Jewelry is part of our daily lives. When two people get married, they exchange wedding rings, a perfect circle symbolizing unity and continuity. But jewelry can be offered on other occasions as well. And what if you could offer someone a gift bearing some special meaning and be a beautiful piece of jewelry at the same time? David Weitzmans website is a great source for beautiful jewelry endowed with special energies. The spiritual gift section of the website will unveil beautiful designs based on symbols from major religions around the world and mystic concepts, which promote unity, harmony and love. Here are some examples of jewelry and their meanings.

The engravings on the ring of Tao are in Hebrew and can be translated like this: The road is wiser than the one who walks in its path. The symbol of Tao is placed in the middle of the ring. The word Tao means road and the significance of it on the ring is the communion of the road and the walker. The communion takes place when the walker on the path feels the law according to which all things act. This law is the base of the Tao philosophy. The steps he makes along the path are in harmony with the universe. The ring of Tao is a spiritual gift that can be offered as a symbol of compassion, modesty and efficiency, which are the three basic principals of the Tao model of leadership.

Tibetan culture has always been fascinating. There are eight auspicious signs around which Tibetan Buddhism has evolved. One of them is the Lotus flower. At night the Lotus flower closes and sinks underwater so that at dawn it will rise and open again. This continuous cycle makes the Lotus flower a symbol of creation and rebirth and a symbol of the sun. It also symbolizes spiritual enfoldment, due to the way it grows. Its roots are in the earthly mud, its long stem struggles through the water so that it reaches the surface and opens into a beautiful flower that basks into the sunlight.

The ring of courage is a spiritual gift that can be offered to boost ones self confidence. It has a long Hebrew text engraved on it that is meant to make the wearer understand that fear is a major cause of ones suffering. Fear is believed to come from ignorance and twists your judgment. It is summoned by the person himself, because he is letting deceiving thoughts grow into his mind. It is also the reason why the person who fears becomes blind to the abundance and beauty of life.

The Egg of Life represents the third stage of the division of the human embryos. It is composed of eight spheres in such a way that if you would draw a line between their centers, you would obtain a perfectly aligned three dimensional Star of David. An Egg of Life pendant is a two dimensional representation of this shape. It is a symbol of balance, health and fertility. This piece of jewelry is the best spiritual gift that can be offered to a pregnant woman.

The Eye of Horus is a symbol made of six parts. Each part forms a different mathematical fracture and if we add those fractures we get closer to 1, but never reach it. This is the Egyptian belief that the soul will reach its perfection only in the next world. The eye is within a triangle, which is the strongest structure in the entire universe. This spiritual gift can be offered as a symbol of protection and health.

These are just some of the symbols bearing a powerful meaning. Be sure to visit Here you are bound to find the right spiritual gift bearing the proper significance for the person you cherish. All jewelry can be found in either gold or silver.

About the author A piece of jewelry can be beautiful, but at the same time dull. A representation of a powerful symbol, handcrafted and finished, submitted to a special energizing process through meditation are some of the key features of a spiritual gift. Source:

2 thoughts on “Offering Jewelry As A Spiritual Gift

  1. Travis

    My hands are grey/blue for no reason…?
    Yesterday morning I woke up and my hands were dark grey/blue. Throughout the day my right hand slowly regained its normal color but my left hand remained discolored. I had poor capillary response but my pulse remained normal, no tingling, no numbness, no anything. However, my hand looked dead. My hands were both fully functional the entire time and nothing (e.g. watch, bracelet, etc.) was constricting my hand. Today it still has a low response when refilling with blood but it has a normal hue.

    I have a family history of lupus, MS, and Crohn’s and/or IBS. I personally have low blood pressure and a slow heart, but when I go to the doctor they say it is nothing out of the ordinary. Should I be concerned about nerve damage, or is there anything I should be watching out for? Also, I should mention that I have had part of my bowel taken out and I know that this can cause anemia. Finally, I black out at least twice a year because of low blood pressure.

    Any suggestions as to why my hands are doing this?

    1. NurseStudent

      you should ask you dr. about things that may cause peripheral vascular problems, diabetes could cause this. If your hands are cyanotic (blue) i would definately let my MD know about this

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