Last week Greek Life at Arizona State University got safer thanks to complimentary t-shirts for Valentine's Day arriving at most fraternity and sorority houses as part of the STD Awareness Community Outreach Program (STDACOP) sponsored by STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services. STDACOP is part of a new effort to promote prevention through education by a service best known for letting users post the names of alleged carriers online anonymously. is one of two nationally recognized web development projects featuring the work of one developer.

Greek organizations received the free t-shirts featuring the “Click It Before You Stick It!” slogan that was created back in 2008 to promote the National STD Carrier Registry. “Click It Before You Stick It!” continued to be the official slogan for until late 2009 when it was replaced with “Prevention is Our Profession, You Are Our Product”. The shirt was featured in several news broadcasts all over America in the summer of 2009 as well as a popular Portland magazine. The t-shirt is still available for sale in sizes large and extra-large only.

STDACOP is part of a new strategy designed to focus more on prevention through education than anonymous warnings from the public. STDACOP involves additional community outreach activities as well as upcoming new sections for STD statistics, testing, prevention, and treatment information. The site already features a Directory of STD Resources, up to date STD News Headlines, and the StDiVo Video Collection plus the largest list of people arrested for HIV Transmission crimes available online, and the largest list of Celebrities with STDs on the internet. STD Carriers hopes that STDACOP will ultimately prevent disease through second thoughts about the dangers of unsafe sex and STDs while still driving home the importance of disclosing your status to your partner.

In the summer of 2010 STD Carriers helped take a stand against the invasion of over 20 countries by illegal immigrants when it helped build a similar anonymous publishing tool called The tool effectively utilizes the same search engine friendly design of STD Carriers slightly modified for listing illegal aliens and businesses hiring undocumented immigrants. It joined as the second site in less than 2 years to be featured on CNN within just 1 month of launch that the developer of STD Carriers had a hand in.

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