Our history with Canis Lupus Familiaris is thought to go back as far as 15,000 years. In that period of time we have domesticated him and turned him into our ‘best friend’ and he in turn has helped us with our herding, hunting and safety. In times of famine it would also have been beneficial for the dogs diet and possible survival. Early man also used him to supplement his own diet and even may have raised him for ‘camp meat’. sometimes as a matter of necessity and other times as a delicacy. In some current societies it is still a practice. It is also fair to conjecture man brought his new subject into the cave as a source of warmth on cold nights and this may very well have led to ‘companionship’ being added to the list of ‘pluses’ garnered from the relationship. Scientists have argued for many years about the evolution and history of the domestic dog. Most now agree that our four legged pet is a direct descendent of the Grey Wolf. DNA research conducted by Dr. Robert K. Wayne, canid biologist and molecular geneticist of UCLA indicates that dogs are closer to the Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus) than previously suspected. In fact, due in large part to Dr. Robert K. Wayne’s genetic research, the authors of the “Mammal Species of the World” the internationally accepted reference source on mammal species, reclassified the dog in 1993 from Canis Familiaris to Canis Lupus No one knows for sure when this all started. Canine history has been studied using mitochondrial DNA. This research tells us that wolves and dogs went different directions about 100,000 years ago. It is not clear if man had a hand in this or not. What research also tells us is that our total canine population of today is descended from three females in the China area some 15,000 years ago. Existing science does not give us the luxury today of determining which leg of the research is correct or if they will someday merge. ARCHEOLOGICAL HISTORY Does not go back that far. There’s a burial site in Germany called Bonn-Oberkassel which has joint human and dog burials dated to 14,000 years ago. China registers the earliest domestication between 7000-5800 BC. Danger Cave in Utah exhibits the oldest cases of dog burial in the United States at about 11,000 years. When science brings us more on the subject we will bring it to you.

In times of famine it would also have been beneficial for the dogs diet and possible survival.

Early man also used him to supplement his own diet and even may have raised him for ‘camp meat’. AT first they were probably camp meat but later would be raised as delicacy. In some current societies it is still a practice.

It is also fair to conjecture man brought his new subject into the cave as a source of warmth on cold nights and this may very well have led to ‘companionship’ being added to the list of ‘pluses’ garnered from the relationship.

The scientific community has argued for many years about the history and evolution of our domestic dog. Concensus in the field is that our domestic dog is a direct descendant of the Grey Wolf. DNA research conducted by Dr. Robert K. Wayne, canid biologist and molecular geneticist of UCLA indicates that dogs are closer to the Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus) than previously suspected.

In fact, due in large part to Dr. Robert K. Wayne’s genetic research, the authors of the “Mammal Species of the World” the internationally accepted reference source on mammal species, reclassified the dog in 1993 from Canis Familiaris to Canis Lupus No one knows for sure when this all started.

Mitochondrial DNA comes from the Paternal side of the family and that is the way Canines have been studied. This research tells us that wolves and dogs went different directions about 100,000 years ago. It is not clear if man had a hand in this or not.

Through Mitocondrial DNA we are able to trace the canine lineage back 15,000 years to just three females.

Science today does not tell us which leg of the research is correct or if they will someday merge. Unfortunately available history does not go back that far.

Research at this point does not tell us what happened to Canis Lupus Familiaris between the parting from the wolves 100,000 years ago and the parentage established from the three bitches 85,000 years later.

There’s a burial site in Germany called Bonn-Oberkassel which has joint human and dog burials dated to 14,000 years ago. China registers the earliest domestication between 7000-5800 BC.

Danger Cave in Utah exhibits the oldest cases of dog burial in the United States at about 11,000 years. Someday there will be more information on this subject and it will be my pleasure to bring it to you.

85 thoughts on “The Dogs In History

  1. zaniest1

    Do you think it could be lupus?
    I’ve had weird symptoms for years and no real solution. I’ve been looking around and it looks like Lupus might be the problem. If any of you have experience with Lupus, I would love to hear what you think.

    I’m going to a rhum. in a few weeks, but I would like to hear what you have to say.

    About me:
    30 years old
    165 pounds
    high bp – on beta blockers
    high cholesterol
    BAD hypothyroid (took generic synthroid for a few months and my TSH was at 54.1)
    Chest pain all the time
    Terrible fatigue!
    Bad nausea most of the time
    Mental cloud
    Memory getting terrible
    Diagnosed with dry eyes (sucks!)
    Had stroke (TIA) few months ago
    Had complete hysterectomy about 4 years ago
    Had 1 miscarriage
    ANA many years ago was positive with 1:40 homo
    C-Reactive was high (don’t remember number)
    Knees and fingers have been really hurting
    Bad headaches
    Good RBC
    WBC is around 4500
    Not sure about the butterfly rash because I have red hair and my face is red often anyway.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, would it be ok if my regular doctor did another ANA test and some other tests and I took the results with me to rhum. doc or do they need to draw their own? I need to do as much as I can before the end of the year and my insurance starts over.
    Oh, I also had pleuritis a few years ago and then about a week ago they said I had it again (which I don’t agree with).
    I get mouth ulcers all the time (always have)
    I’ve had trace protein show in urine tests

    1. Linda R

      ANA titers are not indicative of lupus disease activity. 10 million Americans have a positive ANA but only 1.5 million have lupus. Of the 1.5 million who have lupus, 5% will have a negative ANA. ANA numbers are 0, 40, 80, 160, 320 and represent how many times your blood had to be diluted before they got a sample with no anti-nuclear antibodies.

      Ask about your blood pressure medication. Some BP meds and also tuberculosis meds can cause drug induced lupus that goes away when the drug is withdrawn.

      Some lupus patients have antiphospholipid antibody syndrome which causes clots, miscarriages, minor and major strokes. Your doctor can test for these clotting factors.

      The dry eyes are probable Sjogren’s. This should be take very seriously. If it is treated early and aggressively you can usually preserve tear and saliva glands. Ask your doctor about it.

      You do not describe the pain in your knees and fingers. When you go to the doctor be prepared to tell him or her when this pain began, how often it occurs, what makes it better, what makes it worse, and what time of the day it is the worst.

      Lupus patients often get pleurisy. The butterfly rash is very distinctive, you would notice it even if you are a red head. Not everyone gets the malar rash. I have never had it but I have systemic lupus with major organ involvement (heart, lungs, bone marrow, kidneys).

      Taking all that into consideration, please realize that thyroid could cause most of those symptoms. Or lupus could affect your thyroid. You might have Graves’ or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

      Your job as a patient is to provide information, unbiased information, to the doctor. If you come in after having diagnosed yourself the chances are very good that the rheumatologist will blow you off as a kook. They do not like it when patients diagnose themselves. Give the doctor the facts, just the facts.

