of nicotine has been shown to decrease the size of blood vessels and drinking red wine can also have the same result in certain individuals. Hormonal influences like too much estrogen or not enough progesterone can also do this to blood vessels. This link can be a useful migraine headache treatment.

In this day and age we are under exposure to a lot of chemicals and pollutants, combined with a poor diet and other various toxic exposures, all this can affect the functioning of the endocrine system and result in poor hormone control. It is known that women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines then men are. When women reach the age of thirty five lessening progesterone levels can lead to migraines. Increased estrogen can come about by xenoestrogens that are found in plastics and this can affect the body also. Balancing out these hormones can be a good migraine headache treatment.

Maca is a superfood that is one type of migraine headache treatment. This is a plant found in the Andes Mountains in Peru at a height of 14,000 feet. It is special in it’s adaptogenic properties that enable the body to adapt to stress. And it can balance the body’s hormones with it’s restorative powers. The nutritional profile of Maca is very good with lots of phytonutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It also has a good number of amino acids, fatty acids and fiber.

This special plant food is able to help the endocrine system to naturally produce hormones again. It actually encourages the body to produce the hormones, it does not actually produce any hormones itself and that is a good thing. This is accomplished by Maca’s influence on the master glands called the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This in turn influences other glands like the thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands. This will result in more level estrogen and progesterone levels and is a great safe natural migraine headache treatment.

26 thoughts on “Is Lupus Cancer Related

    1. Spreedog

      Doc and the others above are correct. They are not related.
      I understand how you might think this since we sometimes use a few of our cancer chemotherapy agents to treat autoimmune diseases. This is because many chemotherapy drugs also suppress the immune system which can help treat patients with SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus). SLE is not a malignancy or a neoplastic process.

  1. Ian Mun

    How can this go well, I feel so depressed?
    I am almost 15 now and when I was 6 my biological mother died of lupus-related liver failure.
    Recently, like 2 years ago my step mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took chemo and it receded, or so we thought. Over a week ago she was hospitalized for signs of jaundice, and we learned her cancer is in her breast, and the soft tissues in her stomach and lungs..
    I am really depressed, can anyone tell me how this is going to end? (just estimate)

    1. Colleen

      It’s hard to estimate stuff like cancer because sometimes things happen that you just cannot explain. My boyfriend’s grandfather lived over 30 years past the time limit his doctors gave him. I know multiple people who have had unexplainable things like this happen. You can predict things with statistics, but statistics are not 100% right. All you can do is your best, and sometimes things are beyond that.

      just keep in mind that we, as humans, have a tendency to underestimate our ability to cope with things.

  2. angk

    When the person you love is sick?
    I should be able to deal with this by now…

    About a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He’s gotten through that, but the chemotherapy left him with lupus. Now, we talk all the time, we are deeply in love, we usually get to see each other at this point about once a week (right now it’s been nearly two, which is probably why I feel so awful right now).

    How do you deal with this? How do you deal with someone who is sick? How do you deal with the pain of watching them suffer, knowing there’s nothing you can do about it? Yeah, I’ve been going through it in varying degrees for a year. But I have nobody around me who can relate to this…anyone out there who’s been through this before?
    I went to a couple support groups, but one is much too far for me to get to regularly with my job, and the other didn’t want me to come back because I wasn’t a Christian.

  3. angk

    OK. I’ll try this one here.?
    About a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He’s gotten through that, but the chemotherapy left him with lupus. Now, we talk all the time, we are deeply in love, we usually get to see each other at this point about once a week (right now it’s been nearly two, which is probably why I feel so awful right now).

    How do you deal with this? How do you deal with someone who is sick? How do you deal with the pain of watching them suffer, knowing there’s nothing you can do about it? Yeah, I’ve been going through it in varying degrees for a year. But I have nobody around me who can relate to this…anyone out there who’s been through this before?

    To everyone I’ve been curt with tonight…I apologize. This is weighing on me heavily right now and it’s affecting my mood.

