A kidney biopsy is done using a long thin needle put through the back (flank) into the kidney. This is called a percutaneous kidney biopsy. A tissue sample is taken and sent to a lab. It is looked at under a microscope. The sample can help your doctor see how healthy your kidney is and look for any problems. The two kidneys are found on either side of the spine, in the lower back. They help the body balance water, salts, and minerals in the blood. The kidneys also filter waste products from the blood and make urine.

The patient is expected to lie face down for at least 20-30 minutes. A towel may be placed under the upper abdomen to achieve an appropriate position. The kidney is located using the ultrasound, and then the health care provider will mark the biopsy site. A local anesthetic will be given to numb the skin at the biopsy site. A tiny incision is then made in the skin.

In addition to the numerous unique forms of lupus kidney disease, other types of kidney diseases that are not from lupus can sometimes occur in a patient with lupus. While treatment for lupus nephritis can sometimes be initiated without a kidney biopsy, more often, a biopsy is done before starting treatment. Thus, when the blood tests and the overall state of the lupus disease so require, the biopsy can define the cause of the kidney disease when it is in question. The biopsy can also guide treatment when it demonstrates the presence of such severe kidney damage that a favorable response to potentially toxic medications is unlikely.

Some patients shouldn’t have a percutaneous biopsy because they are prone to bleeding problems. These patients may still undergo a kidney biopsy through an open operation in which the surgeon makes an incision and can see the kidney to obtain a biopsy. Another method is the transjugular biopsy. To obtain the tissue sample, the needle is inserted through a catheter that enters the patient’s jugular vein at the neck. The needle threads down through the blood vessel to the right kidney in order to obtain the tissue from the inside without puncturing the outside skin of the kidney.

Kidney cancer is the eighth most common cancer in men and the tenth in women. The most common type of kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma that forms in the lining of the renal tubules in the kidney that filter the blood and produce urine. Approximately 85 percent of kidney tumors are renal cell carcinomas. When kidney cancer spreads outside the organ, it can often be found in nearby lymph nodes, lungs, bones or liver, as well as the other kidney.

A biopsy needle will be inserted into the skin. Based on a previously determined kidney position or under direct ultrasound visualization, the needle is advanced to the surface of the kidney. The patient is then asked to take and hold a deep breath, the needle introduced into the kidney, and fired. If the physician is not using direct ultrasound guidance, he may ask the patient to take deep breaths to verify needle “embedment” before firing.

45 thoughts on “Lupus Skin Rash Itchy

  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone know any natural remedies for LUPUS and itchy skin.?
    I am 51 years of age and have taken antihistimines for the body itch for years. I was told that there is no care for this ailment. Right now the only symptoms appearing are skin rashes. The butterfly one, face, checks and above eyebrow. And I have this awful rash on my forearms. It is black and circular in appearance, the circles are small and can become raised. I Apply triamcinolone cream at least once a day to the rashes and it has improved. My bowl movements have changed in the last year and break up very easy in the toliet water. I take fiber for this. Any suggestions? Can you advise of herbal remedies or otherwise that work? I do not have health insurance so I am unable to get any test done by allopathic doctors or reg. doctors. The rashes had got so bad that I went to the emergency room and the doctor informed me that it looked very much like Lupus. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Linda R

      Sounds like discoid lupus, and possible systemic involvement but I am not a doctor and there is not really enough information.

      Lupus, if left untreated, can be fatal. I would find a way to see a doctor.

      There is no cure for lupus, herbal or otherwise. The treatment goals are to minimize symptoms and prevent permanent damage.

      Some lupus lesions can turn into cancer if they are not treated.

      In the short term, use hydrocortisone creams, stay out of the sun, adopt a very healthy diet, and use stress management techniques. Sun and stress are MAJOR contributors to lupus flares.

      The thing about ice, and powder, and Jergen’s lotion is a bunch of huey. The problem with lupus is that the immune system attacks the self. No amount of Jergen’s can change that. Hydrocortisone is actually a topical immunosuppressant. You may need to take pills to do that for you.

  2. sporad01

    Malar Sun Face Skin Rash – Not Lupus ?!?
    For most of my young life, i’m now 23 female, i have had a sun rash that a doctor has recently said is the malar rash that is associated with Lupus. My mother also has severe rheumatoid arthritis, I had a lab testing done last week, ana test, that showed negative for Lupus. I have this skin sun rash that develops on my checks & across the bridge of my nose, whenever i’m out in the sun, it stays for about a week, before fading out. It’s not itchy-has no bumps, no pain, etc. Just is a very red-burnt look. I have also been experiencing chronic headaches, i have an appointment made with a dermatologist soon to determine what else the cause might be, is it possible to test negative for lupus & still have it?, what other testing may be done? what other possible solution to my sun rash is there? Thank You.

    1. christibro40

      Hi, Im sorry yor going through this. I am going to explain a few things. First Lupus is what is called an autoimmune disease, where our own healthy cells think somthing is wrong go into overdrive and start attcking our own cells. Next, there are several types of Lupus, the two I willl cover are Discoid (which only attacks the skin), the other is SLE (Systemic Lupus/entire body). For a diagnosis of SLE there are 11 critera that needs to be met. I will list them at the end. however most dr’s have not gotten that for some reason. they tend to just look at the blood work and look at the blood markers for antibodies, mainly somthing called ANA. The fact is healthy people can have a positive ANA all the time, and not be ill at all, and people with Lupus may have a positive ANA sometimes (I do sometiems) or never. But to doctors, that seems to be the end all, escpecially early on, and during the first couple of visits. A malar rash, just dosent happen to healthy people. Only if they dont sunscreen that area and they do sunscreen the rest of their face. It has been documented that 5-10% may never have the positive blood work. another 20% will have it occasionally, and it can change on a day to day basis. So while you where negative that day, you can be positive another. The critera and mindset most doctors still use is from a critera used and created in 1982 over 20 years ago, before you were born.
      Also Migranes run heavily in Lupus and other autoimmune paitents, and can fall under the Central Nervous System critera. A dermatologist, may want to biopsy that area of your face. a good one, will be able to take little skin, and leave little scarring. It sounds like you meet the photosensitivity part of Lupus as well. so thats three. You need to see a Rhumotologist, and they need to observe you over months. a diagnosis can take months or even a year. You need to get a good history of your health. write it down, to present to a doctor, you may not know what is relevant. I personally went through 4 rhuemotologists until I found 1 that actually listened took a life history (not all problems have to occur at the same time. As for a solution you should avoid the sun, or wear a 30 or more sun screen. and avoid the sun from noon to 4 pm. I have some issues with the sun, and have a pool. I try not to swim during those hours. I am going to provide you a list of the Lupus diagnostic critera, see if any of it applies to you, if it does now, or in the past, make sure you tell your dr. also your Blood test can change at anytime. Mine change all the time, depending of how active my Lupus is.
      Diagnostic critera from Yahoo health :
      Diagnostic criteria for lupus
      The following criteria are used to distinguish lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE) from other autoimmune and rheumatic diseases.