      Get in the habit of keeping copies of all your medical tests. You have a right to have them.

      Go to the link below, click on “about lupus” and scroll down until you see the link for “how lupus is diagnosed” for more information.

  2. MarineWife.

    Anyone been pregnant with lupus?
    If so- did your body/joints start hurting more as an early pregnancy symptom (before missed period)?

    Even if not, i’d love to hear some experiences of early pregnancy. Thanks!

  3. angk

    When the person you love is sick?
    I should be able to deal with this by now…

    About a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He’s gotten through that, but the chemotherapy left him with lupus. Now, we talk all the time, we are deeply in love, we usually get to see each other at this point about once a week (right now it’s been nearly two, which is probably why I feel so awful right now).

    How do you deal with this? How do you deal with someone who is sick? How do you deal with the pain of watching them suffer, knowing there’s nothing you can do about it? Yeah, I’ve been going through it in varying degrees for a year. But I have nobody around me who can relate to this…anyone out there who’s been through this before?
    I went to a couple support groups, but one is much too far for me to get to regularly with my job, and the other didn’t want me to come back because I wasn’t a Christian.

  4. TallyY

    Who are the characters in the Blue Blood series?
    Is Bliss Azazel, the Darkling or Lupus Theliel, Angel of Love? I thought Jordan was just a red blood not Pistis Sophia? What angel is Dylan? Is Schuyler a fallen angel since she is half blue blood?
    You dont need to answer all the questions I’m just wondering

    1. Elektra

      Bliss Llewellyn is Azazel,the Darkling, Lupus Theliel, Angel of Love, Wolfsbane altogether.

      Jordan Llewellyn is Pistis Sophia, Elder of Elders, the Watcher. Jordan is a red blood, Pistis Sophia is using Jordan’s body or something.

      Dylan is Xathaneal, the Hidden One.

      Schulyer isn’t even an angel since she wasn’t born until now. Or, using angel terms, she is a fallenn angel because her father is mortal and her mother is an angel. You could look at it at very different perspectives.

  5. reneehaley2003

    LUPUS..how many of us have it…??
    I am a volunteer for the Lupus Foundation..NWI Chapter here in INDIANA..I can get you real information..please dont research it..its to scary to those who first find out..I have downloadable info for you..its the same info we give out to those who ask for it..
    I am in IN..would love to meet others…. BTW..im a 33 yr old female

  6. sarah M

    I love Micheal Jackson, but i have a question. Maybe someone can help me?
    I know he had Vitiligo , but i was wondering, did his get so out of hand and it spread widely? Or did he actually get an operation done to bleach his skin? Or did he put makeup on each day? I’ve always wondered. I also have a side question. What exactly is lupus?
    I really miss him. RIP MIcheal, your in all our hearts.

  7. jane

    Can a woman who has lupus deliver a baby without medical intervention?
    I am looking for women who have had lupus and had a successful, natural childbirth. What are some of the risks, pros/cons/etc.

    Did you have to be induced, was the baby okay, etc.

    **Asking for a loved one.

    1. dizprincess387

      Yes!! I have lupus and had two beautiful children with little complication. I did have toxemia the last month of my second pregnancy, but my doctor said it wasn’t necessarily from the lupus. My first was induced and I had an epidural. The second came so fast that I didn’t need to be induced and there was no time for an epidural! They are both healthy. I had no side effects from my pregnancy that aggravated my lupus. I also nursed both of my children with no problems. I think the biggest issue with pregnancy and lupus is actually trying to conceive and making it past the 12 week mark. I had 2 miscarriages , 1 before each of my successful pregnancies. That was difficult but after each was born I came to understand why it happened that way. Good luck to your loved one.

  8. Beeba

    Is Blanket the only Michael Jackson’s biological child?The black surrogate mother was inseminated with Michael?
    Michael’s semen ?

    I knew that he didn’t want Debbie Rowe to be inseminated with his own semen in order not to transmit vitiligo and lupus to his children !

    Omer Bhatti is not his biological son,but a very close love child !

  9. beautifullyundone

    Lupus and having Children?
    I just found out that I have Lupus. Its not at a bad stage right now and I know throughout life I will have good days and bad days. My delima now is, should I think about having kids in the future? I would love to have kids, but what if I have Lupus really bad when I get older? It wouldn’t be fair to my kids if I wasnt able to take care of them all the time. I would feel like I was neglecting them. If you knew you had Lupus, how would if effect your decision on having children?

    1. mgunnycappo

      A very important factor in your decison to have children is if you have APS or Antiphospholipid Syndrome. This is a secondary disease found in about 50% of Lupus patients. This disease causes blood clots to form and is believed to cause many of the miscarriages that are associated with Lupus. If you do have APS then you may be wise to seek alternative methods to having children, ie adoption, surrogacy..etc. Without APS a person with Lupus can have a fairly normal pregnancy. Of course it will be considered ‘high risk’ and you’ll have to be closely monitored. Additionally, almost no babies born to Lupus patients are full term. It is also important to plan your pregnancy around your flares. An unplanned pregnancy during a Lupus flare could be terrible as many of the medications used to quell a flare are very damaging to the baby.

      You should be tested for APS immediately, regardless of if you have children or not because left untreated you are at an extremely high risk for DVT, PE, Stroke and Heart Attack. Then I would discuss your desire to have children with a high risk OBGYN who has delivered babies to women with Lupus. This will give you the most realistic outlook on your options.

      I wish you the best of Luck!

  10. shaun

    i filed bankruptcy now i been diagnosed with lupus i cant work wife working any asst. or help for me? texas?
    bankruptcy was hard but i got over that lots of restrictions i have to follow, the lupus is causing kidney failure, sleepyness, i have had back surgery, and stomach surgery im 29 . i love my famiy and hate to see them suffer because im broken down there has to be some type of help for people like me that have just been delt a bad hand of cards.

