Surprisingly, humor-theory treatment remained popular until the 19th century. Bone Cancer In Dogs PrognosisThe humor theory was later proven to be twaddle.

Surgery as a possible cancer cure was described in the 1020s by Avicenna in “The Canon of Medicine.” He promoted the surgical removal of diseased body parts or tissues. In the 16th and 17th centuries, more doctors dissected bodies to discover the cause of death.

Between 1871 and 1874, English surgeon Campbell De Morgan formulated that cancer spreads from a tumor to other body areas. Nevertheless, using surgery to cure cancer had poor results due to hygienic problems of that time period.

With hygienic improvement, surgery eventually became an effective cancer cure for early-stage cancer. But the later the cancer stage, the less effective surgery became. And cancer sometimes returned despite surgery.

At the end of the 19th century, Marie and Pierre Curie found radiation to be a possible nonsurgical cancer cure. Surgeons began working with radiologists, improving cancer-cure results. But radiation’s effectiveness depended on the cancer’s location.

In the 1940s, several patients with advanced cancer of the white blood cells were given mustard gas intravenously rather than nasally. The patients improved remarkably – but temporarily! Researchers began searching for other anticancer substances, giving birth to chemotherapy.

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Since then, many anticancer drugs have been developed, exploding drug development into a multibillion dollar industry. So is chemotherapy the cancer cure? No. Unfortunately, some cancers are resistant to chemotherapy.

As you can see, the search for a cancer cure has been going on for hundreds of years. And you can see that a “real” cancer cure doesn’t exist. Hundreds of years of seeking a cancer cure has only led us to radiation, chemo, and surgical therapy. And even these don’t work well on all cancers. So what are we to do?

Actually, a “real” cancer cure exists – but it’s so new that it’s not widely known!


Cancer involves groups of bodily cells growing and dividing uncontrollably, refusing specialization for specific bodily functions, invading and destroying other bodily tissues, and sometimes spreading throughout the body. Most cancers form a tumor, but not all. For example, leukemia (cancer of the blood or bone marrow) doesn’t.

Cancer affects people of all ages, but affects older people more. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer killed 7.6 million people worldwide in 2007!

Cancer is caused by damaged genes within bodily cells. These damages can be caused by tobacco smoke, asbestos fibers, radiation, chemicals, or viral infections. Cancer-promoting genetic damages can also be inherited.

Normal cells are programmed to kill themselves if they become damaged beyond repair. Nevertheless, this program is turned off in cancer cells – allowing them immortality!

Basically, cancer cells are immortal “brain-damaged” cells that act crazy, killing normal cells, interfering with normal bodily functions.


Vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin. Since vitamin D is usually produced by the body’s largest organ, the skin, it’s really a hormone. For a chemical substance to qualify as a hormone, it needs to be produced by one of the body’s organs.

Not only do plants need sunlight to be healthy, humans also need it. Long ago, sunlight exposure was the only way humans got adequate amounts of vitamin D. Most foods are vitamin D-free or contain small traces of it – not enough for best health! The human skin is designed to photosynthesize large amounts of vitamin D from sunlight exposure.

Researchers recently discovered vitamin D deficiencies among the following people:

People spending most of their time indoors,

People regularly covering all their skin with clothing,

People regularly slathering on sunscreen,

People aged 50 and older,

People with excessive body fat,

People with inflammatory bowel disease, and

People living far from the equator. For example, the following cities have high cancer rates: Seattle, Toronto, Boston, London, Dublin, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Berlin, Moscow, and Anchorage.

Also researchers found that dark-skinned people are more susceptible to vitamin D deficiency, because their skin filters out more sunlight than light-skinned people.

Additionally, researchers discovered that many of these vitamin D-deficient people developed medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, clinical depression, chronic anxiety, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis, eczema, high blood pressure, bone softening diseases, chronic pain, muscle weakness, viral infections, polycystic ovary syndrome, and migraine headaches.

But since this article is about cancer, we’ll stay focused on cancer.

