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Can anyone relay me the regulation for reopening a closed medical malpractice luggage within ohio?
How long do you have to reopen a medical malpractice case contained by OH, if new evidence is presented? Can you do it any time? Are there stipulations? Thank you terrifically much! why would it be a law? if the grip has been settled you can’t…

Can Asperger Syndrome be a medical malpractice?
My son was diagnosed with AS contained by January. I have been reception emails from different asperger information online and one of the causes is lack of nouns at birth or at least according to one of these emails I have received. Please if you hold more information about this please let me know….

Can confidence healers be sued for medical malpractice?
They claim they can cure better than doctors. But what happens when they fail to come through on the buy and sell. Shouldn’t they be liable for emotional damage done to the tolerant? Also, some of that stuff gets pretty rough, from what I’ve seen. What if they further injure the long-suffering? If…

Can FDA demand a medical expert to investigate a medical malpractice bag?
The FDA is a regulatory federal agency. It has it’s on consultants and legal troop usually put in place to force compliance with FDA rules. Medical malpractice is a bag specific, doctor specific, medical, legal issue that bears no mandate from congress that the FDA bring involved. The FDA…

Can I press a medical malpractice or medical negligence suit?
I have Crohn’s disease and was told by my specialist to avoid anti-inflamitories. My former doctor required to keep me on them for my knee strain. She also refused to give me anything for distress other than the anti-inflamitories and also wanted to stop me cold turkey bad my anti anxiety…

Can i profile a medical malpractice bag contained by delaware myself?
You can file a case surrounded by which you are the party without hiring an attorney. This is call proceeding “Pro se.” The problem, however, is that civil litigation (particularly, medical malpractice) is difficult. You will be going against professional lawyers who will be skilled in court research, rules of…

Can I reopen a settlement case/sue again for medical malpractice because it did not help yourself to into rationalization…?
When I was born, I had a transesophageal fistula, contained by which I had surgery to repair it just after I be born. The nurse/doctor never turned me over onto my other side after the surgery was done and I lost circulation…

Can I still sue for medical malpractice?
I had surgery done back within 2004 and 1 week after, ended up in the hospital for septicemia. Doctors at the time could not amount out why but now in 2009 my symptoms are rear legs and my new doctor thinks it is cause by a surgical instrument left behind. Possibly a gauze. It…

Can I sue a doctor for medical malpractice nearly 4 years next?
while in labor I had no put a bet on support and so I really hurt an already hurt lower back. Can I still sue the doctor almost 4 years later? It depends on the statute of limitations surrounded by your state, but probably not. Most are limited to…

Can I sue a doctor for neglect/medical malpractice if he didn’t properly follow my disease?
I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis surrounded by Sept 07 when I just turned 19. I was told to follow up near the rheumatologist that saw me in the hospital. I did a biopsy and i was found to enjoy stage 3 lupus nephritis so i…

Can I sue a hospital for medical malpractice? Serious answers solitary please?
Last Saturday I passed out in mid walk, and land on my knee. I was taken to the ER and I kept describing them my knee hurt. All they did was put an rime pack on it…No X-Ray, no cat scan on it, NOTHING but ICE! Well I was…

Can i sue my dated doctor for medical malpractice?
i went to my doctor and didnt know what was wrong near me all i knew be that i was in horrable dull pain my hip, and tail bone was swollen and pain be ahooting down my leg with pin neddle like response in my foot i often lost control of my…

Can i sue my daughters Dr for medical malpractice?
My daughters was tested positive for lymes about 1 year ago and treated for 14 days next to antibiotic, the dr’s wouldnt retest her to see if clear and about 7 or 8 months ago she started to have black outs,i asked the Dr if it could be Lymes and they said…

Can I sue this woman for medical malpractice?
So I took my boy to see this alternative medicine practitioner. She asked for the cash up front, and said she’d require merely one night. As requested, I closed the door and I left them for a while. After she’d done, his commander was shaking, his fingers were clutching, and his body be…