  11. [[JustThatGirl♥]]

    16 years old with lupus? ?
    is there anyone who has SLE [[lupus]] ?
    because i do and would love to talk to you about it.

    thanks lovess

  12. Jenna B

    My little sister died of Lupus on sunday and her funeral is tomorrow… i dont know what to do with myself. Her last words to me were, “My suffering is ending, please do not cry for me! I love you!” All i seem to be thinking about are those words, her weak selfless face and concerns, and the suffering she was going through. In her last month all she did was worry about me and my family and what it will be like for us when she passed, she never felt sorry for herself or anything nothing was ever about her. I loved and still love her so so so so much!!! I want to remember the good times but it is hard. As long as i can remember this disease has put a ristriction on her life and now it has taken it! does anyone know how painful it was for her?!? I dont know what to do with myself and my whole family is a wreck! and i dont know what to do i mean why her none of us have this disease no one we know. Why her she was the smartest most talented selfless person i have ever met and now she is gone! Do any of you have the disease how hard is it for you?!?
    my sister was diagnosed at the age of 8 which is rarre for the disease so they told her then that it was going to be a fight for her life

    1. agcgartner

      No, I don’t have it but my daughter had what seemed to be some of the characteristics. She had her her 4 wisdom teeth pulled June ’04. Which led to her developing an infection, that spread to her sinesis (that gave her constant head/eye aches) Jul ’04. She was tired most of the time. Then she developed a cyst of infection in her lung Nov ’04. They operated and removed it. She was improving. She caught a nosomial germ. This triggered a relaspe. So the disease which affects 60 in a mill, first infects your sinesis, then shuts down the kidneys (she was constantly hooked up to the dialysis machine) then it attacks the liver and lungs. It basically was a disease where the body attacks it’s own self. ‘Wegen krankheit’ is the German name.
      Pain, yea lots. She was on pain killers, cortizone. Then medically induced coma so she would not feel so bad. She died Jan ’05. So much for the docs 6 mos treatment and she should be back to normal. There are no guarantees not for her, not for your sister, not for you or me.
      What you should do? Cry, remember and cry somemore. Cry with your family, cry alone. Cry till your tired and cannot cry no more.
      Then slowly you do your regular routine (even if it is in a mechanical fashion) of going through the motions. You take a bath, eat, go to school. Then when you are alone you cry some more. You try to not get “stuck” because people who get “stuck” cannot move on and become “sick”. You have to realize that as hard/hateful death is, it is so much a part of “life.” We all must at one time or another “die.” We just don’t know when, how or where. I tend to think of it mentally as, the person on the sickbed (like your sister) is there and will eventually pass. We who are in the “waiting room” while we can visit her but at the same time are free to keep ourselves occupied by reading books, watching t.v. knitting. I associated this with life by thinking either it is me in the bed waiting to die or I am in the “waiting room” waiting on my turn to be in the bed. So I keep myself occupied in the “waiting room,” while I am free to visit someone who is in the bed and until it is my turn.
      You do not mention if you are a member of a church.
      If you later can take the time and look in your phone book under “churches” and find a :Church of God in Christ.”
      See the pastor and find out from him what type of bereavment groups there might be. That way you can talk with others who share your pain through losses of their own.
      The way you are feeling, there is nothing wrong with you. It is normal to feel hurt, pain (because of the loss) and bewilderment at why this has happened. Your sister was concerned for you because she knew she would one day pass and you would react like you are doing now.
      She knew she was going to a far better place (like my daughter got her stuff in order before she went to the hospital) because God puts in each of us a 6th sense to know when “it is finished.” She knew.
      So now the pain you feel althought totally different from her;s is pain nonetheless. She bore hers, you must now be strong and bear yours.
      Time will heal if you do not remain stuck. So grieve.

  13. Anonymous

    I suffer from advanced rheumatoid arthritis It inflames all systems.What are symptoms of Lupus?
    I’ve had 6 joint replacements & 10 surgeries. But still suffer from flu-like digestive sys inflamation. No dairy, eggs, meat; vegan diet with herbal and other suppliments. At least I can walk, but the selfishness and cruel judgeing from biological family members and others causes me to grieve, because I love and pray for them and myself. Jesus wept a lot too. Ability to love is not about others; It’s about oneself, and God is the only witness that sees true.It is the small gestures of kindness and mercy that have the greatest meaning to someone who suffers. You don’t have to rescue them; just acknowledge them as still part of humanity. Go to others with something to share, and not with emptyness expecting others to fill you. Only you can rescue you from false identity, and still love. Purify your thoughts and heartfelt intentions. That’s what we’re here to learn. We are not our bodies. This world is only a shadow of the true world.

    1. Donna M

      There are two types of Lupus:
      Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)
      and Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

      The only symptom of DLE is a butterfly-shaped facial rash that may spread to the forehead or the scalp.

      Symptoms of SLE include facial rash, fever, fatigue and malaise, joint and muscle pain, weight loss, hair loss, sensitivity to the sun, mouth sores, vulnerability to illness, enlarged lymph nodes, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, recurring bladder infections, and presence of lupus antibodies in the blood.

      As a side note, have you every tried Bach Flower Remedies. Edward Bach’s theories on illness might interest you, so if you can find his book Heal Thyself, you’d learn a lot.
      His research has shown that people who develop arthritis and other diseases leading to stiffness or rigidity is a reflection of the same in the person’s character or mindset.
      I’m not accusing you of anything here, please understand. I read the book a couple of weeks ago, to learn more about myself and why I’m prone to certain things. It took a couple of days to get my head around it, but it’s powerful stuff.
      Good luck, hon 🙂

  14. mickie1108

    why do we love the ones that hurt us the most?
    i dated this guy for 2 yrs but he left bc i have lupus when i was in the hospital he left me and told me he wanted to be with some and not have to worry about there health…. now that im better he back and he said sorry he was scared bc i was near death which is trure i was in hospital for 4b month and had surgery . i but i love him but im still hurt what should i do????

    1. an_angel_in_d_sky

      does he love u?
      why during in time of trouble he left u?
      does he deserve ur love?
      being with someone shud be thru thick & thin…if he loves u, he shud’nt have left u…just wen u needed him d most he is gone…except if u told him to leave u coz of ur sickness, did u tell him to go? if not, den he’s not d right 1 for u.

  15. Bassoontastic!

    I have asthma and anemia, is there a way I can work past that to continue doing taekwondo and marching band?
    I have these problems because I have lupus, which additionally affects my body. Before I got lupus, I was a blue belt in taekwondo, an art that I LOVE and I played trombone in marching band. Now, I can’t exactly do such vigorous activities. Can someone help so that I can continue with my active lifestyle?

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      Yes it is possible to work past this and continue doing what you love but you may have to tone it down a bit. Maybe trying taekwondo two times a week rather than three or four and doing every other song in the marching band. You need to be honest with yourself and your limitations. You can still do the things you love just in moderation. Your school marching band must make accomodations for you, so they can’t kick you out just because you can’t attend every practice or can’t play in every song. The American with Disabilities Act prevents them from doing so. It also states that they must make resonable accomodations for you so that you have equal access to the same types of things that a person without disabilities has.

      My wife is a practicing dentist and has severe organ involved Lupus. She can’t practice every day of the week but has toned it down to just two or three days. This way she can rest but also feel good that she is doing what she loves.

      Good Luck to you!

  16. Lil baby girl

    I have Lupus and it’s hard for me to watch my weight.How can i lose 20 LBsin a month?????????????????????
    And i would love to lose 20 pounds in the next month or so can anyone tell me how i could?

