Every pregnant woman should keep herself aware about miscarriage signs. More than just that you should also understand how miscarriage occurs, your chances of having a miscarriage, what can be done to help prevent miscarriage and the like. In this article, we will share with you some helpful tips about miscarriage. Keep these in mind throughout your pregnancy and hopefully, increase your chances of delivering a healthy baby at full term.

Miscarriage is defined as the natural ending of a pregnancy before the baby even reaches 20-22 weeks old. What are the chances of miscarriage? Your risks will depend on several factors. This occurrence is most common to women who get pregnant beyond 35 years of age. An unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy like eating a junk diet, smoking cigarettes, excessive alcohol intake, taking of prohibited drugs also help increase your chances of having a miscarriage. In some cases, the a€œmiscarriagea€ does not contain a fetus, only the placenta. No fetus is found in the aborted sac. In this case, the occurrence is known as blighted ovum. This happens before you even find out that you have conceived.

What are the causes of miscarriage? In some cases, the causes of miscarriage is not always determined.  Sometimes, the problems are linked to problems like chromosomal disorders of the mother. In some cases, it may also be caused by infectious diseases like herpes, rubella, diabetes, thyroid problems, smalaria and cytomegalovirus. Collagen vascular diseases like systemic lupus can also increase your risks of having a miscarriage. Having an abnormal anatomy is also a common reason for miscarriage. Some of these abnormalities cause divisions in the uterus making it impossible for ab embryo to implant in this septum.

What are the most common miscarriage signs? There are several common miscarriage signs which every pregnant woman should be sensitive about. This includes:

  • Vaginal bleeding – This is one of the most common signs of miscarriage. While vaginal bleeding can be very common, having heavy spotting and bleeding does not always indicate a miscarriage. In some cases, bleeding can happen due to irritation of the cervix or of an abnormality in the process of implantation. If you experience spotting or vaginal bleeding at any point during your pregnancy, see your doctor right away.
  • Pain in the abdomen – This may be an indication of an ectopic pregnancy, meaning the baby is implanted outside the uterus. All the more that you should see a doctor if the abdominal pain is severe and is located only in one side of the abdomen.
  • Losing pregnancy symptoms –  If you feel like you are losing your morning sickness, breast soreness or food aversions, this may be an indication of miscarriage. This; however, should not be a reason for panic. Pregnancy symptoms may fluctuate throughout the pregnancy but to ensure that everything is safe, see your doctor as soon as you can.
  • Absence of baby movement – By the second half of your pregnancy, baby movements should be more frequent. In cases wherein you do not feel any baby movement for over a certain period of time, see your doctor right away.

Keep these miscarriage signs in mind all the time. If you feel something unusual, feel free to go to your doctor for further check-up.

29 thoughts on “Signs Symptoms Of Lupus Disease

  1. LoveMe!

    If you have LUPUS or know about the disease please read?
    Im a 17 year old African American female, I DO NOT have anemia, I dont have a butterfly rash, I dont have fatigue, but I have this weird feeling in my knees and. Its NOT a pain its like a ache and its off and on. I could probally ignore it if I wasan’t so focused on every time I feel a ache. No one in my family has lupus. Could mild knee aches be the beginning signs of lupus? I dont have any other symptoms.

    1. revolutionary_point

      I have lupus, was diagnosed 5 yrs ago. the symptoms may vary. Sounds more like you may have R.A. Your best bet is to get your blood checked. Your dr can tell by your ANA levels.

  2. 1shrtskrt

    so MANY symptoms perfect bloodwork!…could antibiotics CAUSE blood tests TO BE NORMAL when there is a prob?
    i take doxicycline for acne, i have many symptoms that are pointing to lupus, lyme disease, cancer etc……… my blood work tests are normal i took myself off the antibiotics to get blood wrk re tested w/ hopes of changes the dr will recognize as a lead—but he didn’t tell me to stop them so he could see for himself… so does this not make any sense? should the blood work show signs of disease anyway? or only if its late stage? so confused!!!!
    symptoms vary greatly and im getting no def answers after switching dr’s time and again seeing specialists and researching ,myself(which is relentless)
    i have symptoms of:
    Renaud’s syndrome, alopecea, circulatory problems(painfull swollen vessels causing hives!broken blood vessels), skin problems(acne, wounds wont heal, blood vessels leaving marks, hives), hard lymph nodes in groin as well as swollen tender lymph nodes EVERYWHERE!, weird lump inside throat(went to ENT saw rawness w/ scope but no answers) itchyness(especially scalp), DRY SKIN, swollen painfull knees and ankles(tested neg forRA), blood and mucus in stools, heavy periods w/ blood clots, swollen vulva and cervix(cervix has purple growing hard dots(dr says cysts and they’re normal-but they multiplied and grew ALL OF A SUDDEN!)

  3. Arthur

    My wife wants to apply for the Navy Medical Corps? But she had lupus… She is in remission?
    She has no signs of the disease. No symptoms. She also takes no medication? She is pregnant and it hasn’t surfaced and her Lupus antibody count is negligible according to blood test results. Can she get a waiver join the medical corps as a Medical Specialist.
    It says in the guidelines systemic diseases but she never had systemic lupus it never got that far. She had discoy lupus which only effects skin and she took steroids for 2 years. But she never was diagnosed with systemic lupus . So she technichally never had a systemic disease. Its like a no cancerous tumor I guess. Is it waiverable just to enter with her own medical degree. No need to pay for school.