Can vitamin D cure cancer? Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

Vitamin D is a powerful hormone that regulates and repairs bodily cells. If you have adequate amounts of vitamin D in your body, the cancer cells in your body stop growing and dividing uncontrollably, stop invading and destroying other bodily tissues, stop spreading throughout your body, and begin specialization for specific bodily functions.

Also the cancer cells lose their immortality, and begin to die normally. Vitamin D forces cancer cells to behave like normal cells!

The singular most important cause of cancer is vitamin D deficiency. Most, if not all, cancer patients are vitamin D deficient.


In the past, people believed that taking 600 IU of vitamin D daily was enough for good health. Currently, researchers found that adults need at least 4,000 IU of vitamin D daily for therapeutic anticancer effects!

But how much is too much? Doesn’t vitamin D become toxic at high doses? Vitamin D does become toxic at high doses, but it’s much higher than you think. Researchers recently found that to poison yourself with vitamin D, you need to take at least 40,000 IU of vitamin D daily.

So if you have cancer, a strong and safe therapeutic dose of vitamin D could range between 10,000 IU and 20,000 IU daily.


You can buy vitamin D tablets at vitamin and retail stores. It’s more convenient to buy tablets that have the highest dose per tablet. For example, I buy bottles of vitamin D containing 2,000 IU per tablet. So I need to take only five tablets to equal 10,000 IU – very convenient!

Vitamin D tablets come in two forms, vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Since vitamin D3 is more potent than vitamin D2, I recommend that you buy vitamin D3 tablets.

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30 thoughts on “Lupus Disease In Dogs

  1. MsUSA

    Lupus disease in dogs?
    My dog has been diagnosed with lupis- how can she be treated – vet says no treatment available- gave us cortison. Cannot find info on Lupis in animals

    1. matador 89

      Veterinary matters are not my field, however the problem of lupus is not just a disease of humans but it also affects dogs.
      There are two primary types of lupus disease that have been recognized in dogs. Both are an autoimmune disorder, but whereas one is widespread throughout the body, the other is mostly confined to skin disorders. Discoid Lupus, (Cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE) is thought to be a milder variant of SLE, and the problems are confined to the skin. CLE is also called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus) is an immune mediated skin disease. It is believed to be related to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, or SLE, but rather than affecting the whole body, the nose and face are mostly affected. The disease typically starts with a loss of pigmentation around the nose. There may also be scabby sores or scaling of the nasal tissues and the surface of the nose may become smooth. Over times, deep sores may develop on the borders of the nose leading up the bridge of the nose.
      For treatment, a corticosteroid ointment applied topically may be sufficient in many cases, though more severe cases may require oral corticosteroids. Vitamin E has also been shown to be beneficial. Though there is no known cause, the disease is more common in areas with increased exposure to ultraviolet light, such as in high altitudes. Further, if the depigmentation leads to sunburn, the risk of squamous cell carcinoma is increased. Because of this, it can be very beneficial to limit sun exposure by applying topical sunscreens or keeping a dog indoors during peak sunlight hours. Discoid lupus tends to occur more frequently in certain breeds, including Brittany Spaniels, Collies, German Shepherds, German Shorthaired Pointer, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Siberian Huskies, as well as crosses of these breeds. For many breeds and many disorders, the studies to determine the mode of inheritance or the frequency in the breed have not been carried out, or are inconclusive.

      Hope this is of help
      Matador 89

  2. FoX

    How did the Lupus disease get its name?
    ok.. I know that Lupus is Wolf in Latin. But how did the disease, lupus get its name? Was it named after the wolf? I know that both people and dogs can get lupus, .. and I’ve just been wondering how and when the disease got it’s name?

  3. Kiki

    Lupus?Lyme disease?? whats going on?
    Pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs, swollen joints everywhere, joint pain everywhere, dizziness -and everything literary spinning like I just got off a roller coaster-, jaw sharp stabbing pain, head ache, pressure in my head, blurry vision, problems with walking, Poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate [sometimes during a day I forget the first half of it completely], Heart pain, little hallucination -an object moved-, extreme fatigue……

    I would like to add that I had a baby 4 months ago, and that I have a dog who has lyme disease. I don’t know if it can spread via flees -I got bitten-. I know I havent been bitten by a tick -I also havent been out lately-. What you think
    I also have problems with concentration while talking
    Im a SAHM and I clean cook and take care my son the whole day.
    I have only 1 kid
    in addition I got so dizzy once I ended up falling on the ground.