    1. mgunnycappo

      This is a terrible idea. Do not try to lose 20 lbs. in a month. The stress that this puts on your body could cause a flare. Healthy weight loss is about 1 to 1.5 lbs. a week equaling about 5 lbs. a month. Take your time when losing weight and having Lupus. What’s the rush. It’s way more important to eat healthfully rather than lose weight. You definitely need to speak with your doctors prior to trying any weight loss.

      You’re looking for trouble if you try a crash diet and have Lupus.

  17. Randy

    If you have lupus would you help me?
    My mother has lupus. She has permanent discolorations on her face from the “butterfly rash” from lupus. She is very beautiful and I would love to find her a cream or lotion that would reduce the appearance of the blemishes on her face or make them disappear. Has anyone used anything of this sort with success? Her self-esteem has suffered greatly from this, and I want to do anything I can to help her. If you have used anything with results, please tell me the name and where it is available. All help is appreciated.

  18. Mirko F

    Symptoms that are similar to Lupus?
    The girl that I love just recently came back from the doctor and is being tested for Lupus. She has the most common symptom of Lupus (Painful/swollen joints and muscle pain), and she is still fairly young at 24. She is worried that she may have the disease mainly because her cousin had discovered it at the same age. She is equally afraid that she may never be able to have kids (which is what brings her the most happiness in her life).

    What’s odd is that she doesn’t have many of the other symptoms of Lupus, such as fevers, butterfly rashes, sensitivity to the sun, hair loss, swollen glands, etc.

    Are there any other possible conditions that could share the same symptoms of lupus, but is not lupus?

    1. Linda R

      There are 4 types of lupus: cutaneous or discoid, systemic, drug induced and neonatal. The symptoms you listed are for systemic.

      Lupus is an unpredictable disease. Over the course of one’s life it can change in the way it affects the body. No one can predict that. There are no odds.

      Many other diseases have similar symptoms. That is why lupus is called the great imitator. Rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease and a host of others have the similar symptoms. There is no definitive lab test for lupus, although the majority of lupus patients will have a positive ANA at some point, other things like pregnancy, can cause the same result. Some lupus patients have a false positive for syphllis.

      The majority of lupus patients, if they follow their treatment regimen and are proactive, can live a normal life span and have children. However, lupus pregnancies should be treated as high risk and many will result in premature births. If she has antiphospholipid anitbody syndrome, a clotting disorder, pregnancy will be much more difficult.

      If she does have lupus, it’s not the end of the world. She may have lupus but lupus doesn’t have her.

      Best wishes.

  19. Gabe

    please tell me how to relax after my love was sent to the e.r. today?
    she lives 20 mins away from me and i dont have a way over there to her apt. she was sent to the e.r. today for breathing problems related to her lupus and transverse myeletis and was let out but has a doctors appointment tomorrow. she’s asleep now from having such an exhausting day and of course i miss her like hell! do you have any tips for just how to relax yourself and not let the anxiety build up too much?

    1. Cella

      Hi Gabe,

      So sorry to hear your friend is ill. That can be very ruff when your unable to see her. Just know that she is safe or the doctors would have kept her in the hospital.

      Try and keep yourself busy, maybe watch a funny movie. That always helps me to stop worrying about things. I’m sure she knows you would be there if you could. Drink some sleepy time tea and try to get some rest and you’ll see her soon.

      I’ll keep the both of you in my thoughts my dear friend.

      Take care

  20. serendipity

    Living with SLE Lupus?
    I have just been diagnosed with a mild form of Lupus. I am only young and the facts the doctors have given me are a bit frightening!! I would love to hear from anyone who has the condition and is still managing a normal, healthy life.
    Thankyou x

  21. wendolyn b

    Can people with Lupus eat shell fish?
    My sister has Lupus and love to eat Shell fish but she has Lupus. Her husband told her that she can’t eat it.

  22. kahnefan_191

    Do I have lupus, and how do you get diagnosed if you do have lupus?
    I had an ANA panel done, suggesting to my doctor that I think have lupus. I have researched my pain and other symptoms for years and think that this is what I have. My test was positive for double-stranded DNA. What does this mean? I have never actually met my doctor. I see a doctors assistant and I think she has no idea what she is doing. I am scheduled see a rheumatologist on April 14, but I really want to know what anyone with experience thinks about my condition before I see him. It has taken me 5 months to get this appointment after I could convince anyone at all of my symptoms. I hurt much more than a 27 year old should hurt. I have 2 kids that I need to be out running around with and it kills me that I hurt too bad to do the things I should be doing as a mother. Can anyone help me? Oh, I should add that Meloxicam helps my pain immensely, but I have been told to stop taking it because my kidneys are bad. Well, my creatonin (not sure of spelling) is high. It also helps my joints stop popping. They pop almost every time I move, so loud that everyone around me hears them! I am very tired all the time. I also feel like I am pulling half of my hair out every time I brush it. I get a puffy red rash the first time I get in the sun every summer. I have serious stomach problems. I have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome which often comes with an autoimmune disorder. I really want to finally know what is wrong with me so I can treat it in some way. I am miserable and I have been for awhile. Even if I am going to die soon, I would just love to know why! Doctors can’t find a cause for my problems even though they know I have them. HELP, PLEASE?!?!

  23. Randy

    Lupus sufferers: Butterfly rash?
    My mother has lupus. She has permanent discolorations on her face from the “butterfly rash” from lupus. She is very beautiful and I would love to find her a cream or lotion that would reduce the appearance of the blemishes on her face or make them disappear. Has anyone used anything of this sort with success? Her self-esteem has suffered greatly from this, and I want to do anything I can to help her. If you have used anything with results, please tell me the name and where it is available. All help is appreciated.

    1. mustlovedogs0

      Sorry most of the lupus things you read say to steer clear of creams/lotions as they can make it worse. Hope you find something that helps.

  24. RuDy ThE SkANk

    wow i didn’t know today was World Lupus Day… i’ve got lupus… was diagnosed like 1 1/2 ago… but yeah wow thanks letting me know.

  25. Trixie

    What would cause blood to come out of ones mouth and nose during death? Could lupus be involved?
    A neighbor died the other night, and I’m very curious about something. I know she had lupus, and she had earlier in the day been rocking back and forth, naked, in front of the window. She was in a daze, and refused to go to hospital. Later that night she got in an argument with her friend and from what I heard, she fell in the bathroom. Then blood started pouring out of her nose and mouth, as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her friend called the paramedics and they asked if she did any drugs. He responded with “All of them. But she didn’t do any cocaine tonight.”

