Sometimes a Systemic Yeast Infection can have light symptoms, and because of this they're dismissed as nothing to concerned about. The problem is, this allows the yeast to enter the bloodstream where a lot of different problems can eventuate and can even become a life-threatening situation.

The body naturally has a certain amount of yeast that lives in the body in small quantities and actually help the body, without doing any harm to it. There are also different types of microorganisms inside the body that are there to keep the yeast in check so an infection does not occur.

On-going stress attacks, poor choices of food, normal pregnancy changes, immune system deficiency diseases, antibiotic medications and other disease may abolish the tiny microorganisms and thereby allow the Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms to rage.

The Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms can differ from each individual, but here a few of the most usual ones:

Heavy sense of exhaustion and unusual run down feelings may arise.

1. The feelings of sensory disturbances, unusual muscle aches and pains, continual headaches, constant dizziness, and complaints of the sufferering of persistent tiredness are signs of a person with Systemic Yeast Infection.

2. Unusual or sudden sensitivity to chemicals or new food allergies.
Arising troubles which haven't occurred before with several chemicals or foods are common with those suffering from Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms.

3. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

On many occasions, as touched on in the previous detail of the food allergies, flatulence, inflammatory bowel disease, rectal itching, constipation, and diarrhea are the most common of the Symptoms.

It is even possible for thrush, a Yeast Infection affecting the mouth and/or throat, to develop.

4. Onset of urinary and genital problems.

5. Development of hives and skin rashes.

You could even be having a case of hives, and not know where they came from.

6. Suddenly feeling irritable or mildly depressed.

Many times people complain of Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms that include: mental confusion, feeling of being in a 'fog', difficulty focusing or concentrating, sleepness nights, memory loss, and decreased attention span.

7. Problems with the autoimmune system.

Some autoimmune disorders that normally become worse from a Systemic Yeast Infection are sarcoidosis, scleroderma, myasthenia gravis, arthritis, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, or systemic lupus erythematosus.

Yeast flourish on a body that is fed with sugar, refined starch, and chemical additives.
These chemicals, starches and sugars are also readily present in bread, cookies, chips and other junk foods which are a large part of many peoples diets.

When someone is under immense stress, the microorganisms in the body that control the yeast start to die off.

Anytime you think you may have a Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms, you need to check with your doctor about what tests need to be run to determine what your body's level of Yeast organism is.
All in all, remember that it's vital to know if you are dealing with a Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms so you can get the proper treatment.

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  1. aredsailjunk

    Itching/ Swelling usually starts when asleep , but now happening more frequently during the day?
    I will be asleep, then awake in middle of night with hands starting to itch and swell

    Begins in between finger`s where they join hand then palms will start and become red.
    Left hand always more affected.

    Then the area`s where I have hair will start, to itch , even the eye brows.
    Eye`s also itch/ burn and top of ears
    At the base of skull where there are two ridge`s will begin to itch and then swell also.
    Some time`s becomes hard to breathe and I cough but not always.

    Repeated doses of Benedryl has helped in the past – when it has continued to point I could not keep from rubbing have had to go to ER.
    Treatment there has been Solu-medrol by IV and Benedryl also. on occasion Epinephrine
    but cannot do that now because of ICD.

    I have chronic shingles and have taken the vaccine 5 mo ago and that has slowed down the severity of episodes.
    My sister and I both do this- have for years , but her feet are also part of it.
    She has never been tested for allergies.

    Yes, I have been to an excellent Allergy Clinic – several in fact- down thru the year`s and all that pops to top of my list is
    cats, pork and cedar / juniper

    This has happened in cat free situations, when I have not been eating pork for years !

    Also if I carry Wal- Mart bags from car to home in contact with bare skin on wrist , hives/ welt`s will start-some types of medical tapes- oxygen tubing where touches face causes itching – redness.

    Products used in home very controlled and same for personal care product use .–bleach is a no no

    have noticed lately the handling of old documents and some news paper`s will start an episode.

