Weight gain can be an early sign of menopause although it can be caused by many factors including a slowing metabolism due to aging. An increase in using sugar, alcohol, tobacco or stress can result in weight gain, as of course can overeating. Another early sign of menopause is hot flushes. Research suggests they occur in 80% of woman during menopause, so they also can be seen as quite a reliable sign.

The big question really is how to reduce or eliminate these symptoms and signs of menopause.
There is of course HRT, however controversial research has linked it to an increase in breast cancer.
If you are more interested looking at natural menopause remedies then they fall into two simple categories.

1) Reducing menopause weight gain and other signs of menopause by detoxifying the body.

2) Reducing menopause weight gain and other signs of menopause by strengthen the immune system or balancing your body chemistry.

Detoxifying to reducing menopause weight gain and other signs of menopause.
Approaches that involve detoxification are based on evidence that the lower the toxic load of the body, the more easily it manages menopause symptoms. The underlying concept is that your body can heal itself if given less to manage, so you detox to free up resources for the body to deploy in managing menopause symptoms.

Strengthening/Balancing the body to reduce menopause weight gain and other signs of menopause.
Approaches that strengthen and balance the body are the “otherside of the coin” so to speak to the detoxifying approach. The underlying principle is the same, the body will heal itself if it has the resources. Approaches to managing the signs of menopause that strengthen and balance the body work by using herbal or homeopathic treatments that manage menopause symptoms whilst strengthen the body’s natural systems.

Menopause, Weight Gain and Toxicity.
So how do natural menopause remedies help you lose weight, Well firstly the best of natural menopause remedies is regular and varied exercise but we will look at that in a moment. The second issue is that your body holds excess water and fat to buffer the body from its toxic load.

When that toxic load declines, weight just falls away, you don’t have to do anything.

Exercise is very important as it works the body’s lymph system, a key element in the detoxifying process. Exercise also balances hormones and promotes relaxation countering mood swings that may prompt you too eat “comfort food.”

Evidences supports the idea that toxic load can intensify menopause symptoms. It therefore seems clear that a detoxifying approach combined with a strengthening and balancing approach is an excellent “non-medical” way to manage your menopause symptoms. Find more useful information on how to tackle the signs of menopause here

2 thoughts on “Signs And Symptoms Of Lupus In Children

  1. Sabrina B

    How do I know if I have a uterine infection after giving birth and if Keflex is the right atbc to treat it?
    Hi! I just gave birth to my first child 10 days ago and had really bad complications after the delivery. I was in labor for 27 hours, pushed for an hour, and got the usual Pitocin and epidural. My OB had manually pulled out my placenta immediately after the delivery of my baby and I had not asked him to! I was hemorrhaging for the 1st 2 days. I even passed out 2 hours after I gave birth, as soon as I transferred to the maternity ward! The same night, I was about to pass out a 2nd time and my blood pressure dipped at its lowest. They had to call an emergency code and all of the doctors and nurses rushed into my room. The reason for my postpartum hemorrhage was because I had retained fragments of the placenta in my uterus and a dr. had to manually push the clot out! On top of that, I had a distended bladder and couldn’t urinate on my own, so they had to Foley cath me for 3 days. I didn’t have an episiotomy or any tears, but had a few abrasions inside my vagina. I also had a hematoma on the left labia. I lost so much blood, 55%, I became anemic and was supplemented with a stronger iron than what I was taking during pregnancy. I was on IV fluids for 3 days and stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Ever since I got home, my lochia had been getting less and less but the hematoma on my left labia became so painfully excruciating it had even turned hard even with the sitz baths I’ve been taking. It was so painful every time I went to the bathroom, to urinate or pass a bowel. Even on pain meds, the vaginal pain was so severe, I had to go to the emergency. I was examined and they told me in time, it will heal and go away on its own and the hematoma is too small to cut open and drain.

    Then today I noticed I started bleeding more and even passing big clots, whereas previous days, my bleeding was brown and very small, like dime sized amounts with no clots at all. In addition, I’ve been having extreme severe abdominal pains since this morning. I saw my OB today and he examined my uterus by pressing down on my belly and I grimaced so much because the pain was so bad. He told me it’s not supposed to be that painful at this point, 10 days after giving birth. He concluded that I had a uterine infection and put me on Keflex 4 times a day for 10 days. I’m not sure if he diagnosed me correctly since he only pressed down on my tummy and didn’t run any tests to confirm that it’s an infection. Also, how would he know what kind of antibiotic to prescribe to me if he doesn’t even know what kind of uterine infection is invading me? I know there are different kinds of uterine infections based on the different types of bacteria! I’m a new grad LVN (practical nurse) and even though I haven’t worked since I got pregnant during school, I know that I should be skeptical of something about his diagnosis! I don’t have a fever or any other signs and symptoms of an infection other than the extreme abdominal pain and painful urination/ bowel movements. The emergency department took a urine sample from me and a bladder infection or UTI came out negative so I know I don’t have that! Someone out there please help me! I just want to make sure my OB and medical team during my labor and delivery have the best interest in taking good care of me instead of killing me! I just want to be alive and healthy to raise my daughter and for my uterus to not be affected so I can have more children after this! Thank you so much in advance!

    FYI: I also have Lupus, but a mild form of it since none of my organs are affected….only Raynaud’s Disease and eczema which is about it!

    1. mgunnycappo

      Keflex is a broad spectrum antibiotic and will cover you regardless of what specific bacteria you have. He’s probably giving you the antibiotics as a prophylaxis, just in case. I would venture to say that you’ll improve over the next couple of days.

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