Cable ties are used throughout the world in different places and for various uses. Cable ties as the name suggest is made up of thin cables which are covered by some sort of rubber materials which protects the inside of the cable from heating and water.

You can see do many types of cable ties around you on daily basis. The cable lead that comes in to your house and connects on the television set is also known as a cable and the wire used to tie the cable is called cable ties. Cable ties are also usually made of the same material which is usually used to make cables.

Cable ties can be used in places where you think the need for tying objects is necessary. Cable ties are very strong and they cannot be broken easily. These cable ties need to be cut through or use enough force in order to break them.

There are different types of cable ties available in the market and they all are made of different materials. Some are made of cables themselves and some are made of rubber and plastics that are soft in their feel but are very strong in their usage. There are many cable ties which can be molded in to any shape and used as a cable tie.

Then cable ties are used in many industries and fields of works. In industries cable ties are used to bind objects of different shapes and sizes. These cables ties which are used in industries are of different types and they are usually soft and sturdy and can be molded in to different shapes. These cab le ties are used in places where there is a need for ties in order to keep the things intact and safe.

Cable ties are used in electrical fuse box and they are of different colors so as to differentiate which cable belongs to which fuse and it is easy to recognize cables to different colors and when problem arises you know that which cable belongs to which circuit breaker.

Cable ties are also knows by various names and they are not limited to specific sizes and shapes. Different types of cable ties are used in different places for example if you want to tie your fence with strong wires then you can either use strong stainless steel wires and mould them in to different shape so that it can be tied on the fences easily and you can tighten them with hardware tools. Or you can use plastic cable ties and these can also be easily tied on to the fences and they are easier to tie on fences rather than steel cables.

You can use cable ties for domestic purposes as there are so many things at home that can be tied properly and neatly so that those things are safe.

You can find different varieties of cable ties in hardware stores and in markets and you can find them in various sizes.

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