Lupus Awareness Month is May and Rocknbauble Announces Its Support

Author: Phil Vogel

Lupus Awareness Month is May and one of several observances promoted by the Lupus Foundation of America. announces it will support Lupus Awareness Month by donating 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of its Lupus Awareness Jewelry line. Custom Lupus Awareness bracelets, necklaces, earrings and book thongs are being offered through the RocknBauble storefront located on the website. "I am excited to assist this cause with creating custom Lupus Awareness Jewelry and donating part of the proceeds to help support Lupus Research, " said Andi (Lupus Jewelry Artist). Jewelry for all awareness colors and causes is available with a percentage of the proceeds to be given to the cause the particular piece represents and we will place an emphasis on Lupus this month.

About Lupus Awareness Month:

Lupus Awareness Month is one of several observances promoted by the Lupus Foundation of America ( to increase visibility for lupus. Beginning in 2008, the LFA and its chapters have designated May as Lupus Awareness Month to incorporate other related events into the observance. The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1,500,000 Americans have a form lupus. This estimate is based on two nationwide polls, which asked respondents if they, or anyone in their immediate household, had ever been diagnosed with lupus. In addition, another poll revealed that 28% of all Americans know someone with lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that, for unknown reasons, causes inflammation and tissue damage to virtually any of the body’s own cells, tissue, and organs – especially the skin, joints, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain.

About RocknBauble: owner and jewelry artist Andi states, “As a nurse I like to heighten the publics awareness of Lupus and all other awareness causes. Awareness jewelry is my way of promoting these causes.” Andi fashions her awareness jewelry by hand and meticulously selects all materials so each piece is unique. Butterflies, Baubles, Stars, Lampwork Beads, Furnace Glass, Czech Republic Crystals, Swarovski Crystals, Fresh-water Pearls, Sterling Charms, Hearts and Puzzle pieces are used in this high quality jewelry, as well as some highly desirable variations and more unusual settings most of which are hand crafted by local and international artisans. Andi’s flair for style and eye for color shines through in every awareness creation. Due to local success and growing demand for her jewelry internationally she decided to start her storefront on Etsy for greater accessibility with a global reach.

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8 thoughts on “Lupus Info

  1. Rhyannonn C

    Lupus Info?
    My mother was diagnosed with lupus years ago and I’ve been searching around for ages for any good information on it. I have come up with nothing. The big lupus foundation sites are a joke and nothing on it has been updated in at least 5 years. Along with everything else I’ve found.

    So anyone have any good inforation or know where I can find anything?

    Thank you!!!

    1. christibro40

      Hi Im Chris, I have SLE Lupus, Own a support group, and know as fact info for Lupus has not been updated since 1982. I will try to help. They are making strides, but slowly, other diseases get more attention, the Sad fact is a Major Celebrity or prominant person needs to experience this before it gets the attention it and other autoimmune disorders deserve and need.

      ok, Lupus is in fact an Autoimmune disorder. It is Chronic, while there is no cure people have periods of remmission and what is called flares (when the disease is active)
      Lupus can range from very mild, where life disturbance is minimal, to life threatning. However 10-15 years ago, it may have been an automatic death sentance. Today that is not the case. In fact I have a moderate to severe case, treatments have been saving my life for years.

      When mild or not very active, where maybe your joints hurt a bit, or you are running a slight fever, you may be given anti malariel drugs. These include plaquinil and qunine (my spelling is off, and Yahoos spell check isnt very good, so sorry). For many these medications can hold a mild to moderate case for many years. My mom takes this class of medication for mild autoimmune Polymyalgia Rhumatica.

      If and when the disease progresses, they do begin treatments to slow the bodies immune system from attacking itself. Some of the medications for this include prednison, and other medical steroids, immunosuppresents like Imuran, which are actually used in people who have had Kidney, liver transpalnts, etc. But do help in supressing a Lupus problem.
      In some cases they give forms of chemotherapy from mild to IV. The ones Iv’e used are methotrexate (hard on liver), to Cytoxin, much stronger and done orally or by IV. I finished IV Chemo 3 months ago, and am going into remmisson.

      Diet seems to be an important factor, as well as femal hormones like estrogen. The pill or hormone replacement therapy is not suggested, it can bring on flares. In fact I have polled my support group. Many have had hysterectomies rather young (mine 29), or suffer horrid menstrual cycles.
      including endometriosis, Cysts, and heavy bleeding.

      I know that in between flares I live a pretty normal life, and tend to do some normal activities, but my lupus is enough that I recieve Social Security, which at first is hard to recieve, and many people in my group have to get an attorney to recieve. I got mine many years ago, it was easier then.

      Lupus is NOT a Death Sentance, but should be followed closly by a specialist called a Rhumotologist. I see mine monthy to every six weeks. I/ and others also use a special medical team, depending on a persons ailments. these can include dr’s in Nuerology, Kidney specialists, Gastrointestinal drs, Pain Specialist (most are ex anasteseologists), sometimes Physical Therapy may be needed, as well as various types of psycologists, Psychitrists, etc.

      If you need more info ask more I can provide specific info
      Hope this all helps

  2. Ladybug

    My sister was told by three doctors that she may have lupus. Can anyone give any addvice?
    The three doctors tha have suggested lupus are: general doctor, gyno, and a hypertension doctor ( for kideney issues).

    they are sending her for all kinds for tests. i have tried to read up on it and i can’t understan it to much, anyone with lupus or info on it can you help?
    is lupus genetic?

    1. Linda R

      Researchers have identified some genes involved in lupus, but that is not enough to make somebody develop the disease. It also needs a trigger or triggers. The cause of lupus is not known, there are some suspected triggers but more research is needed.

      There is no single test that diagnoses lupus. Many patients take years to finally put a name with what is bothering them. Doctors do some tests. See what comes back and that tells them where they might look next.

      Lupus is diagnosed based on medical history, symptoms, a wide variety of lab tests and after ruling everything else out.

  3. meggie is back!

    Any info on Lupus and other autoimmune diseases?
    I have 4 auto immune diseases. Fibromialgia, Candida, Hashimotoes, Lupus. Any help? advice? knowledge? thanks

    1. Zelophehad's Daughter

      I have fybro and possible lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome. So I can definitely sympathize with you!

      If you can do a Google search just type in fybromyalgia and lupus and you will get tons of information.

      Also the Awake had good articles awhile ago. Do you have the cdrom library? If you do, search lupus and fybromyalgia on there and you will get some very encouraging articles.

      If you don’t have the cd rom I can email you the articles.

  4. Miranda

    my mother has angiotensin and may have lupus, i need some info?
    my mom recently got bitten on her ear by a spider or somethin. a week later her eyes turned bright red .They said her body was fighting it self. and that she has angiotensin. I understand angiotensin is connected with your heart valves restricting. But, now a doctor says she may have lupus. are these two connected? im really worried about my mother and could use some help understanding this. So, if u have any info PLEASE, PLEASE help me out!

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