  4. Ella Rachelle

    Could I have Lupus?
    have many symptoms of Systemic Lupus, and AutoImmune diseases run in the female side of my family…for instance; my Mother had Fibromyalgia, my Grand Mother has Arthritis, and my Great Grandmother had Lupus (she died), and that is as far back as I can trace…I will not go into my symptoms right now, but I will say I have just about every symptom and sign, beginning almost 2 years ago (I am now 15). I orginially though I had arthritis and a gastrointestinal disease, so I have been seeing a gastrointestinal doctor who has put me through many tests, and nothing shows except some inflamation, and swollen glands/lymph nodes…she is referring me to a rheumatologist (I know I should have seen one in the first place).

    How common would it be for me to have Lupus if AutoImmune diseases run in the family, and my Great Grandmother had Lupus, and I have 75%+ symptoms and signs?

    My Sedimentation Rate (Sed-Rate) has been continuosly increasing, and I do not have food allergies.
    I have my thyroid checked out on a regular basis, because everyone in my family, and relatives has Hypo/Hyper-Thyroidism and even Hoshimoto’s except me and my Dad…I do not have thyroid problems that are known, thank you for your advice 🙂

    1. Cherokee Billie

      It’s very possible for you to have this, especially with your symptoms . Genetics play a big role in what diseases we get. With your Sed Rate increasing you have quite a battle going on with inflammation. It’s possible that you have Fibromyalgia as well.

      I’ve written an article on Fibromyalgia, which can help you learn more about how to take care of yourself. The methods in it are equal to what you would do with lupus.

  5. Lulin the Nephilim

    Peculiar symptoms..? What’s wrong with me?
    If you are not in the medical field or studying medicine or have not experienced these symptoms as well, then please don’t give your input. If you know someone that has had these symptoms, that is acceptable, I am willing to hear anyones opinion except from those that have no idea what they are talking about or have something nasty to say.
    I have a long list of symptoms; I am not a hypochondriac; I don’t have insurance so I can’t see a doctor about it right now.
    I have nearly all the symptoms of Lupus and Cushings Disease, but my previous doctor last year dismissed my concerns and diagnosed me with Poly cystic Ovarian Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Hepatitis B. My PCOS diagnoses was just him saying he’s sure I have that because of some symptoms. I had blood work and my ovaries came back just fine, yet I was still diagnosed with PCOS anyway.
    Ok, symptoms: Daily fatigue, awful back and shoulder pain, upper body obesity, a rounded face, increased fat around the neck, and relatively slender arms and legs,bruises easily, and heals poorly., never developed breasts, no period for over a year (I’m 25), thinning hair on scalp, but hirotism (excessive body hair), stomach discomfort, urine smells very strong of ammonia without signs that it’s a UTI. Dark circles under my eyes, excessive thirst, bright red cheeks, diagnosed with osteoperosis I’m 25!!! skin problems including frequent acne around my chin (I never had acne as a teen), Depression & Anxiety, Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms (the excess production of keratin, creates a goose-bump appearance), boils and bumps on butt, now a rash on my butt! I know I sound disgusting, but please don’t make me feel worse than I already do about myself. Please help me out if you are familiar with these problems… I’m sure I have other problems that I’m not contributing to the list, so if you want to ask if I have other symptoms, please ask and I will answer asap.
    Thank you both for your responses, however – I have already been tested numerous times for thyroid problems and they function very well. As for diabeties, my fasting glycemia level is 79-80, so I’m nowhere near diabeties, I’m closer to hypoglycemia, but not that either. As for meningitus, I was also tested for that a while ago and that was negative. I have Hep B. so that could explain a liver problem, since Hep B eats at your liver when in flare. I was told to keep an eye on a stomach rash or soreness around the liver, which I don’t have. So I’m not concerned about a liver problem right now. Anyone else have any ideas?
    My BMI is high, it’s 27. I am just below obesity, which really sucks. I used to be very thin and active – age 20/21 I was 80lbs lighter and much more active. Over 5 years I have gained 80lbs and pain has overwhelmed me to the point where I am not as active. I play with my son and I am a postal worker – so I get mild/moderate exercise, but at the end of the day, I’m wiped out and in pain. For osteo – I consume a lot of Vit D and normally take supplements. Lupus, I was unaware of the plastics! I am constantly drinking from plastic bottles and cans without washing. I only run my fruits & veggies under a cold tap for maybe 30 seconds before consuming… so I guess that’s bad. Steroids, I can’t recall ever taking any – but it’s possible.