    I want to know what could possibly have caused the excessive bleeding from her face, when she didn’t, in fact, HIT her face. She had an injured hand, though. I thought maybe it could it be that when she died, her body had a loss off clotting factors due to the lupus, but why would it be so excessive and spurting out? I heard someone mention that it was “Natural Causes”, but what could naturally cause blood to pour from ones orifices?? I’ve known several people with lupus, and this has NEVER been a fear for them– I would love your opinion!

    Thank you so much, sorry for such a morbid tale!

    1. Linda R

      Many lupus patients have a low platelet count which means the blood does not clot. However, what you describe sounds like a skull fracture that damaged and tore brain tissue and blood vessels. Her behavior is consistent with drug abuse and/or psychosis, not lupus.

  26. EvArtD

    By-Pass, Lap Band and Lupus/Fibromyalgia Patients…..?
    I am 40 yrs old. Female, About 328 lbs (stable weight for several years). I have Lupus and Fibromylagia which cause me a great deal of pain.

    The Fibro and Lupus are becoming a great disability and I know my weight isn’t helping the issues at all. I am on about a dozen different meds a day just to function. I’ve tried to diet and I don’t lose anything, not even water weight. I’ve been thinking for a few years about having the by-pass or lap band surgery but I’m really scared on so many levels.

    Please share your experience and weather you would do it again or not. I’d even love to hear from family members of weight loss surgery patients, especially if they had/have Lupus and/or Fibro.

    1. crimsonshedemon

      I have lupus and fibromyalgia also. Losing weight can only help… not only SLE and FMS but your overall well-being. I also take a lot of medication and it’s not fun.
      Good luck to you!

  27. CraZeMoM of 2

    I have Lupus and fibermyalgia and was told that cinnamon was bad for me and another one said it was good.?
    So now I am so confused as I love cinnamon and I want to know the answer. Is cinnamon good or bad for me?

  28. PrincessAsh23

    I am sick with Lupus and need help! Can anyone answer my questions? I would like to find someone to talk to!?
    I have been sick afflicted with a mystery illness since I was 13. By the time I was 18, I had a heart problem, liver disease, a ruptured Gallbladder and Peritonitis (infected abdominal cavity) from which I almost died. I am now 23. For the past three years I have had skin rash, mouth sores, nausea, bad joint pain in my knees and shoulders, fevers, tremors and left-side arm/hand weakeness. In the past year I was in the ER for four bouts of Pleurisy, fluid on the heart and Pnemonia.My doctor told me I had Fibromyalgia and Lupus. Now they are suspecting MS (Multiple Sclerosis) as well. I am depressed and I can’t cry anymore. I can’t work and I am tired all the time. I take Vicodon, Percocet, Promethazine and Naprosyn. I still don’t feel well and I am suicidal. I have a good support system but I am tired of being sick. I want to feel good and be young. I want the opportunity to have children and get married. I have a wonderful fiance and he loves me. Can someone give me advice? Hope?

  29. [[JustThatGirl♥]]

    Teenagers With Lupus?
    as of January 12th, i’ve been diagnosed with lupus. it has affected my lungs, heart, and joints.
    i was wondering if there are any other teens on here who are suffering with this disease as well, …around the age of 16-18 cuz thats my age range.
    so i could maybe talk to them about it since i dont know anyone else who has lupus.
    thanks loves.

  30. Lisa

    Lupus?? Need help, please!!!?
    Okay so i took my cat to the vet and she thinks that she might have Discoid lupus. She didn’t tell us but she told my grandmother. And i know its a life long treatment for her, and im fine with that. i love her to death and will do anything for her. but a few questions i have is

    1) Can my other cat get it??

    2)Will she still have the same life span?

    3) Should she go on a special food?

    4) And i was wondering if you know anyone with a cat that has had it too, and how it goes.

    A reminder she is half siamese and she is only ten months old. Thanks for your answers! And i know there is not much on the internet that’s why im asking on here=[

  31. Only Human

    Misdiagnosis/blood work of/for lupus?
    I think I have quite a few symptoms of lupus (after some internet research). I’m currently frequenting my doctors office due to these symptoms and she is just perplexed as to what this could be. She sent me for a simple blood test (well, simple in the fact that she got me tested for MANY things and not just specifically lupus). She said that I did not have lupus. I was just wondering if lupus is really hard to diagnose and if I should keep pushing for her to send me for more blood work about it. I love my doctor and I know she really wants to help me but I would feel like I’m insulting her if I ask for more blood tests on lupus.

    So, is lupus hard to diagnose? Is it often misdiagnosed? Does it take a long time to diagnose? Are there different kinds of lupus that require different tests?

    I’m really concerned for my well being and no one can figure this out and lupus is just being over looked I think.

    Also it’s just kind of a gut feeling.

    Serious answers appreciated!
    Thanks :3
    Swelling in my hands and feet, hives all over my arms, migranes, joint pains, swollen tongue/lips, weird little sores on the inside of my mouth, I’ve been losing more hair than normal recently, diagnosed with depression two months ago, lower/mid back pains, and sometimes (but rarely) I get sporatic chest pains.

    Of course not all those symptoms happen at once, nor do they continue ALL the time. But they frequently happen then subside.

    It’s just weird. Plus I’ve read some stories on here where lupus was over looked so it just makes me wonder.

  32. PinkRaindeers

    Lupus, Narcolepsy, MS? What should I look for?
    30 y/o 5’2″ 115. mixed raced female.

    So 3 years ago around this time I developed bloodshot eyes (no other eye symptoms, no pain either) it lasted for weeks. shortly after that I started to lose movement to my right fingers, then my hand, then within a week my right leg and right arm. I had absolutely no feeling, and never any pain. My arm was like Jello. I was hospitalized for a week. The docs poked with needles and I didn’t feel a thing. I received an MRI the docs found nothing. I was told that they found elevated levels of something (don’t remember) that may indicate Lupus. They also said it could be very early signs of MS.

    Here I am with Bloodshot eyes again expecting the worst. Here are also some other things I can’t make sense of.

    * I’ve been having sleep paralysis (ongoing since 16 yo) I thought it was ghosts, so I didn’t get a referral to a sleep specialist till now.
    * I am always tired, since I was born. I love sleep more than I will every love anyone or money. I can sleep straight through an entire weekend or party.
    * I have a very weak stomach. Almost everything gives me loose stools.
    *I’m constantly confused, disoriented, lightheaded.
    *At times I seem to lose my balance, especially when I’m not looking at the ground, as if I have to focus on my feet and tell it where to go.

    Can you all help me piece this puzzle together? What tests should I take?
    THanks for your answers. I have to add that although I am concerned and curious I have not freaked out about the situation. When I was hospitalized and had lifeless limbs, surprisingly, I didn’t worry at all. Even now, I’m not going crazy over it (most people would) I’m just pissed because I will look like crap this 4th of July. I am more concerned about my loved ones finding out. I haven’t told anyone and when I was hospitalized I told my family I went on a vacation.

