Middle-aged to older dogs are usually affected by Cushing’s disease.  The average age at diagnosis is six years old.  However, dogs as young as two years old have been known to be affected.  You may be wondering what exactly causes this condition.


Glucocorticoid is a vital hormone that plays a role in various body systems.  Cushing’s disease in dogs is a condition characterized by overproduction of this hormone.  The pituitary gland sends a hormone to the adrenal gland to stimulate production of glucocorticoid.  If either gland starts behaving abnormally, it may result in overproduction and development of Cushing’s disease.


As you now know, there are two forms of this disease.  One form occurs because of a problem with the adrenal gland, and the other is the result of a problem with the pituitary gland.  Most cases of Cushing’s disease in dogs are the result of a tumor affecting the pituitary gland.  However, tumors have been known to affect the adrenal gland also.


This condition progresses very slowly.  Therefore, you may mistake the symptoms caused by disease for signs of normal aging.  Some of the most common signs of this illness include hair loss, abdominal swelling, and increased drinking and urination.  Other dogs may have recurrent urinary tract infections or develop lesions on their skin.  Some dogs experience multiple symptoms while others may only have one.


Treatment is aimed at improving your dog’s quality of life as opposed to increasing his lifespan.  As mentioned earlier in this article, Cushing’s disease in dogs can be caused by problems with either the adrenal or pituitary gland.  Chemotherapy can be used to treat either form.  If the adrenal gland is affected, surgery is also an option.

3 thoughts on “Lupus Disease In Dogs Symptoms

  1. Asia ♥

    What are the chances of this being Lyme Disease?
    I got sick 6 years ago out of nowhere.
    I was extremely nauseous everyday and dizzy to the point the room was spinning.
    I couldn’t drive in cars anymore because I’d get motion sickness
    And I also developed anxiety that I never had before.

    For a whole year I could barely eat and never left my house.
    I was sick EVERYDAY (not vomiting but nausea etc.)

    After about a year and a half the symptoms got a bit better and I started doing the things I used to do.. eating more, going out etc.

    Then I started getting severe fatigue…no matter what I do, how much I sleep..I’m still DEAD tired.
    I have purple colouration under my eyes and they’re sunken in.

    All my symptoms are:

    Extreme Fatigue
    Purple toes (Raynauds)
    Poor healing
    Ringing in ears while trying to sleep
    Anxiety (Weird neck twitching)
    Tingling in toes/feet
    Shortness of breath
    Irregular heartbeat
    Pain behind eyes/Change of vision/Pressure in eyes
    Cloudy state of mind sometimes
    Stuttering when speaking sometimes
    Chronic runny nose
    Alopecia (hair loss)
    Raynauds (purple toes)
    Sensitivity to light
    Cold/Hot flashes
    Poor balance

    The only thing is, I live in Ontario Canada.
    I’m not sure if there are many ticks around where I live.
    I also never had any sort of target rash that I can remember…but I was young I could have not even noticed.
    I did have alot of dogs and a outdoor cat that we let back inside.
    And I remember my cat having a large white tick that we had to pull of of it.
    But I also wonder if it is Lyme why didn’t my mom or brother contract it?

    Do you think this could be Lyme?

    I’ve been tested for Anemia, Diabetes, Lupus, Celiac, Thyroid issues etc.

  2. Kiki

    Lupus?Lyme disease?? whats going on?
    Pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs, swollen joints everywhere, joint pain everywhere, dizziness -and everything literary spinning like I just got off a roller coaster-, jaw sharp stabbing pain, head ache, pressure in my head, blurry vision, problems with walking, Poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate [sometimes during a day I forget the first half of it completely], Heart pain, little hallucination -an object moved-, extreme fatigue……

    I would like to add that I had a baby 4 months ago, and that I have a dog who has lyme disease. I don’t know if it can spread via flees -I got bitten-. I know I havent been bitten by a tick -I also havent been out lately-. What you think
    I also have problems with concentration while talking
    Im a SAHM and I clean cook and take care my son the whole day.
    I have only 1 kid
    in addition I got so dizzy once I ended up falling on the ground.

    1. Will

      Sounds like a new Mom … do you have other kids at home … do you work … do you have anyone to help you out or are you doing it all? I have an 8 week old … I am all of these things and more. You should take a day and relax, we left the kids with Sister and Mother in law and took off for the amusement park. Everyone had a great day.

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