De-mystifying a Mysterious Disease Called Lupus

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Though many people have not even heard of Lupus, it is common – more common than some well-known diseases such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and leukemia. But because not much is known about the disease, treatment of lupus is made more difficult. What is lupus, exactly?

Diagnosis and treatment of lupus( is made more complicated by the fact that currently, there is no one single test that can positively identify the disease. In fact, lupus is often mistaken for other diseases with some similar symptoms, such as multiple sclerosis or arthritis. In fact, lupus is an auto-immune disease in which the body essentially “turns” on itself. When this happens the body creates antibodies that attack the body rather than protect it.

Lupus( sometimes only affects a single area of the body. Some of the most common areas to be affected are:

# Lungs: lupus can cause inflammation of the lungs’ lining, which can lead to pneumonia or pleuritis

# Kidneys: Inflammation of the kidneys can be caused by lupus, and this inflammation can lead to nephritis. The onset of nephritis is usually not accompanied by pain, so the lupus may not be detected.

# Heart: Chest pains, and subsequent hardening of the arteries, may be caused by lupus

# Blood: Anemia and inflamed blood vessels can result from lupus.

Lupus can often be identified by a rash on the body, most often on the face. Sunscreen can help to treat this rash. Some medications for other illnesses can trigger attacks, so this should be kept in mind in the treatment of lupus. Flu shots are recommended for lupus treatment, as they can prevent secondary infections which commonly occur in those with lupus. Other suspected triggers of lupus are dental fillings and hair dye, though there is no conclusive evidence of this. Because fear and anxiety may be triggers of lupus attacks, discontinuing use of certain products believed by patients to trigger attacks may be beneficial, even if these substances do not truly affect the body physiologically.

Natural Treatment of Lupus(

A healthy diet containing necessary vitamins and nutrients, as well as regular exercise, are most effective in the prevention and treatment of lupus. Other kinds of meditative or calming activities, such as breathing exercises, can be effective in lupus treatment and can prevent skin flare-ups.

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Natural Treatment of Lupus

9 thoughts on “Lupus Disease Treatment

    1. Rob

      Lupus is an autoimmune disease so the principal treatment is immunosuppressive medication. The severity of the disease determines what specific drugs are used. Mild lupus may be treated simply with NSAIDs and corticosteroids. More severe cases of the disease may require more drastic options such as cytotoxic agents that kill some of the cells of the immune system.

      EDIT: Examples of cytotoxic agents include azathioprine, mycophenylate mofetil, cyclophosphamide, etc.

  1. Mercedes16_90!!

    If someone has lupus what are the treatments for this disease and my mom has huge lumps on her leg and side.?
    My mom has lupus and she has huge lumps all over her leg and she went to the emergency room this morning but all the doctors that she’s been to in South Carolina have no clue what to do and so they can’t help her and I need help because it does not help when I have Cerebral Palsy and NOW she has lupus.

    Someone please help me because I want to help my mother but I do not know how. Also she had one lump surgically removed about 2 years ago and now it’s back.

    i’m only 16 and I need help to help my mother because it hurts me to see her in so much unneeded pain and the doctors don’t know what to do and so if there’s a doctor or someone out there who specializes in the treatment of this disease please help me out. because how doctors supposed to be helpful to someone but they don’t know how to help me mother out???


    1. grammadebbie50

      Yes–as they are both auto-immune diseases. Your immune system is out of whack and basically turns on you.

      Inflamation is one of the main pain sources for both conditions and steroids are used for both to reduce this.

      However, while both have common meds used in treatment the rest is done on an idividual basis upon evalution of symptoms and severity.

    1. Anama

      It is an autoimmune disease, and to explain it here would be silly when there are literally thousands of sites dedicated to lupus. There is a search engine on yahoo! ,please try using that.
      Lupus cdc
      Lupus foundations

  2. Bethany W

    why can some women control lupus and others cant?
    my mom suffered from lupus for 15 years and recently passed away last january. doctors say that lupus can be controlled through chemotherapy, she did every kind of treatment available for the disease and still could not fight it. but in other women with lupus can fight lupus with treatment why do you think some can fight it and others cant?

    1. Elvis4ever

      I think your mom did fight it – for 15 years . this is a very debilitating illness and it can be soul destroying with its multiple symptoms and the effect they can have on the mind as well as the body. I hope you can be comforted by the fact that she stayed with you so long and endured all those horrible treatments to keep her family close, it takes a lot of courage to go through chemo and I have the greatest respect for those that do it so they can have maximum time with their loved ones.
      I am sorry that you lost your mom, she is now with the angels and in no more pain. Bless you all

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