      A person with 4 of these 11 conditions can be diagnosed with lupus; 3 symptoms suggest that lupus is probably present, and 2 raise the possibility of lupus. Symptoms may be present all at once or appear in succession over a period of time. 1

      Butterfly (malar) rash on cheeks
      Rash on face, arms, neck, torso (discoid rash)
      Skin rashes that result from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light (photosensitivity)
      Mouth or nasal ulcers, usually painless
      Joint swelling, stiffness, pain involving two or more joints (arthritis)
      Inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs (pleuritis) or heart (pericarditis). This inflammation is called serositis.
      Abnormalities in urine, such as increased protein or clumps of red blood cells or kidney cells, called cell casts, in the urine
      Nervous system problems, such as seizures or psychosis, without known cause
      Problems with the blood, such as reduced numbers of red blood cells (anemia), platelets, or white blood cells
      Positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) test
      Signs of increased autoimmunity (antibodies against normal tissue), as shown by laboratory tests

      I have had Lupus since my teens but was not officially diagnosed until my late 20’s, Im now almost 40. I also am a researcher, and own a Lupus and autoimmune support group
      Good Luck

  3. Melissa F

    Please Help Me! I’ve Had An Itchy Rash That Has Lasted Four Months. Lupus Rash?
    I’ve had a rash that started on my upper back that appeared after tanning one night. I’ve tanned before and never had this happen so I didn’t think it could be the tanning bed. Well I continued to tan and the rash begin to spread to my chest and then down my arms and on top of my hands. Then it spread over my cheekbones and over the bridge of my nose. It only appears in sun exposed areas. It’s stings, and itches and feels like it has a fever. It’s dry, scaly and shiny looking. I’ve spoken to several doctors and they all blame the tanning bed even though it’s been several weeks since I’ve been in one. When I get into the sun or around heat it seems to flare up more. From the pictures I’ve seen on the internet it resembles the lupus rash, especially the one on my face. I’ve had almost every symptom of lupus with other problems I’ve had but it seems like lupus rashes are not itchy nor do they have fever like mine. I’m a white female and I’m 28 years old. I’m also starting to see white spots all over my skin where the rash is present, like sun spots. I’ve tried-benadryl, hydrocortisone, bactriban, neosporin, nystatin, and various other anti-histammines etc. nothing relieves the itch or burn. This is driving me mad and becoming very bothersome. If anyone could please help me I would appreciate dearly. Thanks

    1. Dog Rescuer




  4. redbeauty

    Could I have the lupus disease?
    Can lupus cause a rash on your vagina lip,ex. red circle painless nor itchy rash on one vagina lip? I have rashes on my legs that are sorta similar to the rashes of lupus on the skin. That doesn’t itch either, n i read up on it and the site showed pics and that the rashes usually doesn’t itch and the are circle n so are mine. I have a daughter and I’m hoping and praying that she doesn’t develop any symptoms like this. I cry about this all the time cause idk what’s causing this or anything and i’m scared. So can lupus cause a lesion in the vagina area too? I have had a false positive for syphilis the vdrl and the rpr was reactive, but the tp-pa was non reactive n the dr at the clinical told me i don’t have it n so did my dr. Anyway they showed me numerous things that could’ve caused the false positive and lupus was on there and whateva is wrong with me is chronic, because that was also on the paper to and so was rhu. arthritis. All serious answers please n thanks n advance. (= I’m calling someone at the lupus clinic later on today and see what they can do for me since i doesn’t have insurance. Hope they can help!
    n i don’t have herpes either… don’t have all those big nasty looking sores in my private area and that was only one time with the thing in the viginal area. N herpes ITCH… DUMB ASS… Know someone who have it.

  5. Anonymous

    Is it normal to get a bad rash while using retin a ?
    I was prescribed retin a by my dermatologist to lighten freckles and help get rid of acne on my face. The first day i brought it home i applied a fairly light amount to only affected areas on my face and automatically felt a stinging sensation were i had applied it , which i guess was normal since that was one of the side affects. The third day of use still the same affect but now only that my skin was irritated red , itchy ,dry and it felt like i had a pony tail on so tight that it made me feel like my skin was stretched out to the point i even felt Chinese . I automatically stopped use of it and noticed only now that my skin started peeling on the fourth to fifth day and was also accompanied now with a red irritated itching hurt to touch rash . The truth is that it even looks like a swollen sunburn or even like a bad case of lupus rash only around my eyes, cheecks, and chin that hurts . I am to embarresed to come out of my house cause of the way i look and am running out of ideas. So i would appreciate some good experienced advice on how to treat it and if it is normal or not to be experiencing these side affects with this medication.

  6. Stace!

    Does this sound like Lupus?
    Hello all!! I have been having some strange symptoms, and would really appreciate help from anyone who knows anything about them.

    Here are my symptoms…
    -Whenever my skin has been getting cold (or even chilly), my skin breaks into rashes. Any part of my skin that is cold (arms, legs, feet, etc) will get the rash. It’s a blotchy red rash with slightly raised bumps. It is very uncomfortable. Kind of an itchy/burning feeling. I’ve tried all sorts of anti itching creams, etc., but nothing works for it.
    -I’m always tired. I feel like I could sleep at any point of the day and for the entire day.
    -I’ve been getting intense headaches. It hurts from the sides of my head to the back of my head. They also make me slightly dizzy.
    -I’ve been having pain in some of my joints. Currently, I’m experiencing pain in my shoulder, wrist, elbow, and knee.
    -I’ve been finding huge bruises (softball size) all over my body and I have no idea what they are from (no big injuries).

    Do any of you know anything that would cause all of those symptoms? I would really appreciate the help. I’m trying to figure out what kind of doctor would be best to go to (dermatologist, specialist, allergist, etc.)