  6. mhopss

    Is it possible that I have Lupus?
    I have many symptoms that come and go: muscle pain, joint pain, constant stomach aches, extreme fatigue, unusual hair loss, anemia, depression, headaches, dizzy spells, confusion, bad memory, random vision problems, mood swings, random skin irritation, and pale fingers. I have been having on and off symptoms since I was about 16. I’ve seen many doctors, but haven’t listed all of these symptoms all at once so they never suggested it. Could it be Lupus? Or possibly another disease? I’m really nervous as I have heard Lupus is life-threatening. I had to be signed out of school as a senior because of these random symptoms that no one could figure out. They would come and go so I’d just go to the doctor with joint pains, go again with depression, and go again with being tired and what not. Would a normal urine test show if I have Lupus? Or do they have to specifically test for Lupus, as they did not? I’m going to the doctor, but I wanna know if its possible if I have it or not. Thanks
    Also I have irritability, anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, difficulty concentrating, theres not many foods I can eat as I feel sick after, I get drunk really easily, diarrhea very often, breathlessness, my legs and feet will randomly fall asleep even if I’m not cutting off circulation, weakness, extreme weight loss due to lack of appetite (lost 40 pounds since May and I’m 18), constant flem/lump in throat feeling, I’ll sometimes feel like I’m on a drug or drunk or have a hangover when I don’t drink or do drugs, I throw up at least once a week, I’ll get really lightheaded and dizzy, I’m really thirsty a lot, heartburn, I’ll feel really antisocial sometimes even though I’m not shy at all, my skin gets dry really easily, I’m told I’m pale, common hot flashes, I feel full after only a few bites of food, constantly sore.. I’ve felt like something serious is wrong with me for a long time. The doctors must not be looking hard enough. There HAS to be something wrong.
    Also, I have very irregular periods. I’ve only had two this year so far. Seriously, if someone has any idea what it could be.. please tell me. I can’t stand this huge list of symptoms and constant problems anymore.

    1. violet

      I’m no doctor but I do have lupus, and although you have some symptoms that are common with lupus, it almost seems like it could be something else. There is no “one” test that confirms lupus, but a few tests combined with your symptoms generally gives a doctor a diagnosis. That’s the bad thing about lupus – everyone’s symptoms are different, and sometimes one symptom can cause other problems outside of lupus.

      Write down all of your symptoms, noting which are most frequent etc., and take it to your doctor. Some docs don’t put 2 + 2 together until they see everything at once.

      A lupus specialist is usually a Rheumatologist, so your doc may send you to one if he suspects it is something auto-immune related. That’s something else, too… there are many diseases closely related to lupus, so even if you get negative lupus test results, don’t give up! It’s a tough group of diseases to diagnose. Sometimes it takes years to get a proper diagnosis, but more & more docs are understanding it these days.

      By the way… lupus doesn’t have to be fatal, as long as the patient takes good care of themselves, has their regular blood work to keep an eye on things, and has a GOOD doctor! 🙂

      Best of luck!

  7. freckles

    could lumps in back be a sign of lymphoma?
    My mom has these lumps in her back kind of under the skin, and she has had them for sometime now. She went to the doctor and one told her it was prob. due to her lupus and one told her it was just tissue build up. She is taking a medical assistant class and her instructor who is a RN told her that she would go have them looked at again for another opinion, because in a recent lung x ray there was some strange dark spot that appeared but no in a place where cancer is normally found, which she said lymphoma can cause strange spots like that to appear. She was being treated for a lung infection. I have read that lymphoma can cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck, groin, armpits and organs like the spleen etc. but haven’t seen anything about the actual back.
    could it be a sign of lymphoma.?

    also she has been told it could be a result of her lupus or even her rheumatoid arthritis could this be it?
    she hasn’t really had much other symptoms the only fever she has had is when she had bronchitis, and hasn’t had one since finishing her antibiotics.but i have also read that in early stages no signs may appear. she has had these lumps for years.

    my grandpa (her father) also has some disease that i don’t recall the name that causes the lumps some are also painful if that helps, my grandma has them to. they are located mostly on the back, they itch and some of them have little to no pain and some of them are quite painful.

    any incite on this would be really helpful she has a doctors appointment in the morning but I cant sleep so was hoping to get some answers.

  8. Roland'sMommy

    A question about Lupus?
    I’ve been dealing with severe joint pain in my legs for the last several months,so I decided to see a doctor.
    Evidently the problems I’ve been having are classis Lupus symptoms. She took just about half my blood for a bunch of tests, and gave me some pain medication and steroids to take while I’m waiting.
    I started taking the meds and I’m feeling a lot better already, so I’m guessing that’s a sign it’s either Lupus or some other auto-immune disease. I’ve done a lot of reading already, and the more I read, the more it seems like this really is what I’ve got.
    So, what should I expect? This may sound silly, but my major concern is taking steriods for extended periods. My mother, my uncle and cousin all have Crohn’s disease & took steroids for long periods, and they’ve never been able to lose the weight. I’m just curious about what to expect as far as steroids and weight gain goes. Any insight in general?
    I’ve already been to tons of websites, I’m looking more for personal info