    Also, the only support group for this sort of thing that fits with my weird work schedule and is less than an hour away doesn’t want me because we’re not married. We don’t live together.
    We don’t live together due to a number of factors, mostly current job/school stuff, but he’s had one bad, brief experience with marriage and even living together is still a little too much for him just yet (which is OK by me).
    gsprealover: Note I have mentioned that I have been dealing with this for a year. Every day I give him happy conversation at the least, and I’ll drive an hour to his house to help him out with anything if need be. Is it wrong for me to be asking for some support in this? I’m not even asking for support, just a way to deal. I love him. If I didn’t I would have left long ago.

    I think I’m actually rather offended by that remark.

    1. luvbug

      Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry that you are going through this & have no one to talk to or comfort you. I have been through this a few times, with both my parents & my son-in-law who also has lupus(diagnoised about 1 year ago) When a loved one is sick & you’re a caregiver it can be very difficult, and the caregiver is sometimes over looked as needing some care too. I learned from not only working as a CNA in hospitals you need to keep not only your health strong, but your spirits, or you’ll be no good to the one your trying to help. As far as the one you love, find out as much as you can about lupus & talk about it with him. Next I know from my son-in-law they get very tired & run down easily help him when you can. Maybe go there on the weekends & help him clean, or fix meals for the week. Emotional support is different for everyone, but everyone needs it. Just him knowing you are there for him will help enormously. And pray together, love each other & continue to support each other.

  4. know-it-all wannabe

    How can I lower my risk of skin cancer or other skin related conditions?
    After years of preventing sunburns and taking good care of my skin because I’m well-informed about the damage the sun does to it, I still got a severe sunburn from a terrible mistake of overexposure to the sun damaging rays. Now I’m really worried because my risks of getting skin cancer or other skin diseases is pretty high since I have a grandfather with skin cancer, an aunt with psoriasis, and another aunt with lupus.

    The sunburn I got was real bad, at first it was red and occassionally I experienced some chills. After a few days blisters appeared and then all the skin peeled off. The damaged skin was on my thighs, my belly, my chest and a little bit of the forearms.

    Please let me know how I can, if its possible, to lower my risk of skin cancer or other skin diseases in addition to the basic one of staying out of the sun and don’t forgetting sunblock.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hannah S

      I was looking for relevant questions to answer and I saw yours. Usually I don’t bother with questions that already have several answers but you have been unlucky so far, with one sensible answer and two bad ones.

      You know already about sunblock. About the rest: your skin has enzymes that have already repaired the damaged DNA. True, some mutations may have occurred but that does not mean that cancer will happen. Maybe, as you and your cells age, mutations will accumulate and lack of cell control of cell division will happen in one or two cells, leading to cancer. What to do?

      1) Use sunblock to decrease the danger of further damage to DNA
      2) Use antioxidants, to trap free radicals before they do damage
      3) Avoid chemicals that produce free radicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, very common in anti-acne products
      4) See a dermatologist if you see any strange looking moles on your skin.

      Apart from that, don’t be scared, because being scared is not very useful and it is just another way of wasting your time.

      Good luck and best wishes


  5. Tami

    Telling my kids about my disease?
    I have told my two sons (14 and 12) that I have lupus, but have yet to tell them I have NH lymphoma. My grandmother passed 3 years ago from lung cancer, and my oldest was with her in the end, and had quite a difficult time. Last year they lost their aunt to cancer also.

    I have had radiation done, and have been given steriod shots, and attempted oral chemo, but stopped due to family/home/work issues.

    They understand that I do get very tired on occasion, and are somewhat helpful…as much as teenage boys can be.

    I am just worried that they will relate my illness (stage IIB) to what they saw happen to others.

    Please, if anyone else has been in this situation, any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. sky

      You may not want your children living in fear of your death, but how do you imagine they will feel once they find you have been lieing to them?

