Co-designed by two wives who are primary caregivers for their husbands who have ALS, these bracelets have meaning. The ALS bracelets were created in an effort to show support and help spread awareness of a disease that gets little attention. The bracelets are designed in the adopted ALS color of pinstripe.

They are created using swarovski crystals and bali silver combining the colors of blue, silver, gray and white. The last two beads of the bracelet were designed to help signify a support level of the person wearing the bracelet. Customers can choose between pink for spouse, green for family, purple for friends. The center of each bracelet is a yellow bead to signify hope.

ALS organizations and ALSA chapters are signing on with in helping promote the bracelet. With each sale of the bracelet, customers can choose to which chapter or organization to send their donation.

The bracelet program has been a tremendous success and it is a true honor to see more and more bracelets, jewelry and other items now being sold since the start of the program. Abernook is constantly signing on new ALSA chapters and ALS organizations wanting to participate in the program. Currently and one boutique in Peoria, Illinois are the only places selling the Colors of Hope (TM) ALS Bracelet.

Awareness bracelets are available for a variety of causes and help bring meaning, attention to and awareness to a cause of importance. Abernook carries awareness bracelets for ALS, Autism, Alzheimer, Breast Cancer, Muliple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Suicide awareness, diabetes, lupus, colon cancer, cancer, aids, juvenile diabetes, and fibromyalgia. A special caregiver awareness bracelet is also available and is a beautiful and meaningful gift to give to a special caregiver.

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