From October 1, this year, medical coders who want more control over accurately reporting their patients’ body mass index (BMI) measurements can certainly breathe easy as 2011 ICD-9 codes debuts an expanded BMI V code set.

The just-in diagnosis code manual will also feature various codes that’ll help FP practices that tend to patients who suffer neurological symptoms after falls.

In the Washington state, and other states there are quite a number of new laws related to care for post-traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. The state laws and diagnosis code changes coincide with a CDC campaign targeted at prevention and early diagnosis of TBI.

These laws and education have had a big impact on family medicine physician who tend to patients who have had head injuries.

For instance: A 17-year old male patient presents with spells of “blanking out” over the last many weeks. The patient says that this started some days after he was hit in the head with a softball. The FP carries out a comprehensive history and exam, focusing on possible late effects of the head injury during moderate-complexity medical decision making (MDM), the FP orders neurological testing and requests an evaluation from a local TBI clinic.

For more updates on the ensuing 2011 ICD-9 codes, the best way out is by signing up for a one-stop medical coding website. When you sign up for one, you will have access to the new ICD-9 codes that go into effect on October 1. When you do so, your life as a coder will become much easier.

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