Miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion of the fetus in a pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding or spotting may be common in the initial pregnancy, but other than that it is considered as a threatened miscarriage. Miscarriage occurs when a pregnancy ends without an obvious cause before the fetus is capable of survival. This is a common complication of pregnancy.

The separation of the fetus and placenta from the uterine wall is the cause of the end of a pregnancy. Some of the causes or reasons that lead to a miscarriage are as follow:

1. Chronic Illness: An abnormality in the mother during the second trimester of pregnancy can result in miscarriage. Chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, lupus, diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid problems can lead to spontaneous abortion.

2. Disease of Internal Organs: Abnormalities or diseases of the internal organs like fibroids, multiple gestations, poor muscle tone of womb and abnormal growth of the placenta can put your system under stress causing the pregnancy to end.

3. Acute Infections: Acute infections and emotional traumas can also result in the pregnancy to end.

4. Abnormal fetus: Most of the miscarriages in the first trimester are caused by abnormalities in the fetus. The genes are responsible for the abnormalities and this risk increases as the woman ages.

5. Apart from these, external factors like alcohol, drugs, caffeine and tobacco can also threaten a pregnancy.

The symptoms of this condition may be the following:

1. Bleeding: One can experience slight spotting or severe bleeding with blood clots.

2. Cramps: Cramps may be accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. It may occur on one side or on both the sides or only in the middle region. The pain may radiate to the lower back, buttocks and the genitals.

3. Symptoms of pregnancy may end: The usual symptoms and signs of pregnancy like nausea and tenderness in the breast may end with an occurrence of a miscarriage.

One should visit the doctor if she experiences any of the above symptoms or any passing of tissue, weakness, pain while urinating or dizziness. The doctor may perform an examination, tests and an ultrasound.

The treatment for this condition can include some safe natural home remedies. Home remedies can be used to prevent miscarriage and continue a healthy pregnancy. Some of the natural home remedies to prevent ending of pregnancy are as follows:

1. Indian gooseberry juice taken every morning with honey is beneficial to prevent miscarriage.

2. Stop consumption of alcohol, tobacco and stop smoking as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

3. Drinking of raspberry tea everyday in helpful since the raspberry tea helps in strengthening the uterus and shortens labor.

4. Tea with nutmeg is effective for this condition.

5. Asafetida is helpful and is a simple natural home remedy.

6. Decoction of black gram with water is helpful in reducing the fear of miscarriage.

7. Asparagus is beneficial in treating the reproductive problems in women.

8. The diet of a pregnant woman should be healthy and nutritious and she should avoid unhealthy and unhygienic junk food.

9. Ascorbic acid in regulated quantity should be taken to prevent miscarriage.

Follow these natural home remedies to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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    can smoking during pregnancy lead to mental illness and physical health complications later in a child’s life?
    my mother smoked while she was pregnant with me. I have lupus, bipolar, alcoholism, ibs, several food allergies, extremely sensitive skin and i’m basically a trainwreck of a person. My mother did not smoke with my sister. She has a perfect immune system, no sign of mental illness, she digests food just fine, has no food allergies, perfect skin, and is doing well in life.
    I understand that some things just happen, but is there a possibility? and what if she drank during her pregnancy? just curious. she didn’t i’m almost positive she didn’t, but in case.

    1. silent agony

      Yes. It is very common for smoking to have ill effects on a child. Not only at birth but later on. Some even as severe as lung cancer and/or death.

  2. Wifey

    Blood types in pregnancy?
    I have had three miscarriages since July of 2007 and the only thing that they can tell me is that when I get pregnant my lupus level goes up and yet I have O positive blood so they wont give me the Rhogam shot because I don’t need it. My first two pregnancy’s ended at 6 weeks and this past one didn’t even form it was just a clot because there was a complication. I am scared that I will never be able to carry a child although my mother had two my grandmother had eight and my great grandmother had 5, two stillborns, and 10 miscarriages though she had children in between. I was just wondering could it be me or are there women out there like me or if I will ever be able to carry a child to term.

  3. Sabrina B

    How do I know if I have a uterine infection after giving birth and if Keflex is the right atbc to treat it?
    Hi! I just gave birth to my first child 10 days ago and had really bad complications after the delivery. I was in labor for 27 hours, pushed for an hour, and got the usual Pitocin and epidural. My OB had manually pulled out my placenta immediately after the delivery of my baby and I had not asked him to! I was hemorrhaging for the 1st 2 days. I even passed out 2 hours after I gave birth, as soon as I transferred to the maternity ward! The same night, I was about to pass out a 2nd time and my blood pressure dipped at its lowest. They had to call an emergency code and all of the doctors and nurses rushed into my room. The reason for my postpartum hemorrhage was because I had retained fragments of the placenta in my uterus and a dr. had to manually push the clot out! On top of that, I had a distended bladder and couldn’t urinate on my own, so they had to Foley cath me for 3 days. I didn’t have an episiotomy or any tears, but had a few abrasions inside my vagina. I also had a hematoma on the left labia. I lost so much blood, 55%, I became anemic and was supplemented with a stronger iron than what I was taking during pregnancy. I was on IV fluids for 3 days and stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Ever since I got home, my lochia had been getting less and less but the hematoma on my left labia became so painfully excruciating it had even turned hard even with the sitz baths I’ve been taking. It was so painful every time I went to the bathroom, to urinate or pass a bowel. Even on pain meds, the vaginal pain was so severe, I had to go to the emergency. I was examined and they told me in time, it will heal and go away on its own and the hematoma is too small to cut open and drain.