    1. Will

      Sounds like a new Mom … do you have other kids at home … do you work … do you have anyone to help you out or are you doing it all? I have an 8 week old … I am all of these things and more. You should take a day and relax, we left the kids with Sister and Mother in law and took off for the amusement park. Everyone had a great day.

  4. Larry

    Does this article mean dogs can have HIV ?
    STRANDSTROM et al have observed that 50% of normal and sick dogs sera reacted with one or more recombinant proteins of the Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By using HIV 1 and Human T lymphotropic virus (HTLV) I and II commercial Western Blot (WB), we have studied 30 dogs sera with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and 19 of dogs with lymphoma. Nine normal dogs are tested as control. For HIV 1 WB, none of the 49 sera collected in dogs with diseases and of the 9 normal sera is reactive. On the other hand, for HTLV I/II WB, 5 sera of SLE dogs and one serum of a dog with lymphoma are reactive. Three SLE sera give a P24 band only and the two other SLE sera a P42 band only. The serum of the dog with lymphoma is reactive with 3 proteins (rgP21, P24 and P42). Our results are not similar with those obtained by STRANDSTROM et al despite the used HIV antigens are equivalent. A significantly number of sera (10.2%) is reactive in the HTLV I/II WB. The hypothesis of a retroviral agent in dog’s species may be evoked.


    1. ellie

      No, that is not what the article is talking about. First off dogs cannot get HIV as it is a disease particular to humans, they cannot transmit the disease either. This article is investigating why. They are looking for the presence of retrovirals for HIV in the dogs. Retrovirals essentally make it much more difficult for a virus to reproduce. This article is contradicting the findings of the Strandstrom group. The test group was very small (only 30 animals) so is not likely to be reliable.

  5. joe friday's grrl

    Should I respond or not to someone’s paranoid delusions when they are focused on me as being malevolent?
    I know a 57-year-old woman who lives several states away. When she visited me recently, she not only revealed that she’d been smoking pot for 40 years, but I witnessed her having at least one hallucination, and she was having what appeared to me as obsessiveness over a perceived colusion between traditional medicine (ALL doctors) and pharmaceutical companies (ALL prescription drugs). She weirded me out so bad I ultimately, but politely told her our lifestyles didn’t mesh. My children had also become to dislike her. We parted on what I thought were good tems, but then she started sending me scores of angry and menacing texts. She stopped, but two months later informed me she has cancer at the base of her tongue. Now, six months after she left, she sent me, my mother, and a friend the same weird, two-page rambling letter, in which she blamed me for her cancer, for her dog’s thyroid disease, for another old friend’s lupus, and my infant daughter’s death from a birth defect (more detail)..
    …something that happend over 13 years ago. The letter included bible passages, accusations about me being some other-worldy thing with malevolent spirit, etc. Frankly, it scared my mom to death, because she put in there something about me asking her to KILL my mother, who lives nearby! She went on and on. I was so frightened by the letter (which she used another friend’s return address for), that when she sent a package to me in care of my mother, I literally panicked and called the police. They called the bomb squad. Fortunately, it was not a bomb, but it’s clear that this woman intends to make me fearful and is extremely delusional. I know she has a gun, but also knowing she’s ill (possibly terminal, for all I know) and ten hours away, my frinds think I have no reason to worry about her. I’m still not sure.
    I think the real reason for her anger toward me is that even though she smoked pot all that time and didn’t have routine medical check-ups, in the latter years she was fanatical about eating only organic, using all sort of natural supplements and alternative practitioners. My kids and I pretty much eat whatever we want (including microwavable meals, which she thinks cause cancer), refuse to spend all our time reading labels, we go to doctors & dentists for regular check-ups, and haven’t had so much as a cold for more years than I can remember, nor a single cavity in any of our mouths. I think she’s irate, thinking this is so unfair, and asking “WHY ME?” as she goes through a stage of grief.