      You need to tell them about your cancer. They are old enough to know about cancer and death, adn old enough to resent you for not being truthful.

      I know it will be hard and scary for all of you, but I think it is better if everyone in the family is aware of what is going on.

      I have 2 personal exmaples. One being my own mother and her health issues. When I was 17-19 she was trying to conceive another child. They didnt want me to know bc they didnt want me to feel resentful or unloved. What ended up happening is all the hormonal therapy she had trying to get preg made her go off her rocker. I threw it in her face the whole time that she was going through menapause and just needed tohave a hystrectomy and be done with it. How do you think that made everyone feel, especially me when I learned the truth?

      The second example with my own health. I almost didnt tell my mom when I was diagnosed with leukemia, and then almost didnt tell her again when I relapsed. I debated telling her mainly bc of differences of opinions on treatment issues, but.. I ended up realizing it would have hurt her more for me to be going through this and her not know, than to have her scared and not agreeing with my course of treatment.

      Be honest with your family.

  6. sarahmccormick83

    I had bloodwork done to check why my liver enzymes were showing as high…and the results are in. ?
    Everything came back normal (cholesterol, lupus testing, hepatitis, etc.) and my liver enzymes are showing as 242 and the other liver test is showing as 131. I am so scared becaue as of right now, they dont know why this is. I am going on Tuesday to get a Sonogram and I might possibly have tohave a liver biopsy taken if they cant find the results from the sonogram. I am really scared because after doing my internet related research today on other possible liver conditions or disorders, I turned up the search result on liver cancer and saw the survival rates/mortality rates even if a liver transplant is done. The chances are NOT good for those who develop primary liver cancer (cancer that starts in the liver and dosent spread to the liver from another location) and I also have been having pain in my stomach where my liver is located. I am seriously scared and all I can do is pray that this isnt the case; that it is something else. Please, if you have any idea what this could be BESIDES cancer…I would appreciate insight to calm my mind for now. Thank you so much and God Bless.
    Thanks for all the answers.

    I do not drink, at least hardly at all! I haven’t drank a single beer or had any form of alcohol in a couple of weeks. Also, I was tested for diabetes and hepatitis and everything else as well and it all came back negative. Fatty liver – I will need to look into that. Yes that is me in the pic – I am 24. I am definetly not obese either. I just pray everything will come out ok!! Thank you all!

    1. Rhianna

      The most common cause of elevated liver enzymes is a fatty liver. is that you in the picture? You look very young, it would be HIGHLY unlikely for this to be C of the liver. The most common cause of fatty liver is alcohol abuse, do you drink much? Another cause could be acute infection of viral Hepatitis A or B, but you said that has been ruled out. Has there ever been any instance of any toxic overdose? The other two causes of a fatty liver are obesity and diabetes, but the latter would have almost certainly been ruled out with blood work you had done. You’ll have to wait till you get the results of the scan, don’t trawl the internet trying to diagnose yourself, don’t put yourself through that emotional turmoil, just relax, wait and see what the sonogram reveals, it is least likely to be cancer.

  7. Adam F

    I have pain… and no end in sight.?
    OK, so I’ve got pains I can’t explain… the problem is that I’ve been to countless doctors and have been unable to get a satisfactory diagnosis.

    The pain seems to be everywhere… when I am seated in certain positions… I feel it in my hips and in my mid back. When I walk or stand for any length of time… the pain is lower now… like my lumbar area… and in my neck… I also have numbness and heat in my hands (like arthritis)… tingling in my chest… numbness, tingling and heat in my legs. I have pains in my chest too… though I think that might just be panic and fear over these pains…. I don’t know.

    I’ve been given pain meds and muscle relaxants which work… but then I run out and I’ve been unable to find a doctor who is willing to give me an ongoing prescription.

    I’ve gone to acupuncturists, chiropractors, pain management centers, walk in clinics…. I’ve spent THOUSANDS, all to no avail.

