Miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion of the fetus in a pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding or spotting may be common in the initial pregnancy, but other than that it is considered as a threatened miscarriage. Miscarriage occurs when a pregnancy ends without an obvious cause before the fetus is capable of survival. This is a common complication of pregnancy.

The separation of the fetus and placenta from the uterine wall is the cause of the end of a pregnancy. Some of the causes or reasons that lead to a miscarriage are as follow:

1. Chronic Illness: An abnormality in the mother during the second trimester of pregnancy can result in miscarriage. Chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, lupus, diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid problems can lead to spontaneous abortion.

2. Disease of Internal Organs: Abnormalities or diseases of the internal organs like fibroids, multiple gestations, poor muscle tone of womb and abnormal growth of the placenta can put your system under stress causing the pregnancy to end.

3. Acute Infections: Acute infections and emotional traumas can also result in the pregnancy to end.

4. Abnormal fetus: Most of the miscarriages in the first trimester are caused by abnormalities in the fetus. The genes are responsible for the abnormalities and this risk increases as the woman ages.

5. Apart from these, external factors like alcohol, drugs, caffeine and tobacco can also threaten a pregnancy.

The symptoms of this condition may be the following:

1. Bleeding: One can experience slight spotting or severe bleeding with blood clots.

2. Cramps: Cramps may be accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. It may occur on one side or on both the sides or only in the middle region. The pain may radiate to the lower back, buttocks and the genitals.

3. Symptoms of pregnancy may end: The usual symptoms and signs of pregnancy like nausea and tenderness in the breast may end with an occurrence of a miscarriage.

One should visit the doctor if she experiences any of the above symptoms or any passing of tissue, weakness, pain while urinating or dizziness. The doctor may perform an examination, tests and an ultrasound.

The treatment for this condition can include some safe natural home remedies. Home remedies can be used to prevent miscarriage and continue a healthy pregnancy. Some of the natural home remedies to prevent ending of pregnancy are as follows:

1. Indian gooseberry juice taken every morning with honey is beneficial to prevent miscarriage.

2. Stop consumption of alcohol, tobacco and stop smoking as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

3. Drinking of raspberry tea everyday in helpful since the raspberry tea helps in strengthening the uterus and shortens labor.

4. Tea with nutmeg is effective for this condition.

5. Asafetida is helpful and is a simple natural home remedy.

6. Decoction of black gram with water is helpful in reducing the fear of miscarriage.

7. Asparagus is beneficial in treating the reproductive problems in women.

8. The diet of a pregnant woman should be healthy and nutritious and she should avoid unhealthy and unhygienic junk food.

9. Ascorbic acid in regulated quantity should be taken to prevent miscarriage.

Follow these natural home remedies to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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lupus blood test results

4 thoughts on “Lupus Blood Test Results

  1. mishi408

    Can you have more than one autoimmune diseases at the same time?
    I have been having a real hard time getting diagnosed by my doctors. This is the 4th doctor I see in a year. He said I have fibromaialgia with additional symptoms of Lupus (rash,hair loss ANA positive 80) and sacroilical and neck issues that could indicate Ankyliosing spindolitis. He ws really great and set a bunch of blood tests and MRI to reconfirm the outcome of the x-ray of my sacroiliac joint.I guess we will se once the results come. However I do wonder if it is even possible to have three diseases at the same time. Does anyone know?

    1. cooling1981

      Yes, it is possible. It sounds like you do have Lupus, I know that there are many many doctors out there that think its sooo uncommon for someone to have it, I’m telling you I know it exists! If you have it there are many things that you can do to make life easier on yourself! 🙂

      It is possible for you to hav emore than one at the same time, my mother has Lupus, Diabeties, cardiomyopothy, and did have pulminary hypertension, but that has gotten much better.

      There are a lot of support groups especially ont he net for lupus, you should research them.

      Best of luck to you! Remember, no matter what the result is, you can over come it, you will be fine, and you will press forward.

  2. ProactiveMom

    Is it hard to diagnose Lupus in a teen with no positive labs?
    There’s a strong family history and symptoms (including butterfly rash) that have lasted almost 4 months. Rheumy says he ruled out Lupus.

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