    1. christibro40

      Hi Im Chris, I have had lupus a long time, and have been on steroids off and on for a good 12 years. at this point, I wont take them, at this point not so much for weight but other side effects. I was on them once for I think 2 years straight. I did gain about 100 pounds. I hated it. But they did take me off, for me they just didnt work, and they eventually changed my medications, to Imuran and then methotrexate. Once off the medications I lost all the weight within 8 months, it melted of like water. Today I wont take them, because they make me an insulan dependant diabetic, give me migranes and a host of other things. Like you Autoimmunes tend to run high in my family. My mother has somthing called polymalgia rhuematica, a cousin has Crorhn’s, and another autoimune thyroid disease.. Those I know little about. But lupus I sure can help you with.
      If your just now noticing signs of it which it sounds like, with the joint pain, you may also begin to notice that you may start having some skin issues, like photosensitivity (you cant go in the sun, or be in ultraviolet lighting, most stores use that, and being in it a long time is like sunlight), you may get a butterfly rash which bridges across your nose and your cheecks. you may get different types of rashes anywhere else on your body, sun exposed or not, you may get low grade fevers, muscle pain, fatigue, sometimes you may experience mild to moderate cognitive problems, like what is called brain fog, ability to think clearly, sometimes, get your words into sentances the way you would like, you may find your self stumbling when you walk a bit, etc. Those were a lot of my early problems. Also, I noticed my hands, feet and ankles would swell and go down, usually when hot outside, then I would be ok, after putting them up, drinking a lot of water or the next day. you may have some months where you may show that your a bit anemic, or your blood counts show some kind of non-specific infection, which they will give you antibiotics for. Some Lupus paitents have major organ involvment, some do not.. it stays contained mainly to the symptoms and issues I mentioned above. In my case I am considered to have mainly Liver involvment and central nervous system involvment (my brain at times can be very bad, to where I need chemo to get swelling down), others have heart, lung, kidney (lupus nerphritis) involvment. Lupus dosnt discriminate, it can go after any body organ, or part. for the most part ( I co own a lupus support group) I have noticed most seem to dodge major organ involvment, but a lot become anemic, have minor to severe (Im the most severe that I know of with central nervous system issues), some occasionally may get like kidney stone which clear up, or tend towards brhoncitis, and minor things that can be taken care of.

      From all my years of doing research moderating and owning online message boards/support groups, its the ones that keep the most poitive attitudes that tend to keep the most normal lives, no matter how ill they are. They tend to look on the bright side, and not see the what if’s. They are well informed, have better support, either from family, friends, support groups in their community or online, or all. They listen to their bodies and know when to rest. They dont worry about every little ache and pain, they comply with doctors orders, they know how to continue laughing (that my dear is a must). We still live our lives though we have some glitches. Lupus isnt a life sentance, we just have to modify a bit.

      Also, since I wont do the prednison train, I must add there are all kinds of classes of medications to help those with Lupus. Once confirmed the first thing they will put you on is Plaquinil, it is an antimalarial, and for somereason, it helps to slow down a lupus paitents overactive immune systems a bit, and protect our skin, reason unkown. there are other classes of medicaton, mainly immunosuppresent and immunosupressent/chemotherapy agents. but your a long way from that my friend. You said youve been doing some research, but I will leave you with several links. Ill also leave you with the support group link, we have many vetren diagnosed like me, we constantly do reserach, we have newly diagnosed, and some waiting to be diagnosed.
      My best
      Oh here are the 11 lupus critera you need 4 to have lupus.
      Diagnostic criteria for lupus
      The following criteria are used to distinguish lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE) from other autoimmune and rheumatic diseases.

      A person with 4 of these 11 conditions can be diagnosed with lupus; 3 symptoms suggest that lupus is probably present, and 2 raise the possibility of lupus. Symptoms may be present all at once or appear in succession over a period of time. 1

      Butterfly (malar) rash on cheeks
      Rash on face, arms, neck, torso (discoid rash)
      Skin rashes that result from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light (photosensitivity)
      Mouth or nasal ulcers, usually painless
      Joint swelling, stiffness, pain involving two or more joints (arthritis)
      Inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs (pleuritis) or heart (pericarditis). This inflammation is called serositis.
      Abnormalities in urine, such as increased protein or clumps of red blood cells or kidney cells, called cell casts, in the urine
      Nervous system problems, such as seizures or psychosis, without known cause
      Problems with the blood, such as reduced numbers of red blood cells (anemia), platelets, or white blood cells
      Positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) test
      Signs of increased autoimmunity (antibodies against normal tissue), as shown by laboratory tests

  9. alizabrynne

    could I be pregnant? please help!?
    Background info–This past month I not been taking my birth control consistently. And i have been feeling really sick-just tired and not wanting to do anything, my jaw locked up a few times… I felt like hell! So I got the idea that it might be Lyme’s disease so I went to the doctor and found out that I was correct and I am also boarder line Lupus- I am now on antibiotics. which should clear it all up…

    Problem- Last saturday I started spotting which I know can be from being inconsistent with birth control so I stopped taking it because the antibiotics contradict it anyway. The spotting continued for over a week until yesterday. (I was supposed to start my period this saturday) I took home pregnancy tests on monday and tuesday which both came back negative. this past saturday I ate Activia yogurt and it made me get really sick for about a half hour and then I felt perfectly fine. I have had the metallic taste in my mouth which I know can be another pregnancy sign and I have been moody…

    I am having all of these symptoms but they could be related to the lyme and other things?? am I just being paranoid? I am planning on taking another test tomorrow morning if it comes back negative should I just leave it alone and figure it is just coincidence or should I go to the doctor? please help?

