Lupus is a disease that in many cases is characterized by the distinctive rash that once was thought to resemble a wolf bite. That’s why the disease got the name lupus, the latin word for wolf. However, there are cases when the distinctive rash does not occur, and it was seen that there are not two cases of lupus exactly alike. Signs and symptoms can be permanent or temporary, mild or severe, or they can develop slowly or come suddenly.
Many of the persons with lupus have periods when the disease is getting worse- the so-called flares-, and after that, the disease improves, or even disappears for a while.

Usually, the most common signs and symptoms of lupus develop at intervals, rather than all at once.A skin problem often associated with the disease is a butterfly-shaped rash that develops across the cheeks and bridge of the nose, and this rash can be flat or raised and may be blotchy or completely red in the affected areas.

Some people develop a crusty, red, raised rash which is also called discoid rash on the face, neck, chest or scalp, is usually thick and scaly, may last for days or years and often leaves hypopigmented or hyperpigmented scars. There are other people that develop skin lesions which look at first like small pimples and can turn scaly and itchy and others have large, flat, itchy lesions with clear centers.
A lot of types of glomerulonephritis can appear because of lupus. Glomerulonephritis is a condition that affects the kidneys’ ability to filter toxins, leading to kidney failure. In many cases kidney damage can appear without any warning signs or symptoms, but some of those with kidney problems may develop frothy or tea-colored urine, swelling in their ankles or lower legs, or high blood pressure.Arthritis is another sign of lupus. A lot of patients with lupus can develop joint pain, stiffness and swelling, mainly in their fingers, hands, wrists and knees. Lupus-associated arthritis usually isn’t deforming, comes and goes quickly, and the pain can be severe during a flare.Lupus patients are very sensitive to sunlight, they develop rashes on sun-exposed skin. It was seen that lupus can cause also brain or central nervous system problems, like headaches, seizures, vision problems, dizziness, behavior changes or stroke.Lupus can also cause lung problems, like pleurisy, which is an inflammation of the chest cavity lining that can produce sharp stabbing chest pain, and also heart problems, mucosal ulcers, and blood vessels disorders.

There are also other signs and symptoms that can appear and are not specific to lupus.
Fatigue, which is an ongoing, extreme exhaustion that’s usually not relieved by rest can appear, also there can show up an unexplained fever, Raynaud’s phenomenon- a condition in which your fingers, toes, nose and ears turn pale and numb when exposed to cold temperatures-, digestive problems- like abdominal pain, weight loss nausea and vomiting-, hair loss, depression and swelling.

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7 thoughts on “Signs And Symptoms Of Lupus Rash

  1. michimama

    Help, I’m having signs of Lupus should I go to the ER?
    I’ve been having weird symptoms for 6 months and I think I may have Lupus….

    I have been getting;

    a butterfly rash on my face that feels warm

    red rashes and swelling in my knees, hands and other joints, sometime with purplish spots

    swollen lymph nodes,


    feeling faint

    shortness of breath,

    chest pain,


    difficulty urinating/straining to go


    myoclonic-like muscle jerking in my arms and back,

    tingling, numbness and sensations of hot and cold in my hands, face, arms, legs and torso.

    I recently had a 48 hour holter monitor test that came back abnormal. My doctor didn’t tell me until yesterday on a phone message, but I can’t reach her for for 7 days. She said it was probably no that urgent, but now I’ve been feeling really strange and awful.

    Now I have pain on the left side of my chest, when I press on my chest it hurts and I can’t tell if it’s just a swollen lymph node or something worse and have been feeling deathly ill off and on the past few days. Should I go to the ER?

  2. kkayona

    lupus??? help, please!! ?
    so, about two years ago i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.. when they did all the blood tests, they were also positive for lupus, but the doctors never did anything because i didn’t have any ‘outward physical signs’ of it.. well, yesterday i noticed a small rash on my face (across my cheeks) and i sent a picture of it to my mom (who works for a doctor) and she showed it to him and he said it definitely looked like a ‘butterfly rash’ (a symptom of lupus’).. so, now, i’m wondering, how likely is it that it is lupus? i’m really really worried..should i be? or am i worrying over nothing?

    1. Desi

      You have reason to be concerned. This is a common symptom or sign of lupus. It means your body is beginning to produce symptoms of active disease. You need to follow up with your primary doctor and get the ball rolling. You don’t need to suffer unnecessarily with some of these symptoms that will occur, the sooner you treat them the more control you’ll have maintaining your illness.

      * They may consider further testing at this time. Auto-immune diseases can be tricky to diagnose. Because of the, “butterfly rash,” they may rule out the rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus alone may be the culprit for your aching and swollen joints. I wish you luck…I suffer from an auto-immune disease myself. You’ll have good days and bad, I’ll say a prayer for more good ones!

  3. El Mexican

    Lupus questions please help?
    Can someone tell me what the lupus symptoms that are related to the heart are like? For example, I am currently being tested and haven’t gotten my labwork back yet, but when I run on the treadmill I feel like my heart is going to explode and I can’t breathe. I also have many of the other lupus symptoms my doctor is aware of and is concerned with.

    My main question is, can someone explain what the heart part of lupus may feel like? Also, do you have to have the “butterfly rash” to have lupus? Could very dry scaly skin on my feet that won’t heal be a sign of lupus?

    1. Sherin S

      Lupus is an auto immune disease the most important dermatologic manifestations or symptom of lupus is skin rashes. The most characteristic rash is seen across the malar region of the face, the so-called “butterfly rash” that is accentuated by sun exposure. Lupus has two types systemic and discoid. Discoid only effects skin while systemic may involve systemic illnesses like renal diseases and etc.
      As you ask so I would kike to inform you that butterfly rash is the major symptom of lupus while other skin sign are also not negligible.

  4. arianna3at

    I have a lot of the signs and symptoms of lupus how do I get tested I also have no primary doctor?
    I have horrible rashes rashes on my hands and feet that just progressively get worse they almost look like little blisters in clumps and they make the skin raw. I get fatigued for standing it seems like or any other activity. My hands and feet turn blue when i am tired or cold.Ihave had chronic urinary tract and kidney infection since i started menstrating 9 years ago. This time frame is similar to when all other symptoms started. also any herbal naturopathic or homeopathic remidies for these symptoms would be helpful. (must be safe to use while breastfeeding)

    1. 1GR8MOM

      Go see a naturopathic doctor, if you can. They can order all the blood tests that may be relavant. Lupus is very difficult to diagnose since everyone presents differently, so don’t be to quick to self-diagnose, you could be adding to your stress by doing so. For the time being, try ginger tea (grate fresh ginger, or powder into a cup of boiling water). It helps with poor circulation.
      Raynauds and diabetes also presents with circulatory problems to the hands and feet.

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