One of the country's oldest cities, Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts and is considered to be the economic and social center of New England. Over the centuries, the city has become home for nearly 590,000 residents located within only 49 square miles. Boston is a bustling city that offers numerous opportunities for individuals interested in the arts and pursuing careers in arts. An art school is one which is dedicated to instructing students in different forms of art. Art schools specialize in one or more forms of art such as performing arts or pottery and sculpture. There are several options for graduate and undergraduate study in Boston.

Being known for a refined sensibility and distinctive New England flare, Boston Massachusetts is one of the best places in the United States to pursue an education of any kind, especially art education. Boston MA art schools offer art classes with a strong emphasis in degree programs. Bachelor of fine arts degree is a college degree rather than simply a training certificate. It is a highly cultured area that consists of intellectual curiosity stemming from student life and a defined sense of American history. Academically, Boston MA art schools offer three degrees in ten different disciplines which gives art students a large amount of flexibility in their concentration of choice. Boston truly sets the stage of art students to walk off the beaten path. In fact that sort of work outside the box ethic is strongly encouraged in this close knit art and music community. Those students who are interested in Boston's art offerings tend to revel in a sense of never doing what is expected of them which makes this great city for innovators and intellectuals alike.

Thus, Boston has many art schools with several options for undergraduate and graduate study that educate students for professions in the art by balancing personal aesthetic development and intensive studies in the humanities with the practical career preparation. Their challenging curriculum emphasizes on solid foundations in traditional art and design principles, time proven methods of creative process and strong intellectual concepts.

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