Nephritis is not considered as a serious disease for patients do not have any uncomfortable feeling and the illness condition would not develop so quickly. So some female patients want to have a baby, would pregnancy affect their kidneys?

Nephritis and pregnancy

Patients only have protein or blood in urine or a slight swelling and they feel no pain and no suffering. However, some of kidney tissues are damaged by the renal inflammation. If patients' GFR is reduced, it indicates that kidney tissues begin to be killed. So the indexes about kidney disease cannot be controlled to the normal range. And the filtering ability has been damaged, so the wastes and excess water cannot be discharged well as before.

If they were pregnant during this period, fetus would produce many wastes. So pregnant woman have more waste things to be removed from the body. And this will increase the burden of kidneys and many tissues would die due to overwork. If the excess water and wastes cannot be eliminated, fetus could not grow as normal. Fetus may be poisoned or even dead during gestation period. Besides, the pregnant women also will sacrifice their own health and some of them would get renal failure after giving birth to a baby.

Advices from experts

In order to keep everything goes well in pregnant period, female patients need to receive effective treatments to reverse nephritis. Some patients may experience repetitively reoccurrence of nephritis during treatment, which makes them headache and disappointed. Do not worry. You can try immunotherapy in our hospital which focuses on great regulation of the immune system.

It is known that nephritis is also caused by a disordered immune system. Immunotherapy does not only control furious immunoreaction like other therapy, such as hormone therapy or immunosuppressive agents. It can keep the balance of their immune system and the increased immunity can remove the immunoreaction from the root. Furthermore, immunotherapy makes full use of Chinese herbs to promote the recovery of cells in kidneys by providing nutrition and essential elements. So the damaged cells can be restored and function well for filtration. After totally recovery, patients can have a baby without sacrificing their own health.

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