  33. maryhadalittlelamb_forbreakfast

    How can I make walking with a limp funny?
    Sometimes, I have a limp from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I get asked (alot) “Why are you limping?”. I want to be able to answer with something funny and sarcastic lol. Starting off with “I’m not limping, I’m ______”. Any thoughts? For more info, I’m a 34 year old female in the south ;). Please have fun with this!! I would love to reply with something great the next time I’m asked.

    1. Baba Yaga

      I’m not limping, I’m practicing alternative walking.

      I’m not limping, I’m choreographing a routine for the next Grammy Awards Show. Would you like to audition?

      Because I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. What’s your excuse?

      Am I limping? Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was falling really, really slowly /
      . . . I thought we were having an earthquake.

      To you it’s a limp – to me it’s an Aerosmith song and I get a royalty every time somebody asks me that dumb question. (Then start singing “Walk This Way.”)

      This one’s tough to do, but effective. Look that schmuck square in the eye, and say haughtily, “Why do you ask?” Very effective when combined with a calm, icy stare, which takes practice but is worth the effort. No one should be asking you this question. You have a right to be annoyed.

  34. Rennie

    Is ban lan gen safe for Lupus patients to take?
    I hear that this is a great herb (made into a tea) that helps with respiratory problems and skin issues so I’m curious if it’s okay to take. I’m having some asthma, eczema and joint pain and I’d love to try something new. I know that echinaecea causes flare ups in lupus patients, and from experience it usually makes me sick so I’m approaching this cautiously.

    1. Linda R

      Never take anything including herbal preparations and teas, or over the counter medications, without talking with your rheumatologist first.

  35. Denise

    Is there a cure for lupus?
    My boyfriend has lupus. He found out a month ago that his kind is the kind that eats your organs up, his doctor told him he probably won’t live past 40. But his doctor isn’t like a specialist, he’s seeing one soon but from the looks of it that’s what his doctor said. We’re both 15. My stepdad’s friend’s sister died from lupus when she was 22, SHE WAS 22!! I know that we might break up and whatnot, but I still love my boyfriend even if we did break up I would still love him as a friend.

  36. Andrea♥

    What is Lupus and Can Lupus Kill?
    My aunt just found out she has Lupus. And I’m really scared something might happen to her. I Love her so very Much and I don’t want anything to happen to her. So if you can answer please do.

    1. baremp

      Lupus is a disease that affects the auto-immune system. They have treatments and medications to keep it under control today. If your aunt is seeing a doctor there is nothing to worry about.

  37. (flooff)

    What is lupus?
    i think my mom has lupus and has had it for like 3 yrs….. but we are NOT close at all and it kills me because she wont even tell me anything, she yells at me sumtimes and has even cussed me out a few too, calling me bad things… the reason i found out about this is eavsdropping, but i dont know wat it is, i googled it but i didnt understand it, is she gonna die. i love her so much and we have a VERY hard life, i just wanna know. sry if its in the wrong catagory, i didnt know wat it was, so i chose my fav.

    1. kcy_4

      Lupus is an auto-immune disease, which means that instead of attacking the bad cells that cause colds and such, it attacks healthy cells. There a 4 different types of Lupus. I have Systemic, which means my organs are involved, and also my joints. There is also discoid, which only affects the skin. Neonatal is just a baby that is born with it, but usually clears up on its own. And last, drug-induced, which speaks for itself. Some symptoms are joint pain, extreme fatigue, butterfly rash, weight loss/gain, and fever. It can attack your lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. It may cause confusion. The cause is currently unknown, but specialists believe it could be hereditary, environmental, and/or hormonal. Hope I helped!

  38. Anonycat.

    Why is it never Lupus?
    Ok, so I love love love love LOVE the show “House MD”, but I don’t get what “It’s never Lupus” means.. I mean, I know what it -means-..but I’ve seen shirts that say that and stuff…why is it so popular?

    ..or did I miss something?

    1. Jaymeh

      They say it because Lupus can account for a lot of things that go wrong with a patients blood work, about in one episode, Gregory House pulls a tash of drugs out of a Lupus text book when asked he answered ‘it’s never lupus’. Although it is a popular phrase among those who watch, there was a case in the latest season of House where the final answer WAS Lupus, House then said ‘I Finally have a case of Lupus’ . It is mostly just a running gag in the show.

  39. Saraphina Blue

    23 years ago my father was given only six months to live due to Lupus. He survived longer than anyone ever?
    believed. Last January we almost lost him. As his mind starts to go. Blessed we have been with his being here. My Question: How do you survive watching someone you love lose their memories and their life?

    1. Cam S

      Hey Tara. Wow. Blessed indeed…you and your family and father. I’ve been through it too. It’s tough. I hope I’m not the only one to suggest that you and the family take advantage of the time you have left w/ your dad. Even though he may not be fully aware of what’s going on all the time, you are.

      My personal experience has been crazy re: deaths of loved ones. I still have my mom, sister, and 3 beautiful nieces…otherwise everyone else has passed away. Some of the deaths were instant, others lingered for years…heart conditions, strokes, cancer. It is so hard to watch someone you love slowly fade away. Just spend as much time w/ dad as you can…and then when you have a chance, reflect on the good times and do something positive for yourself and others. Take time for yourself to pray and thank the Allmighty for the blessings you’ve received.

      You’ll be ok, and eventually your dad will be in a better place. His soul will live on, not only in you, but for eternity. My prayers are w/ you, your family, and especially your dad.

      You will survive. Much love from the rockies. God bless 🙂

  40. hellocristinahello

    has anyone with lupus taken rituximab?
    I would love to talk to anyone who has gone through or is going through the treatment about side effects and management..

    anyone? please help!

    1. Marilyn B

      This is a pretty potent medication that’s generally used to treat cancer, along with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. Call your doctor at once, however, if you have any of these serious side effects, even if they occur several months after you receive rituximab, or after your treatment ends.
      · chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling;
      · urinating more or less than usual;
      · fever, chills, cough, body aches, flu symptoms;
      · easy bruising or bleeding;
      · a red, raised, blistering, scaly, itchy, or peeling skin rash;
      · severe constipation or stomach pain;
      · black, bloody, or tarry stools;
      · uneven heartbeats, confusion, wheezing or trouble breathing;
      · feeling light-headed, fainting; or
      · nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).
      • Other, less serious side effects may be more likely to occur, such as:
      · pain where the IV needle is placed;
      · headache, back pain;
      · mild stomach pain, nausea, or diarrhea;
      · swelling in your hands or feet;
      · muscle or joint pain;
      · runny or stuffy nose; or
      · night sweats.
      • Other side effects have also been reported. Discuss with your doctor any side effect that occurs during treatment with rituximab.