    Because this is happening more often now-sometimes twice in a week but then a break of several weeks- have yet another Allergy testing scheduled in a new Clinic and work up for HEA will be included this time.
    hope to return with more than ” We do not know , but avoid..”

    Feel just exhausted after this quits , and itching/ swelling goes away but hands hurt to touch/bend fingers
    Because so many experts from many medical fields answer here, I posted this in hopes of fresh idea`s before my testing .

    Very tired of this continuing to happen and as I said occurance and severity increasing.
    Will not often call 911 for this , but some times hard to drive myself the 20+ mi. to closest ER and turns into hours long ordeal and then must call some one to come pick me up as not allowed to drive after the drugs.

    Thank you for all opinions/ suggestions !

    1. Orpheus Think Tank Repairman

      Greetings aredsailjunk,

      It has been a while, and I’m sorry but I don’t remember if you have mentioned if diabetes runs in the family or not. If you drink a lot of soda, then stop totally and drink coffee or tea for 2 weeks… There a 2 reasons for this, heavy metal poisoning with the mercury in the corn syrup for the soda industry, and the reaction to the hi fructose corn syrup itself.

      The other thing that comes to mind is a fungus that might live in the heating system in your home. Have the duct-work vacuumed out if it has not been done in a few years. Taking an herbal supplement may help… look up Cats-Claw and decide if this is right for you. If you decide to try it, Cats-Claw is a tropical vine that grows in rain-forest and jungle areas in South America and Asia. Some cultures refer to the plant as the “Sacred Herb of the Rain Forest”. As an herbal treatment, Cat’s Claw is used to treat intestinal ailments such as Crohn’s disease, gastric ulcers and tumors, parasites, colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis and leaky bowel syndrome, while manufacturers claim that U. tomentosa can also be used in the treatment of AIDS in combination with AZT, the treatment and prevention of arthritis and rheumatism, diabetes, PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome, prostate conditions,[7] immune modulation,[8] Lyme disease[9] and systemic lupus erythematosus.[10] A 2005 review of the scholarly literature on Cat’s Claw indicates there is supporting evidence toward its use in treating cancer, inflammation, viral infection and vascular conditions, and for its use as an immunostimulant, antioxidant, antibacterial and CNS-related agent.[6]

      The Asháninka (indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest) use cat’s claw to treat asthma, inflammations of the urinary tract, arthritis, rheumatism, and bone pain; to recover from childbirth; as a kidney cleanser; to cure deep wounds; to control inflammation and gastric ulcers; and for cancer. Indigenous tribes in Piura use cat’s claw to treat tumors, inflammations, rheumatism, and gastric ulcers. Other Peruvian indigenous tribes use cat’s claw to treat diabetes, urinary tract cancer in women, hemorrhages, menstrual irregularity, cirrhosis, fevers, abscesses, gastritis, rheumatism, tumors, and inflammations as well as for internal cleansing and to “normalize the body.”

      Any herbal should also be taken with a high potency vitiman, and I always recommend Rose Hipps!

      In terms of our itchy skin, well, there are several things you can do and none of them involves a doctor.

      1. Moisturizer. Yeah. Imagine that. A little moisture goes a long way. Particularly if you’re inclined, like me, to take really hot showers. I know it’s a bit oxymoronic that a wet shower could dry out your skin. But, it’s the heat. It extracts moisture and makes a bad case of the itches even worse. Dove makes a good moisturizer, as does Nivea (one of my favorites) and Alveeno as well. In fact, Alveeno, like Dove, markets specifically toward menopausal women. Smart, smart company, wouldn’t you say?

      2. Oils – like Vitamin E or Aloe Vera (though Aloe is not an oil, I know) does wonderful things for the skin. Plus, a little goes a long way. You can even add a little bit of peppermint or lavender essential oils for scent and a little bit of tingle. Or better yet, add it to your bath water.