  10. alizabrynne

    spotting with negative tests… please help me!?
    Background info–This past month I not been taking my birth control consistently. And i have been feeling really sick-just tired and not wanting to do anything, my jaw locked up a few times… I felt like hell! So I got the idea that it might be Lyme’s disease so I went to the doctor and found out that I was correct and I am also boarder line Lupus- I am now on antibiotics. which should clear it all up…

    Problem- Last saturday I started spotting which I know can be from being inconsistent with birth control so I stopped taking it because the antibiotics contradict it anyway. The spotting continued for over a week until yesterday. (I was supposed to start my period this saturday) I took home pregnancy tests on monday and tuesday which both came back negative. this past saturday I ate Activia yogurt and it made me get really sick for about a half hour and then I felt perfectly fine. I have had the metallic taste in my mouth which I know can be another pregnancy sign and I have been moody…

    I am having all of these symptoms but they could be related to the lyme and other things?? am I just being paranoid? I am planning on taking another test tomorrow morning if it comes back negative should I just leave it alone and figure it is just coincidence or should I go to the doctor? please help? please help me… I need opinions thoughts… I just need to know what you think

  11. WonderWoman

    Good detoxification therapies?
    I grew up on a farm and was exposed to many toxins — fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides. I attribute my grandfather’s lupus disease to life-long exposure to these poisons. Medical research supports this — toxicity is one trigger for lupus.

    I’ve had immune system problems all my life. I took gamma globulin and long-acting penicillin shots for more than 20 years as my immune system was so weak I couldn’t fight off any virus or bacterial infection. Now I’m plagued with several food and environmental allergies. I have interstitial cystitis. My skin is a mess — always breaking out all over my body. My allergy doctor said it was a sign of toxicity. Now I’ve got some symptoms of lupus and am getting nervous.

    I’ve been away from the farm for severals years, but I know I’m still paying the price. Is there any way to remove these poisons from the body or are they trapped forever in my tissues and I’m destined to be sick all my life?
    I am planning on making an appointment with a doctor regarding my lupus concerns. I’ve gone the traditional medicine route….just wanted to see what the alternative medicine community can offer me.

  12. Mrs Magoo

    hands changing colour?
    I have lupus SLE (in remission) I also have fibromyalgia. the palm of my hands keep changing colour sometimes they are from purple,white,pink,crimson or bright red.I,m not saying they keep flashing like neon signs but now and then when I look at them they could be one of these colours. could this be a symptom of lupus or , fibromyalgia or could this be another disease that is realated to lupus or fibromyalgia or something compleatly different all together do you have this or know somebody that may have this. it don’t matter if its summer or winter so its not from the cold.

    1. hello

      I have Lupus and APS. Sounds like you are going through some Raynauds and Livedo stuff. Are you taking Plaqeunil? So chances are you are no longer in remission. :o(

      Start taking pictures of it so you can show you doctor what is happening in case it is not there when you see them next.

      What Is Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

      Raynaud’s phenomenon is a disorder that affects the blood vessels in the fingers, toes, ears, and nose. This disorder is characterized by episodic attacks, called vasospastic attacks, that cause the blood vessels in the digits (fingers and toes) to constrict (narrow). Raynaud’s phenomenon can occur on its own, or it can be secondary to another condition such as scleroderma or lupus.

      Although estimates vary, recent surveys show that Raynaud’s phenomenon may affect 5 to 10 percent of the general population in the United States. Women are more likely than men to have the disorder. Raynaud’s phenomenon appears to be more common in people who live in colder climates. However, people with the disorder who live in milder climates may have more attacks during periods of colder weather.

      What Happens During an Attack?

      For most people, an attack is usually triggered by exposure to cold or emotional stress. In general, attacks affect the fingers or toes but may affect the nose, lips, or ear lobes.

      Reduced Blood Supply to the Extremities

      When a person is exposed to cold, the body’s normal response is to slow the loss of heat and preserve its core temperature. To maintain this temperature, the blood vessels that control blood flow to the skin surface move blood from arteries near the surface to veins deeper in the body. For people who have Raynaud’s phenomenon, this normal body response is intensified by the sudden spasmodic contractions of the small blood vessels (arterioles) that supply blood to the fingers and toes. The arteries of the fingers and toes may also collapse. As a result, the blood supply to the extremities is greatly decreased, causing a reaction that includes skin discoloration and other changes.

      Changes in Skin Color and Sensation

      Once the attack begins, a person may experience three phases of skin color changes (white, blue, and red) in the fingers or toes. The order of the changes of color is not the same for all people, and not everyone has all three colors. Pallor (whiteness) may occur in response to spasm of the arterioles and the resulting collapse of the digital arteries. Cyanosis (blueness) may appear because the fingers or toes are not getting enough oxygen-rich blood. The fingers or toes may also feel cold and numb. Finally, as the arterioles dilate (relax) and blood returns to the digits, rubor (redness) may occur. As the attack ends, throbbing and tingling may occur in the fingers and toes. An attack can last from less than a minute to several hours.

  13. Sherri T

    Is it lupus or do these lab results say something else?
    My ANA was positive homogeneous pattern 1/320 titer. CK was 311 IU/L. But my sed rate was 7 and SS-A IgG and SS-B IgG Autoantibodies were negative. WBC was 5.6 and lymphocytes were slightly elevated and granulocytes were slightly decreased. All other cbc results were normal.

    No lyme disease antibodies. Evoked potentials and MRI’s showed no signs of MS.

    My symptoms are very much like lupus.
    My symptoms went from pain, to muscle atropy, to weakness in legs and inablity to control bladder and bowels, to seizures. I am waiting on a final lyme test from my spinal tap (done at the time of a myelogram to see if there was a cyst in the spinal column). I had no target rash after all 28 tick bites that I received 3 years ago. The lyme test was the more accurate western blot (my friend is a researcher specializing in lyme disease). I don’t know how lyme could have caused horrible muscle wasting despite constant use.
    I have also had damage to the duodenum that may or may not be related and had to have a horribly inflamed gallbladder removed. The reason I am strongly considering lupus is because it could explain why my body turned on my other organs.