    1. Doc

      It’s intense, but it happens. I had a friend do the same thing. (Because I befriend the down-and-outs and people abandoned or with problems – but no more). I told him once what the facts were, and to stop accusing; that he is delusional. I can not stop him from calling 3 times a day and leaving messages, but the important thing is AFTER you have stated your case, do not reply, and sever ties.


    I had a situation like that. My dog had been on Dexamethazone for years and developed luxating patellas. He needed surgery. There really was no other option for him. We had to taper down the dose and hope for the best. Thankfully, it went well and he recovered well. A friend’s dog did not fair so well. The repair to her dogs ACL did not hold. BUT, she put the dog on Cosequin, following Adequan injections and took weight off the dog, and kept him quite lean. He lived quite a good life for another 5 years. He had been on Pred also.
    Sometimes, those medical measures work wonders. Your dog is not a big breed, so if you can get some of the weight off and get her some exercise, like swimming, or easy walking on the soft ground, there may be hope without the surgery.
    Sometimes a heavy wrap of cotton padding followed with a wrap of Ace bandage, make a good enough support to keep the dog comfortable.

  7. tattoo

    106 Respirations/min at rest. Has Sys. Lupus.?
    Chip is a 6 year old chow mix, has had lupus for about three years, does fine on vit. E and prednisone or prednisolone. (wife doses it). Vet adjusts dose when nasal discharge increases or he wheezes. Thyroid checked out okay last month. Any ideas why he will often breath a hundred times a minute at rest? He was born at this 9k altitude and is alert, frisky often with our other dog but does seem to want to spend more time in the house instead of running on our ranch. He avoids sun on is own. Is this simply an inevitable progression of the disease?

    1. corynne

      …for various reasons.

      Increased temperature (home, pet or both), pain, or anxiety can result in increased respirations. Check to be sure that your house is cool enough for your dog – chow mixes can have a heavy fur coat and can benefit from being shaved in the summer. You might also consider an analgesic for a few days to rule pain out. If that did not work, then an anti-anxiety drug to rule out fear/stress.

      Some medications are notorious for causing increased respiration, such as cortisone (and your dog is on prednisone). You might check with your vet to see if this is a common side effect of the exact steroid your dog is getting.

      Physical causes of increased respiration can be impaired acid-base balance (kidney disease is an example), chest tumor, infection, obesity, cardiac disease, etc. You might check with your vet about a physical cause, including the possibility of infection – prednisone can impair the ability to fight infection and an antibiotic could solve things. One of our dogs also breathes very rapidly at times – he has a greatly enlarged heart (he is 13 years old).

      Good luck figuring it out. I hope he lives to a comfortable ripe old age.

  8. mama woof

    Steroids would be the best treatment. Eventually he will have to be euthanized simply out of mercy because longterm steroid use has issues too. Some things you just can’t fix.

    One good idea would be to use a lot of homecooked meals with rice as the only grain.
    One thing I want to suggest is to avoid grains, (cow) dairy products, eggs, and anything that could tax his immune system that is so much already out of wack. Rice and lamb are the safest foods when it comes to allergies along with goat’s milk. Think of other hypoallergenic foods like goat’s milk, some veggies, few fruits (not many) etc. I would also avoid anything that could enhance an immune response like antibiotics (if possible), molds, some plants, bees…… You just want to try to protect the immune system from being so active, so keep him away from anything that will cause it to react. You already know sunlight can cause a problem.

    When all is said and done, some things cannot be fixed. Steroids are the only reliable way to suppress the immune system even though they come with their own set of problems. This dog probably doesn’t have a good life ahead of him no matter what they do for him. Sorry.

  9. Princeton Girl 808

    Help me please!!!?
    Okay. So here’s the scoop. My dog has a disease called canine lupus. I have looked it up on the internet about 10 times and it doesn’t tell me anything!!! Please, someone help me! My dog could be in great danger!!!

  10. Tiffany

    Looking for a vet in Nashville area that specialized in autoimmune diseases.?
    Does anyone know of any vets in the Nashville area that specialize in autoimmune diseases like lupus and Pemphigus. We are in desperate need of finding someone to help my little dog .