Can own flesh and blood folder a medical malpractice lawsauit contained by behave of a single relative next to no kids?
My uncle passed away last week due to hospital error. He was a single man next to no children. Can my family file a medical malpractice suit on his behalf? Or can simply a spouse or son/daughter sue? This is…

Can relatives folder a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of a single relative beside no kids?
My uncle passed away last week due to hospital error. He was a single man near no children. Can my family file a medical malpractice suit on his behalf? Or can just a spouse or son/daughter sue? This is in FL. Don’t know if each…

Can someone database a claim after 9 years for medical malpractice?
is it possible at to file a claim after 9 years for medical malpractice in ohio No. The Statue of Limitations is one year. Source(s): Probably not, but I don’t know the exact statute of limitations to do so in Ohio any. Ah, here it is: A. Under Ohio…

Can u still proceed near a medical malpractice decree suit 5 years after the situation occured?
Every state has their own statute of limitations, but typically those kids of suits must be brought within 2 years of the episode. Check with an attorney licensed in your state to be sure.

Can we Sue for Medical Malpractice within Nevada?
My husband went to the hospital for some tests….a electrocardiagram on his heart because his heart be beating too fast and an ultra nouns on his abdomin for stomach discomfort. The heart doctor asked my husband if he had any heart problems in former times and my husband told him that he had…

Can you notify me if this is medical malpractice?
I had a c-section on September 26th. Recently I noticed something “plastic” sagging out of the incision area. It has turned black where on earth it is attached to the skin. I have also had a burning sensation contained by the incision area. I did not notice this earlier my post-partum check-up…

Can you sue for medical malpractice if a surgery to remove a thyroid finished up ruining your speaking voice?
My mother had surgery some time ago on her throat. This was to remove her thyroid gland any way afterwards she had to keep on till her voice healed before she could speak afterwards she other sounded winded, out of breath and…

Can you sue for medical malpractice?
if you get your tubes tied and less afterwards 1 1/2 years later you get pregnant?? My cousin own four kids and she just found out she was pregnant they cant afford more children.she have her tubes tied last February what went wrong Yes, you can sue them, No, it is not considered medical malpractice….

Can you sue for wrongful death/medical malpractice of an unborn child that wasin the mothers womb for 9months?
So heres the story, my sister in law be due for a scheduled C-Section this past Tuesday the 3rd of June. She wound up going to the hosp on Monday morning because she didnt discern the baby move since Sunday. She gets to…

Can you sue for wrongful death/medical malpractice of an unborn child that wasin the mothers womb for 9months?
So heres the story, my sister in law be due for a scheduled C-Section this past Tuesday the 3rd of June. She wound up going to the hosp on Monday morning because she didnt get the impression the baby move since Sunday. She…

Cause and effect of medical malpractice?
i wnt to ask what is the effect and cause of edical mqalpractices cause- anyone and everyone enters this paddock effect-loss of valuable life! Cause – negligence Effect – high cost for all, peoples lives are sometimes lost, people live a miserable go there after, familyies can be destroyed… Imagine what it is .Complete negligence…

Cbo say medical malpractice and protective prescription probably don’t cost that much. do you agree?
CBO: When CBO applied the methods used in the study of Medicare patients hospitalized for two types of heart disease to a broader set of ailments, it found no evidence that restrictions on tort liability reduce medical spending. Moreover, using a different set of background, CBO…

Considering medical malpractice insurance prices rose at 1 1/2 times the rate of robustness service prices, why…?
…isn’t Obama leading the charge for tort reform so doctors costs will lower plenty to charge less money?ˆ¥?page 25 This is greatly needed. Usually, when society call for tort reform, they want to closing date awards to the victims of malpractice. But…

Could someone contained by medical pen donate assessment on sound out concerning medical malpractice?
How could a doctor be held liable if diagnostic test ordered was not taken because government grant did not want to risk possible side effects. Wouldn’t the patents refusal be enough to absolve the doctor. Do not need to give the impression that I am trying to…

10 thoughts on “Lupus Pictures Symptoms Rash

  1. The One

    Lupus Rash or other type of rash?
    Is there any other condition that causes a rash around the sides of the nose?