    1. Allison

      The main symptoms to look for in lupus are:
      – Butterfly rash (butterfly-shaped rash on the face, spreading across the nose and over both cheeks)
      – Arthritis (typically seen in ankles, knees, and wrists, but can be experienced in any joint)
      – Fever (that can’t be explained by something else)
      – Extreme fatigue
      – Swollen lymph nodes (neck is the easiest place to check; if it’s very sore it’s most likely swollen)

      Now I suggest taking these steps:
      – Keep a log of all symptoms, any new ones, when they worsen, etc. Doctors will appreciate it!
      – Find a good rheumatologist and schedule an appointment. Explain your symptoms.
      – If lupus seems likely, you will be sent for an ANA blood test and urine samples testing for protein. Go ahead and look up ANA.

      Remember, lupus is difficult to diagnose, because it is so broad. Different doctors may have different opinions. Remember to get ALL the facts, and in my opinion, it is smart to get MULTIPLE professional opinions. GOOD LUCK (:

  7. Pseudo Nym

    Can the ER diagnose Lupus?
    A little back story- I have several symptoms of lupus. Excessive tiredness, joint pain, painful skin rashes that come and go, mouth ulcers, all that stuff. My physician doesn’t seem to take me seriously when I say I don’t feel well, or that antihistamines and itch creams do not help my rashes. My fingers do not turn blue when cold, but the nail beds do. So far the skin rashes have been mild. It’ll start with a few bumps somewhere and by a few days later I have several small patches of itchy, painful rash that take a week or two to resolve. The worst case I’ve dealt with, until now, was during a trip to the beach. I thought maybe I was sensitive to something new I encountered on my trip and again allergy meds and creams did nothing. It wasn’t until I started reading about Lupus that I found out about photosensitivity and rashes caused by sun exposure. That incident took 3 weeks to fully resolve.

    Starting two weeks ago I started getting tired, almost zombie like. I was very groggy, couldn’t think straight, and my hands HURT. The only comfortable position I could keep my hands in were balled in a loose fist, extending the fingers was painful. That eased up a bit, but body aches soon kicked in, and are worst first thing in the morning. On Saturday I noticed a weird spot on my upper thigh that looked like rug burn under the skin. Nothing raised, no sores, pain or itching involved. By last night I had a couple of bumps surface and that was it before bed. When I awoke this morning my thighs burned. I had an intense rash down the front and inner parts of both thighs. The rash bumps thinned out but still continued to my calfs. I also have patches of bumps on the nape of my neck, my shoulder, my ribs and I have non-raised red spots on the back of my hands and underside of my right arm.

    I am tired of my doctor’s lack of understanding of the issue. I went in last week for the pain and fatigue and he wanted to test my thyroid and other basic blood levels. All was normal except for my vitamin D, which I take a daily supplement for already so I found it odd that it was low. More research has revealed that lupus patients often struggle with low vitamin D. I’m afraid that if I go to my doctor that he’ll try to brush this off as a basic rash and send me home with another cream that will do nothing for me. If I go the ER will they be able to do anything? I want to be seen with the rash in full force, so waiting for an opening at a new physician’s office won’t do. I don’t want to waste a trip to the ER if they’re just going to tell me to see my primary doctor.

    Advice please!

    1. 2blest2Bstrest

      Better than waiting for a rash……. From the sound of it, you very much need to have the thyroid testing … TSH and Antibodies (make sure BOTH!) All of this can be from thyroid disease.


  8. huggz

    I think it really needs to be checked out professionally. The thing with lupus is that it can manifest in various ways, and your rash may appear different from another’s.
    You cannot just assume sun damage and self treat, get the rpofessional opinion before you try anything else;

  9. spelled2003

    I have reaccuring spells of extreme joint followed by entire itchy skin I have had neg lupus,RA,ANA, test
    I do not have any rashes on my body but I do have a slight butterfly rash on my cheeks I do not take any meds that are causing this. Has anyone been diagnosed with a disease or disorder that sounds like this. All doctors I have ever seen believe it is an auto immune disorder but cannot figure out which one i have been battling this for 8 or so yrs and it is continuing to get worse every year.Lately it is untolerable. I have been give vicoprophen for the pain but I need answers and cannot get hooked to this kind of drug. Plus the med only works for an hour or two.

  10. Skay

    I have sarcoidosis and now I am being tested for lupus because of fatigue, rashes on face and upper body.?
    I am taking hyrdoxychloriquine for the sarcoid. My hair has begun to fall out. My skin is exxxtremely dry and itchy. Its painful. Is this a symptom of Lupus?
    If the drs are having problems properly diagnosing & treating me, what should I do? These treatments and meds are expensive! I need relief from the discomforts of the disease. Any suggestions are appreciated

  11. Anonymous

    Could it possibly be Lupus?
    I’m very tired of being treated as though I’m just going nuts. A hypochondriac in a sense. I’m not…I’m sick. Without much to back up what is causing it. The symptoms mainly started when I was around 18…I’m 24 now. I’ve been to the doctor many times being told the same thing. I’m perfectly fine. One doctor finally took into consideration I had a list of symptoms too long for my age and sent me to a digestive specialist. I wasn’t able to continue seeing the specialist, but from the two visits I was able to attend, he determined I had GERD. But I just keep getting worse. It’s not just my upper digestive system, it’s my entire digestive system. Nothing seems to work properly. I’m vomiting in the mornings from acid and bile building up in my stomach throughout the night. I can hardly eat anything without feeling nauseated afterward. My stool varies in color and texture. Some days it’s near normal, others is sticky, others it’s like water. I stay pretty bloated the majority of the time. So bloated and gassy that I have to where a pant size larger than usual. I have to pee once or twice an hour. I get chest pains that are more than likely associated with pain in my esophagus. It’s pretty deep and aching.

    Aside from my digestive problems, just last year I started developing eye and skin problems. I’ve never had any problems with my eyes. Never needed glasses. I’ve started having static like vision (visual snow), I sometimes see bright spots (seeing stars), I’ve noticed an increase in floaters in my vision. Some have came and gone…others are still around. I feel what feels like sparks bursting in the inner corners of my eyes several times a week. I see ghosting. Distant objects are now slightly blurred and my eyes tend to stay dry. All of this developed within the last year. The eye doctor said I had developed an astigmatism. Seems like more is going on than that…just in the last 5 months since my visit to the eye doctor…the symptoms have worsened. Seems a bit quick and much to just be an astigmatism.

