Sometimes a solution to a problem can be so simple and yet we overlook it. Did you know that 20% of emergency auto tows to a service shop are just out of fuel? Sometimes a low platelet count can be caused by some of the simplest of things. Simple problems require simple solutions, but if we can’t see the answer the problem becomes huge. Yes low platelet count can be so frustrating that it drives the simplest of solutions out of the ballpark of a common sense approach.

Here are 7 natural steps that could help you reverse low platelet count if in fact any one or a combination of them is what is triggering or over stimulating your immune system to destroy platelets.

1. Take a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement. Most of the things we like to eat are not really any good for us or at least deficient when it comes to food value. Crops today because they are genetically enhanced to give high yields have lower actual food value per unit. Current wheat for example has only 40% of the nutritional value of wheat grown in the 30’s. Processed foods have lost much of their food value and contain questionable chemicals as preservatives. It is easy this day and age to be deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals.

2. Drink and bathe in pure water. This may seem like a non issue but much of our public water supplies contain chorines and fluorides and these can effect our immune system in harmful ways. This is also true with bottled water. Check labels, most are just bottled from the same public water supplies plus the plastic bottle itself could be a contaminate.

3. Eliminate or at least limit exposure to toxic house hold cleaning products, pesticides and other chemicals. Use natural cleaning products and no pesticides in the home or garden. Wash all fruits and vegetables completely before consumption.

4. Get the bad fats out of your life. Eliminate as much animal and saturated fats as possible. Increase omega 3 fats if possible. This will assist proper bodily function and remove stress from the immune system.

5. Eliminate all toxic skin care products and use only natural products. Be sure to use make ups on a limited basis if at all.

6.Consume a natural diet of raw fruits and vegetables. No processed food or fast food restaurants. This is a tough one but the important thing is to start today and work towards the goal of total elimination over time. This is really a change of eating habits and takes time.

7. Find a good alternative health provider. One who is familiar with new techniques such as Bio tracker technology and DNA testing to identify possible sensitivities (allergies etc.) that can be contributing to low platelet count. Also hair analysis for possible heavy metal exposures.

These 7 steps are a simple start an may well reverse your low platelet count. You will also want to start learning about the benefits of using herbs and other natural supplements to repair and restore healthy immune function. Good health to you.

60 thoughts on “Lupus Caused By Stress

  1. jaskoran

    What can I do, my wife is ill: I have a mental health issue & stress issues caused by a disfunctional family?
    I have 3 of a family and an alcoholic wife who has Lupus, Diabetes, Epilepsy and may also have other problems. The 3 adult members of my family take advantage at every turn and I have been forced to get a motability 7 seat car. There are only 2 of us living in the 5 apt house with a mortgage paid with my wife’s wages and DLA for both of us. I have also got a Tax Credit and Carer’s Allowance. So we have about enough coming in. Problem is we have a daughter and 3 granddaughters who take advantage by not paying for any costs they incur especially with petrol prices being so high and Xmas looming. Paper is cheap by the sheet but when you count up 9 years of prolific art & writing from a highly intelligent granddaughter and 2 younger siblings you might just realise where I am coming from. The other daughter has problems that she cannot deal with and a son who we cannot visit because of wife’s work commitments. Stress is only the start of it!

    1. LemonZest

      Oh bless you, Im ever so sorry for you and your wife, but unfortunately I don’t have a proper answer, so here’s my advice: get some counselling and talk to someone– you’ll feel a lot better. Talk first and when you feel ready to tackle some of your situations, then is the time you will achieve a lot more.
      Best wishes and good luck 🙂

  2. Worried Man

    Looking for answers regarding an unknown illness?
    I am a 33 year old male. About 2 and a half years ago, I began getting a pain in my groin, including the perineum and just to the left of that. I also had an irritating feeling in my penis from time to time, but not necessairly after urinating.
    At the time, My doctor thought it could be a prostate infection and perscribed Levaquin for 2 weeks. The pain did not improve and instead, whithin a day or two of finishing the levaquin, I began getting extremely painful cankersores in my mouth. Additionally, I began feeling very shaky and weak in my muscles.. I also had severe diarrhea for long periods of time. I would get strange sensations as if something were lightly tickling my face (like a hair) when nothing was there. Within another month, I began getting extremely dizzy upon standing or bending over. It got to the point for awhile that I could hardly sit at a dinner table and eat. The severity of the dizzyness seemed to coincide with the severity of the diarrhea–being at it’s worst when I was pretty much passing water. Along with all of this, I was completely exhausted and felt like I was walking around in a fog most of the time. Sometimes, very suddenly all of these symptoms would stop–maybe for a day, or just a few minutes, but they would always come back. Eventually, after about 6 or 7 months, they gradually went away. During that time, I was seen by several specialists, none of which could offer me an explination, save eliminate some of the ‘bigger’ diseases like MS, Lupus, STD’s, etc. They gave me many tests including the typical blood tests, urine tests, an MRI of my brain, colonoscopy, CAT Scan of my torso and a couple of auto-immune tests ruling out the lupus and colitis. They eventually all told me it was caused by stress. Believe me–I was stressed alright, but that stress was caused by my symptoms, not the other way around. It was extremely isolating to see the doctor’s throw up their hands and say there was nothing wrong with me when I could plainly tell there was.

    Anyway, now, I am getting some of those same symptoms back again. I have the pain in my groin and went to the urologist hoping that somehow, they would have an answer for me. They told me I had a prostate infection and perscribed 500 mg of Cipro for 2 weeks. Having finished that a couple of days ago with the groin pain still present, they perscribed it for another two weeks. I’ve also been getting the same sensations that preceeded my dizziness the first time around, though not as pronounced as before.

    I’m trying to avoid ruining my summer with another long bout of whatever this is. I almost have the sense that I potentially do have a prostate infection of some kind, but having that is weakening me to the point where I’m getting sinus infections, maybe all of it caused by viruses since the antibiotics don’t seem to help. I would truely appreciate any direction you could give me if you have had similar symptoms and found answers.
    From my web research, I am definately nervous that it could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, though most of the doctors I’ve asked do not feel that is what it is. From the symptoms of CFS i’ve read, most do not exactly coincide with mine, and my exhaustion is probabably not as severe.

    I am hesitant about taking the Cipro. I wonder if by taking these antibiotics, I am weakening my immune system which is allowing other viruses to take root. My sinus problems are pretty much just a post-nasal drip, nothing too severe. I probably should have mentioned that I have psoriasis, which, being an auto-immune disease, makes me wonder if I have another one that is making me susceptible to illness.

  3. CalaLilly

    Does Anyone with SLE Lupus & Discoid Lupus or have TENS or Steven Johnson Syndrom Have advice?
    I have been living with 2 types of Lupus SLE & Discoid for 13yrs. I recently have had an external rash for about 4 months now & was hospitalized for it in March from the severity of the pain & scabbing issues. 3 Dr.”s are saying its Stevens Johnson Syndrome others are saying could be TENS. My Rheumo Dr. doesn’t know & 1 Dermo Dr. said it’s my SLE Lupus. They discharged me just to keep an apt with a Dermatologist that took me 3 weeks to get into. I couldn’t take the pain or burning & suffering from this rash (as I have chronic pain & Fibromyalga on top of other Auto Immune Diseases) on every inch of my body, ears, mouth, nose, eye lids, scalp, loss of hair, bottom of feet throbbing & blistering, palms of hands, arms & finger tips & nail beds. I went to Dermo & because my insurance doesn’t pay much he wouldn’t even look at me, said it was the SLE Lupus, Told him Infectious Disease Dr. & other attending Dr.’s need him to do a skin scrape & skin Biopsy & he wouldn’t even listen to me or acknowledge me. Just said its your Lupus let your Rheumotologist deal with it. This was in March. The scabbing went away but now with my anxiety & any stress it’s causing the Rash to come back in full force leaving me in extreme pain, on 80mg Prednisone daily until I can see a new Dermatologist to get this Biopsy done. They thought it may have been caused by an allergic reaction to one of my Medications, but have not been diagnosed yet. I am back @ square 1 waiting for apt but I cant take the pain & skin feeling it’s on fire & the scabbing. Can Anyone help me with this? Blood work showed that my ANA was 1/1,280 any advice?
    I am waiting on Healthcare Authorization to see new Dermotologist but feel I am going to end up back in the ER before I get the Authorization to go. I have about 4 different DR”S waiting on this Biopsy and cant get the proper treatment until the get results back.