      Come to think of it, Calgon bath oil beads can help too. But you might want to avoid the fragrances. They can only aggravate an already irritated skin.

      3. Hydrate – As in drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a common cause of itchy skin believe it or not. If you enjoy coffee and tea, well then you know that both are diuretics which can and will dehydrate you. Dehydrated body = Itchy skin. So, drink up, ladies.

      4. Cider Vinegar – If you don’t mind smelling like a pickle, believe it or not, cider vinegar has been known to stop itching skin. Pour 1 cup into a warm bath and dive in, girls.

      I’ve never tried it, because I prefer to eat my pickles rather than smell like one, but when your itchy, well, it’s worth a shot. You certainly can’t hurt yourself. Though I wouldn’t recommend this if you have any scratches or open sores on your body. Um, OUCH?

      5. Oatmeal – Oatmeal baths have long been a remedy for poison ivy and chicken pox, so why not perimenopausal itchy skin? Put some in a bath with a drop or two of peppermint and lavender essential oils. Can I hear an “aaaahhhhh?”

      6. Essential Fatty Oils in your diet – Like the Omega 3s found in salmon, walnuts, fortified eggs, or algae oils, ladies. NOT chocolate. (that’s for the bed picnic later)

      Those Omega-3’s are pretty wonderful. They help produce your skin’s oil barrier which can also help in keeping your skin hydrated. They also promote a healthy scalp, which promotes healthy hair. You’re a winner all the way around.

      Personally, I love to put flaxseed oil (a potent source of Omega-3’s) in a morning smoothy. If you would rather eat your oils rather than drink them, you can also find Omega-3s in sardines, soybeans, soy products and whole flaxseeds . I often add whole flaxseed to quinoa or my morning oatmeal. A little crunchy, but it works. You also get an extra added benefit of healthy fiber in your diet as well.

      7. Avoid Harsh or Perfumed Detergents in Your Wash – If your itchy skin is really bad, you can try non-fragrance detergents on your clothes, because, well, every little bit helps. All of your main brands, Tide, All, etc., offer fragrance free alternatives.

      8. Sunscreen with Moisturizers – Again, just keeping a good moisturizer on your skin helps immensely. But, a little sunscreen to go along with it and you’ve got all your basis covered. I actually use a tinted moisturizer on my face by Mary Kay that gives me color, moisture and an SPF of about 30. I’m not a shill for Mary Kay, ladies, but I will tell you, this product is one of their best in my view.



  2. Mercedes16_90!!

    If someone has lupus what are the treatments for this disease and my mom has huge lumps on her leg and side.?
    My mom has lupus and she has huge lumps all over her leg and she went to the emergency room this morning but all the doctors that she’s been to in South Carolina have no clue what to do and so they can’t help her and I need help because it does not help when I have Cerebral Palsy and NOW she has lupus.

    Someone please help me because I want to help my mother but I do not know how. Also she had one lump surgically removed about 2 years ago and now it’s back.

    i’m only 16 and I need help to help my mother because it hurts me to see her in so much unneeded pain and the doctors don’t know what to do and so if there’s a doctor or someone out there who specializes in the treatment of this disease please help me out. because how doctors supposed to be helpful to someone but they don’t know how to help me mother out???


  3. Frodo Baggins

    Rubella or mononucleosis? How do I tell?
    Posted earlier abut whether I might have mono, but in addition to chills, low-grade fever, swollen glands, aching and exhaustion, episodic nausea, etc., I’ve come down with headache plus a small rash on the back of my neck, as well as itching there and on my face and upper back, though we can’t see a rash there so far.

    I know mono, rubella, and generic viral exanthems can cause rash. I was immunized via MMR with booster but took tough immunosuppresion hits since 1988. . .Hodgkin’s, chemo/rads, SLE (systemic lupus), etc. What might I have? (Yes, I’ve a dr appt slated for Mon.)