  41. chersgaz

    What is Lupus?
    a family member of mine has been diagnosed with lupus. what i would love to know is this : is this disease easily controllable (his blood tests came back off the chart)
    :what kind of life can he expect to have ?
    any information i would be greatly thankful for.

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      Lupus is an auto immune disease. The body’s immune system attacks both good and bad cells, killing everything in it’s path…basically an over active immune system. There are varing stages of the disease and various levels of organ involvement. Every case of Lupus is different which is one of the reasons it is so difficult to diagnose. Some people never get organ involvement and have relatively mild symptoms of joint pain and fatigue. Others have severe organ involvement where Lupus attacks the kidneys (Lupus Nephritis), heart, brain, lungs, GI tract, Liver. It is considered systemic for this reason. Over 50% of people diagnosed with Lupus will have some type of kidney involvement from mild to severe. Lupus can also cause depression.

      Medications used to treat Lupus include steroids (prednisone and Methotrexate), immunosuppressants (Cellcept and Myfortic) and chemotherapy agents (Cytoxan and Rituxan). Plaquenil (an antimalarial) is still used with some patients but it’s use is considered antiquated.

      My wife was diagnosed with Lupus at age 15. She is now 30. She has severe organ involved Lupus that has attacked her kidneys and her heart. Last year she had eight heart attacks and had a defibulator/pacemaker put in.

      That being said we live a relatively normal life inspite of her illness. We have two adopted children. She is a practicing dentist and we live to the fullest. Sure there are days when she can’t get out of bed. Those are the times that we make her breakfast in bed and rent her movies. We have our yearly treks to the hospital sometimes lasting for weeks or months. We see pretty much every specialist in the book on a monthly basis. But we have a great life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

      My point is that the life your family member can expect to have is the one he makes. One can chose to wallow in their suffering (and believe me there is a lot of suffering) or you can chose to do everything possible each and every day to fight, never giving up or giving in.

      Joining Lupus support groups can be very helpful to get the latest news and talk with people who have been through it. My wife and I run two Lupus support groups, one for the Lupus patient and one for the family and friends affected by this disease.

      I wish you and your family every good thing in the future.

  42. chloe.

    lupus symptoms?
    ive been having lupus symptoms for over a month:
    – intense joint pain
    – sun rash
    – fatigue
    – swollen glands
    – muscle pain

    i never had a butterfly rash.

    my doctor had an ANA blood test and rheumatoid test done.
    both were negative.

    anyone know of any other things with these symptoms, or other tests i should have done?
    id really love some help!

    1. Jill

      The ANA test can be a false negative. Ask about a test for proteinuria to check kidney function. Also, other ANA and anticytoplasmic antibodies such as Ro, La, Sm, RNP, and Jo-1 are diagnostic blood tests that can rule out lupus.

      Hope you’re feeling better soon. I was diagnosed with lupus 18 years ago, and it took 10 years for them to figure out what was going on. The only time I had a butterfly rash (a symptom of discoid lupus, rather than systemic lupus) was when I was pregnant and miscarried.

  43. Starryeyes

    Feedback from someone with Lupus or Sjogrens?
    I am 29 yrs. old and have family members with Lupus. About a year ago I had a blood test and was found to have a positive SSA anti-body reading of 5.6. We were trying to get pregnant at that time and when I asked if I should stop trying the Dr. said that my SSB results were normal and that many people have no problems with a positive SSA only, that I should not hold back or worry. I am now 23 weeks pregnant, my Dr. ordered the SSA/SSB tests again but now added the other standard blood tests that they order to check for Lupus. Today the nurse was able to tell me that my SSA is now 6.0 and the Dr. is set to call me tomorrow with the rest of the results. What I am now told by the doctors is that my baby could get prenatal lupus from me and that she could have a permanent heart block. I could just die. I can’t believe that this should happen to her before she has even has a chance. I’d love for someone with a problem similar to mine that knows about this or has had children while having this problem to tell me how likely it may be that she will be permanently sick with heart or other serious trouble? And I wonder what I could do to help her chances if anything.
    my symptoms are fatigue, occasional rashes, and joint pain mostly in one of my knees and one of my elbows. I have tried to research this more but I find unknowns and condradictions.

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      The anti-SSA/anti-SSB test is usually found in about 70% of people with Sjogren’s. You can have one and not the other, it’s quite common to be SSA positive and SSB negative, or vice versa. The anti-SSA test can be seen in people with Lupus as well, but usually it’s a Sjogren’s antibody.

      You do need more than a positive blood test to be diagnosed with Lupus or Sjogren’s. Do you have dry eyes/mouth? Fatigue? Joint pain? Rashes? My rheumatologist said that Lupus and Sjogren’s are kissing cousins, so there’s a lot of overlap in these conditions.

      Neonatal Lupus is a risk, your baby is unfortunately at risk because you have the anti-SSA antibody. But not every mother with a positive anti-SSA will have a baby with neonatal Lupus. And not every baby with neonatal Lupus will have problems with their heart.

      My recommendation would be to learn all you can about neonatal Lupus, speak to your midwife and any other doctors involved in your pregnancy. If you have symptoms of Lupus or Sjogren’s, then I’d recommend seeing a rheumatologist. It may be a good idea anyway.

      Good luck.


  44. Clois K

    My mom have Lupus she Just find out that she have a kidney disease.But all i ask is a pray for my mom?
    My mom have Lupus she Just find out that she have a kidney disease and her Lupus rate is getting high and it’s stressing her out. I know it’s millions of people that ask for a cure . But all i ask is a pray for her. My mom have a good heart and she all i have ,no one else. So please pray for her. My mom name is Tanya Parrish. I no i should not gave out names but when it comes to your mom that you love and care about and She a hero to you. You think of least anything to make the pain stop for her But my name is Clois Knight and I thank everyone for reading this. Thanks‘!

    1. BeneficentJon

      Clois there aren’t many kids who would be as brave and calm as you if there mom was to get very sick. It proves that you are a good child and that your mom is doing a good job here. You have a good and believing heart. And God sees that too. So believe and don’t get discouraged no matter what God’s outcome is here. Just pray and God will do what is best here. Now is the time for you to be a good child to your mom. All you have to do is help her out in any way that you can. Do chores or just be with her. Tell her you love her very much. Just remember that not only am I praying for your mom, many, many others are. God listens to that. Also know that in this time of trial for your mom and yourself that he will be there for you two. He will help you get through this. He is a hero to everyone and in His eyes you are a hero here also. And when you need a friend– he is the friend that has always been there for you. He has always and will always love and care for you and your mom. You two are in good hands.