    I have also invested in a Temper-pedic mattress, weekly massage, a hot tub… and still I am plagued by pain.

    Further, as this is impacting both my mood and my ability to think clearly, I’ve spiraled into a deep depression where I feel absolutely certain I am going to die… and soon. The fear of this and worry over my family is keeping me up at night… I find myself looking up my symptoms and finding the causes ranging from anything from a weakened immune system to lung cancer to leukemia. So naturally I’m terrified.

    The other thing is that I’m uninsured and insurable (due to my weight… I’m 315lbs, and the fact that I’m self employed)… and because I’m unable to really exercise…. so it’s getting worse… not better.

    I had a seated MRI in January… I think some of my problems are only clear when I’m standing since that’s when I’m in pain.

    According to the MRI (we didn’t do the lumbar), I have I have at least three blown discs… T-10 to T11, T-11 to T-12 and T-12 to L-1…. that plus macular degeneration of the discs is causing inflammation and osteoarthritis symptoms…. I’m only 38… yet apparently I have the spine of a 70 year old.

    I recently paid $3000 OOP for facet injections… a mixture of steroids and Novocaine… and I’ve gotten some minor relief…. but I’m still in alot of pain and it’s not getting better. My hands are on fire most of the time.

    To be honest, I’m not convinced the pain I’m in is all in my back…. I feel chest pains and hip pains too… I’ve been told it’s all related… but part of me says fibromyalgia, part of me says it’s depression or a midlife crisis… and another part of me thinks it might be cancer, lupus, a heart condition, or even AIDS…. because all sometimes present as inflammation of the joints… and referring pain.

    To make matters worse, I now can’t find a doctor to give me something to help the pain anymore… I’ve been to dozens of clinics…. the prevailing thought is that if it can’t be cured with 30 days worth of flexoril and vicoden… I should be made to suffer.

    The last doctor I went to suggested I lose the weight…. as if that hadn’t been discussed… or as if I could stand up long enough to exercise meaningfully.

    So guys…. what do I do?
    I am dieting… and I’m taking Alli… a great diet pill… it’s working.

    I also do not have any history selling pills or avoiding treatment.

    The pain management clinics in my area are against giving out pain medication for some reason… they all promote alternative remedies… which don’t work.

    How do I find a pain management clinic who is willing to prescribe drugs?

  8. MTOF-In X-mas Mode

    Why do they keep coming back!? (medical question)?
    I’ve been living with this problem for over a year now, and Finally, when we find the right combo of drugs to help in healing, poof, another one appears! First I was diagnosed with MRSA, then told it was a sweat gland disorder, then told it was hormone related, and now, they still can’t figure out what it is! UGH! My mother had cancer 3 times, Lyme Disease off and on, my aunt (mother’s sister) has lupus, and I have none of these. What are they missing, or what am I not realizing?

    I have a sore spot under my right arm that started recently and it’s SORE to the point when my my skin rubs or gets stretched, it burns. I thought it was Abcesses, but this is just getting crazy, help.
    I’m on Keflex for infection, and using NyStop powder on my outerskin. This new sore started before the Keflex, and was smaller than it is now, the other sores didn’t get as large as this one. I’m at my wits end here, I have an appointment on August 1st, they told me to call if it opens up for an earlier appointment. It’s not opening, just very sore.
    I don’t have any diagnosed diseases or disorders that seem to alarm them, I do have, however, Spina Bifida which can open me up to infection easily if not treated properly.
    The sore is raised, the skin is pink, but there is a red spot in the middle and a white spot on top of that, like a enlarged pimple. I don’t have any black spots, thankfully.
    oh, and it does not feel warm, just very very irritating.
    Thank you for your extensive and well educated answer, Jaxon. I appreciate all other answers as well. As stated, I am on meds to prevent any infection, I’m just irritated tonight because I bumped the bugger and it hurt like all hell. As stated, it is NOT open, just sore.