    1. Maria

      Mono can present with a rash. It usually comes on early in the course of the disease and is maculopapular, faint and usually fades quickly (much faster than the other symptoms) I would wonder where you contracted mono. If you have been on immunosuppresents I’m certain that you are careful about who you are in contact with and wouldn’t be around someone who is showing symptoms of mono. The odds of catching mono from someone that you haven’t had close contact with are low, even with the therapies that you are on. I would suggest that your best bet is the doctor as there are so many different things that fit what you are describing here. Just wait until Monday or if it becomes to much to deal with visit the ER. Good luck and I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

  4. Liberian7Girl

    When I wake up after taking a nap or something I have excruciating pain as if my heart is being squeezed.?
    I am a 21 year old female and have been having chest pains lately. Today I took two naps and as I woke up both times it felt as though my heart was being squeezed. I woke up and was in pain. It subsided but it scared me. I have systemic lupus and am not sure if this has anything to do with it. It has never happened before.
    Interesting you say that Todd! My mother who is a nurse said the same thing. She thinks its the lung!

    1. chafarm123

      Yes, there are some complications of SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) that could affect either the heart or the lungs. It would be fairly easy to your doctor to rule out any serious complication by simple physical exam, chest x-ray, and EKG. THIS SHOULD BE DONE TODAY.
      Call your lupus physician and if you cannot speak with him today, see your ER. Make sure you relate your SLE history.
      Best wishes.

  5. celtgirl50

    I have to take narcotic pain meds & am sick of being treated like a criminal : How do I stop this attitude?
    I have systemic lupus with a plethora of related health issues, resulting in unbearable chronic pain with breathrough pain attacks from hell. 5 yrs. ago I came to a point where I had no choice but to go on Narcotic Pain meds or commit suicide. Fortunately, my Dr. referred me to a Pain Management Specialist who is caring, compassionate and totally understanding of the living hell my life had become. Every time a new problem with new/additional pain has presented itself, she has been there for me and has never let me suffer further if a change in or an additional medication could help. She is extremely knowledgable in her field of medicine. What really gets me steamed is the huge number of Dr.’s out there who don’t know squat about this kind of Pain Therapy and how well it works for some people. For me, it literally gave me back my life. Yet, every time I’ve had to go to the ER or a hospital stay I’ve been treated like a drug addict or criminal by Dr’s. and Staff. Solutions?

    1. lacoste042

      I have Chrones and my trips to the ER were trated the same way. Im sorry to say. However the best way around it is to be a firm as you can be right before they even say anything. You set the tone. Thats how I do it. F’ Them i have pain help me.

  6. Missincolorado

    I keep getting a HORRIFIC Kidney infection, in my lft. kidney…..fever of 103-105+, headache, but MAINLY,?
    The WORST BACK ACHE…EVER!! I ALSO have systemic Lupus! (And. RA., and Scleroderma….:(
    I was at the er, lst. Wk, and got 2 bags of Rocephin- IV, and a script of Cipro10 days worth. While I am REASONABLY sure the infec. Is gone- I just hurt just as bad, and now, am worried about my kidney dying… is usually kidney issues that get us, “lupies”….I am also not REAL sure how well the doc listened in tbe er…..i really thought it MIGHT just be a stone, as I DO have 5 in one kidney- I would have LOVED AN IVP…..!!!! WHY am I still feverish?!? Help! Any advice or info. Would be awesome!!! 🙂 (I DO have an appt. W/ a urologist, wed……) thanks!!

