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Investing wisely is definitely one of the best ways of creating sufficient wealth in the future. However, certain surveys conducted by knowledgeable people have revealed that there is a lack of knowledge about investments among the common people. It can happen that these people don't just get the time to think about their future investments due to their work schedule. So, consulting a financial planner in this regard can be a good idea. Given below are the best investments for 2012 which most of the investment advisers are recommending these days.

Investment Options for 2012

Gold investments are safe than the other UK investment options available in the market. Now, gone are the days when you have to go personally in the shop and buy gold and keep it safely in your cupboard. You can buy and sell gold in an electronic form which has reduced the risk of taking care of it. Most of the time, gold prices are in a range and hence buying gold when the prices hit their bottom is really helpful. The gold demand is bound to pick up during festive seasons or special occasions which will be a selling opportunity for you.


Commodities have been the best UK investments options for 2012. The commodity market is difficult to understand and so is predicting the future prices of commodities. Metal commodities are volatile and depend largely on their demand in the international markets. However, if you take suggestions from major brokers, the chances of making decent profits are there.

Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investments for 2012 can help us avoid risks which are associated with direct stock market investments. The mutual fund companies give you the option of investing in companies having large as well as small market capitalization, thus averaging out the risk. The fund managers of these funds keep an eye on the global markets and change their strategies as and when necessary. The result? Investors get richer with appreciation in their portfolio value. Choosing a good mutual fund has become tricky because many companies are offering different kinds of funds. My suggestion in this regard would be to choose one fund investing in blue chip companies and other investing in small firms. Mutual fund investments should be done for a period of ten to fifteen years to get maximum monetary benefits.

Fixed Deposit Schemes

Fixed deposit schemes can be the best UK investments for young people who are saving to meet their long-term goals. Many banks and financial institutions are offering attractive interests to the customers to attract more and more deposits. The fixed percentage return which you get from these schemes is not at all volatile as compared to other long-term investments. These days, company fixed deposits have become a popular investment option for investors. Many companies offer deposit schemes in which investors have to deposit money with the companies for a fixed period and get high interest in return. Interest offered by private companies is the highest in the industry. However, you must make sure that the company which you choose for deposits has a good reputation in the market and follows ethical business practices.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments can also be the best investments for this year if you are able to negotiate and buy the best properties available in an upcoming realty market. Real estate investments are meant for the long-term and hence you should not expect immediate returns in this form of investment. Investing in properties in cities under development is the right strategy you should adopt. Land investments can be more profitable than buying an apartment or a second home on the outskirts of the city. Take help from real estate experts to choose the right property at good price.

Buy Selective Stocks

Which are the best stock investments for 2012? This might be a question in the minds of many people after looking at the great run up which stock markets across the world have shown in the last one year. Will the markets continue to go up? Commenting on this is difficult because this phenomenon largely depends on the industrial growth numbers, employment data, revenues and profits generated by corporates and confidence of investors in the markets. However, buying a few under valued stocks can easily double your investment over the period of one year.

Stock market investors should prepare a balanced portfolio by buying stocks of small, medium as well as large companies. Stocks of small companies are very volatile and hence your total portfolio should not have more than 20% exposure to them. Track stocks of medium and large sized companies from sectors such as Information Technology (IT), banking and consumer goods and buy them at lower levels to get maximum benefit. Long term players in stock markets can earn great returns in the form of stock price appreciation as well as dividends.

These were some of the ideal UK investments for 2012 which you can consider to safeguard your future. Right decisions at the right time, with the help of an investment advisor, will help you fulfill your goals in life.For full information visit to –

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