    My skin problems started developing around the same time my eye troubles started. I started out just getting a rash on my side. It wasn’t raised…more like a big red blotch. Didn’t itch. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I noticed over a week period it had come and gone in the same spot 3 different times. A few weeks later I started breaking out in hives. They started just on my thighs, then progressed to my entire body over time. They wouldn’t go away unless I laid down, and even then it took hours before the majority would cease. Hives became an ongoing problem that randomly popped up for about 8 months. I could never find a trigger for them. Some days I’d be working and notice them, others I’d wake up and have them…indoors, outdoors, no food allergies, no medication…stress…nothing. I could never find anything. I haven’t really had an outbreak in hives now for about 3 or 4 months. Instead I’ve been getting itchy skin (not dry skin), and more red blotches (not raised) on my skin. First they were mainly coming on my chest, then I started getting them on my hands, feet, stomach, legs…wherever. They seem to start on my chest. Sometimes they itch…sometimes they don’t.

    My symptoms all come and go…aside my eye problems. The dryness in my eyes come and go…but the rest stay pretty constant. But my digestive problems and my skin problems come and go. I have no thoughts as to what may trigger these problems.

    I know that is a lot to read, so if you’ve done so, thank you. Aside from all of that, I stay tired, I have minor body aches that come and go. Especially in my arms and in my knees. I find some days I can’t think as clearly as others…mild confusion occasionally. I have good days and just down right nasty hateful days. Dunno why. I stay depressed for weeks at a time. I went to a State Park just two days ago. It was a cold but sunny day. First time I’ve really been out in the sun that long in months. That night I noticed the butterfly rash across my nose and cheeks. Not a sun burn. It faded yesterday for a few hours and today it’s darker again. This is what made me begin thinking…could this be Lupus? and yes, it does run in both sides of my family. Lupus and Leukemia both do. I’ve had several people tell me even on good days…”You don’t look so good” My last employer told me I wasn’t working out because I just seemed too drained all the time.

    I am uninsured now, and I’m not sure how I would get tested for Lupus…or even how they test for it at all. I’ve read some websites about Lupus, it just seems like such a complicated disease. Any thoughts? Thanks again.
    I forgot to mention my miscarriages. I’ve had 4 healthy children, yet before and after my successful pregnancies, I’ve had 6 miscarriages without a reason being determined. Dunno if that has any relation to this…but thought I’d add it.

  12. angelinaismywifey

    dry skin, odd scarring bumps on face, neck, back and raynauds syndrome…..what could this be!?
    scaly hands and thickened skin on hands and feet
    swelling of any possible joint
    circulation problems and changes
    abnormal amounts of grey hairs all of a sudden
    weight loss
    gastrointestinal problems
    itchy skin!

    etc! i cant get a diagnosis i wanna say its lupus but w/ a rash that is noticable to everyone else …

  13. Crisen H

    Possible Lupus?
    Is lupus a slow progression or does it rapidly develop? I think I may have lupus. After researching, I’ve come to realize that I have several of the symptoms, some I’ve had for years and others developed recently.I’m 25 Symptoms are: Knee pains; started in my early teens,had x-rays but they showed nothing.In the past few years they’ve started giving out and tingling like they’re going to sleep. Next: migraines; started in my later teens, Dr. said they were stress related. I’m tired alot, I get the recommended 7-8 hrs of sleep most nights but I’m still tired. Then there is depression/anxiety:Started having mild anxiety attacks and mild depression in my late teens, again Dr. said it was stress. I also have been getting knots on my legs when I stand for more than 10-20 mins. The knots don’t hurt. This spring I was out in the sun and developed a rash on my exposed skin.First it felt like razor burn, then it became itchy.Never happened before. None on my face however.Normal signs of lupus?
    About the skin rash, it was definitely not a sunburn, I’ve had plenty of those. It was small red bumps. My mother has the same reaction to the sun/tanning bed but her’s is everytime she’s in the sun. Her doctor told her it was just an unexplained reaction to sun rays. Any other suggestions on what the rash could be?

    1. hello

      Well, those are all the symptoms that I had for APS a sister of Lupus that was dismissed by doctors for years! Migraines were TIAs. Geez, I knew my vision cutting out in one eye wasn’t right.

      I suggest you see a rheumatologist and get tested for both Lupus and APS.

      I am now on Coumadin, Aspirin and Plaquenil and guess what most of my problems including the so called “depression” is gone. Listen to what your body is telling you.

      ETA following your comments: Polymorpic Light Eruptions? Sounds like it is time to see a dermatologist. But tanning beds are high in UV that set off Lupus rashes. Start taking pictures of them for your doctor. And stay out of the tanning bed.

  14. treefrog

    How debilitating is Lupus….SLE? Am I going to die early? Tell me what you know, Please!?
    When I was first diagnosed 2 years, ago…I was hopeful because I’d read lupus is manageable, etc. But, in these two years I’ve had to have both knees replaced ( I’m 40 ), itchy skin rashes that last for weeks or months, and profound fatigue.

    Should I expect things to ever get better? I want to. But, it’s not looking that great.

    I need to realistically know what to expect. I need to prepare myself. Please share what you know with me.

    1. loveismydear

      You are our love of good friend and we help you but you don’t take decide for die. You know dies another name is finish so, your overcome this problem and question yourself of your mind what you do another think for next life?

  15. angeldevoid71

    I have Lupus and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on helping dry skin?
    I have been living with Lupus for about a year now and have episodes where my face gets very dry, flaky and sometimes itchy (butterfly rash). The skin around my eyes and my eyelids get very dry. The skin turns a deep shade red/purple and sometimes is painful to the touch. I also get dry patches on my forehead and chin. Does anyone have non prescription remedies to make my episodes subside easier?

    1. Karl

      This is something that you really must talk with
      your doctor about. Its important that he or she
      know this. It may be a side effect of medication
      you are now taking. And furthermore, before you self
      medicate, you need to find out it it will interact in a
      negative way with your current medications.

