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The disease known as Lupus is chronic and potentially fatal. It is a disease of the immune system wherein the body creates antibodies that attack its own tissues rather than protect the body from bacteria and viruses. The natural treatment of Lupus, like treatment for all immuno-related syndromes, can offer a counter-balance to the harsh medicinal options currently available.


In Order to Treat Lupus Correctly, You Must Recognize its Symptoms

Through comprehensive examination and consideration of symptoms and their history, Lupus can be recognized by a doctor. Diagnosis can be complicated however, as currently there is no single diagnostic test for lupus; that is, there is no test which can definitively state whether a person has Lupus. Some of the main symptoms of Lupus are: extreme fatigue, extreme fatigue, eye problems, mouth ulcers, miscarriage, joint/muscle pain, depression, facial or other rashes, hair loss, and fever.

When is Lupus Triggered?

Lupus can come about at any time in a person’s life; however, the disease does have certain known triggers, or times when it is especially likely to come about. These times or situations include: puberty, after childbirth, in sunlight, menopause, after a viral infection, after a trauma, or after a prolonged course of medication. When trying natural treatment for Lupus, it is important to be aware of these situations which can trigger symptoms. As Lupus tends to come about during or after major life changes, it is important to pay attention to possible symptoms during these times.

How Can Lupus be Treated and Cured?

At present, there is unfortunately no definitive cure for Lupus. Sufferers of Lupus need medication and constant control of their GP. Sufferers must learn to live with this disease; in doing so, some natural treatments can be effective. To treat Lupus naturally, the following can be helpful: educating oneself about the disease, getting plenty of rest, taking care of stress, dealing with depression, pain or anger, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent lights, and taking an interest in and developing new hobbies and skills.

Natural Treatment of Lupus with Amino Acids, Fats, and Vitamins

In natural auto-immune disease treatment, dietary supplements are a must. More free radicals are produced when the body is in a state of inflammation due to Lupus. Free radicals can harm cells. Antioxidants are needed to counteract these free radicals. Vitamins E, C, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, and bioflavanoids are some of the best antioxidants. Stress and anxiety, which may lead to flare-ups of Lupus, can be relieved with amino acids. It is also important to pay attention to the types of fats you eat, as eating the right kind can help reduce imflammation. Foods that are high in essential fatty acids, such as fish, can reduce the amount of inflammatory chemicals produced in the body.

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9 thoughts on “Lupus Test

  1. Sweet Pea

    What does it mean to have a possible positive lupus test?
    I have been having serious joint pain for some time now. My doctor tested me for arthritis, RA, and lupus. He said the test came back as a possible positive for lupus and he is sending me to a Rheumatologist for further testing. Does this mean they just don’t know or does it mean they are sending me for a confirmation? Has anybody had this happen to them?


      Dear Sweat Pea,
      the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases and specially systemic lupus erythematosus is based on clinical findings and past medical history. Laboratory values are use mainly for confirmation and sometimes to estimate disease activity. Please be patient until you visit your rheumatologist. As a specialist he will guide you through the differential diagnostic of arthritis (over 200 types!). I’m pretty sure you will feel frustrated after the first visit but afterwards you will begin to built a relationship with your rheumatologist based on his ability to understand your complaints and relieve your pain. Feel free to contact me and ask again!

  2. Ruth

    Do all people diagnosed with the disease Lupus test positive to lupus anticoagulant as well?
    I know that a positive lupus anticoagulant test doesn’t mean that a person has Lupus, but i wonder if people with lupus have the lupus anticoagulant too?

    1. Shadow

      well i have lupus and to answer your question lupus anticoagulants are often found in people who have systematic lupus erythematosus, which is also called SLE.

  3. SouthernBelle

    How would I know if I have Lupus? What test should I ask my doctor about?
    My sister is a nurse and she thinks that I have Lupus. Somedays I have to make myself get out of bed. It is a struggle to perform normal household chores. I have had the “butterfly” rash on my face but it wasn’t that bad. I have episodes where I feel like I can do anything. When I have a flare-up I get nodules behind my ear and one in my neck. I also get a rash on my chest that itches. There is also pain in my joints when I have an episode and could sleep for days. I do not suffer from depression. I was told that it can be hard to determine if you have Lupus. If I do have it will it affect me having children in the future and could it be the cause of a previous miscarriage? Just to be clear I have been tested for EVERYTHING but Lupus.

    1. J

      I am no doctor, but sounds like you have many lupus symtoms…..take it from someone that was diagnosed in 1996. Some days are better than others, but if properly diagnosed they will be testing your blood for overproduction of white blood cells……my doctor (he was so aweseome because I went to 6 that misdiagnosed me!!) said that was really the only true test to tell if you have the disease or not. If you get diagnosed with lupus you will have to take care of yourself more and learn that you can’t do everything you used to do! (You need more rest for sure, you will learn to take naps, etc.) Good luck with your search for a good doctor.

  4. Mia Bella

    What are they signs of Lupus and what kind of test do they do to find out if you have it?
    I went to the ER because I was having chest pain they did a bunch of test and said my heart was fine but I had some kind of inflammatory thing going on and then the doctor asked me if I had Lupus in my family and I have no idea what it is or anything and no we don’t. Could I have it? I’m making a follow up appointment with my doctor. Should I ask him to test me for Lupus? What do you think?

    1. Linda R

      There is no test for lupus. A diagnosis of lupus is made based on a variety of lab tests, medical history, symptoms and after other diseases have been ruled out. It often takes years to get a diagnosis.

      Inflammation of the lungs, pleurisy, is one of the symptoms of lupus. The ER doc was wise to mention it. I had repeated bouts of pleurisy and joint pain throughout my life. The docs dismissed it. In 2003, I ended up in hospital for 14 days where I was diagnosed. I was 51 at the time and had been having these problems since the age of 13!!!

  5. Gymcat16

    Same antibodies test that checks for lupus can also detect HIV, right?
    Or not? I was certain a negative lupus test also meant negative HIV.

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