    I had this during the summer, it would get worse when i was outside in the sun, one day when I went to the pool it was really really noticeable. I always have a redness around the nose, I have seen pictures of the butterfly rash from Lupus and it seems so similar, I do have other symptoms like joint pain (was told I had arthritis as a child but couldn’t see another doctor about it), I do have fatigue but I thought maybe its because I’m underweight from losing weight when I found out I had Celiac (an autoimmune disorder)

    1. Kitty

      The only way to know for sure is to see a Rheumatologist to confirm. They will look at your rash and run blood work such as an ANA, (anti-nucleur antibody) if it is a high positive, you have a very good chance of having Lupus. Rosasia (sp?) can look similiar which is just an adult form of acne. Even somebody very fair and sensitive to sun may get a rash. So see the Rheumie and GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Melissa F

    Please Help Me! I’ve Had An Itchy Rash That Has Lasted Four Months. Lupus Rash?
    I’ve had a rash that started on my upper back that appeared after tanning one night. I’ve tanned before and never had this happen so I didn’t think it could be the tanning bed. Well I continued to tan and the rash begin to spread to my chest and then down my arms and on top of my hands. Then it spread over my cheekbones and over the bridge of my nose. It only appears in sun exposed areas. It’s stings, and itches and feels like it has a fever. It’s dry, scaly and shiny looking. I’ve spoken to several doctors and they all blame the tanning bed even though it’s been several weeks since I’ve been in one. When I get into the sun or around heat it seems to flare up more. From the pictures I’ve seen on the internet it resembles the lupus rash, especially the one on my face. I’ve had almost every symptom of lupus with other problems I’ve had but it seems like lupus rashes are not itchy nor do they have fever like mine. I’m a white female and I’m 28 years old. I’m also starting to see white spots all over my skin where the rash is present, like sun spots. I’ve tried-benadryl, hydrocortisone, bactriban, neosporin, nystatin, and various other anti-histammines etc. nothing relieves the itch or burn. This is driving me mad and becoming very bothersome. If anyone could please help me I would appreciate dearly. Thanks

    1. Dog Rescuer




  3. nicole.stamand

    Allergic reaction or Lupus?
    I put on makeup one afternoon to go take pictures at the walmart. While applying the makeup, I used this new pencil eyeliner (I had used it once before). I accidentally put too much, so I grabbed a cotton ball and doused it with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion to remove the eye makeup. I rubbed the cotton ball ALL over my eyes and cheeks. I finished putting on makeup, and I left the house. Later that day, I got into an argument with my husband and I cried a little bit. About an hour after I cried, I noticed my face turning really red and spotty, even all the way down to my chin, but mostly around my cheeks and under the eyes. I took a Benadryl because my husband said it looked like an allergic reaction. I got really tired from the Benadryl and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning, my face felt kind of funny – like I couldn’t open my eyes all the way. I looked at my face in the mirror, and my eyes (above and below) and cheeks were swollen and puffy. I looked pretty scary. I immediately told my husband and we got in the car and drove to the doctors office. He said it looks like an allergic reaction, and he gave me Prednisone 6 day pack, and told me to take Claritin during the day and Benadryl at night. Well, the Claritin during the day and the Prednisone works great – but Benadryl barely works at night. Around bedtime, my face starts to get a little itchy and I see some redness and swelling. It is now day 3 of the 6 day Prednisone pack and my facial swelling has completely gone down, but around night time I’ll begin to see a bit of redness. Sometimes on my left cheek under my eye, and sometimes on my right cheek under my eye. I am worried because I was reading online about Lupus and it presents itself in a rash on the face. I don’t have any of the other symptoms of Lupus, but my question is, can Lupus make my face puffy and swollen? To me, I guess it sounds more like an allergic reaction, but my doctor said if the swelling doesn’t go down by Monday, that I should come back in because it could be something “different.” When he said “different” what does he mean?? Anyone have any ideas? I’m really scared.