    I’m not contagious, either, thankfully. I have a 4 year old at home, and he hates it when Mommy can’t hug him all the time because of it.

    1. Jaxon

      any other symptoms? it sounds like an autoimmune disease, similiar to lupus, and since its in ur family thats what i would first suspect. the sore may be a rash from the disease or it could be an abcess from a gland disorder under ur arm, it may be infected and i suggest u get that checked. MRSA is very serious and im surprised a doctor would misdiagnose you. tell them to check for cancer or a disease that could act like cancer, like certain viruses with cancer lilke symptoms.
      above all check if u have an autoimmune disease. gl and get that sore checked and wrapped, possibly drained if fluid is building inside, u dont want a hematoma. also check for lymphoma.

      edit: its good there are no black spots, if its red with a white raised area it may be a pimple, or an abcess with pus. if its extremely painful or it opens make sure u rush to a doctor to prevent any infections near that area

  9. Ian Mun

    What’s going on, why me?
    When I was little, my mother passed away from lupus related liver failure. I never got to know her, but from what my dad tells me, I think she was a wonderful person. Recently my step mother passed away from cancer, and I have been feeling really down. I keep asking myself why this happened again. I understand the four stages of dealing with a loss (Disbelief, Denial, Anger, Acceptance)We didn’t have the greatest relationship, and basically We got angry at eachother a lot, I got caught up in the moment and told her I wished she was dead, and now, I guess i got my wish. I was there with her when she died, and I hated feeling helpless like that, I wish i didn’t say that. I told her I was sorry and told her I loved her, but by then she was in a coma, I don’t know if she could hear me. Although her body isnt here with us, her spirit resides with us all. Being 15 and going through two MAJOR life changing events, in addition to high school, I have been having a few problems. I have no motivation to do anything at all, schoolwork, chores, anything. I always feel alone, even when I’m surrounded by my friends or family. No one can ever relate to me on any account besides my sister and father, and I get easily irritated by the fact people are so weak in this world, but maybe thats just me, I mean I got so pissed at this one kid who stayed home because his hamsters died. Like seriously dude? Maybe I just need a good relationship with a friend, or maybe I need a girlfriend, who knows? But The counselors have been worrying about depression, but I mean i don’t feel it, or maybe I think I don’t. Can someone help me straighten out, or is it just a personal conflict within me? One that only I can overcome?

    1. TSimpach

      You NEED someone to talk to, you’ve went through alot and most people your age won’t understand what you’ve lost. You will often think peers problems are stupid, because compared to what you’ve lost their problems are stupid.

      I would talk to your dad about seeing a counselor, or maybe the one at school could help? You are depressed and have every reason and right to be.

      Please take care of yourself, and don’t try and deal with all this on your own.

  10. blahblahblah

    Does this sound like lupus?
    let me start with i am sick with doctors , & that’s why im posting on here , yes i am going to see another doctor yet again soon , but i just want a fresh perspective on this ! im a 15 year old girl , im a little underweight , and i admit im not the healthiest eater , i eat a lot , but not always healthy , but i do have tons of fruit ! to make a long story short this is what has happened to me in the past
    * i used to have stomach issues , they did tons of testing and found nothing (5th grade)
    * i had something with my heart that came back inconclusive (4th Grade)
    * i had a neck kind of twitch , they ruled it out as stress (3rd grade)
    * i have always been very prone to infections
    * not sure if this is related , but i have always had messed up fingers , my mom does too , the bones grew crookedly & the joints are messed up in them too
    * my knees are also ‘odd’ i have sort of a slight odd walk , they don’t straiten out when i walk

