Low Platelets during Pregnancy, Natural Remedies

Author: Ricky Martin

Many women of young age group get affected by lupus. For quite a long period of time, there is a belief that if these kinds of women get pregnant they will be having salutary abortions. But now this version is completely wrong. Studies reveal that more than 50 percent of the pregnancies with lupus are normal completely, 25 percent of the women deliver the babies with normal conditions prematurely and another 25 percent reports fatal loss because of the instant abortion or the bereavement of the baby.

Nevertheless, pregnancy with lupus is difficult and is considered as serious risk. Pregnant ladies with lupus should always be monitored by the obstetricians who are well versed with the pregnancies with the high risk along with the primary physician of the women. It is also very vital to plan the delivery in a hospital that has got the units fully versed with the premature babies.

In spite of the old facts that the lupus flares are very general during pregnancy, studies reveal that this is not true and it may occur very rarely. Rather, around 15 percent of the lupus patients will gain some improvement in the symptoms of lupus during the pregnancy. It is a known fact that the flares will come during the first or the second trimester or during the period of two months after the period of delivery. These flares indicate some of the symptoms like rashes, fatigue and arthritis. It is also shown that the platelets counts will get decreased during the pregnancy for more than 33 percent of the lupus patients. Around 20 percent of the women will have an augment or new arrival of protein in the urine.

Swelling may be caused to the pregnant ladies due to accumulation of fluid in the joints and in particular in the knees. This may propose for an increase in the swelling because of the lupus which is a usual thing during the pregnancy. Many of the pregnant ladies also experience fresh growth of hair and after delivery will experience more loss of hair. It may also be a symptom of lupus, which also may occur during the usual pregnancy. The important thing that has to be done is to differentiate the lupus flare symptoms from the change in the normal body during the pregnancy.

Many of the women are not sure about the correct time to become pregnant. It is very vital that those women who would like to get pregnant should be healthy so that the baby will not have much problems and also little concerns. Some of the rules like drinking or smoking, eating well and taking medications at proper times as given by the doctor should be followed and the pregnant woman has to visit the doctor periodically.

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9 thoughts on “Natural Remedies For Lupus

  1. miss_rouge

    any natural remedies suggestions for lupus?
    I have lupus and looking for natural remedies suggestions someone may have.
    im not looking for a cure just suggestions of natural sources…

  2. Anonymous

    Does anyone know any natural remedies for LUPUS and itchy skin.?
    I am 51 years of age and have taken antihistimines for the body itch for years. I was told that there is no care for this ailment. Right now the only symptoms appearing are skin rashes. The butterfly one, face, checks and above eyebrow. And I have this awful rash on my forearms. It is black and circular in appearance, the circles are small and can become raised. I Apply triamcinolone cream at least once a day to the rashes and it has improved. My bowl movements have changed in the last year and break up very easy in the toliet water. I take fiber for this. Any suggestions? Can you advise of herbal remedies or otherwise that work? I do not have health insurance so I am unable to get any test done by allopathic doctors or reg. doctors. The rashes had got so bad that I went to the emergency room and the doctor informed me that it looked very much like Lupus. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Linda R

      Sounds like discoid lupus, and possible systemic involvement but I am not a doctor and there is not really enough information.

      Lupus, if left untreated, can be fatal. I would find a way to see a doctor.

      There is no cure for lupus, herbal or otherwise. The treatment goals are to minimize symptoms and prevent permanent damage.

      Some lupus lesions can turn into cancer if they are not treated.

      In the short term, use hydrocortisone creams, stay out of the sun, adopt a very healthy diet, and use stress management techniques. Sun and stress are MAJOR contributors to lupus flares.

      The thing about ice, and powder, and Jergen’s lotion is a bunch of huey. The problem with lupus is that the immune system attacks the self. No amount of Jergen’s can change that. Hydrocortisone is actually a topical immunosuppressant. You may need to take pills to do that for you.