  14. Sabrina B

    How do I know if I have a uterine infection after giving birth and if Keflex is the right atbc to treat it?
    Hi! I just gave birth to my first child 10 days ago and had really bad complications after the delivery. I was in labor for 27 hours, pushed for an hour, and got the usual Pitocin and epidural. My OB had manually pulled out my placenta immediately after the delivery of my baby and I had not asked him to! I was hemorrhaging for the 1st 2 days. I even passed out 2 hours after I gave birth, as soon as I transferred to the maternity ward! The same night, I was about to pass out a 2nd time and my blood pressure dipped at its lowest. They had to call an emergency code and all of the doctors and nurses rushed into my room. The reason for my postpartum hemorrhage was because I had retained fragments of the placenta in my uterus and a dr. had to manually push the clot out! On top of that, I had a distended bladder and couldn’t urinate on my own, so they had to Foley cath me for 3 days. I didn’t have an episiotomy or any tears, but had a few abrasions inside my vagina. I also had a hematoma on the left labia. I lost so much blood, 55%, I became anemic and was supplemented with a stronger iron than what I was taking during pregnancy. I was on IV fluids for 3 days and stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Ever since I got home, my lochia had been getting less and less but the hematoma on my left labia became so painfully excruciating it had even turned hard even with the sitz baths I’ve been taking. It was so painful every time I went to the bathroom, to urinate or pass a bowel. Even on pain meds, the vaginal pain was so severe, I had to go to the emergency. I was examined and they told me in time, it will heal and go away on its own and the hematoma is too small to cut open and drain.

    Then today I noticed I started bleeding more and even passing big clots, whereas previous days, my bleeding was brown and very small, like dime sized amounts with no clots at all. In addition, I’ve been having extreme severe abdominal pains since this morning. I saw my OB today and he examined my uterus by pressing down on my belly and I grimaced so much because the pain was so bad. He told me it’s not supposed to be that painful at this point, 10 days after giving birth. He concluded that I had a uterine infection and put me on Keflex 4 times a day for 10 days. I’m not sure if he diagnosed me correctly since he only pressed down on my tummy and didn’t run any tests to confirm that it’s an infection. Also, how would he know what kind of antibiotic to prescribe to me if he doesn’t even know what kind of uterine infection is invading me? I know there are different kinds of uterine infections based on the different types of bacteria! I’m a new grad LVN (practical nurse) and even though I haven’t worked since I got pregnant during school, I know that I should be skeptical of something about his diagnosis! I don’t have a fever or any other signs and symptoms of an infection other than the extreme abdominal pain and painful urination/ bowel movements. The emergency department took a urine sample from me and a bladder infection or UTI came out negative so I know I don’t have that! Someone out there please help me! I just want to make sure my OB and medical team during my labor and delivery have the best interest in taking good care of me instead of killing me! I just want to be alive and healthy to raise my daughter and for my uterus to not be affected so I can have more children after this! Thank you so much in advance!

    FYI: I also have Lupus, but a mild form of it since none of my organs are affected….only Raynaud’s Disease and eczema which is about it!

    1. mgunnycappo

      Keflex is a broad spectrum antibiotic and will cover you regardless of what specific bacteria you have. He’s probably giving you the antibiotics as a prophylaxis, just in case. I would venture to say that you’ll improve over the next couple of days.

  15. angelinaismywifey

    My LYMPH NODES are extremely palpable (for years) i have lost TOO MUCH WEIGHT, what is wrong?
    Hello….if anyone would like to try to DIAGNOSE ME, I’d be SO GRATEFUL AT THIS POINT!
    ….. i’m 30 year old female, with a 10 year old son and had a thoracic fore gut tumor(benign) removed from my chest @ 15, a good portion of which was attached to my lungs, aorta,esophagus, Trachea.
    To Date- no known complications or regrowth.
    109 lbs
    hypothyroid, on synthroid
    Had IUD recently placed in cervix
    amphetamine salts,celexa, lorazapam for depression/fatigue and ADD
    CURRANTLY AND THIS PAST YEAR: Generalized Swollen lymph glands(some firm and hard in groin area. Also where my hairline is in the back of my neck behind my ear i guess, and a few large ones up the side of my neck aligned with my shoulder), Re currant low Grade Fever(no higher than 101 w/out infection),Itchy Skin, Memory Loss,Hair loss, Acne,Bowel Changes,On and Off fatigue, mucus in my stool(for one year at least.More mucus than actual stool on average! SORRY TO BE SO GRAPHIC! Lower Back Pain, DULL ACHING PAIN on the inside of my knees,stiff neck,ankle pain after being on my feet for more than an hour.Also extremely dry; mouth,skin,hair,eyes,&nostrils, dizziness upon standing, sweats,wounds heal slowly, weird painless swelling above my butt where my dimples are(no dr has been able to guess why/what this swelling might be),diarrhea and constipation, tenderness above my belly button, hyper pigmentation on abdomen, arms and feet, anxiety, blood pressure has steadily increased throughout all of my many dr’s visits this past yr.
    ADDED RECENT SYMPTOMS:Kidney pain, visible blood in urine: for 2 months now! it was bright red and then less visible for awhile and now dark brown like tea and extremely strong smelling, hardening and bloating of abdomen, extreme fatigue, productive cough, chest pain, neck pain,easily exhausted, unexplainable bruises, muscle spasms and bulging type pain JUST under my rib on both sides separately, weird stabbing pain on my left groin area near my larger lymph glands that makes my tendon look swollen, thrush, protein in urine, HI albumin in urine, repetitive rbc in urine, BUT NO INFECTION!! (multiple negative cultures), kidney stone shows on CT in an area that is expected to be asymptomatic and may not even pass. BUT I DO HAVE difficulty urinating and cramping JUST PRESCRIBED CIPRO FOR A SECOND TREATMENT. (not sure exactly why since culture is consistantly negative)