  4. Virus- J

    What should i do, Really depressed?
    Hi Everyone, I need a bit of advice iv started college Now and im finding it Difficult to keep up, As you see i have been diagnosed with M.e and also Lupus. The M.e was caused by Allot of stress from school and illness. I was Bullied allot at school By teachers and the Pupils normal stuff from the students taking the P etc…………. The teachers on the other hand, well one of them thought i was holding the school back i think and was calling me to his office one a week for his so-called get up and go talk as he called it, he told me if i kept being ill and not doing the work i will end up on the streets and im gonna be a failure Etc, knowing full well i had these illnesses and could not do as much as the other students. I tried as best i could but my M.e was stopping me tied all the time and generally feeling ill, getting infection after infection. Another teacher just got annoyed with me because he had to explain the work to me Again because i was ill, made Alto of comments to me in front of the class like saying i sit like a gay, or taking the P in some other way like im not ill it’s in my head im just lazy. He got away with it though the headteacher ( one who calls me to his office every week) of my year found it acceptable and not to take any notice of it and he’s only trying to prepare me for the real world.

    Also iv had to put up with my mum and dad arguing, Hitting each other stuff being broken. my sisters had to put up with it as well, they all left home now so im on my own, when i was little i use to see them when the argued as it was to much for me, or my nan who i saw on christmas once a year who was always there for me and gave me the right advice, but she passed away and now i have no one to talk to about my probs, One of my sisters hates me saying i always got treated better then her etc and has held a grudge against me since i was born, getting me to call my mum a B*tch at the age of 5 Etc ( didn’t know what that meant of course then ) and my other sister got her own life and does not have time for me no more.

    I even got my Dad taking the P out of me , saying i don’t have m.e im just lazy. etc

    I’ve been trying to go to college but i still keep getting ill and getting behind and im just really depressed cant get over what happened at school and never got over my nan dying as well like i said no one to talk to and mum and dad Always arguing or my dads at work mum hasn’t got time when i do try to talk to her she walks out the room saying she hasn’t got time.

    Anyway im thinking about giving up college before i screw my self up Again as i had to leave school early because i had a mental break down and went on sleeping tablets and anti depressants.

    Shall i give up college and what shall i do as i think i need help someone to talk to like councilling etc
    Just to Add iv also been really worried about going out, like i dont like going on a train out places my confidence is at a all time low, i never use to be like this when i was younger things just changed for me quickly !

    1. starfish

      I’m so sorry that you’re having such a hard time! I really hope that things get better for you. I think that if you got counseling that could help you a lot. A counselor could help you come up with ways to deal with your stress, and your illnesses, and your family. Since school is so hard for you right now, I think maybe you should take some time off. See if you can maybe get a part-time job. That way you could save up some money so you can eventually move out, since your family isn’t supporting you. Then after your health is under control more you could try going back to school. You can always go back to school later, so don’t worry that if you quit now you’ll never be able to go back. I really think the best thing for you to do, though, would be to talk to a counselor. That way you have someone who can support you and help you figure out your tough decisions. Good luck with everything! I really do hope things get better for you!

  5. betsy_51783

    Can anyone help me with a rash on my arms, hands, legs, and chest?
    I have a raised rad rash that comes and goes on my body some times it is worse than others but it never goes away. I have had it for over a month now. I have tried topical ointments over the counter and prescription. I have taken antihistamines again both over the counter and prescription. (prednisone, atarax, benadryl…) The thing is no one seems to know what is causing it including 3 different doctors. It itches and there is no hiding it when it decides to flare up. I do have Discoid Lupus but this is not a symptom of it (so the doctors say) I am at a loss. A few people have told me that it might be caused by stress. I have tried to do research and have found very little on rashes caused by stress. I have been through a little lately and I could attribute it to that I just need to do something. Please any advice. Nothing I am taking or using topically is working and doctors are not helping. Any advice or help would be welcomed!!!!

    1. Love the babies

      If the “raised red rash” is obviously square or triangular in the areas that it pops up in, it is probably a contact allergy to something. A lot of folks have nickel allergies, so you may want take notice of where it happens and what you are wearing in those areas. You may want to consider patch testing as well. Contact a dermatologist rather than a family doctor.

  6. Ricardo

    Can stress /anxiety/depresson cause al these symptoms?
    Hello there. For the last 2 months I have been extremely stressed at work, long hours etc..I started getting mouth ulcers, an acne type rash on my face, short of breath , a pounding heart on waking up and dizziness and sheer exhasution in the evenings. I have had every test hiv, lupus etc all negative and my bloodwork is fine. Doctors say it is anxiety/stress/depression related. I have been feeling low and the worry about my health is worsening things, but can they be right? By the way I dont drink/smoke do drugs and am not on anything except vitamins.

    1. ake018

      The symptoms you have described are all signs of stress/anxiety/ depression. Think carefully about the things that seem to mainly cause these symptoms. If you can establish what they are then you can take control of them.

      Ways to combat them are to try relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation. You could also go back to your doctor and ask to be refered to a counsellor as it may help to talk about things as these symptoms may be caused by bottling it up inside and not lettin it out.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Asia ♥

    Do you think I could have a poor circulation problem?
    I have developed “Raynaud’s phenomenon”
    But only my toes turn purple…not my fingers. And they don’t go from white to purple to red….just purple. My toes also “fall asleep” easily and tingle alot.

    My wounds dont heal well anymore. I get small cuts from my puppy and they take FOREVER to heal.. and if they do, it almost always scars regardless of size or depth.

    I also have an irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, mild pain behind eyes, and dizziness…..but I’m not sure if they are all connected….and I’m not sure if poor circulation would cause these other symptoms…

    Anyways, I’ve been tested for almost everything….Lupus, Diabetes, Thyroid issues, Adrenal issues and the doctors can’t find out whats causing all of this.

    My doctors also never once mentioned poor circulation…they claim Raynaud’s is common and not usually caused by a disease..

    Why havent they mentioned circulation problems? Is that not considered a health issue, can they even fix it? And would poor circulation cause the other symptoms I mentioned?

    And is poor circulation caused by the heart? I’ve had a stress test and ultrasound done and both were normal

  8. Smooth Kitty AY AE

    Innocent until proved guilty
    I was not there and i also refuse to believe, a person with everything going for him, with own kids would molest others.
    The case with the second boy just screamed lies

  9. Curt J

    No, I don’t think they regret calling him exactly what he was.

    For the sake of argument however, why don’t the people who have nothing better to do with their time than making things up about Sarah Palin apologize?

  10. Asia ♥

    I think I may have circulation problems…….?
    I have developed “Raynaud’s phenomenon”
    But only my toes turn purple…not my fingers. And they don’t go from white to purple to red….just purple. My toes also “fall asleep” easily and tingle alot.

    My wounds dont heal well anymore. I get small cuts from my puppy and they take FOREVER to heal.. and if they do, it almost always scars regardless of size or depth.

    I also have an irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, mild pain behind eyes, and dizziness…..but I’m not sure if they are all connected….and I’m not sure if poor circulation would cause these other symptoms…

    Anyways, I’ve been tested for almost everything….Lupus, Diabetes, Thyroid issues, Adrenal issues and the doctors can’t find out whats causing all of this.

    My doctors also never once mentioned poor circulation…they claim Raynaud’s is common and not usually caused by a disease..

    Why havent they mentioned circulation problems? Is that not considered a health issue, can they even fix it? And would poor circulation cause the other symptoms I mentioned?

    And is poor circulation caused by the heart? I’ve had a stress test and ultrasound done and both were normal

    1. Pupp

      That is not raynauds.
      With raynauds, they just go white. I get it in my hands. and one foot. I got prescribed some blood thinners as I have low blood pressure anyway.

      Have you tried eating healthy food like fruit and vegetables which contain natural vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy, and drinking plenty of water.

      Sounds like you are a hypochondriac. Stop worrying about what is wrong and just eat well, drink lots and learn to enjoy yourself. Maybe exercise. It sorts out all these niggly aches and pains.
      Nobody tells you that when you hit 20 these aches and pains start to happen.

      Just live with it, rest enough.

  11. Pent_uP

    Is it time to move on? Did I push her away? Or just trust issues playing tricks with me?
    Ok, here goes…My fiance, we’ll call her Sara, and I have been together for a little over 3 yrs. When we met, I was not yet divorced from my (now) ex-wife, but separated. In the beginning, Sara offered to pay for my divorce to get it done and out of the way. I always said no, that I didn’t feel that it would be right for her to pay for it.
    And like any LTR couple, we’ve had our share of good and bad over the last few years. SHE even proposed to ME. But I had issues with remarrying and having another child so soon. Yet that was very high on her list of priorities.