    1. Patti

      My daughter has lupus and she would crave certain foods and eat them many times each week, sometimes on a daily basis. One was green tea, not the bottled kind because most of the goodness has been processed out. Buy some of the dry green tea and brew it yourself, you can add lemon juice or mint to flavor it. Another thing she craved was Indian garam masala or curry powder in her foods. The spices in the curry mix are natural painkillers and anti-inflammatories. She had lupus arthritis and it really helped. Fatty fish such as salmon was another food, she learned so many ways to cook it. I believe ground flax seed would also help. Fresh garlic cooked in foods is a good-infection fighter. She started avoiding dairy foods and that helped, and ate less red meat. You will need to take a calcium supplement or else drink an alternative type of milk such as soy or almond. I talked to her about not eating fast food and deep-fried foods. The oils have been heated for so long that they are very oxidizing to body cells and damaging. We learned to bake French fries in the oven, coated with olive oil and sprinkled with a little salt as a substitute. Olive oil is a much healthier alternative to other oils. You probably already know this, but you should never eat alfalfa sprouts, has something in it that can make you photosensitive. But other sprouts would be a good source of natural enzymes. By the time she was 18 she had no need for daily medications and would only take pain-killers as needed. She had been taking several prescriptions each day, over $250 per month, not to mention the over-the-counter medicines and that was 15 years ago when they were cheaper.

      The price we paid for buying special foods was well-worth the cost as compared to taking medications not to mention the relief she got from daily problems with her lupus.

  3. sarinam76

    natural remedy’s lupus?
    my sister in law has Lupus and i would like to possible like to give her another option like natural remedy’s for her Lupus

  4. shes_watching_the_detectives

    are there any natural remedies, alternitive healing for Lupus?

    well, what i was asking was.
    i guess to keep it tame
    are there any herbs, diets, whatnot to keep it from becoming worse condition?


      natural, herbal:
      Lupus Diet

      Let’s start with most simple part of this program: Lupus diet. When it comes to diet, it is very important to avoid eating Toxins and Foods that Kill. Please follow those links and learn what are The Toxins I am talking about and what are those ” Foods that Kill”. Now, important part of your diet should also be Water Cure. Please, become familiar with Water Cure. Your Diet should contain: Foods That Heal, Vegetable juices, Fats that Heal, Unrefined Sea Salt. Also, try to understand food tolerance. You can not find the right Lupus diet, unless you fully understand and learn about food tolerance.

      Take some time to implement and learn all what you have read here, and then continue reading further.

      Body Cleansing (Lupus)

      Now, let’s start with body cleansing. Body cleansing is extremely important part of every prevention and curing program. You are guessing: “Dietary changes you made are also a form of cleansing.” But, most people need more then this, especially when it comes to liver health. Body Cleansing is even important for children. Our internal organs can hold a lot toxins, and sometimes, it is impossible to get those toxins out, without doing cleansing. Our liver can contain hundreds of intrahepatic stones. Those stones will block bile flow, and affect the bases of your health, your digestion. Another problem are parasites. You must learn as much as possible about parasites. And, don’t forget also dental toxins.

      Let start with cleansing program. You are suppose to do cleansing in this order:

      1. Bowel cleanse with parasite cleanse
      2. Dental cleanup (if you can afford it)
      3. Kidney Cleanse and
      4. Liver cleanse.

      Body Cleansing for Adults:

      1. Bowel cleanse and Parasite cleanse !
      2. Dental cleanup – dental work may be one cofactor of your disease: amalgam, root canal, nickel crowns, cavitations (pocket inside jaw bone left after extraction of the wisdom and molar teeth )
      3. Kidney cleanse
      4. Liver cleanse and Gallbladder cleanse -liver flush!

      Make sure you visit those pages and get more info. Dental cleanup can take many years. If you have a lot of dental metal, do not rush to replace it all at once.
      Bowel cleanse should be done at least once a year.
      Liver cleanse is a procedure that, for best results, should be repeated at least 6 – 10 times, every 2 or 3 weeks.
      Kidney cleanse is simple and cheap, many herbs can be used to cleanse kidneys. If you have no kidney stones, even Water Cure could be enough!

      Body Cleansing for kids:


      Parasites cleanse

      Dental cleanup .. Kids older then 8 may need dental cleanup (amalgam) and liver cleanse:

      Liver Cleanse – flush

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