  11. ~BooK_woRm~

    Lupus disease in American Pitbull, what should i do?
    I just get this diagnose about my dog, saying that his SLE blood test is positive. And i don’t know anything about it?? I just feel that it’s a wrong diagnose (i hope) is there any chance my dog get cure or a wrong diagnose? He has like itchy in his skin. I mean at the first, my dog diagnosed he has a food alergy, and later some bacteria from rain, and now lupus?????
    my dog doesn’t have joint problem. He still like to run. But the problem just in his skin, at the first doc say that he got allergy from pedigree food (i just change his diet) and then give me some prescription. But my dog stilln’t cured! so i check again, and doc say that he allergy to enviroment. And still not cured. Now, doc said that it has to do something with lupus. Is it true??

    1. john n

      lupus is a form of arthritis so if he has this he will have sore joints at times.u can give him asperin when he has a hard time moving around.try massaging his joints with little circle motions and apply warm hot towels if he is showing signs of husky has seasonal allergies where his skin is scalely and raw along with itchyness it drives him crazy at times, so i give him prednisone and benadryl when it is really bad. the rain and wet weather grass and weeds cause him a lot of problems.his hardest times is in the warm seasons so i rub him down with medicated oatmeal skin conditioner and give him the drugs. he will be 8 this year and he has been failing a little more this winter, so we will see how things go this summer. u could get another test done or wait and see how ur dog progresses. keep him dry from the weather and try not to let him get over weight so his body will not have extra fat to affect his joints. check web site that cater to dogs with natural remedies and hopefully there will be a lot of great things u can try. good luck p.s. i was thought to have lupus in the 1996 and it was rhumatiod arthris that finally showed up, i’m still here.

  12. steven

    in your opinion do you think they should legalize/decriminalize marijuana?
    it seems like the people who need it cant get it..
    im always in pain 24/7 emotionally and physically.. i have scheuermanns disease and lupus..
    it doesnt really harm you unless you smoke it.. they proved that it doesnt kill brain cells a while back
    it only leads to bigger things if you are pressured into it or dont know how bad the other things are.. basically so does pretty much anything.
    my uncle is a drug addict who steals from everyone in my family to support his crack addiction. he said he first smoked pot.. but he also said he didnt know how bad any of the stuff was.. his friends just was doing it and so did he. ive smoked pot since i was around 13 years old.. i have no urges whatsoever to needle up my arms or anything and i dont plan to. it does help control my pain level.. because my knees and fingers and back and head always hurt.

    but i guess whatever.. obama said it should be decriminalized which is one of the reasons i hope he wins.. my step dad is going to prison or jail for 5-6 years because of marijuana.. not like he went out and raped some girl or beat my mom.. hes very peaceful and wouldnt even hurt a dog.
    i doubt anyone has read this far.. but what is your opinions?

    sorry about grammar though..

  13. Naomi A

    Is this a risk of Epstein barr? ?
    I am fixing to be 16 in March and when I was 13 I was sick and in the hospital, i missed over 3 months of school, the doctors treated and tested me for everything, the Parvo dog disease, Lyme’s disease, polio, lupus, u named it, they tested it and the best they came up with was that I had the Ebv virus aka Epstein Bar Virus. I have been doing a lot of research and was wondering if this could make me infertile. because i have had it since a was a young teen every 6 months or so it comes back and attacks my body. I want to know if i could become infertile one day from having it in my body for so long? . or if there is any information yal could give me about it thanks

  14. ♥shelter puppies rule♥

    what can cause a weak immune system and low white blood cell count in dogs?
    My dog is sick again from a new problem. I took her on a walk last night and whatever she was exposed to (she ate nothing off the ground) caused her to vomit all day today and have no appetite but she is drinking.

    It’s because she has a weak immune system, her bloodwork from the vet showed low white blood cells.

    I started her on echinacea/goldenseal and colostrum along with high quality fish oil and probiotics last week.

    She’s negative for addison’s disease, canine lupus, and a whole bunch of other things.. she has seizures and diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy after all the tests. She’s been to neurologists, dermatologists (she got a skin infection when she was a therapy dog in a hospital before I knew about her low WBC count)

    It’s just something must be causing her low WBC..can it JUST be from the stress of her seizures?? The vets have no idea since all the tests they suggested have come out negative.