    Many tests HAVE BEEN DONE: …..All Basics(CB C’s, liver, etc panels) + Lyme Disease,Hep(B,C etc), ANA,Sed Rate,R.F.,AIDS, Celiac Disease,Fecal Bacterial+Viral cultures,Lupus,Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydiae,Anemia, scleroderma, h. pylori, bladder cancer,
    P.C.P. says: hematologist &will do allergy & routine testing upon insurance ok
    E.N.T(ear,Nose&throat) says: inflammation or irritation down deep in my throat(but i smoke so…)
    GASTROENTROLOGIST says: gastritis, hemorrhoids,IBS, lymphoid aggragates in non lymph areas
    UROLOGIST says: extreme gross & microscopic unexplained hematuria, referral to hematologist(concerned about enlarged lymph’s in groin and unexplained hematuria———says kidney stone most likely not causing this amount of rbc,did FISH URINE TEST…NO CALL SO I’M GUESSING ALL CLEAR ON RESULTS)
    HEMATOLOGIST says: i’m thin so nodes are more palpable s we should wait. does not believe biopsy is neccessary at this point
    RHUEHEMATOLOGIST says: no signs autoimmune, non arthritic/ lupus like disease
    GYNOGYNECOLOGIST says: no infection, no discharge see urologist…
    DERMOTOLOGIST says: see rhuemotologist! lol, biopsied pigmented marks(inconclusive-possibe allergic reaction)

    i am waiting on results of a chest CT from HEMATOLOGIST because he heard alot in my lungs and another aids test(that’ll be 4 tests in the last yr(all negative)

    but i can’t remember everything! lol any EDUCATED ADVICE would be appreciated
    THANK YOU!!!! i feel so helpless when i am sooo tired or weak….. i just want a solution!

    1. PoisonTrees

      See what the CT results are. If you get no answers there, I would go to a different hematologist and insist on a biopsy. If you can’t get answers switch to a hospital that specializes in diagnostics.

  16. Laurel

    Symptoms for 7 months, no diagnosis. Excessive hair loss, muscle pain, swollen nodes.?

    I`m a 19 year old female who`s been experiencing a series of symptoms for the past 7 months that doctors have been unable to diagnose.

    Firstly, my hair has been falling out and as you can imagine, this has been very emotionally stressful. Since about 7 months ago, I`ve lost more then 75% of hair from all over my head. The hair loss is not patchy, but has been thinning all over. I used to have long, extremely thick and beautiful hair, and now its almost gone. The hair loss is not localized to my head as I’ve even noticed that the hair on my legs and in my pubic area have barely been growing back after shaving. I did see a dermatologist and he said that I must have an underlying autoiumme disease that’s causing the hair loss. He suspects lupus or a related disease, but as of yet, blood tests have shown no irregularities.

    Since around the same time my hair has been falling out, Ive noticed that the lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen. Sometimes they are red and sensitive (especially after drinking alcohol or smoking) but usually they’re painless. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of joint/muscle pain and stiffness. Some days it gets really bad and I can barely move, even typing/writing is difficult because the muscles in my hands are so stiff. I feel like every muscle and joint in my body is inflamed. I’m only 19 and I’m having as hard of a time moving around as my 55 year old mother with MS.

    Lastly, (and I’m not sure if this is related at all) my skin has been really dry and especially itchy. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any rashes, but I have noticed some redness (light red spots) randomly on my skin.

    My family doctor did a thorough blood analysis and everything came back normal. There is no sign of vitamin deficiency, my thyriod was normal, no diabetes, my blood cell count was normal, kidney/liver function was normal, and I’m clean for STD’s/STI’s. I really don’t know where to go from here and im terrified that if I don’t find out whats wrong, I’m going to go bald.

    Does anyone know what these symptoms indicate? Any advice as to what I should get tested for/where I should go from here would be great.

    Thank you in advance for the help!