  16. brandons_mom

    The lonliness if feeling you’re losing your mind?
    I have this fear. I believe I’m losing my mind. All tests have attested to the exact opposite. No psychiatrist thinks that I have any other disorder other than OCD and health related anxiety. I’ve had blood work done, a brain CT and numerous in-house assessments of my symptoms at my doctor’s office. No one thinks there is anything WRONG with me!!! The thing is…I don’t even know if I care anymore. Does anyone else ever feel like they care so much, but at the same time not at all? My will to live is strong and I’d never do anything to harm myself, but these thoughts are so isolating and frightening to me. I’m now wondering if I’ve got dyscoid lupus like my mom and since the weather is getting colder in California my skin is dry and itchy with red patches which I’m assuming are the classic lupus rashes….It’s not really having the lupus the bothers me though, it’s my thinking the lupus has turned systemic and is attacking my brain and that explains my feelings of severe detachment and depersonalization. I don’t even know if I’m explaining myself in the way I want, which is frustrating in itself. I see my family and I know they’re my family, but when I look at them it just feels different now. I feel far away, almost like they’re strangers who I happen to know everything about. I miss them. Does this make any sense? I don’t ******* fear death anymore, I fear life. I fear losing people and my ability to perceive the things around me in a sane manner. I don’t think clearly and wonder if I ever will. I’m terrified, if that’s what you want to call it because quite honestly, I’m not too sure I even know how I feel anymore…but I’m terrified that I’ve already lost my mind. Where have I gone? I want nothing more than to walk outside tomorrow morning and take a deep breath of October air and thank God that I’m alive. I want to pick my son up in my arms and smell his hair and FEEL the immense love I know I bestow for him somewhere deep in myself. I want to care about stupid things like high gas prices and the blowout sale at the shoe pavilion. I want to LIVE again. I want to be able to care about things the way I want and the way I should. I want to not feel so damn selfish all the time and to help other people without constantly thinking of myself. I want God in my life again. I want to be carefree like I used to be and have a couple beers without thinking it’s the end of the freakin’ world!!! I want to smoke a fattie and not hyperventilate. Wow, I sure have a lot of desires. Maybe I should just stop whining, just not having a very good time right now. Thanks.


    1. immortal

      Hey i have subscribed to you in yahoo answers.i can understand how you feel.all those who answered you were right.its all because of LONELINESS.You may think that you have a family,friends and parents,but still you feel lonely coz you may not be open in ur relationship with them.You experience depression because you dont even know where is the root of problem.Hence you attribute the reasons to some factors in a guess (like you suspected cockroach entering your head).even sometimes you loose belief in god,feeling lonely,always mood out,but dont know why,always thinking about yourself..so that sometimes even you loose friends because of that…..i can understand your grief…because i experienced the same.After seeing your question and the answers i realise now that i hav suffered from lonliness.You have shown me the light in my life.but i am still feeling socially awkward and i am battling with it ,anyway i try to control my mind.here after i will try to communicate freely with my friends.if you dont mind feel free to share your feelings with me……

  17. Phaylen

    Have you Had a reactivation of Epstein Barr?
    5 years ago i suffered one of the worst cases of mononucleosis my Doctor had ever seen. Swollen neck/lymph nodes, terribly sore throat that required ice packs, chills and high fever. I was better in about a month and resumed normal activities.

    1 month ago (October 24th) I started feeling a pulling in my neck, like a tight muscle, over time this grew into a full on stiff neck with swollen lymph nodes from behind my ears to the back of my head to my collar bone. hey are palpable under the skin in places, soft, movable, but definitely swollen and my neck feels tight in the muscles. I went to the doctor and he said I had an ear infection and put me on Amoxicillan.

    A week and a half later I was no better and went to the ER and they told me i had a virus, sending me home with Augmentin, claiming I should let it run it’s course.
    I went to the internet for research and while I don’t believe i had mono again because reactivation of it is so very rare, plus, I don’t have a fever or a sore throat- just these swollen nodes and pain in my neck. I went back to the doctor and asked to be tested for Epstein Barr Virus.

    I got a call the following week and the nurse said “You Labs are back and consistent with reactivated Mono. Get lots of rest.” I had questions such as why it would reactivate with fewer symptoms, and how long i could expect these swollen nodes and neck pain to remain since it had already been a month… they didn’t have the time for me.

    My EBV test reads as follows

    Clinical Situation IgG-VCA EBNA EA IgM-VCA
    No past infection – – – –
    Acute Infection + – + +
    Convalescent Phase + + +/- +/-
    Past Infection + + – –
    Chronic of reactivated
    Infection + + – –

    My epstein Barr Panel showed two High Counts.
    EBV (VCA) Ab, IgG 936
    EBV Nuclear Ab, IgG 243

    Now, given that it is rare for people to get mono twice, and if they do it is usually WITHOUT symptoms or due to a suppressed immunity (Like Lupus or Arthritis) I went searching further for answers.

    Because i have had a small rash on my chest at the center of my breastbone that is occasionally itchy, as well as what had been diagnosed as dermatitis around my scalp and upper back- My symptoms seem to correlate with the dreaded word no one wants to hear: Lymphoma. It also seem EBV has a direct link to some Lymphomas.

    I called back my doctor and demanded a referral to an ENT and a CT scan of my neck- I’ve had chest X-rays previously due to a light persistent cough and they are normal.

    I’d like to ask Anyone who suffers from long term EBV effects if they experience swollen nodes and stiff neck for more than a month years after initial mono infection. Am i putting the car before the horse or being logical here. The concept of cancer frightens me to death, though there is no Lymphoma in my family.

    Do you EBV sufferers feel the same way? Do you have chronic swollen nodes and a stiff neck for more than 4 weeks at a time without other traditional mono symptoms?

    1. Doctor J

      Hi Phaylen. I am NOT an expert in Epstein Barr infections. However, I have a substantial interest in the role nutrition plays in the functioning of the immune system – which can play a significant role in controlling Epstein Barr infections and risk for various cancers.

      What I am offering here is merely conjecture – an educated hypothesis. There is very little specific scientific research in the area of Epstein Barr virus infections and nutritional status. What research is available suggests the following possibilities:

      1) Vitamin D deficiency is very common (an epidemic) and its effects on the immune system can impair the system’s ability to fight viral infections such as Epstein Barr virus (EBV). Have your doctors tested your blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D? This is the proper test for Vitamin D status. You want a number in the “high-normal” range to be healthy.

      2) Zinc status is a major player in immune system health. Low zinc intakes from normal diets are very common. Even marginally inadequate intakes of zinc can impair immune function and limit the immune system’s ability to contain a viral infection. Again, have your doctors tested your zinc status? Have they measured ANYTHING about your overall nutritional status?

      Below are a few links to scientific papers that support the comments I have made here.

      Best wishes and good luck.

      I have added a couple of additional papers on zinc. They are fairly technical but, they provide a solid scientific basis for the potential relationship between your zinc status, immune function, and risk of viral infection and cancer.

