Each vehicle has a productive life cycle and once that concludes under the existing laws it has to be disposed off after necessary paper work by the owner. The documentation requires lot many inputs at times costing money more than the cost of the vehicle. The owner set himself free of liability of registration and insurance cost by vehicle donation to charity or non-profit organizations. Vehicle donation cater to moving or stagnant positioned vehicles or badly accidental ones to charities; these motorized vehicles can be;-
Cars Motorcycle Vans Trucks Watercraft Motor-homes Trailers SUV Boats Aircrafts Golf carts
The junk vehicle market is very organized. Every part and the steel body and parts are recycled into re-useable products. Thus the junk brings back money. The charity organizations put it out for auction or sent it to junk yard.

Just any charity is not the right attitude. An approved charity under the law is qualified for donation purposes. Any place of worship like church mosque etc can be given auto donation. A survey can be done online to shortlist the charity organization. There will be a long list of such organizations ready to take vehicle donation. Thus it is very important you move with caution. The middlemen also take auto donation in the name of charity and give a minor percentage of the sale amount to charity organizations. The gullible seller's wishes are not honored and in most cases he is talked into taking the decision. The most well established charity organizations of repute in the USA includes
American diabetes association America Kidney Fund American Red Cross Cancer research institute Humane Society & SPCA United Breast Cancer Foundation United way
An exposure in the media does not make a charity organization authentic. There are criteria lay down by law and do your home-work with clarity.

The charity organization you engage sends a towing vehicle for free. Make sure that the towing company is licensed insured with a permanent address and telephone number. Procure the receipt of the towing vehicle with its details. Once vehicle reach the charity office it is scrutinized to get maximum benefit from it. The incoming money helps in continuing services and program of the organization. For some charities the fund goes to feed and clothe the poor population and see them through school.

lupus foundation of america donations

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