    I know I’ve asked before but just in case I want to ask again, does anyone have any other ideas please? She just turned 3 years old this month and is a Jack Russell mix. I got her at a shelter since she was 8 weeks old, she was never this sick before this spring. Thank you.

    1. A Great Dane Lady

      Idiopathic seizures can be caused by vaccinations. I have one with this problem. I stopped all vaccinations for this dog 7 years ago. Slowly, over time the seizures have gotten farther apart and shorter in duration. She was having 4 seizures per yr and they lasted several minutes. She now has not had a seizure in 19 months and the last one she did have only lasted about 20 seconds.

      Squirting a little honey on the gums will stop a seizure in progress. Look this one up on the net. And while you’re there look up the side effects of vaccinations, which include seizures.

      You’re doing good with all that you are giving her. If she still has a skin infection, look into getting some Colloidal Silver. It’s amazing how fast this cures things.

  15. earthsciencegeogirl

    Student apartment kicking me out for my service animal?
    My student apartment (run by the university) is kicking me out because I have a service dog. I have lupus and anxiety disorder. My doctor said I needed a service dog. I have proper documentation and notified my apartment complex. At first they were ok with it, but now they have informed me that I am going to be evicted because of it. I was notified yesterday and I have to be out tomorrow. I talked to the school lawyer and she said that because the university owns it they do not have to comply with the ADA or fair housing. Is this true?!?

    I was also told lupus is not a real disease, and that I do not need a service animal even though multiple doctors have documented that I do.

    I’m going to stay at a hotel until I can get a new place to live. Oh and because it is student housing they make you pay months in advance and I have paid through August and they said I am just going to lose it all, plus I have to pay $500 for a cleaning fee because I brought my dog in.

    She is registered with the American Service Dog Association.

    1. Pearl

      This is something your service dog program should be handling for you or at least answering your questions so that you don’t have to ask on Y!A. Unless it’s one of those Internet businesses that sell certification for any dog sight-unseen for a fee. In which case you just found out you blew your $40.

      A service dog typically takes 18-24 months for full training. If you really did just adopt this dog from a shelter 3 months ago (as another answerer suggests), then there is no way it is a real service dog. It might be an emotional support animal, but if you told them it was a service animal and they found out it wasn’t then they might have good cause for kicking you out.

      Having a service dog is also not an absolute right. If your dog was not behaving appropriately, was damaging property, was disturbing neighbors, was being toileted inappropriately (in the wrong places or you weren’t cleaning up), if the dog was permitted to run off leash, etc. then they would be justified in evicting you even if it is a real service dog. With privileges come responsibilities.

      I just find it difficult to believe something hasn’t been left out of this story. First they said it was fine and now it’s not. What has changed, or more precisely, what has caused them to change their minds?

      Now on to the legalities.

      Service animals are not for diseases, but for disabilities. For some people lupus would be a disability but for others it would not. It is not the diagnosis that makes a condition a disability but the frequency, extent and duration of the impairment in major life activities which determine whether it is a disability. The doctors need to document that you are disabled, not that you have lupus.

      The ADA isn’t going to apply to most kinds of housing. It might with a public University but I can’t say for sure. You’d have to consult an attorney. More often housing falls under the FHAA. Regardless, if this school is owned by the state or if it receives any federal money, then it probably cannot refuse a legitimate service dog for a qualified individual unless the dog is a direct threat or fundamental alteration, meaning so long as the dog is behaving correctly, they shouldn’t be able to kick it out.

      As to the cleaning fee, if your dog made any mess beyond normal wear and tear, such as toileting inside the apartment, or if you haven’t kept up with vacuuming and cleaning up ordinary dog dirt, then they have every right to charge a cleaning fee.

  16. Asia ♥

    What are the chances of this being Lyme Disease?
    I got sick 6 years ago out of nowhere.
    I was extremely nauseous everyday and dizzy to the point the room was spinning.
    I couldn’t drive in cars anymore because I’d get motion sickness
    And I also developed anxiety that I never had before.