  18. Lynna

    Possible Eczema Case?? Or is it lupus?
    Lately, I’ve been noticing that my skin has become more and more sensitive. A while ago, I noticed that after I went out into the sun for a period of time, I developed a rash on my face. Since it wasn’t very itchy, and disappeared within a day, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it might be due to an ingredient with my sunscreen. For a time I was worried that this rash was the characteristics “butterfly rash” that many individuals with lupus get, but I have no other symptoms of lupus, and haven’t had the face rash since. However, I’ve noticed that in areas on my back, specifically where my bra comes into contact with my skin, bumpy patches have appeared. They look like small rashes, but are colorless, and NOT itchy. They feel like goosebumps, actually. I also recently developed a similar rash on a patch on my face, which is only slightly itchy, and one on my shoulder. I’m extremely confused as to what’s causing these rashes. I don’t have any other symptoms of lupus, so I don’t think thats my problem. Can individuals with eczema have small, non-itchy rashes, or are they always extremely itchy? I haven’t changed any detergents, tried any new perfumes, etc!! However, I have noticed that my allergy to cats has increased. Does anyone with eczema have similar symptoms? Or could this be somehow related to my allergies acting up?

  19. MaluLanix0x

    Help! Is this a liver condition?
    Lately I have been having problems with my thyroid (swelling of the neck, shortness of breath/rapid pulse, sweating/hot all the time, insomnia, eye protrusion, hair falling out, weight loss, the list goes on), and getting the doctors to check it is like pulling teeth. My doc only checked my TSH level (I have been too antsy to concentrate in school so she said it would be good to check my thyroid but for w.e. reason she left out my T3 & T4). I am left handed/anbidexterous (a risk factor for Grave’s disease) & my LEFT HANDED paternal grandfather was a type 1 diabetic. My maternal aunt has scleroderma & hypothyrodism. I have raynauds phenomion & have flare ups of joint pain/swelling. I get white spots in my fingers, neck, & feet. (I have been tested for lupus, RA, blah blah blah but everything’s f***cking negative). My thyroid condition seems to be flaring up again, but lately despite having smooth, velvety skin, i have had itchy rashes & my skin looks yellowish. I have been INCREDIBLY hungry the past few days (and i am NOT PMSing) & despite eating a lot I have lost weight (not a dramatic amount though). (When my thyroid flares up I do loose weight despite eating HUGE portions, but I do not recall being THIS hungry!) I am eating very healthfully (that is my nature & i eat 100% gluten/dairy free). On the other hand, the past two days I have pooped 4-5X each day. This may sound like TMI, but my poops had been green, then they became yellow, and now they are really loose & grey. This sounds weird, but I smelled something funny & my sweat underneath my pits smells fruity & sweet. So yeah, is there something going on with my liver, or what could this be?

  20. Brittany

    what is this pimple/bug bite like rash that wont go away?
    i woke up on saturday and i noticed a weird patch of something, like dry skin maybe, in an oval shape, right under my bra line on my side. throughout the day i noticed i was getting a bit of a rash on my stomach. it was like little red bug bites or pimples. but it wasn’t TOO bad, and it was only on my stomach, so i thought nothing of it and ignored it. the next day the rash had worsened, and it was on my back now, too. but it wasnt itchy at all. until today. this is the 4th day ive had the rash, and its now on my stomach, back, sides, chest, and back of neck. its gotten worse and worse, and now its starting to become really itchy. ive also notcied that in water, it seems to worsten a lot. when i take a bath or shower they seem to spread. does anyone have any idea of what this could be? ive looked at things such as rosacia, shingles, lupus, chicken pox…etc. i dont think its any of those. but…please help?

    1. Hush

      It could be all sorts of different things, from chicken pox to a virus to poison oak, and it’s just not possible to diagnose over the Internet. Your best bet is to go to the doctor so you can get treatment, relief from the itching, and prevent infection. In the meantime, you can try calomine lotion or an oatmeal bath to help reduce the itching.

  21. wot_tha

    Where does FibroMyalgia stop & Lupus Start? Is this condition ‘manageable’? Will I be able to return to work?
    After spending heaps of time, effort and money on specialists, I have been diagnosed with Fibro Myalgia, Raynauds Phenomenon together with a “side serving of SLE”.
    I find this diagnosis .. vague to say the least.
    I am taking Plaquinil, and pain killers.
    I have been unable to work for 3 months due to hot flushes, varying degrees of pain, chronic tiredness, crazy skin rashes etc ect.
    I have not had a period for 5 years (which is not such a bad thing! )
    yet, all the blood tests and ultrasounds reveal that I am not menopausal.
    Some mornings I can barely walk – my feet feel like they have been burnt, and they ache (like an elephant has stepped on them)
    When I move my shoulders they sound like rice bubbles – Snap, Crackle & Pop! They hurt like all fury as well.
    If my shoulders are not hurting then it’s my lower back, if it’s not my lower back, then it’s under my rib cage …. yarda yarda yarda!
    I have the memory span of a goldfish – which the teenage kids think is wonderful (they get away with lots)
    I regularly sleep 16 hours out of 24.
    I do not have a butterfly shaped rash on my face, it is on my neck. If I spend any time in the sun – regardless of hat, shirt or sunscreen – I come up in itchy, burning welts.
    Since I was 12 years old … After showering, swimming, perspiring, or sudden temperature change – I break out in an itchy hive type rash (great look for a teenage girl) for which I take antihistamines.

  22. Reiley R

    Purple skin after shower and pimply like bumps?
    Ok, so I take showers. they’re not too hot… i don’t like to burn myself. while im in the shower, my skin seems fine, but as soon as i turn the water off, my whole body, but especially my legs, get this purple lacy rash thing that itches like CRAZY. once i step out and rub myself down with my towel (dries and itches at the same time) it goes to red, then fades back to my normal skin color, but remains itchy for about half an hour or so.
    my question is why???

    also my arms get pimple like bumps on them and get very red and rashy looking if i wear a sweater or something of that sort. not t shirts or smooth fabrics like that, but even cable knit ones give me rashes that itch. i don’t know if this is related or the same thing or something totally different from the shower thing, but it seems like there’s something wrong with my skin.

    also, if i itch my chest with even the lightest of touch, it turns red and rashy for hours.

    my mom has had lupus of the skin for 15 years as well as rosatia (spell?) and fibromyalga (spell?) so i worry about my health a lot because she has had so many problems.

    i would just like to know if this is something i should look into or not!