  7. heavenseyes98

    My daughter has been sick for days, been to the ER already, HELP!!!?
    My daughter has been sick for 4 days. Her symptoms started out just like allergies/cold. She increasingly got worse. Couldn’t drink, eat and a fever of atleast 103.5. We took her to the ER when it hit 104.1. They tested her blood which was fine, did a strep test which was fine. Said she wasn’t dehydrated even though she had only 3 flavor water popscicles and 3 dixie size cups of water in 3 days (how could she not be dehydrated). They sent her on her way with a diagnosis of the bad flu. Today, her step mom and i have been talking. She now has bumps on her throat, is crying cause it hurts to swallow. Her fingers are going numb or tingling off and on. Last night she reported pain under her left rib cage (could this be her spleen area)? I’m thinking that this is not only tonsilitis but possibly Mono. She was exposed to her step sister who had mono about 2 months ago. Opinions please. Heading to her family Dr. in 2 hrs. Questions I should ask him about certain tests to run? Thanks E1
    She is also very tired and dizzy. Gets tired just walking to bathroom.
    Worried mommy
    She is almost 11

    1. Paisley Place

      The bumps in your daughter’s mouth sound exactly like she has thrush, which is technically termed Candida albicans. It is the oral form of a vaginal yeast infection. There is yeast in the mouth, vagina, intestines, and other areas of the body so please do not worry about any type of bad touch causing this to happen. I have lupus and Sjogren’s disease, both are autoimmune diseases. The lupus is the systemic lupus erythematosus type. I’ve had both oral thrush and yeast infections. The thrush is usually the result of my immune system getting too out of whack and the bacteria in my mouth having a hayday until I get treatment, which comes in this liquid that you have to swish around your mouth rinsing every part really well before swallowing it.

      If the thrush has become severe enough, she could likely have thrush inflammation on her tonsils and adenoids as well as other lymph-type glands. Thrush, in case you are unfamiliar with how it appears, has a fuzzy appearance sort of like cotton but beneath the white, if you use a sterile Q-Tip to wipe a bit away, normally there is red angry-appearing inflamed tissue beneath. This too can become infected and require steroid treatment. If thrush gets into the trachea (esophagus) and is bad enough, it can begin to cause inflammation of the esophagus, which can lead (WORST CASE SCENARIO, UNLIKELY BUT WORST CASE SCENARIO) to the doctor having to intubate her if medications such as steroids do not reduce the inflammation.

      When you mentioned that your daughter is having pain in her left rib cage, my first concern is whether the thrush has migrated into the esophagus, intestines, and possibly her liver. The liver, if one is laying flat on their back, sits across the back of the body at the area just below the long bones of the ribs. The reason I am so aware of this at this moment in time is because I am 3 weeks post-op laparoscopic gallbladder removal (aka laparoscopic cholecystectomy).

      You should definitely tell the doctor she was exposed to mono. There is a possibility that she may have it too and it is lowering her immune system causing thrush and inflammation. Checking the spleen would not be a bad idea as would possibly having a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) unless the doctors can get what they need from a standardized panel of wbc, platelets, bilirubin, liver function test, and I would not rule out a check of her sugar levels since the thrush can be an underlying symptom of mono but it can also be an underlying symptom of diabetes too; however, if your daughter has not been drinking enormous amounts of water and having to constantly urinate it is unlikely diabetes but with something that appears to have come up as this has, I would not allow the doctors to rule anything out, including the possibility of lichen planus, which is an autoimmune disease often diagnosed by the heavy and prominent recurrence of thrush. One of my aunts has lichen planus and Celiac disease. Her doctor finally diagnosed the two autoimmune diseases after multiple bouts of fever blisters, thrush, and plain jane inflammed sores in her mouth that had no other cause. It turned out to be the result of a variety of ingredients in her food that caused an inflammation or flare of the autoimmune diseases much like I have lupus flares only mine do not involve frequent thrush; mine is the result of frequent and indescribable severe joint pain.

      Your daughter needs to go back to the ER; while on the way, you need her pediatrician on the phone chewing out the attending physician and on the way meeting you when you arrive with your daughter to begin immediate care, medication, and tests.

      When you arrive, it is important to let the doctor know immediately that your daughter was exposed to her stepsister who had mono as mono can wreak havoc on the immune system.

      If you get the chance, please post back on how she is doing. I hope your daughter gets well soon.

