IF you are suffering from an extremely itchy bumpy scalp, I’m sure you already know of the agony that comes with it. But where is the cure for this infection? Does it exist? When will your endless scalp itching end?

For three years, I suffered at the hands of this ailment. At first I thought my problem was related to head lice. I inspected my bed under the brightest of lights but found nothing.

I visited my dermatologist many different times to have her check out my scalp. She looked at it, picked apart my hair and ruled out lice as the culprit and instead diagnosed my issue to be psoriasis. What was the cause? According to her, she said it was stress.

I was prescribed some pills. Of course, when I bought the prescription and used it, there was no impact. A huge disappointment!!

So I went back to the dermatologist. She looked at my scalp again and this time said I have a fungi infection. What was the cause? She said it could be from the clippers my barber uses to cut my hair. I believed her. What do I know?

She prescribed me a different pill and a set of lotions and shampoos. I used them, and they didn’t work. Another disappointment!!!

I stopped going to my barber and started to cut my own hair, hoping to God that would solve the issue. It didn’t. Triple disappointment!!!

I went to a doctor for a blood test. The test came back good. What now?

I searched the internet several times for solutions to my issue but was bombarded by hundreds of different search results, each suggesting I try a unique shampoo. I knew shampoos were definitely not the answer since I’d used so many of them in the past. At best, shampoos (no matter what kind) can only suppress the itchiness, but the day you stop using them, the infection will come back harder and torment you like you wouldn’t believe.

After 3 years of pure anguish, I accidentally stumbled upon the permanent cure for this disease. The permanent cure for an extremely itchy scalp, a itchy bumpy head and a itchy bleeding scalp is a B-Lactam antibiotic. This antibiotic will destroy, I repeat, it will destroy the arsenal of the infection that resides within your body. After it destroys it, you can then use shampoos and ointments (specific types of them), to permanently eliminate the leftover bacteria that is on your scalp.

Get the Remedy for your Scalp Condition NOW!!

2 thoughts on “Lupus Skin Rash On Head And Scalp

  1. Phaylen

    Have you Had a reactivation of Epstein Barr?
    5 years ago i suffered one of the worst cases of mononucleosis my Doctor had ever seen. Swollen neck/lymph nodes, terribly sore throat that required ice packs, chills and high fever. I was better in about a month and resumed normal activities.

    1 month ago (October 24th) I started feeling a pulling in my neck, like a tight muscle, over time this grew into a full on stiff neck with swollen lymph nodes from behind my ears to the back of my head to my collar bone. hey are palpable under the skin in places, soft, movable, but definitely swollen and my neck feels tight in the muscles. I went to the doctor and he said I had an ear infection and put me on Amoxicillan.

    A week and a half later I was no better and went to the ER and they told me i had a virus, sending me home with Augmentin, claiming I should let it run it’s course.
    I went to the internet for research and while I don’t believe i had mono again because reactivation of it is so very rare, plus, I don’t have a fever or a sore throat- just these swollen nodes and pain in my neck. I went back to the doctor and asked to be tested for Epstein Barr Virus.

    I got a call the following week and the nurse said “You Labs are back and consistent with reactivated Mono. Get lots of rest.” I had questions such as why it would reactivate with fewer symptoms, and how long i could expect these swollen nodes and neck pain to remain since it had already been a month… they didn’t have the time for me.

    My EBV test reads as follows

    Clinical Situation IgG-VCA EBNA EA IgM-VCA
    No past infection – – – –
    Acute Infection + – + +
    Convalescent Phase + + +/- +/-
    Past Infection + + – –
    Chronic of reactivated
    Infection + + – –

    My epstein Barr Panel showed two High Counts.
    EBV (VCA) Ab, IgG 936
    EBV Nuclear Ab, IgG 243

    Now, given that it is rare for people to get mono twice, and if they do it is usually WITHOUT symptoms or due to a suppressed immunity (Like Lupus or Arthritis) I went searching further for answers.

    Because i have had a small rash on my chest at the center of my breastbone that is occasionally itchy, as well as what had been diagnosed as dermatitis around my scalp and upper back- My symptoms seem to correlate with the dreaded word no one wants to hear: Lymphoma. It also seem EBV has a direct link to some Lymphomas.

    I called back my doctor and demanded a referral to an ENT and a CT scan of my neck- I’ve had chest X-rays previously due to a light persistent cough and they are normal.

    I’d like to ask Anyone who suffers from long term EBV effects if they experience swollen nodes and stiff neck for more than a month years after initial mono infection. Am i putting the car before the horse or being logical here. The concept of cancer frightens me to death, though there is no Lymphoma in my family.

    Do you EBV sufferers feel the same way? Do you have chronic swollen nodes and a stiff neck for more than 4 weeks at a time without other traditional mono symptoms?

    1. Doctor J

      Hi Phaylen. I am NOT an expert in Epstein Barr infections. However, I have a substantial interest in the role nutrition plays in the functioning of the immune system – which can play a significant role in controlling Epstein Barr infections and risk for various cancers.

      What I am offering here is merely conjecture – an educated hypothesis. There is very little specific scientific research in the area of Epstein Barr virus infections and nutritional status. What research is available suggests the following possibilities:

      1) Vitamin D deficiency is very common (an epidemic) and its effects on the immune system can impair the system’s ability to fight viral infections such as Epstein Barr virus (EBV). Have your doctors tested your blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D? This is the proper test for Vitamin D status. You want a number in the “high-normal” range to be healthy.

      2) Zinc status is a major player in immune system health. Low zinc intakes from normal diets are very common. Even marginally inadequate intakes of zinc can impair immune function and limit the immune system’s ability to contain a viral infection. Again, have your doctors tested your zinc status? Have they measured ANYTHING about your overall nutritional status?

      Below are a few links to scientific papers that support the comments I have made here.

      Best wishes and good luck.

      I have added a couple of additional papers on zinc. They are fairly technical but, they provide a solid scientific basis for the potential relationship between your zinc status, immune function, and risk of viral infection and cancer.

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