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Categorising lupus helps in lupus treatment(

Lupus is a chronic and presently fatal disease of the immune system, a type of self-allergy, whereby the patient’s immune system creates antibodies which instead of protecting the body from bacteria and viruses, attack the person’s own body tissues. As with all immuno-related syndromes, natural lupus treatment offers an important rebalancing option amidst the harsh medicinal options available to you.

How can the symptoms of lupus be recognized, so that lupus can be treated right?

Lupus disease can be only recognized by the doctor, through comprehensive examination and consideration of symptoms and their history. Currently there is no single test that can definitely say whether a person has lupus( or not. The main symptoms are extreme fatigue, eye problems, mouth ulcers, miscarriage, joint/muscle pain, depression, facial or other rashes, hair loss, and fever.

When can lupus be triggered?

Lupus can appear any time in your life, but still there are moments which wake up lupus letting it came to life: at puberty, after childbirth, through sunlight, during the menopause, after viral infection, as a result of trauma, after a prolonged course of medication. In knowing how to treat lupus naturally, one must take account of the common features of these symptoms. Lupus symptoms tend to occur after major changes in the context and natural circumstances of your life. So when facing major life changes, take care to naturally treat lupus by smoothing any rough edges and anxieties that appear in your life and consider lupus when naturally treating lupus symptoms: a series of hard to diagnose body issues.

How to treat and cure lupus?

Unfortunately there is no foolproof cure for lupus at present. Lupus sufferers must be under medication and the constant control of their GP. However they must learn to live with the disease and to learn to ease its symptoms by taking up natural lupus treatments. And this is where natural lupus treatments( come in. Here is how to proceed and make progress in your life while naturally treating lupus: become well-educated about lupus, rest a lot, try to resolve stress, depression, pain or anger, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and fluorescent lights, develop new interests and skills if wished and if able.

Amino acids, fats and vitamins to treat lupus naturally

Dietary supplements, as core natural treatment packets, are an essential part of any autoimmune disease healing process. When the body is in a state of inflammation due to lupus, more free radicals will be produced. These free radicals can harm cells. To counteract these free radicals, antioxidants are needed. Some of the best antioxidants are vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, and bioflavonoids. Amino acids help to relieve stress and anxiety, which may lead to flare-ups of lupus. Changing the types of fats that you eat can also help you to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body, thus naturally treating your lupus. If you eat fish or other foods that are high in essential fatty acids, the inflammatory chemicals will not be produced in as high a number leaving you freer to pursue your happy and productive life.

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3 thoughts on “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus In Dogs

  1. Larry

    Does this article mean dogs can have HIV ?
    STRANDSTROM et al have observed that 50% of normal and sick dogs sera reacted with one or more recombinant proteins of the Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By using HIV 1 and Human T lymphotropic virus (HTLV) I and II commercial Western Blot (WB), we have studied 30 dogs sera with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and 19 of dogs with lymphoma. Nine normal dogs are tested as control. For HIV 1 WB, none of the 49 sera collected in dogs with diseases and of the 9 normal sera is reactive. On the other hand, for HTLV I/II WB, 5 sera of SLE dogs and one serum of a dog with lymphoma are reactive. Three SLE sera give a P24 band only and the two other SLE sera a P42 band only. The serum of the dog with lymphoma is reactive with 3 proteins (rgP21, P24 and P42). Our results are not similar with those obtained by STRANDSTROM et al despite the used HIV antigens are equivalent. A significantly number of sera (10.2%) is reactive in the HTLV I/II WB. The hypothesis of a retroviral agent in dog’s species may be evoked.


    1. ellie

      No, that is not what the article is talking about. First off dogs cannot get HIV as it is a disease particular to humans, they cannot transmit the disease either. This article is investigating why. They are looking for the presence of retrovirals for HIV in the dogs. Retrovirals essentally make it much more difficult for a virus to reproduce. This article is contradicting the findings of the Strandstrom group. The test group was very small (only 30 animals) so is not likely to be reliable.

  2. shortyfrlife

    Should I really put my dog down just because I can’t afford his treatment?
    I have a 3 year old Canaan Dog that was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE) in November of 06. We put him on Prednisolone to help ease his pain. It was working great until he start having all these other problems from being on the Pred bc it lowers the body’s immune response. When he would get simple cold it would wipe him out or if he gets a simple cut and its not taken care of right away he gets a horrible infection and has to see the vet. We tired taking him off the pred but in that attempt i almost lost him in a matter of a couple hours. He went from happy healthy dog to couldn’t move had seiziers and a temp of 106. I rushed him out to the vets and they couldn’t get a heartbeat on him bc he was panting so fast. they immediately put him on an iv and a pred drip. there is another medicine i could put him on but its $10 a pill and he would need it 2x a day. The vet wants me to concider putting him down bc hes just going to get worst and there is nothing more i can do.
    He hasn’t had a bad day in almost 3 months. Hes like a puppy again but i did have to take him to the vet bc he must have stepped on something and his foot was all swollen but he wasn’t acting like it was hurting him. but i knew it was infected so i took him up to the vet yesturday and total came out to be a whooping 129.64 bc he has to be one certine anitbiotic so they dont interact with the pred. then a about a month ago i took him up for a cold and he had to have the antibiotics plus some eye drop and then some sniezing med. and the grand total that day was 74 something. and vet called me to tell me that he has some sort of mites and he will need to be broght in for a bath once a week for 4 weeks the med for it is $33 and each bath is $35. he only has the mites bc of being on the pred. the vet said that the other med that is $10 a pill will not only keep away his pain like the pred does but there wont be any other problems bc it will boost his immune system insted of weeken it.

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