  23. MaluLanix0x

    Does anybody know anybody with Autoimmune Hepatitis? Does it sound like I could have it?
    Last year I had Mono (Epstein Barr), and I noticed that my skin was turning yellowish and very, very itchy. Not to sound too graphic or anything, but my stools turned grey, and at other times completely white! I found out that I am a Celiac and have many, many antibodies against my thyroid (I have both Hashimotos and Graves). Its very likely that I have a mild Lupus and Sjogren’s (when I went to the doctor, she said I have a malar rash, photosensitivity, and some wierd rashes on my joints. When I went to the dentist, they had to keep the sprayer thing in my mouth the entire time!). My maternal aunt has Scleroderma and my paternal grandfather was type I diabetic. My problem right now is that I often feel VERY itchy, get wierd rashes & scalp problems, my skin turns yellowish, and lately it feels like a weight dropped in between my ribs. Once again, (not to be gross or whatever), my stools are turning lighter (and looks like nothing is being absorbed, sometimes). Recently my vitamin D levels came back low, and I had JUST been in Florida and was taking supplements. My bun creat ration was low as well. My legs, face, and stomach periodically swell up, and I feel confused and spacy often (was partially thyroid related). A year ago, my rheumatologist checked my liver enzymes & said they were fine, but I have to go back to her again! Does this sound like autoimmune hepatits though, is it hard to diagnose?

    1. Linda R

      Go to your rheumatologist as soon as possible. Autoimmunity is not something to be fooled with or guessed about. As for your BUN, you need to have your urine checked for protein excretion and cellular casts. When autoimmune diseases are untreated, they can kill you. Stop fooling around on yahoo and get to the doctor.

  24. Laurel

    Symptoms for 7 months, no diagnosis. Excessive hair loss, muscle pain, swollen nodes.?

    I`m a 19 year old female who`s been experiencing a series of symptoms for the past 7 months that doctors have been unable to diagnose.

    Firstly, my hair has been falling out and as you can imagine, this has been very emotionally stressful. Since about 7 months ago, I`ve lost more then 75% of hair from all over my head. The hair loss is not patchy, but has been thinning all over. I used to have long, extremely thick and beautiful hair, and now its almost gone. The hair loss is not localized to my head as I’ve even noticed that the hair on my legs and in my pubic area have barely been growing back after shaving. I did see a dermatologist and he said that I must have an underlying autoiumme disease that’s causing the hair loss. He suspects lupus or a related disease, but as of yet, blood tests have shown no irregularities.

    Since around the same time my hair has been falling out, Ive noticed that the lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen. Sometimes they are red and sensitive (especially after drinking alcohol or smoking) but usually they’re painless. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of joint/muscle pain and stiffness. Some days it gets really bad and I can barely move, even typing/writing is difficult because the muscles in my hands are so stiff. I feel like every muscle and joint in my body is inflamed. I’m only 19 and I’m having as hard of a time moving around as my 55 year old mother with MS.

    Lastly, (and I’m not sure if this is related at all) my skin has been really dry and especially itchy. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any rashes, but I have noticed some redness (light red spots) randomly on my skin.

    My family doctor did a thorough blood analysis and everything came back normal. There is no sign of vitamin deficiency, my thyriod was normal, no diabetes, my blood cell count was normal, kidney/liver function was normal, and I’m clean for STD’s/STI’s. I really don’t know where to go from here and im terrified that if I don’t find out whats wrong, I’m going to go bald.

    Does anyone know what these symptoms indicate? Any advice as to what I should get tested for/where I should go from here would be great.

    Thank you in advance for the help!

    1. Moped Mama

      my endocrinolgist , said i had sluggish thyroid normal levels, my VIT D was dangerously low my vit b 12 was low i have hypo thyroid symptoms normal thyroid I HAVE goitors never knew it until i choked and had ENT do a nasal scope, so follow my advice my endocrinologist put me on synthyroid , 37.5 mcg works for me VIT D and VIt B 12 also AVOID wheat products you could be celiac syndrome try eatting oatmeal rice potatoes NO wheat pasta buy rice and corn pasta drink V* 8 splash change your diet

  25. MaluLanix0x

    Does anybody know anybody with Autoimmune Hepatitis? Does it sound like I could have it?
    Last year I had Mono (Epstein Barr), and I noticed that my skin was turning yellowish and very, very itchy. Not to sound too graphic or anything, but my stools turned grey, and at other times completely white! I found out that I am a Celiac and have many, many antibodies against my thyroid (I have both Hashimotos and Graves). My doctor just told me that it appears I am in the begining stages of Lupus and Sjogren’s. My maternal aunt has Scleroderma and my paternal grandfather was type I diabetic. My problem right now is that I often feel VERY itchy, get wierd rashes & scalp problems, my skin turns yellowish, and lately it feels like a weight dropped in between my ribs. Other times I look so pale, my mother pointed it out to me. My GI doctor told me that I have slow digestion (usually called gasteroparesis). My family and friends have been commenting on how I am randomly loosing weight, even though I feel like I eat so much (other times I just get so full so easily & feel nauseous). Once again, (not to be gross or whatever), my stools are turning lighter (and looks like nothing is being absorbed, sometimes). Recently my vitamin D levels came back low, and I had JUST been in Florida and was taking supplements. My bun creat ration was low as well. My legs, face, and stomach periodically swell up, and I feel confused and spacy often (was partially thyroid related). A year ago, my rheumatologist checked my liver enzymes. I rescently went to a new rhem & he took over 40 blood sampes & a urine sample! Does this sound like autoimmune hepatits though, is it hard to diagnose?
    after eating, I often have sqeezing pain in my back and pain in my lower sides under my back ribcage. I told my mom this & she says it sounds like a gall-bladder issue. I am NOT overweight, pregnant & not even 20 years old!

    1. Jus Tme

      Sounds like a few things are going on. Jaundice being one of them. Jaundice occurs because of the liver not functioning properly. There could be a whole slew of issues that cause the jaundice such as hepatitis or alcoholism. I’m not saying that is what is happening to you but lets not rule anything out. Have you told your doctor everything that is going on? Write a list of every symptom and give it to your doctor. If he ignores your symptoms, inform him that you will seek medical advice elsewhere. Doctors work for YOU! Dont allow them be complacent!

  26. sprees (:

    If I have a the butterfly rash on face, is there is possibility that it is not lupus?
    I’m 17 years old….. Female. I have a butterfly rash on my face, fatigue, a swallon face, hands, feet, itchy skin, and my face just looks washed out or I don’t even know how to describe it, I just do not look myself. I went to the doctor, and they took blood and are running tests, and it might possibly be lupus. Is there any possibility it might not be lupus? I am prescribed adderall, and of course my doctor knows that because she’s the one who prescribed it to me, but could adderall be causing some of these symptoms?