    The worst was when we had probably our worst fight ever and went to work upset. She was upset at work and a guy was consoling her and took advantage of the situation by kissing her. She told me about it a couple days later, but in the meantime was so sick with herself that it was making her physically ill.
    I forgave her as the way I see it, it was that guy who was taking advantage of the situation b/c he liked my fiance. But after moving back home for a couple weeks, we talked it out, I forgave her, and she did everything I asked pertaining to cutting all ties with this guy. She even talked to his supervisor and had his schedule changed to where he wouldn’t even be an issue. (she got fired 2 weeks later..but that’s another story. lol )

    Now, I’d said I’d forgiven her…but anyone who’s been cheated on knows, you might be able to forgive, but you’ll never forget.

    Fast forward about a year…Sara and I were living together for about 8-9 months when I got the call to come home. My mother had brain cancer and needed help. So, I quit my job and moved back home…and it’s been the toughest experience of my life, taking care of a brain cancer patient with the mental capacity of an 8-yr old. Even harder that it’s my own mother…but Sara moved in with me to help just a couple months later.
    So all in all, I’m the most stressed out I’ve ever been…ever.
    Having to be w/ mom 24/7, I can’t work a regular job or lead any sort of “normal” life. As such, I spend a LOT of time at home. On the PC, watching TV, cleaning, yard work, etc…
    But when Sara moved in to help, I was able to get to work more often. So she was stuck at home a lot too…and in a new state where she didn’t really have any friends and no family. Consequently, she spent a lot of time on the PC too. She got really addicted to WoW for a bit, which caused even more stress between us. I caught her sending “I Love You” to a character on WoW that she swears up and down is a 15 yr old kid. (But, I do know that she played a lot with a family in Cali that played a lot too. Father, Mother, and Son all played together.) I didn’t really believe her, but I kinda just let it slide.

    As it happens, I met a young lady on the net that’s about my fiances’ age (24) that happens to have lupus. She’s been a huge help in me keeping my sanity since I’ve been back home. She and I are kinda each others’ support group. Nothing more. She has a fiance as well. But we had been chatting nearly everyday for a while.

    But Sara is insanely jealous of this girl. And one day when I wasn’t home, she went snooping through my YIM archive and read some old IM’s. There she just happened to find a log, from more than a month previous, that I was talking to my friend about an argument Sara and I had. I said some things while still upset that Sara didn’t take too kindly to once she read them.
    As she was packing for a visit to go see her parents the next day, she decided to just go ahead and pack the rest of her stuff.
    Sara called me about an hour after she left, nearly in tears and wanting to come back. But still going, so that she could see her family.

    Not within 3 days, all of a sudden she’s making these big plans to go back to school. Ok. Great. Then a couple days later…BAM! “I’m considering joining the Navy”. She also went on a trip to California a few weeks ago. I happened to log on to MSN, and saw a msg where “Mike” had been added to Sara’s friends list. Well, *I’m* the only one on the friends list to that email. And it just so happens that “Mike” lives in about the same area as Sara was visiting. When I asked, I got that it was a friend of the family that send her pictures. Okay…so I dropped it.

    All of a sudden, she doesn’t want to get married anymore, she’s wanting to go off to college in another state, and wanting to join the Navy.
    We still tell each other “I love you” on a daily basis, and we talk multiple times per day. And now, my aunt has assumed care of my mother so that I can get back out and support myself and try and build my life back.
    Right now though, I’m so stressed out and depressed w/ my mom and finding a new career in this job market, added with the troubles Sara and I are having…I’m going bonkers. Especially that we’re now doing the long-distance thing again.

    I don’t really know what I want in life anymore except one thing.

    1. priv828

      I am unable to tell you if there’s someone else in her life, but it sounds like your drifting apart. I don’t think you’ve pushed her away i just don’t feel you two were in the same place at the same time with your relationship, people are growing and changing constantly, sometimes you grow and change together which makes your relationship stronger, and sometimes you grow and change separately drifting the two of you apart. It sounds like the latter one relates to you. Only by talking to sara openly will you be able to work out where to go from here.

  12. Nixie

    Why do I suddenly forget about things?
    While I am thinking about something, I suddenly feel very relaxed for a second ( like, a fast spreading white light in my mind or something ) then I realize that I forgot about what it is. I’ve been noticing some changes about my health, too. Been trying to make myself busy but I don’t actually know what I really want to do, or when I do something it makes me feel irritated so I end up doing nothing… Could it be caused by the stress? It’s kind of lonely and boring… What do you think?
    I’m 15 and I’m a girl, my mum died of lupus when i was 2 and my father is a diabetic…

    1. DIXIE

      the forgetfulness happens to me alot!!! if you don’t smoke weed(if you do it is the weed making you forget)…forgetfulness can be caused by stress …if this forgetting things has just started happening then it is most likely because of stress… if it has been happening for awhile then it could be AD-HD…

  13. Tina S

    How do I stop two adults from creating a baby?
    I really don’t know where to go so, I thought I would give it whirl here..My sibling is 43 yrs old however; “Patty” is a transsexual; born a male trying to change to a female that is turning back to a male. (past history-reports of sexually abusing two children during his/her teenage life) She/He is bipolar, very dangerous bad temper and has the mind set of a 15 year old. “Patty” stopped taking all of her/his medication all at once on the same day…seriously dangerous for all parties involved. “Patty” is always starting fights at work and in personal life. She/he seeks vengeance’s in dark dangerous ways.

    “Patty” has a job however; that’s on shaky ground due to all the problems and fights she/he had created. She/He continues to create problems at work and personal life. Patty relies on our parents for money due to “Lucy” spending it all on alcohol etc. Bums rides to and from the appointed destination. She also dumps all her stress and worry she has caused onto our parents.

    “Patty” does NOT care that our father has had several strokes & T.I.A’s. He has been warned by a cardiologist that if he has one more stroke it could kill him this time. Our Mother is sick with cardiological problems. She has had open heart surgery and zapped with the heart paddles to start her heart two different occasions recently. She also suffers with mental illnesses.

    I’m also not well. I’ve had 19 operations in my abdominal region with many diseases including precancerous tumours, Lupus, Fibromyalgia…..blah blah blah I count my blessings everyday when I have a day where I can get out of bed. I’ve had to be put on life support after my last three operations. I’m not on life support now. My husband is healthy minus the hair loss due too all this stress…lol

    The sexual partner “Lucy” is 29 yrs old. She was born a female and remains to be female however; she has the maturity level of a 10 yr old. She works and spends every pay cheque on junk, alcohol and cigarettes. She does NOT pay her part of the rent, food or bills. She goes out partying every night and sleeps around with pretty much anybody. She stopped taking her Bipolar medication and other medication all at once on the same day. She’s 5 weeks pregnant with my sister/brother’s baby. Neither of them are under the care of a doctor and “Lucy” does NOT take vitamin supplements or folic acid. She is not taking prenatal classes or anything for that matter and does NOT eat anything healthy.

    She goes through phases like getting a cat and when she’s bored with it she ignores it, does NOT feed or take care of it. She also has had a kikachu once again, she got bored of it, ignored it and did not take care of it. She wanted to get a ferret however; thankfully that didn’t pan out in her favor. Now, it’s the baby phase. She’s made arrangements to have her mother to take care of the baby when she loses interest in the baby. The mother is mentally ill, has had her autistic son taken away because she beat the crap out of the child to him shut-up.

    I can tell you more however; I really don’t think it’s necessary because you all can see how badly it’s turning out for everyone especially the 5 week old fetus.

    Plus, their apartment is infested with fleas and smell to the heavens like cat urine.
    We are all born and raised Canadian and still live in Canada.

    Can anybody help me because if I can’t do anything then a child will be born into this world….I much rather not say :0( You get the point…right?
    I send big HUGS out to everybody that has offered suggestions…..Thank you very much!

  14. Mycho

    Lupus as cause of MJ’s Death?
    Many of us are mourning Michael Jacksons passing, I beign one of them felt annoyed with all the assumptions made by the media concerning his death and how they are making him seem like an instable perscription drug abuser.
    Sources claimed that he suffered from Lupus. I researched Lupus and i got this result:
    Heart and circulatory system. Lupus may cause inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart (pericarditis; pronounced per-i-kar-DIE-tiss) or of the heart itself (myocarditis; pronounced my-o-kar-DIE-tiss). When this happens, various heart problems may develop, such as an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia; pronounced uh-RITH-mee-uh), heart failure, and even sudden death. Blood clots often form in the blood vessels. These blood clots can break loose and cause a stroke (see stroke entry) or other complications.