  8. kitten lover3

    Does anyone agree with me about natural cures?
    Do you agree that there are cures out there that have been banned in America because doctors and pharmacies and drug companies cannot make a profit from them, and therefore dismiss their effectiveness?
    Yes, I did read Kevin’s book, and he is not looking to make money selling remedies. He just recommends them, for someone else to make some money. He makes money on his website, but it’s minimal compared to the medical association, who depend on us to stay sick so they can be rich.

    1. Applecore782

      Yes, I believe their are many cures out there and that yes they are suppressed or outlawed because they are not part of the AMA philosophy and not profitable.

      Personally, I live in the USA. My husband (at 32) was diagnosed with poly-cystic kidney disease, a degenerative genetic disease. There’s nothing but wait, dialysis, and death available in Western Medicine. We found results with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. As a result of our experience, we go to a clinic of Chinese Medicine for everything – kids included 2 & 4. I did alot of research on the medical/pharmaceutical systems plus both my parents are in medicine – and I can say that I think most every pill is poison and most procedures do more bodily/systemic harm than good.

      As far as the clinic is concerned, I am always amazed at the things they treat and cure – regular colds and flu, cancer, hepatitis, anything degenerative MS-lupus-fibromyalgia back/spine injuries, IBS, diabetes, even AD/HD in children – just about anything but emergency trama. But, now that I think about it, I saw more than one person with a back injury come from the ER to the clinic for pain management.

      We don’t carry major insurance anymore – and probably never will again. By going to the clinic we are engaged in preventative healthcare which actually comes out cheaper than insurance per year plus we have the benefit of knowing our health is great all the time. I go to the health dept to get the vaccines – so unless one of us needs surgery, we probably won’t be seeing another doctor ever.

      One last thing: Since the MDs couldn’t help us, I went on a rampage learning about herbs so I could at least do something for my husband. After months and he was getting worse, I chose Chinese Medicine because of the herbology. Even though Chinese Medicine is cloaked in metaphor – they have an understanding of the body’s biochemistry as a complete system that is not existent in Western Medicine. This is why most of Western Medicine hurts instead of cures.

    1. Johnny Bananas

      It is an emergency if you’re coughing up blood and even worse if you’re having pains.

      Diseases and conditions may include:

      Bleeding gums such as with gingivitis
      Blood clot in the lung
      Cystic fibrosis
      Esophageal cancer
      Goodpasture’s syndrome
      Irritation of the throat from violent coughing
      Lung cancer (see metastatic lung cancer)
      Pulmonary aspiration (inhaling blood into the lungs)
      Pulmonary edema
      Systemic lupus erythematosus
      Wegener’s granulomatosis

      It might not be serious but get it checked out ASAP! See your doctor now. No wait…. go to the ER. It’s urgent!

  9. Kafbjk

    UTI, Is it a kidney infection?
    I have had a lot of lower abdominal pain that I thought could possibly be because I had Mesenteric Adnitis about a month ago and I thought maybe it was coming back because I have systemic Lupus and someone told me in the ER last time it could be why I got it.. So I went to my doctor that treats my Lupus…He pretty much said that it wasnt my lupus and gave me some streiods, via IV and sent me on my way…

    I was in so much pain my husband insisted I go to the ER because he felt like my Lupus doctor just said whatever and sent me on my way.. I was in there for three hours, waiting for results of blood work and a urinalysis..

    Now I have had a UTI for about 3 months and all the millions of antibiotics I have been on haven’t worked, he gave me more antibiotics, strong bactrum, lortabs and sent me home.. My back has been killing me so bad it feels like it’s going to snap, and the lortab so far hasn’t helped, I’ve been running a fever but keeping it under control with Tylenol and nauseated and some vomiting.. more so yesterday than today. I’ve been so tired and don’t know what to do.. I am going to do a follow up tomorrow with my primary doctor, but could this be a kidney infection? Whats going on, why are none of these antibiotics clearing my UTI, I just finished one today and the ER said my UTI was pretty nasty! Ugh… Any Answers are so much appreciated!