    * i have just been diagnosed with iritus (an inflammatory disease in the irus of the eye , i have it from an unknown cause – which is common)
    * i often get lower back pain , not to bad , just annoying
    * my spleen area also sometimes hurts , not super bad or anything , i was at the doctor for it before , they took xrays , (you can see a lump where it hurt , but they were looking at my kidneys?)
    *i always seem to have a cough , not always a bad one , but it seems like its always there
    * my knees also feel stiff sometimes , not to severely though
    * my hands & feet have always been odd colored , when im cold they usually turn kind of a purply color
    * i always have a strong heart beat , i can feel it , and if i hold still i often can see it through my shirt
    * im almost always light headed when i stand up or move to quickly (where everything goes black)

    i have had many conditions in my family , my uncle has most types of skin cancer , my grandpa passed away from lymphoma , my grandma and uncle have a heart condition , my second cousin has lupus . Those arent all the conditions i have in my family , just the ones i could think of off the top of my head ! I did have a few doctors bring up the idea of me having lupus , but never tested me for it because they are usually concerned about testing me for something else at the time . sorry about this being long , for all i know im just an unlucky person with all this , but i would just really like to be healthy ! thanks for all your inputs on this !

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      It’s possible. But no one here can tell you for sure. It sounds like something is going on and you shouldn’t have to put up with these symptoms.

      Talk to your doctor and tell her/him that you NEED to see a rheumatologist. They specialize in Lupus and other rheumatic connective tissue diseases. They can run the blood tests and look at your symptoms.

      Good luck.


  11. wHo DaT gIrL*

    Could I have lupus? Please read.?
    well, I’m 15 in 9th grade and ever since i was in second grade i’v always been sick a lot but not really with a specific thing just “not feeling well”. This year, it got a loooot worse.

    The symptoms I experienced this year (school year) were all GI related in the beggining (September to early December). I had a lot of bad abdominal problems. You name it, I get it. In December i got into the pediactric GI dr because there is not one around where I live so I had to travel.

    The things that were already ruled out were celiac diseas, galbladder disease, liver disease, colon cancer, colitis, pancreatitis, ulcers, parasites. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy in feb and the dr said my insides looked “pink and perfect” and diagnosed me with overproduction of acid and irritable bowel syndrome.

    Lately, ever since December or January I would get body aches in my arms and legs and headaches but they’d come and go. Nothing I paid special attention to. At the end of feb I went to the eye dr and was diagnosed with baaaad dry eyes. I use artificial tears and they have helped.

    I am also ALWAYS thirsty! I don’t eat fried foods or salty foods and I haven’t eaten much today but tonight i have had the woooorst problem with thirst! I have drinken a bottle of root beer that didn’t help so i drank a bottle of water that didn’t help so I drank a bottle of vitamin water that didn’t help so I drank 2 glasses of juice and ice cubes and NOTHING is quenching my thirst! IT’S TERRIBLE!!

    For about a week i’v been getting the body aches more severe and also pains in both my legs under my knees and the same type of pain in my left wrist, and in the fingers on my right hand and a tingling in my tongue and sometimes feel numb in my hands and legs and bones. Could this be MS or lupus? I know with MS sometimes u get abdominal symptoms.

    1. John Granger

      This could be a Lupus episode. The symptoms that hints that you may have lupus are your body aches and headaches. Also your dry eyes. If you develop any rashes then I would consider asking your doctor ASAP or soon. They don’t know what causes lupus but they think it genetic so see if close relatives have lupus or the same symptoms as you and women are more likely to have lupus, doctors believe it’s because of certain hormones. So being 15 you may not notice t but hormones of all kinds are flying around in you so It would make sense.
      You show less symptoms for MS but it is still a threat seeing how MS and Lupus are similar in ways. They both attack healthy cells I believe it’s called autoimmune.
      I would bring this up with you doctor next time so you don’t develop worse problems cause it might effect you forever.

  12. Ursula

    I have an undiagnosed condition and need help!?
    I am a 20 year old female who has been having stomach problems for the past year or so, and it has gotten much worse in the past six months. The symptoms are now starting to affect more parts of my body, and the pain can be debilitating and is affecting my schoolwork. I was tested for thyroid issues and Celiac, but both were negative. I also went to the ER for abdominal pain a few weeks ago, but that didn’t turn up any new results.