    Couldn’t that have been a major factor in MJ’s death??? Why’s everyone stressing out over drugs being the reason…
    n that whole IV n him being put to sleep previously n no one knowing how… did u all forget he went through surgery a lot in his life?? Ofcourse he’s felt what its like to be put to sleep.

  15. Kari Karino

    My best friend has a disease?
    It’s similar to lupus, but not exactly the same. I don’t remember what it’s called. If you know what lupus is, you know that it can cause some serious health problems. Obviously it affects my friend’s life a lot. I know that, but sometimes I just think she takes it too far. It is literally her excuse for everything. She wants to be a doctor, but she is constantly telling me that she just isn’t smart enough and her grades aren’t good enough to get into med school. The thing is, from what I can see, she is definitely smart enough, but she is always procrastinating on her school work (we are both in college, btw). I know that at least two or three times this semester she has used her disease as an excuse to make her feel better for procrastinating and to get her sympathy from her professors and give her an extension.

    Now, I will give to her that one of the times she was in the ER for about a day and wound up missing a test which her teacher was going to let her make up. This was about a month and a half ago. I talked to her the other day and she was getting all stressed out and depressed because she still hasn’t made up the test and now she’s saying that she doesn’t have time to take it and even if she does take it she would probably fail. The reason she doesn’t have time to take it? Because all of those assignments she got extensions for she still hasn’t done. Now, does she have anyone or anything (disease, or whatever) to blame for that? In my opinion, no.

    Last night she was working on a paper that’s due today that she hadn’t started working on until then. Supposedly she spent five hours looking for sources and only found 3 out of 5. On the other hand, she spent most of those five hours talking to me and I know very well that she was doing other things. She has even told me herself that she looks for distractions. Then around 10 pm she told me basically that it was useless trying and she was just going to stop bothering and skip class tomorrow. By then, I was just about sick of listening to her whine, which she had been doing for pretty much the whole time we were talking, and that was just the last straw for me. In my opinion, she should not have procrastinated in the first place, but since she did procrastinate, she needed to take responsibility for that and if that grade was really as important to her as she made it seem, she needed to be willing to make sacrifices, like staying up all night, in order to get it finished. But she wasn’t going to do that. I tried to stay calm and give her advice, and I sent her some lyrics to a song that I thought would make her feel better. At which point she said something really bitchy to me. And then I couldn’t take it anymore.

    I basically told her, this is the shortened version, that if she really wanted to make good grades she needed to stop procrastinating all the time and quit using her disease as an excuse. And she flew off the handle. Now, I myself am not much of one to be talking on procrastinating, I will admit it. But the difference is, that when I do procrastinate I am at least willing to accept that I caused this problem for myself and do what it takes to fix it without running away. She said to me, “This coming from you? Piss off.” And then she signed off the IM. I called her she hung up on me. I called her again and left her a message (at this point I was pretty much in tears because I know she is not a very forgiving person and I thought I was going to lose my best friend) apologizing and telling her I was out of line.

    So what I want to know is if I was really out of line. I know that I probably shouldn’t have said something like that over IM, but I was upset and couldn’t manage to hold my tongue. Oh I also wanted to mention that afterwards she posted a bulletin on MySpace saying that she works her ass off more than anyone just to get through one day and going on about her liver could fail any day now. In short, she was trying to use her disease as a way to get sympathy from people. Which she does all the time. In my opinion. I try to be sympathetic with her, but when she brings up this disease of hers at least 10 or 20 times a day and acts like she’s the only one problems in the world and that nobody else’s problems matter (you should hear some of the things she says about people), it really just starts to get on my nerves.

    Ok, that’s really it. Please just tell me if I was out of line in what I said and if I am being an insensitive bitch to her. And also please give me some advice on what to do. She texted me last night and is going to call me today so we can talk stuff over.

    1. tulseciffo

      I don’t know what age range you’re in, but when I was 20-22 I was sick. It was a serious condition and I had to have a few surgeries; but I had many, many, many good days that I could be productive. I made every excuse in the book not to do anything. I dropped any class that took any effort. I would go to my part-time job only because I needed the money. I was pretty much wallowing in my condition. I did have a lot of pain and other symptoms that weren’t being controlled and I was so frustrated with the doctors I was seeing. Instead of working through it all, I pretty much wasted my time watching tv, playing games and chatting on-line.

      So keeping that in mind, have compassion; but not too much. Everyone needs bull shit called on them sometimes. If she talks or complains about not doing well in school and its getting on your nerves find a way to change the subject or excuse yourself and walk away. Maybe she’ll get the idea that you don’t want to hear it and will be embarassed that she’s acting dumb. If she doesn’t get the picture, just drop her as a friend. You can’t help someone who can’t help themselves.

  16. Nate

    How does a guy get over the heartbreak and guilt and jealousy of an exgirlfriend which he dumped?
    I didn’t want to but she has lupus which get worse by stress and i felt like i was the cause of it so i called it off. She was my first girlfriend first love we were together for two years and two months before i called it quits. I’ve been regretting it every day but I’m leaving for school and its passed the point where i could ask her back, plus it wouldn’t make much sense to ask her back and then turn around and leave in a few weeks. She’s seemed to move on so quick and doesn’t even seem to be the same person i fell in love with. Being my first girlfriend she was my first breakup and it sucks i never wanted to do it. I could handle her lupus but i couldn’t keep feeling like i was the one putting her in the hospital and now shes all healthy and has no problems. How do I get over her and move on I’m not talking to her anymore but I still think about her all the time, how do I stop?

  17. Marilyn B

    My 21-y/o daughter is plagued by daily headaches with all test results normal. Any suggestions as to cause?
    Presciption-strength Aleve and other over-the-counter headache medication has had no effect. She’s had an EEG, CAT scan, and MRI of the head, neck, and chest. All the blood work came back normal. Yet, her headaches continue on a daily basis and have become more and more frequent over the past three years. They start upon rising out of bed in the mornings. Sometimes they are in the front of her head, sometimes on both sides, sometimes on the back, sometimes pounding, and sometimes there is an intense pressure (squeezing) sensation. The family physician thought that the headaches were due to stress/depression and put her on Wellbrutin. The neurologist thought that the headaches were migrains and has put her on 50 mg of Topamax (4th week and no improvement). The rheumatologist thought that it was Lupus but has since ruled that out. She sees a chiropractor and physical therapist twice per week with no improvement. Anyone have any other suggestions? We are at our wits-end here!
    Her hair is shoulder-length and quite thin (always has been) but I appreciate all thoughts.
    Just today, I thought of calling an allergist for an appointment.
    No, she is not on any birth-control. I’ve heard of some young women who are put on birth-control medication in order to curb their heachaches that are related to their monthly cycle, however.

    1. HH in AK

      I had unexplained headaches at about the same age. I went to five different doctors, got five different diagnoses. One even prescribed glasses.

      Then one day I was at the dentist and he asked, “Have you been having headaches lately?” I almost cried. It turned out I had TMJ, trans-mandibular joint disorder. I was grinding my teeth at night and it was wearing out the muscles. The headaches were strained muscles on the sides of my head. My jaw didn’t hurt at all, but my eyes and temples were in pain all the time.

      Have someone look at her for TMJ, it’s an easy fix.

  18. reena

    Someone tell me am i defeated or do i have another way of looking at things!! HELP!!?
    In February, after spending 3 months prior trying to find my sister another home for our father, (she called every morning griping, complaining and just plain disrespectful about him) she called me very upset and gave me, 2 wks to find him another place to live, nursing home i dont care..just get him out. (he lived with her, her husband and son for 2yrs)..she has mental depression dr. told her bipolar but she refused to discuss it or take meds…she has been like this all her life. Because my father has no dementia, there is nothing really wrong with him, and because he lived in sadness and depression with her never left his room to try to avoid her and the family (one time he fell trying to look in his closet and she ranted and raved to all of us “why in the hell was he in his closet anyhow” i realized there was nothing i could do or say because we where happy that he was not in a nursing home ( he had been there b4, it was awful) none of my other sisters could take him and because i am single, 1 son and full of compassion for a man who treated me like shit all my life i took him…
    it has been since february, i couldnt find a 3 bedroom for under 800 and all utilities so we bought a house, funny the problem is not dad…did i mention that my 8 yr old has adhd, ocd, anger issues and possible bipolar, did i mention that i have lupus, raynauds, sjorgens, scleroderma, hypothryroidism, acid reflux disease, nueropathy, depression caused by all of the above and i am only 39…so the above comes to pass…no problem
    but here comes my 2 sisters, the others (theres 11 of us..9 who dont give a shit) one who is old school , self serving and literally told me he didnt raise me i have to obligation she failed to say that in her last TWO marriages with 2 kids and a grandchild she moved back to dads house it seemed her past was not an issue then…the second feels so guilty (she is daddy’s little girl although i am the baby of the family, i am the youngest..and NO i am not jeasous..she and i are..uh where really close)..because the second also has depression issues, a child with a behavior problem and a young one following along she seems to think that she can come into my home criticize, get rude, nippy she puts too much on her plate then she takes is out on me…if i speak up she then will accuse me “another sister telling me off” or “u must not be taking ur meds” she has crossed bounderies with my son “he is my God child i can spoil him” I say no to something she in front of him will make a rude disrespectful comment or excuse his behavior… isay ask me b4 u invite him over she invites and then says “oh sorry i didnt ask u first”….someone help me dad is not the problem…she is they are, i do nothing right, if i speak up…well she must be on her period, she must not b taking her meds…they have actually caused so much stress tears anxiety that i am back seeing a counseler,…i want to sell the house, give dad to them and leave…but i know it would be toooo much for my son (he is absolutely first)….bye from defeated in ohio…by the way i only have said half of it…there is soooo much more…