    1. batraylover

      Sometimes UTI’s are resistant to antibiotics. It’s hard to believe that’s possible, but it’s true. Try to get a second opinion, not from an emergency room, but from an actual doctor, preferrably one who is a urologist. They will be able to work out a treatment plan that uses both antibiotics AND anti bacterial medications to get rid of your problem. Additionally, they can run tests to make sure that you do not have kidney or liver problems, which can sometimes mask themselves as a UTI.

  10. Nep

    What medical conditions could cause medicine intolerance?
    I was working in sick building and then one doctor thinks I also have Lyme disease. All of a sudden, after 2 months of medicines, I have severe reactions to any medicine. I end up in ER and at home bedridden for weeks every time I try to take any medicines(including nasal spray). They are not allergic reactions in the sense of my throat swelling up… it’s that I can’t tolerate them(tachycardia, orthostatic hyper, difficulty breathing…)
    It seems that this started the day that I got a MRI done with Contrast… this could be coincidental, but it did start at this same time.
    Yes Kathy… my symptoms are autoimmune, but my ANA, RA factor, and SED Rate keeps coming back normal. That’s why doctors can’t figure it out. And it started after toxic mold building.
    I was taking large doses of medicines for 2 months, and it started overnight one night.

    1. rosieC

      If you had Lyme’s disease; you defintely will be aware of this sore area in your body. This will be the point of entry that you were bitten and infected by a tick bearing the Lyme’s disease. Usually it inbeds itself underneath the skin; making it irritated, inflammed and eventually an infected pus producing sore. My husband still shows the circular scar on his leg. Thank God he didn’t have the Lyme’s disease which would have created a lot of havoc to his immune system .

      From the medical background you describe and as you yourself stated; I totally agree with you on this malady of this “sick building syndrome.”

      Building occupants complain of symptoms associated with acute discomfort. These symptoms include headaches; eye, nose, and throat irritation; a dry cough; dry or itchy skin; dizziness and nausea; difficulty in concentrating; fatigue; and sensitivity to odors. With SBS, no clinically defined disease or specific chemical or biological contaminant can be determined as the cause of the symptoms. Most of the complainants feel relief soon after leaving the building

      Causes of SBS are chemical and biological contaminants in combination with air pollutants, inadequate temperature, humidity , poor ventilation and lighting.

      Too low or too high a humidity level or changes in relative humidity in a building can aggravate individuals. Too low humidity can increase dust and particulate indoor pollution, and too high humidity can provide a breeding ground for molds and fungi. Poor lighting can increase eye strain and result in symptoms similar to “sick building syndrome.” Extreme temperature fluctuations in a building can serve to release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and molds/fungi.

      Biological contaminants include pollen, bacteria, viruses, and molds. These contaminants can breed in stagnant water that has accumulated in humidifiers, drain pans, and ducts, or where water has collected on ceiling tiles, insulation, or carpet.

      Biological contaminants can cause fever, chills, cough, chest tightness, muscle aches, and allergic reactions. One indoor air bacterium, Legionella, has caused both Pontiac Fever and Legionnaire’s Disease.

      Inadequate ventilation: In the 1970s the oil embargo led building designers to make buildings more airtight, with less outdoor air ventilation, in order to improve energy efficiency. These reduced ventilation rates have been found to be, in many cases, inadequate to maintain the health and comfort of building occupants

      Other diseases to consider aside from MS. . It is critical to exclude other diseases that can mimic multiple sclerosis, including vascular disease, spinal cord compression, vitamin B12 deficiency, central nervous system infection (e.g., Lyme disease, syphilis), and other inflammatory conditions (e.g., sarcoidosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren’s syndrome). Symptom-specific drugs can relieve spasticity, bladder dysfunction, depression, and fatigue.

      An Allergic Reaction to the MRI contrast is unlikely. Although I know of a patient who went into cardiac arrest during an IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram ): of kidney using a contrast medium. she apparently was found allergic to the dye. However, these contrasts are seldom checked or if possible, unable to be done…. a pretesting.; prior to procedure.

