Hives could hit anyone despite their age or health. In majority of cases, it's not really a troublesome condition and is often temporary. However, it could be very uncomfortable and ugly. Hives (urticaria) are a disorder of the skin, generally as a result of the body's allergic reaction. They often emerge on the surface of the skin as eminent wheals which are firm to touch. Often, wheals have a whitish spot in the center. Hives rash could appear as a single spot or as multiple lesions, depending on the cause and the sensitivity of the individual involved. Symptoms of Hives Hives could manifest itself as reddish or swollen lesions on the skin which could appear irregular or round. Hives usually appear on areas of the skin which are covered or normally unexposed such as the arms, back and the chest. They seldom affect the palms, scalp or the soles. Though hives cause itching and discomfort, they are almost always temporary in nature. Symptoms often fade away or vanish completely a few minutes after they appear. Causes of Hives There are many conditions that might lead to hives.

Some of these include: Asthma or Hay Fever: Both conditions are caused by a person's sensitivity to at least one allergen. Hives or skin rash, as a result would appear in combination with either condition. Allergic Reaction to Certain Drugs: Hives or skin rashes could also be caused by a person's sensitivity to drugs such as analgesics (aspirin) and antibiotics (penicillin). Insect Bites: Hives could also be caused by contaminated bites from mosquitoes, lice, bed bugs and human parasites such as worms. Treatment of Hives The skin rash connected with hives is caused by a disease or a condition, so it's vital to treat the main cause first. The rash which appears in this case is mainly due to an underlying condition. The skin rash vanishes once that condition is resolved. In case of allergic reaction, it's significant that the cause of the allergies is eliminated. To treat skin or hives rashes caused by drugs or other medications, an optional prescription might be required. Hives treatment could be carried on, once its causes and symptoms are detected.

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