    Also any suggestions on how to make my face look normal in any way, I am getting very depressed with my face not looking the same, and it’s causing me to not want to do anything or leave my house because it’s embarassing looking and people stare at me. I don’t even want to hangout with friends anymore because of this! I use foundation and stuff but it just does not cover up the weirdness of my face shape and swalloness.
    Any help or support would be awesome(:

  27. Ursula

    I have an undiagnosed condition and need help!?
    I am a 20 year old female who has been having stomach problems for the past year or so, and it has gotten much worse in the past six months. The symptoms are now starting to affect more parts of my body, and the pain can be debilitating and is affecting my schoolwork. I was tested for thyroid issues and Celiac, but both were negative. I also went to the ER for abdominal pain a few weeks ago, but that didn’t turn up any new results.

    Here is a list of symptoms:

    Digestive symptoms – abdominal pain (sometimes crampy and all over, sometimes very sharp in right upper abdomen or left lower abdomen, sometimes made worse coughing or sneezing), LOTS of diarrhea, undigested food in stool almost every day, sometimes fat or mucus in stool, loss of appetite, lots of extreme bloating, some nausea/heartburn/dry-heaving, sometimes foods taste very different than they should (ex – candy tasting extremely acidic, milk tasting like sushi, plain white rice tasting nutty)

    Skin symptoms – I get a red skin rash almost every night or afternoon. It’s itchy, not raised, and not dry. It’s not related to any contact allergy or physical activity. Sometimes, it seems to happen more often or with more severity when I feel really warm or cold. My hair has thinned significantly in the past year, and I’ve started getting coarser hair elsewhere on my body (arms, face). My skin feels itchy most of the time.

    Nervous symptoms – extreme fatigue/malaise, depression/anxiety, headaches, trouble concentrating, photophobia and phonophobia, increased sensitivity to cold and heat, numbness in fingers

    Other symptoms – occasional low-grade fever, muscle weakness/pain, joint pain/swelling, easy bruising (once I got a bruise from the elastic band on my sweatpants and it wasn’t tight, another time on my arm from holding a package – the bruise was in a line from where the package was resting against my arm), I had some very mild jaundice and green-tinted urine at one point. I’m anemic and have high liver function according to the most recent tests. I don’t drink, and I don’t take any drugs unless they are prescribed (I deal with headaches by drinking water and resting). Small doses of Lortab helped relieve many of the digestive symptoms (prescribed by the ER). Diseases that have come up with my doctor are: lupus, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, IBS, Celiac (apparently false negatives are common?), and diverticulitis. Also, gallstones and pancreatic cancer were suggested, but less likely. We are pretty sure it’s autoimmune.

    I’m sick of being sick, and am reaching out for help in every place possible. I would love any suggestions or ideas, questions to ask my doctor, tests to request, warm thoughts, or stories (if you had a similar illness and got a diagnosis or found a way to manage the symptoms). I’m seeing my doctor next week, but because I’ve already gone through two series of tests, I want to be more prepared this time to help lead to a diagnosis more quickly. Thanks in advance!

    1. Semper Fi

      You have a lot of symptoms that could indicate a variety of problems. Celiac Disease, possible intestinal obstruction (Intestinal carcinoma, lymphoma), bruising is indicative of a bleeding disorder such as Von Willebrand disease or leukemia. Upper right quadrant pain indicates gallbladder disease, especially if fever and nausea are present also. Some of your symptoms are also those that present with kidney disease and diabetes so you have a real jungle of symptoms which has a tendancy to lead me back to Celiac Disease because …

      Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder which can present with an amazing array of symptoms, Gastrointestinal (cramps, pain, bloating, fatty stools, nausea, vomiting), Neurological (tingling, numbness, nerve pain, fatigue, depression and more) and so it is just frustrating for people who have it yet have not been diagnosed plus false negative tests are common. The definitive diagnosis is based on a positive biopsy of the small intestine. It’s not uncommon to have a false negative blood test yet have a positive biopsy.

      If you had maybe thought you had Celiac Disease and went on a gluten free diet before being tested that could have created a false positive and it may create a false biopsy if you have been on the gluten free diet for anytime allowing your small intestinal cells to heal and the villi to re-establish. However that doesn’t sound likely that you have adapted the diet because you said you are still experiencing symptoms even though some people with refractory Celiac do not see a reversal of symptom via diet.

      If it were me I’d ask the doc to re-test for CD (blood work) and also do stool fat, total protein, albumin, calcium, vitamin b12, autoantibodies, vitamin d, vitamin e, CBC, CMP.

      Oftentimes Celiac Disease causes malabsorption (reason for fatty stool) and this in turn creates vitamin deficiencies within the fat soluble vitamins such as d, calcium, vitamin k. b12 and so forth. It also causes anemia in many people and a host of other symptoms and complications because (via autoimmune response) it can attack your organs such your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and pancreas (autoimmune response) thereby creating symptom from those sources as well.

      Celiac Disease can also cause lactose intolerance (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea in severe cases) and so this complication could be a portion of your symptoms.

      I would suggest you keep a very concise diary of your symptoms, including when they occur (time, date, etc…) and of course exactly what they are. Note what you eat daily so that you can correlate your food intake with symptoms (note whether symptoms appear immediately after, within hours, or even a day or two after ingestion). Be as accurate as possible and by this I mean if you chew a stick of gum, write it down because …

      You’d be amazed how many products we eat contain wheat, barley or rye (sources of gluten) or are processed with wheat, barley or rye products. Even spices can contain wheat and wheat derivatives that contain gluten. If you drink wine the oaken cask it was probably aged in most likely was treated on the inside of the cask with a wheat paste to prevent leakage. That paste leaches into the wine and guess what? If you have CD you will most likely suffer intestinal damage.

      Of course I am not saying you have Celiac Disease. You may not have it at all. You may have something else entirely such as cancer that could present with a myriad of strange symptoms or it could be a combination of gallbladder disease (pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, jaundice are all possible symptoms) and kidney disease. Now, don’t let what I write frighten you, simply get your doc to rule various possibilities out by doing the appropriate tests.

      I wish you better health 🙂

  28. Jessica Jones

    Should I get checked out for lupus?
    I’ve been noticing that things just aren’t right with me. After some research, I realized that it might be lupus, but I don’t want to go to the dr. If my symptoms aren’t from lupus. Here they are-
    I’m always really, extremely tired all the time no matter how much I sleep.
    I’ve woken up with rashes all over my body, thinking they were from an allergic reaction to certain foods, but I’ve eaten those foods since and didn’t break out.
    I’m prone to urinary tract infections.
    My skin gets itchy and blotchy in the sun.
    I sometimes get ulcers in my nose.
    Should I ask the dr to test me for lupus?

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