Before we proceed to miscarriage signs, let’s understand the causes of miscarriage. Miscarriage usually happens in the first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy with more than 90% of miscarriages happen within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. It affects 10% to 20% of all confirmed pregnancies. Though most people believe it is a natural causes, experts have identified several known causes of miscarriage. They are:

1. Genetic factors and hormonal imbalances which affects the quality of the chromosomes, or the quality of the egg
2. The age of the mother-to-be (those who are over 35 have high tendencies)
3. Dependency on certain drugs or treatment such as dependency on insulin by diabetic patient.
4. Certain infections like Chlamydia or certain viruses
5. Systematic disorders, for instance lupus
6. The kind of lifestyles such as the level of alcohol, drugs or smoking consumption taken constantly.

So how do you know that you are having a miscarriage? Let’s identify the well-known miscarriage signs.

1. Having an abnormal vaginal bleeding just like a heavy period, this usually happen within the 6 weeks of pregnancy.
2. Having a cramp pelvic and back pain which increases from a mild pain to a severe pain as well as bleeding. The bleeding of fragment of tissue may occur as well. Normally the pain is worse than your usual menstrual period pain. This situation usually happens between 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
3. Having an open cervix as well as bleeding and pain just like during the labor – this usually happen after the first trimester.

A sudden stop of pregnancy symptoms like nausea or morning sickness may not be the best indicator of miscarriage. This is because some mother-to-be will have these symptoms gradually disappear when they proceed into the second trimester.

If you have any of the above mentioned of miscarriages signs, the very first action you have to do is to consult your doctor. The doctor will perform some test like pelvic examination, blood test to determine HCG levels and the ultrasound test. From these test, a confirmation can be made.

Miscarriage leads to depression and grief. Spend more time with close friends and family members who care about you and give moral support to you. Always think positive and there is always be joy during pregnancy. There is nothing wrong if you want to cry as much as you want. That will help you to release such a big emotional burden out of you. Last but not least, always pray to strengthen your emotion, to be given a healthy body and no more miscarriage signs in the future.

5 thoughts on “Signs Of Lupus In Teenagers

  1. Elle

    Do you know of a teenager with Lupus and does Lupus have remissions?
    I think my daughter’s in remission from some disease, but I’m not sure what. She has signs of Lupus and Sjogren’s. Do either of these go into remission for a time?

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      Hello..well the answer to your question is yes. Both of these diseases can go into remission. My wife suffers from both and has had periods of remission and active disease (currently she is in remission) She was diagnosed with both at 15. Her periods of remission have varied from as long as 4 years to as short as a couple of months. There are tests for both diseases and even if she is in remission she is able to be tested. What types of signs and symptoms is she presenting?

  2. pink69ranger

    Is it possible for a teenager to go through Menopause?
    Okay the reason I ask is I am showing a lot of signs of menopause and its scaring me.

    my signs are
    -Irregular periods
    -Mild Hot Flashes
    -Trouble controlling bladder (when i cough or sneeze)
    -Lost intrest in sex
    -Trouble going to sleep, and im up through out the night
    -Im extremly moody
    -Gained some weight
    -I find it hard to consintrate for a long time, and i have been spacing out
    -dizzy with head aches
    -suddenlyy feeling bloated
    -changes in body odor/nails break easier
    -Depression.anxeity. and rapid heart beat/panic disorder
    -sore all over (but i have lupus) and my breast hurt
    -im itchy all over, and tingly
    -hair growing in weird places

    does this sound like it? is it even possible for a 16 year old to go through menapause

    please no mean answers and could you tell me what would be the smart thing to do

    thanx lots
    okay i started my period when i was 8 years old! i have had irregular periods for a few years. but this year i have had heavy bleeding on for a week then off then on then back off and on again…then off for 2 weeks and brownish period blood.

    hair lost yes, but i thought it was part of my mctd/and lupus. my mom wont really talk to me about this kinda stuff. it embarrasses us both. she k me to a gyno when my period started acting up bc i begged her, i bleed for a whole month heavy bleeding i would wear a tampoon and a pad and within 30 min i was litereally covered from my waist to my knees and my mom had our phones shut off so the doctor didnt call back with the results.

    it scares me bc im always sick (mctd/lupus and other issues) and in the hospitals.

    i know im probably being dumb but ive been through a lot this past few years and im terrified!

    1. N o v a

      this is NOT “just period symptoms.” the excess hair growth/weight gain and the irregular periods suggest a hormonal imbalance. Sounds to me like you may have Polcystic Ovarian Syndrome, or perhaps a rarer problem like Late-Onset Adrenal Hyperplasia, or Cushing’s, or possibly Hypothyroidism.

      Hypothyroidism and Polycystic Ovarian syndrome are the most common causes of just about all the symptoms you have described. I recommend seeing an endocrinologist.

      while premature menopause (formally called Premature Ovarian failure) can happen, it’s probably the most rarest of all reasons why periods become irregular – very, very rare, and you would notice a lot of bone denisity loss, thinning hair and absolutely no periods at all.

  3. DrasticGame

    Do you think I have leukemia?
    Over a day ago I pulled down my pants to go to the bathroom and was shocked to see my thighs covered in tiny little pinhead-sized spots, which I’m pretty sure are called petichiae. No reason I would have gotten those that I can think of. Also, I’ve been feeling very achy for the past week, like I was doing strenuous exercise and pulled my muscles everywhere- except I’ve been very lazy for the past few weeks and haven’t been in the mood to do anything at all, so I definitely shouldn’t feel achy. A few days ago I had a bad nosebleed (I didn’t hit my nose or anything, it just started bleeding) and for the past few weeks, there’s been blood in my mucous (I figured I had a cold, but it’s been sticking around and I’ve noticed blood in the mucous).

    I wouldn’t have known this was a symptom of leukemia except for the fact that- yes, this was stupid- I entered my symptoms into one of those online medical things and the only result it showed for all these was leukemia. So naturally I start reading about leukemia and the warning signs are exactly what I have, so I’m definitely a bit worried.

    Oddly, the main reason I keep thinking it *can’t* be leukemia is because I already have enough medical problems- I have epilepsy, and used to have lupus! And those aren’t even related to leukemia! And I’m only seventeen! I can’t handle this!

    But I don’t want to go to the doctor to check for sure because (yes, I’m an idiot) I’m a cutter and was cutting about a week ago and still have the marks (nothing deep, just scratches really, have been doing it for two years, and while it’s not a good thing, I’ve been getting it under control and doing it less and less… it’s just the stress from the lupus and the epilepsy thing, among other, more normal teenager things, were getting to me…) so I don’t want him to examine me now.

    What do you think? Is it likely I have something serious like leukemia, or can I wait a few weeks until my cuts have healed up and then go to the doctor just to check for my peace of mind?


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