    1. Dagny Justice

      I stopped going to anyone except for the asthma once I found out “everything.” Some things are too overwhelming if you are catering to or admtting them all the time. Yeah, my house isn’t in the greatest shape right now, but I’ve got what I need to continue living and maybe helping or affecting other. I don’t want to be remembered as someone who gave up and died in a motocart everyday whining about pain. 😀 Seriously. It is sheer stubbornness that gets me by, and it might be stupid or closeminded but it is what i need…. It might help you…. Don’t have to worry what med counteracts another or what med makes other condtions worse or creates new ones if all you’re taking is what you will absolutely die without. Once you simplify that aspect of life, you start seeing it is not so bad or hard to simplify others you normally wouldn’t have….

  19. yo yo yo!

    i really need help…?
    Im 17, almost 18 years old and have had acne for 4-5 years now.
    The antibiotic Minocycline was working until he caused drug-induced lupus, and so after a couple trips to the ER, obviously I had to stop with it.
    I’ve tried:
    Proactiv (twice; failed both times)
    Several costly creams (failed)
    Niacin & Biotin vitamins (failed)
    Birth Control (failed)
    Change of diet (failed)
    Dermatologist (no help at all)
    Chiropractor ( to adjust my spine to release stress & tension; failed)
    Laxatives ( to clean out my system, failed )

    I’ve been recommended by my mom’s hairstylist to put urine on the pimples… but i’d rather not.
    The minocycline had worked so well, and my skin was soo soft and smooth, and i was starting to gain confidence again, its so hard to go back to not being able to touch my face because it hurts constantly and isnt smooth. Suicide is starting to look better than waking up ugly everyday.

    Please just help me… anything that might work =

    1. Letitia C

      I don’t know if it would be an option, but I do have severe discoid lupus,and have abosolutely no hair on the top of my head, so I do understand about being embarrased in public, but life is truely precious, and you will find something eventually that will work for you, so don’t give up, suicide is a permanant solution to a temperary problem, but I am on prednisone, which is a corticosteriod, and it does, clear my skin, of lesions, and lupus bumps, but I would really try to find another dermatologist. Good Luck! and a big Hug!

  20. stella

    Why should my color matter?
    There is this guy that i really love and he love me too but his family do not want him to date me because i am not of their race. At first neither of us cared how they felt but when i talked to his 12 year old color blind sister she opened my eyes to some things. This guy`s family really really needs him. I already knew that his dad was a cop who was killed in the line of duty but now i know that his mom has Lupus and he cares for her and the 12 year old by himself because his sister is always working to care for the mom financially,one of his brothers can`t emotionally see the mom like that so he stay away but give money to help and the other brother is mentally retarded and floats around to each family member weekly . Even the retarded one hate me .I know this guy`s family need him and he is so over worked but i also know that i love him but if this continue it may affect people that need and depend on him.He`s at the point where he wanna sneak and be with me but i don`t like that or wanna do that. Should i just get out of the way and believe there will be another or continue to date him knowing the stress this causes him? The 12 year old begged me to go away so that her family would be at peace again. I know that i will hurt either way.

  21. A.

    What is going on with my body?
    I know I posted this before, but I’m very worried. I will try and add some more info to this so you guys can hopefully help.

    I’ve had sex about three times this month, all of which were protected with a condom. I asked him if anything leaked out or seemed torn or funny during those times and he said no, everything looked fine.

    I have Sjogren’s syndrome, which is an auto-immune disorder related to lupus. I was recently put on Plaquenil, which is a medicine to treat joint diseases.

    Currently, I also have an upper respiratory infection and have been coughing and coughing and coughing.

    My period isn’t due until the third or so of July, but I woke myself up coughing the morning of the 28th and noticed a spot of blood in my underwear. It was the regular period kind, just regular red blood. I put on a pad, and almost 48 hours later have still had no more blood.

    I was told by several women who are experts that it does not sound like implantation bleeding, but I’m still really scared.

    I have sore breasts, crampy feeling and heavy discharge that I normally have before my period and I “smell” like I’m going to have my period. I just don’t have it.

    I haven’t really asked my boyfriend much about it besides seeing if the condom was on the correct way each time. He’s really stressed right now, so I don’t want to scare him thinking I could be pregnant.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this? My periods are usually regular and I’ve never experienced anything like this (I’ve had the gyno check that out and she said it was nothing). I have had bleeding after sex that was similar to this and since a hallmark of Sjogren’s is dryness, someone suggested that the coughing just kind of tore something that was already dry in there and caused it to bleed.

    I seriously CANNOT be pregnant. I mean, I can, but I just am not a place to handle that right now.

    1. Shianne

      It could be just dryness, or even a yeast infection. I havent had many but the 2 out of 3 have had spotting bit of blood, minor odor (enough for me to notice my husband was clueless tho) and just kind of raw, crampy feeling. Go to the ob/gyn explain all of the symptoms even the real mild ones. Find out if you are having an allergic reaction to the condoms, or a lube whatever. Come find out i actual am allergic to warmer lube and only the flavored condoms, they were causing my infections. good luck

  22. PRNLPN

    What causes patchy hair loss in women? I have been told stess. That’s too general of an answer for me!?
    I have had my thyroid checked, numerous blood tests. I have been told that it could be linked to sleep apnea. I’ve been tested for lupus. My doctor doesn’t have any answers… I’m just wondering if she could be missing something. I am 33, I first experienced hair loss after the birth of my second daughter in 2002. I’ll get a spot, usually on the right side of my head that starts out about the size of a pencil eraser. They have been as big as an orange! I’m talking smooth baby butt bald! Hair slowly grows back, but another spot will usually appear before the previous one is completely covered by new hair. Right now, I have a spot on the back of my head about the size of a golf ball. I am stressed worrying about my hair falling out. Other than that, I would not say that I am under any more stress than most.
    I have been diagnosed with alopecia aereata…I see a dermatologist who injects the affected site with steroids. Does anyone know about the rise and fall of hormone levels? Is this somethinf that changes monthly?

    1. stascia

      stress definitely can cause hair loss. but have you been diagnosed with alopecia? alopecia is just baldness, and alot of women experience alopecia…maybe you should talk to your doctor about alopecia and whether or not your hair loss is a result of that.

  23. newhavenite07

    Painful purple/numb on bottom of toes (not top of toe or arch)?
    For the last several months I’ve been developing a callous underneath my big toes. After a while, these areas became numb, which I attributed to (1) calloused skin, and (2) a previous condition causing numb big toes (slipped nerve, bad arch, solved by shoe inserts). Lately these areas have gone from numb to extremely painful – and have turned purple/black bruise-like and appeared on both my 4th toes, too (odd).
    I don’t think this is caused by shoes since I wear different ones daily with orthodics and all have wide toe boxes. The only change in recent activities has been hiking outdoors in the snow, so my first thought was frostbite. Since these issues showed up in warmer weather, though, I’m guessing this doesn’t have much to do with the cold (although it makes the painful areas burn more intensely).
    One thing google DID bring up was the possibility of lupus: I’ve been fighting a low fever on and off, under a lot of stress, constantly tired and disoriented, insomnia, cold sores, psoraisis-like lesions on my neck (dermatologist is still trying to diagnose). I’m assuming symptoms of lupus would show up before the age of 28?

    I don’t want to be a hypochondriac and my insurance deductible is too high to be get medical attention for anything not immediately life threatening. Any ideas on what this could be?

    1. EROS7776

      Any time tissue turns black/purple and is numb, it is a sign that the tissue could be dying. If you haven’t already, you should get someone to check your blood glucose and make sure that you don’t have diabetes, as this disease causes problems with toes due to slow healing process.

      good luck..