    1. Doc

      Most probably is allergic reaction from eyeliner, or some other make up that you used that day.
      Lupus can give a read colored skin on your nose and cheeks (in a form of a Butterfly), but its not itchy, and its not swollen. So most probably its not Lupus.
      I believe that after taking the full dose of Prednisone this allergie will be cleared.
      When the doctor says maybe its something different, he just want to explore other possibilities.

  4. kkayona

    lupus??? help, please!! ?
    so, about two years ago i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.. when they did all the blood tests, they were also positive for lupus, but the doctors never did anything because i didn’t have any ‘outward physical signs’ of it.. well, yesterday i noticed a small rash on my face (across my cheeks) and i sent a picture of it to my mom (who works for a doctor) and she showed it to him and he said it definitely looked like a ‘butterfly rash’ (a symptom of lupus’).. so, now, i’m wondering, how likely is it that it is lupus? i’m really really worried..should i be? or am i worrying over nothing?

    1. Desi

      You have reason to be concerned. This is a common symptom or sign of lupus. It means your body is beginning to produce symptoms of active disease. You need to follow up with your primary doctor and get the ball rolling. You don’t need to suffer unnecessarily with some of these symptoms that will occur, the sooner you treat them the more control you’ll have maintaining your illness.

      * They may consider further testing at this time. Auto-immune diseases can be tricky to diagnose. Because of the, “butterfly rash,” they may rule out the rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus alone may be the culprit for your aching and swollen joints. I wish you luck…I suffer from an auto-immune disease myself. You’ll have good days and bad, I’ll say a prayer for more good ones!

  5. Act4Love

    Should I get tested for Lupus?
    Hi, I’m 16 years old. I’ve been suffering from bumps and redness on my face (cheeks, mostly), and it’s been something which I cannot get rid of. I thought it was just acne. My mom, however, is currently studying to be a nurse, and in her textbook she stumbled upon a picture of the butterfly rash often associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (known as Lupus/SLE). I didn’t think much of it, until my mom and I researched the symptoms.
    These are the symptoms I’m currently experiencing:
    *Extreme fatigue
    *Joint pain (mostly in my knees and ankles)
    *Migraine-like headaches almost every day for the past month
    *Difficulty concentrating
    *Inflamation of organs-last year I was diagnosed with gastreoenteritis.
    *Also, about a week and a half ago my back (around the kidney area) started hurting
    *I thought it was my period, but I have dried up blood that comes out everytime I wipe after urinating.
    *I have virtually no appetite.
    *My vision has been blurred the past few days.
    *The “flares” started about 2 weeks after the fatigue.

    What do you think about it?
    Thank you in advance.

    P.S- The symptoms listed started before I found out about the disease…less chance of psychosomatic diagnosis 🙂

    1. FirstStar

      Yes, you should probably get tested!

      Lupus is an Autoimmune disease, which is caused by both genetic and environmental factors, so, if you have a family history of auto immune diseases (Such as Crohns Disease, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis ect…) You are at an increased risk, also if you are female and between 15 to 45.

      It takes awhile to diagnose Lupus, but your doctor will (most likely) refer you to an Internal Medicine Doctor, or may order the test themselves (Blood test! Urine test!) And depending on what the doctor thinks, the blood test will include an ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) test (Very important test!!! if this comes out positive, it could mean Lupus, or another auto-immune disorder!!!)

      Some other blood tests may also include tests for Hep. C, and Hep D, along with a Creatinine test, Bilrubin and Albumin test (Too much to type- Google it!) and ALT test (To see how epic your liver is doing!)

      So YES. Get tested; because like I said, it takes awhile to diagnose because the symptoms mimic so many other diseases; it could take months.

      Good Luck! 🙂

      I’m 17 and had Lupus symptoms too; test results come back in January (Next month!) Hope 4 the best!

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