    For a whole year I could barely eat and never left my house.
    I was sick EVERYDAY (not vomiting but nausea etc.)

    After about a year and a half the symptoms got a bit better and I started doing the things I used to do.. eating more, going out etc.

    Then I started getting severe fatigue…no matter what I do, how much I sleep..I’m still DEAD tired.
    I have purple colouration under my eyes and they’re sunken in.

    All my symptoms are:

    Extreme Fatigue
    Purple toes (Raynauds)
    Poor healing
    Ringing in ears while trying to sleep
    Anxiety (Weird neck twitching)
    Tingling in toes/feet
    Shortness of breath
    Irregular heartbeat
    Pain behind eyes/Change of vision/Pressure in eyes
    Cloudy state of mind sometimes
    Stuttering when speaking sometimes
    Chronic runny nose
    Alopecia (hair loss)
    Raynauds (purple toes)
    Sensitivity to light
    Cold/Hot flashes
    Poor balance

    The only thing is, I live in Ontario Canada.
    I’m not sure if there are many ticks around where I live.
    I also never had any sort of target rash that I can remember…but I was young I could have not even noticed.
    I did have alot of dogs and a outdoor cat that we let back inside.
    And I remember my cat having a large white tick that we had to pull of of it.
    But I also wonder if it is Lyme why didn’t my mom or brother contract it?

    Do you think this could be Lyme?

    I’ve been tested for Anemia, Diabetes, Lupus, Celiac, Thyroid issues etc.

  17. Tiffany

    Looking for a Vet in the Nashville, TN area that specializes in autoimmune diseases?
    Does anyone know of a vet in the Nashville, TN area that specializes in autoimmune diseases like Lupus and Pemphigus. we are desperately seeking a specialist for our small dog.
    Please help!!!

  18. Diet Drama 09

    I have a bit of a problem…?
    a few months ago I was finally diagnosed with RA/Lupus(yes 2 different autoimmune diseases) I was put on a bevy of medications and then tapered off to a few in order to get the situation under control. I ended up getting meningitis from one . I was hospitalized several times and during all this managed to lose too much weight which ended up affecting my period back in November. When it finally came back the beginning of december it was very heavy and extremely painful.One of the medications I was taking is Methotrexate, during the month of January I didn’t take the medication at all because it seemed like it was making me feel worse or so I thought . On january 26th-28th I had a very short and spotty dark brown/deep red period. (Throughout the whole time my bf and I have tried to maintain a healthy sex life because we are TTC).During the whole month I was unsteady on my feet(dizzy) sleeping nonstop literally getting up taking my son to school coming home going to bed picking him up and back to bed only getting up to cook and use the restroom (btw He is almost 15 so I wasn’t being negligent) nauseous at weird things I went outside and the smell of the air after fresh snow made my mouth start watering ,I can smell my dog from across the room, cramping, bloating more gas than I care to deal with (my bf thinks its funny) and constipation I am down to once maybe twice a week and that’s if I’m lucky My vagingo has been swollen for almost two weeks and my temps are all over the place oh yeah and this nasty runny nose thing I wake up and sit up and my nose immediately starts running this has been going on since the end of december. I want to know what you ladies think I have had a ton of false alarms and really don’t want to get my hopes up ,go buy a test and then see that MFN BFN !!! so does it sound like I may have struck gold this time or not ??? PLEASE no rude answers I really just want opinions Thanks a BUNCH and BABYDUST to ALL!!!!!
    I am also apparently very forgetful because part of what I wanted to ask/say is that I started back taking the Methotrexate last week and if we did conceive in January would it affect or baby or cause a miscarriage ?? I took 17.25mg 2x’s The story of the Colorado woman has me SUPER nervous

    1. katsura3568

      Methotrexate is the drug used to terminate a very early pregnancy (such as an ectopic or chemical pregnancy). I don’t know what the dosage to terminate a pregnancy would be compared to what dosage you are taking, but I would assume that it should not be taken at all when pregnant.

      Did you tell your doctor that you are TTC? If you are on ANY kind of medication, you should always visit your doctor before TTC, bring all your medications with you and ask him these questions.

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