  24. star69

    can someone help me write a summary on this science article?
    i need this for tomorrow and im not soo good at ready so can you helo me please
    Environmental pollution is the release of environmental contaminants, generally resulting from human activity.

    Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides produced by industry and motor vehicles are common air pollutants.

    Arguably the principal source of air pollutants worldwide is motor vehicle emissions, although many other sources have been found to contribute to the ever growing problem.

    Principal stationary pollution sources include chemical plants, coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, nuclear waste disposal activity, incinerators, large animal farms, PVC factories, metals production factories, plastics factories, and other heavy industry.

    Pollutants can cause disease, including cancer, lupus, immune diseases, allergies, and asthma.

    Adverse air quality can kill many organisms including humans. Motor vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of air pollution.

    Principal stationary pollution sources include chemical plants, coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, nuclear waste disposal activity, incinerators, large livestock farms (dairy cows, pigs, poultry, etc.), PVC factories, metals production factories, plastics factories, and other heavy industry. Some of the more common soil contaminants are chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFH), heavy metals (such as chromium, cadmium–found in rechargeable batteries, and lead — found in lead paint, aviation fuel and still in some countries, gasoline), MTBE, zinc, arsenic and benzene.

    Ordinary municipal landfills are the source of many chemical substances entering the soil environment (and often groundwater), emanating from the wide variety of refuse accepted, especially substances illegally discarded there, or from pre-1970 landfills that may have been subject to little control in the U.S.

    or EU. Pollution can also be the consequence of a natural disaster.

    For example, hurricanes often involve water contamination from sewage, and petrochemical spills from ruptured boats or automobiles.

    Larger scale and environmental damage is not uncommon when coastal oil rigs or refineries are involved.

    Some sources of pollution, such as nuclear power plants or oil tankers, can produce widespread and potentially hazardous releases when accidents occur. Adverse air quality can kill many organisms including humans.

    Ozone pollution can cause respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion.

    Water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to contamination of drinking water by untreated sewage in developing countries.

    Oil spills can cause skin irritations and rashes.

    Noise pollution induces hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, and sleep disturbance..

    1. evoL

      The human source of pollutants, of which causes death and disease in humans and also animals, is as varied as the common car, factories, technology industries, is very great and obviously dangerous. Despite human attempts at containment, destructive natural phenomena can vex these intentions, spreading more than its’ share of distruction.

  25. Dan.

    I’m having an early life crisis and need some advice.?
    Warning: Kinda long

    I’m 19 years old, and my life is going nowhere, I’ve never had a job, I dropped out of high school, I got my GED. I’m not intellectually stupid I scored 3000+ on the NCGED and had a GPA of 3.5 before I dropped out. But there is a reason for all of this. My grandma was diagnosed with lupus, brittle bone syndrome, has failing kidneys, so I dropped out to take care of her, and since then her insurance(medicade) has required that she have 24/7 care so that burden fell on me. My family refuses to help me with her so I’m really missing out on my life. I have a girlfriend but she is getting tired of me never being able to leave and how my mom always calls me to do this and that while she is here (my mom does sort of abuse my good nature and ask me for the stupidest things and it gets irritating) I have an opportunity to get a job but that could lead to mom being put into a nursing home because I wouldnt be able to provide the 24/7 support. I’ve been dating this girl for almost three years now and she has stood by me but tonight she just said enough was enough that she couldnt take any more of me babying my mom and watching me waste my life away taking care of her. My question is should I take care of my mom, or just try to move on with my life and hope for the best. IMHO I’m tired of the same routine day after day I need something different, and a job that actually pays (because I basically do the job of a CNA 24/7) I’m constantly sleep deprived and am starting to slip into a rut of depression which I was diagnosed with several years ago (never really told my girlfriend about it because after some therapy I was ok and thought it was irrelevant) but I feel that coming back. And I’m stuck between the stress of taking care of my mother and trying to keep my girlfriend. She means the world to me they both do. I’m just torn, I can’t stand the thought of losing either of them, my girlfriend has been the best thing to ever happen to me she’s been my rock and kept me sane through the years and is really like an angel to me. But my mom saved my life, (here’s the kicker, my mom is my grandma I just refer to her as mom cause she raised me) my real mother was a drug addict and abusive I had to see stuff like her prostituting herself to crackheads to get some drugs way too much and my grandma saved me from that. They have both done so much for me and I want to please them both but it just doesn’t seem like I can. This just hurts so much I can’t take the stress from both of them. I don’t want to abandon my mom because she’s not really ready for a nursing home yet, but I don’t want to lose my love either. It’s a real ball buster.. Help? Please..

    1. Quang



  26. Jayne

    Are these the symptoms of mild or severe Lupus?
    it doesn’t all attack me at once, but they vary from time to time. I always feel these symptoms can be attributed to something else…
    I have already been diagnosed with SLE but I havent gone to my rheumatologist for 1/2 year now. I am also not taking any meds at this time. I dont have any rashes so I was wondering if I should just rest and take it easy, after all, the doc will probably prescribe prednisone and send me home.

    memory loss —–I am just plain forgetful and always have been though
    headaches———don’t everyone get them from time to time?
    fatigue—————I am in college, so stress?
    dizziness/lightheaded————-i guess can be from stress, lack of sleep?
    vertigo (nausea)———————-happens sometimes
    eye infections—————————- (eyelids swollen, but i think it was caused by dirty fingers) happened 4 times in 5 months
    mouth sores/ulcers—————-happening just now
    hair loss—————————I have thin hair, since HS
    loss of appetite—————–on and off, could be due to relationships+ school
    memory loss—–sometimes i want something and go to another room to get it, and then come back empty handed. but it will take me a while to realize i forgot something.

    1. ParzLou

      Hi Jayne.
      As you have already been diagnosed with SLE I am sure you know that your rheumatologist can best answer this …. however of the many issues you describe I can tell you that the hair loss and fatigue are common signs for lupus . The rest of your ailments could have any of a plethora of causes not necessarily attributed to your lupus itself but could be an underlying factor . I would schedule an appointment with your rheumatologist for a better idea of what may or may not be causing your ailments and what there relevance to your lupus could be…

      take care

  27. AspiringAsh

    Odd stomach/bowel symptoms for about a year or two now?
    The symptoms include: rectal bleeding (I’m fairly confident it is caused by an anal fissure), mostly constipation with occasional diarrhea, pain in my lower to mid abdomen, nausea occasionally, weight loss of nearly 20 pounds (5′ 3″, went from 153 or so to 128 in about 8 months), and severe stomach sensitivity to stress/anxiety.

    I know I should probably see a doctor, but I’m afraid that I’m merely going to be told that all the tests are normal and that I’m overreacting to a couple of odd symptoms.

    I tend to also have horrible symptoms for awhile, with alternating periods of feeling wonderful.

    Any doctors that have a clue or guess to what could be bothering me?

    (Health conditions that run in my family: lupus, Crohn’s disease, diabetes)

    Thanks for taking the time to help!

    1. Anonymous

      *(Health conditions that run in my family: lupus, Crohn’s disease, diabetes)*

      Ditto in my family, and I have the SAME symptoms you are having. My doctor says it’s just anxiety over family ills, and that it’s not anything harmful or life threatening.

      You could talk to your doctor anyway and get some blood tests done just to be sure everything is ok. Even the most simplest of symptoms can be early signs of something more serious.

  28. molly

    Whats wrong with me!?? :(?
    I’m so stressed and scared?
    I feel like I’m mostly always sad, but those little moments when I’m happy, the littlest thing seems to set me off and make me really upset. i have been sad for awhile now, i thought it was just a phase but i think its getting worse. I find it hard to do the little things now, even getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle, i just don’t see the point in it, i would rather just curl up in a ball and go back to sleep, where i don’t have to think about my life. But my sleep isn’t even safe from my life any more, i wake up in the middle of the night crying a lot and I feel really paniced. Or i have a dream about my life and how much I hate it at times and then I cant stop thinking about it. Sometimes I dream about how I wish my life was and then when I wake I am guttard that my life isn’t like that.