    Then today I noticed I started bleeding more and even passing big clots, whereas previous days, my bleeding was brown and very small, like dime sized amounts with no clots at all. In addition, I’ve been having extreme severe abdominal pains since this morning. I saw my OB today and he examined my uterus by pressing down on my belly and I grimaced so much because the pain was so bad. He told me it’s not supposed to be that painful at this point, 10 days after giving birth. He concluded that I had a uterine infection and put me on Keflex 4 times a day for 10 days. I’m not sure if he diagnosed me correctly since he only pressed down on my tummy and didn’t run any tests to confirm that it’s an infection. Also, how would he know what kind of antibiotic to prescribe to me if he doesn’t even know what kind of uterine infection is invading me? I know there are different kinds of uterine infections based on the different types of bacteria! I’m a new grad LVN (practical nurse) and even though I haven’t worked since I got pregnant during school, I know that I should be skeptical of something about his diagnosis! I don’t have a fever or any other signs and symptoms of an infection other than the extreme abdominal pain and painful urination/ bowel movements. The emergency department took a urine sample from me and a bladder infection or UTI came out negative so I know I don’t have that! Someone out there please help me! I just want to make sure my OB and medical team during my labor and delivery have the best interest in taking good care of me instead of killing me! I just want to be alive and healthy to raise my daughter and for my uterus to not be affected so I can have more children after this! Thank you so much in advance!

    FYI: I also have Lupus, but a mild form of it since none of my organs are affected….only Raynaud’s Disease and eczema which is about it!

    1. mgunnycappo

      Keflex is a broad spectrum antibiotic and will cover you regardless of what specific bacteria you have. He’s probably giving you the antibiotics as a prophylaxis, just in case. I would venture to say that you’ll improve over the next couple of days.

  4. Brenda

    Is It Possible,Pregnacy?
    Its pretty simple,I had a Tubal Ligation after having my son at 20 years old (Yes to young for most) But,I am living With The Disease Lupus & During Childbirth We Both Almost Died,We barely Made It Through The Doctors said it was complications from My Lupus & It Would be Highly Likely That If I Was 2 Have Another We would not make it this time,So Now I am going on 2 missed periods,Never have I missed A period Before I got Prego With My Son,And Never Missed One Again Not even after The Surgery,So,Of Course I am worried I could be Pregnant,but just keep putting it off,Cuz after My Surgery My Doctor Said No More Worries About Pregnancy,I Am now 26 & been married 2 My Son Father All This Time,We Have Sex usually More than Once twice a day we r a young couple still with all the passion,Is This Even Possible……I truly hope Not but if you read this & any advice at All,Please please,Let Me Know What You All think?!?! Thanks In Advance!! 😉

    1. Alena

      Did you take a test yet? I think if you would of been pregnant you would of had some symptoms. Take a test and see if you are. And if its positive see a doctor right away for right consultation. Good Luck

  5. in COGNITO *

    does methotrexate cause fertility issues or other complications after molar pregnancy?
    It’s been 5 years since and I’ve had a daughter and adopted a son.

    does methotrexate cause fertility issues or other complications

    Also I’ve developed Lupus like symptoms (joint pain, photosensitivity, pos ANA, Nephritis, mouth sores)
    Can this be caused by a molar pregnancy ot metotrexate?

    1. sokokl

      The Lupus type symptoms could be coming from the Methotrexate, but I would recommend getting in touch with your rheumatologist as well to see what they say, and also I would recommend checking with your pharmacist and OB/GYN to see what they say about the potential for infertility with this medication.

  6. klo

    Can I get pregnant again?
    I have Lupus, I have a 2 year old and I had lots of complications with the pregnancy. Also have peri-partum cardiomyopathy(enlarged heart), but I would like to have another baby in the future. I always wanted a big family and love kids. Does anyone with Lupus have an opinion?

    1. Denise D

      I don’t have Lupus, but know someone who does…they told her to stop having kids. I would discuss this with your doctor…there may be treatment options or things you can do before you get pregnant. I know it’s not the same, but you can always adopt a child. With you having Lupus, and all of the complications with your 2 year old, you would always run the risk of something not going right. If you adopt a child, at least, you know your ok, and so is the baby.

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