Edmonton in the capital of the Canadian province, Alberta, and is best known for its river valley park system, near-endless adventure trails, wildlife, downtown views and its many green spaces. If you're looking for houses for sale in Edmonton, you're probably looking at the right direction, especially with a little background on what to expect.

The Best Neighborhoods in Edmonton

Edmonton has many distinct neighborhoods, but there are those considered to be the best, such as Strathcona which, according to residents, is a very convenient place to live in where food almost comes right at your door and everything is walking distance, from bars to boutiques to the wet market, etc. Garneau is another top pick, with all its charm immortalized in the award-winning novel, The Garneau Block by Todd Babiak. Residents usually feel a sense of community they haven't experienced elsewhere. Another pick of a neighborhood in Edmonton is Westmount which is the home of many affluent young professionals who like to keep the old-fashioned way of life. Oliver is Edmonton's most populous neighborhood, with over 19,000 residents and a diversity that is as interesting as it is large. Of course, the list wouldn't be complete without Cloverdale, which is a relatively faraway neighborhood that somehow takes the attributes of an amphitheater. It is quite the perfect venue for the city's biggest musical events, but is ironically one of the quietest neighborhoods in this part of Canada.

Prices of Houses in Edmonton

The number of houses sold in July this year grew, but average prices of Edmonton homes dropped from the June figures, according to the Realtors Association of Edmonton. Today, an average single family house would cost around 5,501, which is a 1.9% drop from 2,014 just a few months ago. As first-time home buyers take houses that cost below the median price of 5,000, more single family homes in the 0,000 range were sold this year compared to the last five years. Condos For Sale In Edmonton are selling at prices around 7,701 per unit.

Buying a Property in Edmonton

There are many things you'd like to do prior to closing a deal on any property you are interested to buy. First off, shop for mortgage rates and terms and get pre-qualified for a loan, which settles the question of how much you can afford to put into that home purchase. Then define what you need and what you want. You can review Edmonton MLS listings or any other source of leads to that perfect Edmonton home. Visit the properties that look interesting, and don't forget to learn about their features that may be considered good or bad points, depending on your idea of a good resale home. Once you've toured all your possible options and have chosen one, make an offer and when accepted, arrange for a home inspection. If there are damages like cracked walls or foundation problems, try to negotiate a deal that will include repairs. Once everything looks good, close the deal, make all the necessary deposits and complete the paperwork. You're probably ready to move into your new Edmonton home. There were 2,801 residential properties listed in July on the Edmonton MLS listings, which means you've got a lot of freedom out there as you choose the perfect property for you. Hire a real estate professional to make the whole process easier.

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