    Here is a list of symptoms:

    Digestive symptoms – abdominal pain (sometimes crampy and all over, sometimes very sharp in right upper abdomen or left lower abdomen, sometimes made worse coughing or sneezing), LOTS of diarrhea, undigested food in stool almost every day, sometimes fat or mucus in stool, loss of appetite, lots of extreme bloating, some nausea/heartburn/dry-heaving, sometimes foods taste very different than they should (ex – candy tasting extremely acidic, milk tasting like sushi, plain white rice tasting nutty)

    Skin symptoms – I get a red skin rash almost every night or afternoon. It’s itchy, not raised, and not dry. It’s not related to any contact allergy or physical activity. Sometimes, it seems to happen more often or with more severity when I feel really warm or cold. My hair has thinned significantly in the past year, and I’ve started getting coarser hair elsewhere on my body (arms, face). My skin feels itchy most of the time.

    Nervous symptoms – extreme fatigue/malaise, depression/anxiety, headaches, trouble concentrating, photophobia and phonophobia, increased sensitivity to cold and heat, numbness in fingers

    Other symptoms – occasional low-grade fever, muscle weakness/pain, joint pain/swelling, easy bruising (once I got a bruise from the elastic band on my sweatpants and it wasn’t tight, another time on my arm from holding a package – the bruise was in a line from where the package was resting against my arm), I had some very mild jaundice and green-tinted urine at one point. I’m anemic and have high liver function according to the most recent tests. I don’t drink, and I don’t take any drugs unless they are prescribed (I deal with headaches by drinking water and resting). Small doses of Lortab helped relieve many of the digestive symptoms (prescribed by the ER). Diseases that have come up with my doctor are: lupus, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, IBS, Celiac (apparently false negatives are common?), and diverticulitis. Also, gallstones and pancreatic cancer were suggested, but less likely. We are pretty sure it’s autoimmune.

    I’m sick of being sick, and am reaching out for help in every place possible. I would love any suggestions or ideas, questions to ask my doctor, tests to request, warm thoughts, or stories (if you had a similar illness and got a diagnosis or found a way to manage the symptoms). I’m seeing my doctor next week, but because I’ve already gone through two series of tests, I want to be more prepared this time to help lead to a diagnosis more quickly. Thanks in advance!

    1. Semper Fi

      You have a lot of symptoms that could indicate a variety of problems. Celiac Disease, possible intestinal obstruction (Intestinal carcinoma, lymphoma), bruising is indicative of a bleeding disorder such as Von Willebrand disease or leukemia. Upper right quadrant pain indicates gallbladder disease, especially if fever and nausea are present also. Some of your symptoms are also those that present with kidney disease and diabetes so you have a real jungle of symptoms which has a tendancy to lead me back to Celiac Disease because …

      Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder which can present with an amazing array of symptoms, Gastrointestinal (cramps, pain, bloating, fatty stools, nausea, vomiting), Neurological (tingling, numbness, nerve pain, fatigue, depression and more) and so it is just frustrating for people who have it yet have not been diagnosed plus false negative tests are common. The definitive diagnosis is based on a positive biopsy of the small intestine. It’s not uncommon to have a false negative blood test yet have a positive biopsy.

      If you had maybe thought you had Celiac Disease and went on a gluten free diet before being tested that could have created a false positive and it may create a false biopsy if you have been on the gluten free diet for anytime allowing your small intestinal cells to heal and the villi to re-establish. However that doesn’t sound likely that you have adapted the diet because you said you are still experiencing symptoms even though some people with refractory Celiac do not see a reversal of symptom via diet.

      If it were me I’d ask the doc to re-test for CD (blood work) and also do stool fat, total protein, albumin, calcium, vitamin b12, autoantibodies, vitamin d, vitamin e, CBC, CMP.