    My mum died when i was 8 years old, I’m now 16. I never grieved about it, i mean i was only little and i guess i never really understood what was or what had happened. She had lupus and I’m not really sure what exactly that is. My real mum and dad Split when i was 3 or 4 years old, and that’s my earliest memory, sitting on the steps listening to them fight. They went through court cases over custody and it was really hard on me and my brother, so we lived with my mum until i was 6 and we were not allowed to see my dad, i was terrified of him anyway because i had been taught to be, not sure how or why, But then when i was 6 i had to go live with my dad and his partner and was only allowed to see my mum once a week for an hour with another adult present. She was in a wheel chair and stuff, She died when i was 8 and then my dad and his partner got engaged. I went to school the day i found out she had died and never really accept it or talked about her death. but now i miss her more than ever. My dad and his partner made me and my brother move cities when i was 11 and i found it very hard to cope and i didn’t have my family and friends any more. Then my dad and his partner split and she moved away. Then my dad got re married this year and yea. So any way there is my life story, kinda? anyways should i still be sso sad about this? I have not felt happy for so long and i don’t know what to do but its not as if i can just be happy, i don’t really wanna talk to anyone about it? I cant talk to my dad about anything he is one of those people who would just laugh and ignore you then run off to his wife and they would laugh together.
    Whats wrong with me!!!!!!????

    I used to self harm. and i think I’m going to start again i mean i don’t want to but i do at the same time. i don’t like people seeing it, so i hide it but I’m worried someone will see or something. so i don’t know if i will do it, but it makes me feel so much better. I pierced my ear the other day because I really wanted to cut and I thought that by piercing my ear it would I dunno, cause that pain that I get from cutting. I guess it sorta helped but it wasn’t the same. whats wrong with me!??? I feel so stupid saying I’m going to self harm again, it just sounds pathetic, But it just releases stress, makes me feel in control. Is that silly? I know it is silly but even though it is ridiculous it doesn’t stop me from thinking it.

    Please don’t suggest me going to the doctor cause i cant. i don’t have any family i can talk to about this and i wont tell my friends, i really don’t want them knowing.

    Please help I’m really lost!!

  29. Sher

    Any Suggestions or Advice?
    This is a real screwed up situation, & I really don’t know how to even explain the whole situation, But I will try my best!
    First let me tell you a little about myself, I am 42, married for 17years, I have two girls 19 & 23 from a previous marriage. The oldest has moved on & the youngest is still home of course! Life with my husband, well it is what it is. Its not always easy, for he has got issues if his own, & I have learned over the past years that I cant change him, a person needs to change themselves I am the one that needs to change, not that there is anything wrong or bad with me, but I need to change what I tolerate & everything else that comes with this type of relationship. We can get along so great, & then it just gets bad. Put it this way, its a whole other topic & its depressing, and I just get exhausted thinking about it.
    I have lupus SLE, mild for a long time & now its gotten worst, lots of meds, in bed a lot, I am a fighter & I try real hard, I have been sick this year more than ever. I know maybe a lot of you are unfamiliar with the disease, but stress dosnt help it at all.
    I dont work, ha! it would be hard at times with my sickness, but it falls back to the marriage situation. ” another topic”
    Ok, here goes the nightmare! 3 yrs ago I met this guy, no big deal we have a tractor trailer, self employed & he just happened to be working at a place I was doing business a lot with, well usually I dont speak too much to anybody, I mean hell I rarley leave my house. But anyways, I just never really pay much attention, to avoid conflict. I am not stuck up by no means, I just mind my own, not out to impress nobody. Well after seeing him, on a daily, sometimes weekly manor, it was always small talk, “hey whats up”, “hows the kids” then being I am from around here my whole life, small towns & most everbody knows everybody it turned out through small talk that he knew this one & I knew that one and on & on. Then out of the blue one day, he tells me he likes me, wants to get to know me better, has heard from whom ever different things that my husband and I had been through, ” the cops being involved in some of my husbands temper moments” well needless to say he started really freaking me out with some of the stuff he kept on & on about. Well It got to a point where I would avoid him. I wanted no part of it, I mean this guy could get me killed!
    He kept it up and kept it up, he would litterly beg, please give me a chance, he was gonna leave his wife and give me a better life. I got real nasty, I stopped all business with this place when he was even going to be around, I changed all sorts of contracts just to be rid of him. Well he figured out what I did and started calling my house like crazy, following me. Then one day I get a phone call from his wife, she tells me how her husband had been talking about me for months, he was telling her how he had fallen in love with me. Well I was blown right away about the things she was saying, and I point blank told her I want nothing at all to do with your husband and I do not need any of this, I could not believe he was that nuts!
    So me as stupied I guess is what you could say, tell my husband! Thinking he is my husband and why not tell him, I mean this other guy is a nut case! Well needless to say it didnt go over to well, I dont know of what name I wasnt called, ” all together its like this” “its nice to know if I were raped it would be for sure my fault I would have done something to prevoke it”.
    Well time has gone on & I really thought that ok, this guy, now has the picture, I dont want him, never did and trying to cause trouble with his wife didnt work, I at this point am thinking its done, he is gone! I changed my phone number & everything.
    A few months later strange things started happening, things being left in my mailbox, like a flower, music cd’s, it took me not long to figure ouut who it was, then I would spot him driving by really slow. I do have a best friend of 29years that I have spoken to about this, she kept telling me this isnt good. well this has gone on now for 3 years, here is a list of things that he has done,leaves things in my mail box, calls my house from weired numbers”pay phones” his work, and even once at 6am from his cell phone, drives by my house, has shown to my girl friends house who he barley knows! Begging her to talk to me, she told him, she is married, happy and you need to leave her alone, then he kept calling her until her husband freaked out on him. I have come out of stores, he is in the parking lot, 2 summers ago I had my mother with me and my aunt and I seen him I drove right up to his truck and old him go,,go away leave me alone. He sat there begging me to talk to him!
    He has somehow gotten my phone number, its unlisted!, Everybody knows I go to the cemetary at least 3 to 4 times a month, I have for 20 years, I visit my grandfather who, well I was extremly close to, I still live here in his house, and I fai
    Well this guy has gone as far as now because, he left a note for me in my mothers mailbox, I told him exactly what I thought and warned him about taking this stuff to his wife, we he a week later had his wife call me, screaming that I have been texting her husband!? I have never ever txt him & I dont even know his cell number, she said she has proof? she printed it? How can this be?
    I will say she had some info on my life with recent events that blew my mind, I have thought about it and the only thing I can come up with is he was stalking my facebook, everything she said I txt him was on my face book status! I dont really txt much so I am sorta lost on things about it! But I do know me & my husbands txt msgs do not show on my phone bill, only the numbers that we have txt! I think there are a lot of laws on this stuff they are doing to me!

  30. Gabby124

    Could A Sudden Sinus Infection Cause Anxiety?
    It started about a year ago I had a simple cold then I started having nose bleeds.After a while I had some head pressure then I felt it through out my whole face.By that time I just felt like crap.I went to the doctor and he just said that it was sinuses and gave me some antibiotics that didn’t help.I was stressing myself out so much that I started to have PVC.s.I was in and out the ER and doctors office back to back and had so many test and everything always came back normal down to CTs AND MRIs of the head and sinuses.I went to every doctor possible and even tried changing my primary doc but they just told me it was anxiety.I even got my wisdom teeth taken out but that wasn’t the problem either.Well I still have all these crazy symptoms which include:
    Pressure headaches in the front,back,and temples
    Pressure at the bridge of my nose
    Facial and frontal neck pressure
    Runny/stuffy nose
    Occasionally light head and dizzy
    Frequent colds
    Mood swings
    And many others…
    I got testes for thyroid,lupus,lyme ect.
    Currently I have pressure in my forehead and nose I feel real fatigue and kinda out of it!!!! sometime when I am in a store the lights make me feel woozy!!!

  31. angel

    hereditary or coincidence?
    I work in the med field, and have asked this question, best I can get from doctors is “gee, I dunno, maybe.” So I’m asking opinions, and if anyone else has a similar story I’m interested in what you think…
    My mother is epileptic. Her seizures are triggered by stress, lack of sleep, or physical illness.
    All three of her children have auto immune issues. 1 sister has severe physical reactions to pregnancy. The theory we got from doctors is that her immune system goes on attack and treats the baby like a disease. Possibly its the hormone that triggers it.
    The other sister has lupus, also auto immune, moderate and manageable.
    And I have vitiligo. My immune system attacks pigment like a disease.
    My nephew has chronic severe migraines. We can’t find a cause. He also used to scream in his sleep and shake when he was a baby, so we suspected HE had epilepsy, too, but he’s never had a seizure and it stopped when he was about seven or eight. He also sleepwalks.
    And finally, my niece has severe juvenile arthritis. A month ago, she had an anaphylactic reaction to the smell of shrimp, and doctor says she now can not be around fish or shellfish at ALL. (She grew up on red lobster. No idea why, but I know allergies are unpredictable.)
    And finally, my youngest niece constantly catches colds, flu, pneumonia, ear infections. I mean if you sneeze twenty yards away on a windless day in july, she’ll get it. She also gets pretty severe eczema. She has a weak immune system.
    So here’s my question(s)-
    1. Are auto immune illnesses hereditary, or is my family an anomaly?
    2. Is it possible that all three of us were affected by moms epilepsy or by the meds she was using back then? (phenobarb, and something else that was commonly used in the 60s and 70s to treat epilepsy but was banned, can’t think of the name, so help with that too would be great.)
    3. If I were to have a child, is it pretty much guaranteed that something would be wrong with it?
    5150- no, we don’t live together, but we do all live in the same city. We don’t live in an area where we are exposed to any higher-than-average toxins. As far as I’ve been able to tell, there are not unusually high numbers in any of these illnesses in this area, either.