      If you were tested negative for the above mentioned autoimmune diseases; I would certainly be inclined to consider the “sick building syndrome.” – from the microbacterial of molds and fungi biological contaminants. And your best recourse is to stay away from this building or correct the conditions within e.g. , the ventilation shafts, air conditioning, storage of paints, the temperature, and humidity, or to locate and eliminate the source of these contaminants; etc.

  11. Christina

    Lupus rash or allergic reaction?
    Last night I began to have a burning sensation around my lips and lower cheek…I figured I was getting a cold sore and would deal with it in the morning, so I went to bed.

    I awoke at midnight, and to my surprise, my whole face was hurting in painful burning sensation, and a feeling of numb! I couldn’t open or close my eyelids completely, so I decided to wake up and talk to my parents about it. They tweaked, I guess I looked either dead or like an alien.

    My eyelids were swollen beyond belief, and as they have before, had slits in them which pour blood. My eyes were and still are so swollen, I can barely see…and you can’t see the white part of my eye, just the color part and pupil, barely. My face was completely swollen! Cheeks, chin, lips, nose, and eyes, all but my forehead and ears.

    I was taken to the ER and they diagnosed it as an allergic reaction, but couldn’t tell what I was allergic to (I’ve had my allergy tests, nothing showed up).
    They prescribed me steriods, predisone, zyrtec, and benadryll. They gave me my first dosage in the hospital, and I stayed there for three hours, they said it would start working by then. It hadn’t, nothing changed. They sent me home and I continued with the medicine, and it’s been over 8 hours, and nothing has changed! My face is the same, except now I have a redish pink-purplish IDK, rash on my inner cheeks and over my nose!

    By the way, my face doesn’t itch, but they said it was probably posion ivy, oak, or sumac…but I don’t have any of that in my yard…and I was my hands like 59 times a day!

    I have been dealing with an unknown condition for over 2 years and haven’t found a diagnosis. I have seen myany doctors, and now I’m going to see a rheumatologist, because all my doctors think it’s autoimmune and found autoimmune traces in biopsies.

    All my symptoms are mostly autoimmune, and most likely point to Lupus, which runs in my family, usually every other 2 or 3 generations of the females (both sides).

    My hometown hospital doesn’t bring me good luck! I’ve been there a few times, and all my diagnosis were wrong, even after scopes, x rays, etc.

    The doctors have mistaken a broken foot with a sprained ankle! Yeah, ouch.

    They have mistaken my benign brain tumor with brain cancer, and wanted to operate ASAP, but thank god my neurologist stopped it, because I didn’t need it and there was a fifty percent chance I’d live.

    They mistook my gastritis with PUD, I didn’t even had any ulcers – and I’ve had over 5 scopes and 2 colonoscopies.
    I had appendicitis, and they confirmed, and I needed immediate surgery, but the surgeon decided he didn’t want to come in , so after 7 hours of the docs and him fighting I was sent home.
    Sorry to blab on so much…But my question is, do you think this is just an allergic reaction, possibly to sun, because I get rashes and sick in the sun? Do you think it has anything to do with my immune system, or some sort of disease? Especially because after so long, nothing has gotten better on the medicine.
    As far as I know, I haven’t been bitten by anything…but two praying mantis did jump on me the other day when I was outside…awkward! But I don’t think they’re harmful.

    I will say that we have a bat problem in our beautiful house 🙁

    Yesterday my parents were up all night getting them out, but as far as I know… I wasn’t bit because the burning started before I went to bed.
    I’ve already seen a GI doctor and got all the tests available, even Camera Pill, they found what they needed to find, and its Autoimmune, as I said before…which is why I’m seeing a Rheuma. I’m not going into any other symptoms though, not enough time 😛 But I don’t have Celiac, or any GI diseases, except, gastritis, erosion, and ulcers.

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