      Oftentimes Celiac Disease causes malabsorption (reason for fatty stool) and this in turn creates vitamin deficiencies within the fat soluble vitamins such as d, calcium, vitamin k. b12 and so forth. It also causes anemia in many people and a host of other symptoms and complications because (via autoimmune response) it can attack your organs such your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and pancreas (autoimmune response) thereby creating symptom from those sources as well.

      Celiac Disease can also cause lactose intolerance (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea in severe cases) and so this complication could be a portion of your symptoms.

      I would suggest you keep a very concise diary of your symptoms, including when they occur (time, date, etc…) and of course exactly what they are. Note what you eat daily so that you can correlate your food intake with symptoms (note whether symptoms appear immediately after, within hours, or even a day or two after ingestion). Be as accurate as possible and by this I mean if you chew a stick of gum, write it down because …

      You’d be amazed how many products we eat contain wheat, barley or rye (sources of gluten) or are processed with wheat, barley or rye products. Even spices can contain wheat and wheat derivatives that contain gluten. If you drink wine the oaken cask it was probably aged in most likely was treated on the inside of the cask with a wheat paste to prevent leakage. That paste leaches into the wine and guess what? If you have CD you will most likely suffer intestinal damage.

      Of course I am not saying you have Celiac Disease. You may not have it at all. You may have something else entirely such as cancer that could present with a myriad of strange symptoms or it could be a combination of gallbladder disease (pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, jaundice are all possible symptoms) and kidney disease. Now, don’t let what I write frighten you, simply get your doc to rule various possibilities out by doing the appropriate tests.

      I wish you better health 🙂

  13. just1morebasket

    M 6yr Old has had hives for 3 weeks?
    My 6 year old has had hives for 22 days now to this posting. Let me give you a bit of history. He was POS for strep back in April and was put on Amoxicillin. He finished the dosing. He soon got sick again within a few weeks and tested POS for strep AGAIN!!. He was put on Cephalexin(keflex). He continued the keflex and the sore throat and fever were not getting any better about 5 days later. We took him to the ER who did a chest X-ray and said he had pneumonia. They told me to stop all other meds and gave him a shot of penniciilin in the ER and put him on Cefdinir. Then….about 10days to 2 weeks later he broke out in hives while he was healthy and has had them for over 3 weeks. I have been an emotionaly wreck for the most part. I mean…just how do you have hives for 3 weeks? I took him to the childrens clinic twice, ER once with the hives when they got so bad they were on his face, then his pediatrician who referred us to an allergist. The benadryl didnt touch him. He was scrathing like a dog for 3 weeks day & nite and I have barely slept worried about him. They wrote me a script for an epi-pen to carry. So….I have racked my brain trying to figure out what he has gotten into. I gave away all of my laundry soap and started to wash everything in just water although the allergist strongly feels this was medication related. I asked them to do bloodwork because when you google ‘chronic hives’ it talks about lupus, cancer, lukemia, e.t.c so I have been a mess crying for the past 3 weeks worrying about him. The bloodwork ALL CAME BACK FINE. The hives really don’t really seem to phase him except for the itching. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THISHAS HAPPENED??? I have read where some people have hives for years; he’s only six…..I NEED HELP??? The allergist just put him on Zyrtec, Hydroxizine(itch) and Prenisolone (for 15 days. We are on day 5 and the side affects are making me want to discontinue the meds. He has been unbearable and complaining of muscle and joint pain. this is something I’ve NEVER heard out of my six year old. He’s cranky and hyper but the hives have somehwhat went away except for a few where there is friction such as the waistline, neckline, e.t.c I have decided on my own to DETOX him while he’s on this medicine and had to put a lock on the fridge. I only want hime to drink water and yogurts with pro-biotics, and fruits and veggies and it has been hard keeping him out of junk food because he’s akid. Has anyone else ever experienced this with your young child? Will they go away OR come back and do you think this is a medication allergy and what do I do if he gets sick and needs antibiotics? HELP????

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