    1. Amanda

      There are studies that show that there CAN be a genetic link, but the sciences are inconclusive on it.

      2. It’s possible that the medication had an effect. My grandmother took medication for morning sickness and my mother and I BOTH have had endometriosis and autoimmune disorders after that. Before then, no one had endo.

      3. It’s not guaranteed, but I would be cautious just because it seems to be hereditary in yours even if science can’t prove it is.

  32. Princess

    Would you still try to be there for an ex-friend after they’ve hurt and wronged you?
    I am a very sick person with Lupus which is a disease that if stressed, it could reek havoc on my physical been and health. I was friend with this girl for over 14 years whom decided that she had to get involve with my life and began tell things to my ex about me. Needless to say, we are no longer friend. Today another friend that we have in common called me to ask me if I had heard of her because she was going through a tough time.

    this girl spread a bunch of malicious gossip and lies about me because of jealousy and envy even though I treated her like she was my sister. I was very hurt by it to the point of getting sick and had to be hospitalized. I am not gloating, but I now I heard that she is having a tough time and some nasty problems with co-workers and his about get a divorce and a host of other things going on in her life.I was wondering if I should feel sorry for her and call her? The thing is I am very afraid of the drama that this girl causes and I think she cannot be trusted. What do you suggest?

    1. ajal

      NO dont cause your lupus to reach its peak-stages,as what you told us she definitely have proved herself wrong so focus more on what/who is good in your life….save your energy,dont put it into people who aint worth it afterall

  33. Belle

    Am I depressed? What do I do? Please read.?
    Ok. so here’s my little story
    i’m not looking for you to feel sorry for me or whatever but you need some background info.

    when i was 7, my parents divorced and i didn’t see my dad and couldn’t have ANY contact with him for 2 years of my childhood. He was accused of mollesting me because of what my 5 year old sister and I, thinking it was a dream, told my mom. So then it got really nasty and we had police interviewing us and examining us and i still to this day don’t know all the details. we ket moving and were in “hiding” from him and it was terrible, and he didn’t even do ANYTHING. but we were young and confused and wanted to be left alone and kinda just went with it i think. then i was 9 and we had visits for 2 hrs every tuesday supervised, usually by my dad’s mom. then it was eery other weekend,and during this time my mom got remarried to a jerk, with a EVIL stepdaughter. she would harass me in front of her friends, she was 4 years older. she’d tell everyone rumors about me and accused my mom of trying to burn her. and caused a lotta problems. and the stepdad was an alchoholic, but i didn’t know back then. he would just be in bed when he was watching us and act weird. he still is an alchoholic. and then he left my mom WHILE SHE WAS IN SURGERY because she has severe lupus. [sick all the time and can’t be in sun] and so then after mom and my real dad got back together 🙂 so that was happy. and THEN, my dad had a heart attack. he has heart disease and like 3 blockages. luckily, he survived. and my mom also has epilepsy. so that’s really hard.

    ok and nowwww…i’m 13. and my mom stays in bed all day and plays facebook. and my dad works 18 hours a dayy up in the office and gets very stressed out. we have renters on my dad’s old house that won’t pay rent, and we are about to kick em out, only reason we haven’t yet is cause they are very very poor and sad. ok ok and so i’m homeschooled, but myounger bro and sister aren’t. I LOVE LOVE homeschooling.. but i have to go back for highschool most probably. and i don’t want to. it’s cause my mom doesn’t wanna do the work put into it and wants to teach me a lesson that i need to juggle problems? yeah so we are struggling to just keep our house and cars.

    and i haven’t done anything or gone anywhere. we do NOTHING as a family. haven’t had a game night EVER, except once when i BEGGED them to lay a short game, and they stoped in the middle to go smoke. (sorry bad a rush). we don’t do ANYTHING. never just go to the park. NEVER go out to eat at a sit down restaraunt. never do anything together. it’s just blahh all day long. and i only have 3 shirts, one pair of shorts, and no shoes. while my sister and brother have TOO MUCH clothes. and all my friends always have plans but i can never do anything and just almost don’t feel like hanging with them cause they are always jam packed with plans and going to malls together. i didn’t go to thef air for the second year or third year now. just the FAIR. i’m begging my mom and dad to just take me to a local theme park thing. i wanna just go out to eat with my mom. just something. and i’m also not fat but i’m having big problems losing weight cause i’m so insecure and feel fat and i’m on the verge of almost anorexia or something cause i’m so obsessive and i binge eat. and my mom won’t take it seriously!! everytime i try to just have an everyday convo with her she walks away and goes back to bed. she sleeps til 3pm and then all day long is on the laptop or smoking or watching a movie and if i want to just be WITH her i just lay there but can’t talk cause she’s watching something on tv. my dad isn’t supportive of my music at all and everytime i play music on my piano he wants me to be quiet and gets mad and it hurts my feelings. my mom is musical, that’s why she supports it. but she still won’t give me singing lessons even though shes promised.

    and i think i’m depressed. i’ve TRIED talking to them, they wONT LISTEN. i don’t ever get a chance, honestly i don’t. i don’t know what to do and i’m in DESPERATE need of help.
    i know its long please read it all.
    i’m still socialized..

    and my mom has recently every now and then makes dinner. before then.. i usually made t or we just fixed whatever.

    1. LOLZZZ

      well since as a family you guys don’t do anything why won’t you try making something for dinner and everyone sits down as a family and have a nice meal and start a convo. you can search up some awesome recipes and how to cook online or in books at the library or borders and you should get out of homeschooling if you go to an actual school you can actually interact with other kids and talk to a guidance counselor about your problems

  34. Beewally

    match these questions please…?
    bone marrow
    communicable disease
    red blood cells
    white blood cells
    inherited disease
    acquired disease
    immune system
    llymph nodes
    down syndrome
    natural killer cells
    dendritic cells
    acquired immunity
    passibe immunity
    immunodeficiency disorder
    autoimmune disorder
    lymphoma and leukemia
    acute stress
    chronic stress

    1: Principle upon which childhood vaccination is based.
    2: Researchers think that these cells are responsible for transmitting HIV to T-cells in order to activate an immune system
    3: Filters antigens out of the blood; acts as the immune system’s cleaning agent.
    4: Small, bean-shaped clusters that also helps filter the body’s infection fighting system
    5: The result of a sudden or uncontrollable thing such as a natural disaster, or surgical procedure.
    6: Main function is the production of antibodies in response to antigens such as bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells.
    7: Carries oxygen throughout the body.
    8: White blood cells.
    9: Produces T-cells which are responsible for immunity and disease resistance.
    10: Means that all or part of the immune system is unable to properly respond to the presence of an antigen.
    11: A white or yellowish fluid that forms from a collection of dead tissue, dead bacteria, and live and dead phagocytes.
    12: A condition caused by an abnormal chromosome.
    13: A disease that is passed through the genes froom parent to child.
    14: Caused by an inherited abnormal gene.
    15: An acquired disease that is contagious.
    16: The interuption or disorder to normal body functions.
    17: When the immune system cannot distinguish between normal body tissue and antigens and launches an attack against the normal tissue.
    18: Types of Autoimmune Disorders.
    19: Involves antibodies that are produced in someone’s body otherthan your own. Protection is temporary.
    20: A process by which leukocytes known as phagocytes consume microorganisms and dead or dying cells.
    21: Caused by infection, human behaviors, or environmental conditions that affect health.
    22: Performs much like T-cells, only they directly kill tumor cells.
    23: Infection fighting cells.
    24: The body’s defense system against disease.
    25: A birth defect that results in a lack of both T- and B- lymphocytes and you are unable to fight infection. Also known as the “Bubble Boy Disease.”
    26: Produes red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
    27: A disease causing organism.
    28: It’s daily and on-going – such as lack of sleep, long-term physical pain, and day-to-day hassles such as traffic.
    29: General types of cancer hat can happen to the immune system.
    30: Cells which help the blood to clot.

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