      Dear Lord I ask that you grant your healing touch to Tanya. Comfort and protect them both. Lift the worries away from her Jesus. Make them both whole in belief and united in you as they are a good family. I humbly ask this in your name Jesus. Amen.

      † Equitable Prayer Warrior †

  45. tor

    Is there a diet for those with Lupus?
    I want to know if there are any diets to followto relieve the symtoms of lupus. I heard that citrus aggreivates the joints, which sucks cause I love oranges and lemons. Althafa sprouts are not good either. Anyone have idea where to find a hit list of things I should limit or not eat?
    Are there certain things I should avoid?

    1. kimchungtran

      Dear Asker!

      Here is a good Diet and Lifestyle changes for patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

      The following are some tips for maintaining a healthy diet:

      * Eat a diet low in saturated fats. Not all fats are unhealthy. Some studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids, which are fat compounds found in fish oil, black currant or primrose seed oils, and flax seed, have anti-inflammatory and nerve protecting actions.

      Omega-3 fatty acids are essential acids. Medical research suggests they may have anti-inflammatory properties.

      * Choose whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruits. According to some studies, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower homocysteine levels, which are elevated in patients with SLE and may be a risk factor for heart disease. Researchers are also investigating compounds called indoles, also known as mustard oil, which are found in broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, collard and mustard greens, rutabaga, turnips, and bok choy. Indoles stimulate enzymes that convert estrogen to a more benign type. Eating vegetables certainly will not cure SLE, but they offer many general health benefits.

      * Get most proteins from vegetables, particularly soy.
      * Avoiding dairy and meat products may help protect the kidneys.
      * Take extra calcium and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis (this is particularly useful for patients taking corticosteroids).
      * Supplements of vitamins B12, B6, and folate may be necessary, especially in people whose blood tests show high levels of homocysteine.
      * Exercise is safe, but patients should not expect it to improve symptoms, including joint aches and fatigue.
      * Restrict salt (particularly for patients with signs of high blood pressure and kidney disease).

      Of possible interest to patients with SLE is a 2002 report that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (also an inflammatory autoimmune condition) experienced improvement when they went on the Mediterranean diet, which stresses fish (which contains anti-inflammatory factors), olive oil, garlic, whole grains, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. In any case, such a diet is heart-healthy, which is important for patients with SLE

      Prevention Against Infections

      Patients should minimize their exposure to crowds or people with contagious illnesses. Careful hygiene, including dental hygiene, is also important.

      Avoiding SLE Triggers

      Simple preventive measures include avoiding overexposure to ultraviolet rays and wearing protective clothing and sunblocks. There is some concern that allergy shots may cause flare ups in certain cases. Patients who may benefit from them should discuss risks and benefits with an SLE specialist. In general, patients with SLE should use only hypoallergenic cosmetics or hair products.

      Reducing Stress

      Chronic stress has profound physical effects and influences the progression of SLE. According to one study, patients with SLE differ from healthy individuals in their immune responses to stress, and psychological stress can induce flare-ups in patients with SLE. Patients should try to avoid undue emotional or physical stress. Getting adequate rest of at least 8 hours and possibly napping during the day may be helpful. Maintaining social relationships and healthy activities may also help prevent the depression and anxiety associated with the disease.

      Hope that may help you!
      Good luck!

  46. Paranormal Research Expert

    About hsv-1 and lupus?
    I just had some blood work done and I believe it was the IgM herpes test. It was positive for hsv-1 but negative for hsv-2. I immediately asked my doctor if this is something that could be spread through kissing and he assured me that it could not. He said there were two types of anti-bodies and that whichever one I had meant I would only get cold sores but couldn’t necessarily spread the disease? My largest concern out of all of this is that there is a girl I’m pretty sure I’m in love with and it is reciprocal. However, she has Lupus and she is very intelligent; she says that if she were ever to contract HSV-1 or HSV-2 it would severely complicate her condition and her life. So … is there any way to not give this to her? It has to be a guarantee I can be with her without transmission or else I will have to move on.

    1. LINDSEY S

      Cold sores are caused by HSV1, if you have it then it’s also known as oral herpes. Just because you have oral herpes that doesn’t mean that you will have genital herpes too.
      Oral herpes can be passed by kissing, it’s often passed during child hood by being innocently kissed by some one that has cold sores. Oral herpes can be spread to other areas of the body like the genitals or eyes, but it’s not likely to happen herpes doesn’t last for more then a few seconds when it’s away from the body. A few ways you could pass it is if you kissed her or gave her oral sex while you had a cold sore, there is even a small chance of passing them by sharing cups or utensils while you have a cold sore. So just don’t kiss or give oral sex while you have a cold sore and you should have less chance of giving oral herpes to her.
      All she could have it more frequent or more sever break outs, I don’t see how herpes could make her lupus worse.

  47. royboy55

    hi thare my partnar has LUPUS do peopal with lupus suffer from mood swings?
    my partner suffers from acut mood swings my be caursd by lupus if so wood like sum advice love her to bittes but some times its un bearabull a bit of good advice and reashoranc wood be appreceated thanks roy from yorkshier p.s sorry for the spelling

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      The person who initially answered, Goddess, has absolutely no idea what Lupus is. It absolutely can cause mood swings either by itself or from the medications that are used to treat it. Lupus can affect all parts of the body, hence the name Systemic Lupus. If the brain has been affected then it can cause deminsia, paranoia, psychosis just to name a few. This isn’t to say that all people with Lupus will have these symptoms but they are possible.

      If Lupus is causing mood swings then a medication such as Zoloft can help. It is possible that because your girlfriend is on prednisone to control her Lupus that this is causing the mood swings. Either way there is treatment for this. Also, try being a bit more compassionate. Lupus is a terrible disease and strong support of loved ones makes it more easily dealt with. She needs to discuss her mood swings with her doctor and find out what is actually going on.

      Good luck to you and hang in there.

    1. Grimm

      I love wolves!!! I always have! How could a dog-lover not like them in their pure form?! To me the predator thing is ridiculous as I live in the country and have seen the loose neighborhood dogs eat a deer they took down! A dog is a dog!

  48. mgunnycappo

    Getting a tattoo with Lupus would not be the smartest thing to do especially since you have Antiphospholipid Syndrome (the blood clotting disease you’re alluding to – this isn’t Lupus but a secondary disease associated with Lupus). You are much more prone to infection and opening your skin up, causing it to bleed is not the best idea in the world. Also, you should be on blood thinners if you have a blood clotting disorder. No tattoo artist in the world would touch you if you’re on blood thinners. You could bleed out on their table. Be smart and get a temporary one instead.

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