    1. Moped Mama

      my endocrinolgist , said i had sluggish thyroid normal levels, my VIT D was dangerously low my vit b 12 was low i have hypo thyroid symptoms normal thyroid I HAVE goitors never knew it until i choked and had ENT do a nasal scope, so follow my advice my endocrinologist put me on synthyroid , 37.5 mcg works for me VIT D and VIt B 12 also AVOID wheat products you could be celiac syndrome try eatting oatmeal rice potatoes NO wheat pasta buy rice and corn pasta drink V* 8 splash change your diet

  17. cablecontractor2006

    What causes multiple organ failure?
    This started two years ago when I had encephalitis. I lost ability to count, spell, walk, talk, etc. After the inflammation went down I have since been left with fasiculations, brain fog, bowel issues, urinary issues. Soon gallbladder died and was removed due to doubling over in pain. HIDA scan showed 0% ejection faction. then blood pressure started to slowly drop until it is currently 80/40. Went to hospital…. low cortisol… they didn’t test my ATCH so I don’t know if I have Addison’s Disease or Cushings or what. I know that the hypothalamus talks to the pituitary that communicates with the adrenal glands which produce cortisol. I have Erectile Dysfunction, Brain fog, testicular pain, and have been also diagnosed with Chronic fatigue Syndrome by positive EBV profile tests. It seems like my organs are and have been progressively growing towards failure. I also have clear urine which is a sign of the simplest form of diabetes but yet to be tested for that. All valves of heart have either slight or mild regurgitation. WHAT IS POSSIBLY CAUSING MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE OVER A PERIOD OF THE LAST TWO YEARS? Can a blood disorder do it? I have been to urologists, neurologists, Infectious Disease Doctors, Rheumotologists to test for Auto-Immune and still nothing. Can a Hormonal imbalance start killing off all of your organs? I did some reading and it talks about how there are connections to all of these symptoms but no definite relation to all of the symptoms except that hormones control quite a bit. So far they have me on Florinef so my Blood Pressure stays up until endocronologist can run all his tests. But what if his test show problems due to a larger problem? What causes the body to start failing everywhere and on every test? High Esonophils, increased # of small lymphocytes in CSF fluid but no MS, no lupus, no STD’s. PLEASE HELP before I’m dead. Give me ideas, anything to throw a doctors way. Thankyou in advance.

    1. Jen S

      You could be panhypopituitary in addition to some other things. I would try to see a neuro-endocrinologist. Find one at a university hospital – send records and see if they will see you. Pituitary issues can effect the immune system and a lot of other things.

  18. Sherri T

    Are these test results saying lupus?
    I have spent nearly 2 years trying to find out what is wrong with me. What started as painful intercourse advanced to AUB (endometriosis was removed). After treating my endometriosis I found that my pain was isolated to my bladder (I no longer received bladder urges though no incontinence issues). No signs of IC. Then I lost control of the bladder, then bowels, then legs. My symptoms varied from pain feeling like my legs were lit on fire to my bone marrow splitting apart to numbness in the legs. I also had issues with hands and feet turning blue, chest pain, inexplicable fevers, increased bruising, and an inability to fight off infections. My muscles in the legs have atropied despite my work being very exercise intensive (with restraining animals in excess of 200lbs).

    MRI’s of the spine were clean excluding one area of decreased nerve signal (a neurosurgeon thought it might be a cyst but the myelogram was clean). No signs of MS plaques and evoked potentials were normal. Lymes disease testing was negative.

    So on to the positives. My ANA was positive homogeneous pattern 1/320 titer. CK was 311 IU/L. But my sed rate was 7 and SS-A IgG and SS-B IgG Autoantibodies were negative. WBC was 5.6 and lymphocytes were slightly elevated and granulocytes were slightly decreased. All other cbc results were normal.

    I know that my blood results do not scream lupus but at this point I am wondering if I should be consulting a rheumatologist. My neurologist doesn’t want to make a call of lupus, she would like me to consult with my PCP (he is 2 hours from my home so I would prefer to see a local specialist to make the call if it is indicative of lupus). My CSF has been sent to the Mayo Clinic for testing and I should hear back in 2 weeks or so. In the interim I am curious if I am right in considering these test results suspicious of lupus considering my symptoms.

    Any input would be appreciated
    Another think that has started recently is seizures (nothing beyond petit mahl yet thank goodness). I also had a horribly inflamed gallbladder that was adhered to my stomach and duodenum and intrahepatic which had to be removed a few months ago (I’m unsure of any correlation between that and my current problems).

    Oh and in response to my first answer…there is no cure for lupus only ways to manage the autoimmune response. But I am already using aloe juice when I miss my Carafate for Nsaid induced ulcers and duodenitis. No help from that juice for anything other than the stomach pain.

  19. monroe

    I’ve heard that a persistent dry cough can sometimes be a symptom of undetected cancer. Is there a link ?
    My mother’s dear friend Anne, who felt generally ill, had a persistent, dry cough. Her “coughing fits” often resembled chocking. Having underwent many medical procedures, doctors/specialists could never pin-point the cause of her ailments, nor her cough. My mother had read that such a cough was often a sign of cancer. Three years later, Anne was diagnosed with colon cancer, and succomb to the disease 2 yrs later. Unfortunately, my mother, a non-smoker, has developed the same cough as Anne, brought on by eating, drinking, laughing, and anything in between. We even went to see a Pulmonary specialist, who was unable to offer a diagnosis. She and I have many ailments, and both suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus, but neither list such a cough as a possible symptom. My mother is my best friend and soul mate, and I can’t imagine living without her. At 65, she has a lot more living to do, such as walking me down the aisle and holding her grandchild. Any and all suggestions are appreciated

    1. blaze23

      If this cough is brought on by eating, drinking maybe it could be GERD (acid reflux) a dry hacking cough is common with that and happens after consuming food or drinks. My husband has it. Has she ever been tested for allergies. I have “allergy cough” and have coughing “fits” for what appears to be no rhyme or reason for and this was my diagnosis. I take Singulair and Nasonex and it helps quite a bit. Just some ideas. Best of luck my dear.

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