When an individual begins to experience the thinning of hair or balding, for whatever, reason, their first reaction is generally denial. That is then followed by panic when they cannot deny hair loss is occurring any more. However, rather than do something to try and prevent or delay it immediately, they leave it until the only option is the surgical procedure of hair transplants. Transplants should indeed be a last resort so catching hair loss early gives you an advantage. Alternative therapies, such as vitamins terms hair replacement, can be sought and tried.

Vitamin hair replacement therapies can be used with varying degrees of success. It all depends on whether your body fights the properties they bring and how far your hair loss is genetic. Genetic hair loss can be delayed but will ultimately happen thus vitamin hair replacement can only really be used as a temporary halting treatment. However, in other cases, such as regenerating growth following radiation treatment, it has met with unparalleled success.

Many vitamin hair replacement supplements contain certain ingredients that are clinically proven to target and reduce hair loss. Saw palmetto is one of the main ingredients as this actively targets DHT. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is produced in the hair follicles but a build up can actually kill them off. Saw palmetto is one ingredient that actually works to block its production, thus slowing down hair loss. Many vitamin hair replacement treatments use it as their base for this reason, and because it helps to repair follicles that have already been damaged or degraded as a result of DHT production.

Vitamin terms hair replacement treatments are designed to be long-term rather than giving immediate results. They are also not billed as solutions because hair loss may still occur regardless of their use. However, vitamin hair replacement products may sufficiently slow it down to the point where you never have to consider hair transplants. They actually come in a variety of forms to that you can choose the one that best suits you. Oral supplements and shampoos/hair treatments are both widely available. Treatments are also sold in complete packs that offer a combination of the two. These particular vitamin hair replacement treatments are designed to provide the optimum environment for hair rejuvenation and growth as well as treating it internally and externally to prevent hair loss.

Vitamin intake in your diet can also help to stem hair loss. Ensuring that you get the correct dose of vitamins daily can aid hair replacement and give your body a fighting chance in stemming hair loss. This is a more inexpensive method of vitamin hair replacement treatments and thus you may want to try this first.

Hair transplanting can be painful and fail to yield satisfactory results, but at least if you have tried everything else first then you will be in a position to decide whether it is the best choice for you. Vitamin terms hair replacement can indeed help in the meantime and perhaps even prevent the need for transplants ever being realized. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

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  1. Marla

    To sufferers of immune disorders: How can I treat myself for possible lupus/rheumatoid arthritis? (detailed)?
    Allergic to dust/grass as a child, but allergy-free from age 13 until recently (I’m now in my late 20’s).

    Hep C

    Early 20’s: diagnosed with Hep C (untraced source). I was suddenly cured after 1 mo. My doctor said my own body got rid of it, which is rare for hep C patients.

    Several months later I noticed when I’d lay on my left side, there’s a tingly, tender sensation. There’s no pain and I got used to it so I’m just living with it.


    8 mos ago: sudden onset of stiffness/jammed feeling on both wrists (overnight). Always had weak/inflamed knees since 4 yrs back, would disappear with regular exercise.

    Got Sick

    Late last year I had flue more than a month. I was diagnosed with bronchitis, was on antibiotics and was cured right away.

    I started lightly working out again and just a month later I WAS SICK AGAIN! I was down for only 3 days though compared to the last time. Coughed 1 month. I was on stronger antibiotics and cured. I also saw an allergy doctor and was diagnosed with sinusitis and now on corticosteroids.


    My ANA blood test turned out POSITIVE. My doctor ordered a 2nd test for next month. She said it’s an indication of possible lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

    Extra info:

    Never been overweight my whole life.
    Ethnicity: Asian.
    My other “illnesses” recently diagnosed: costochondritis.
    Always had: severe dandruff, on and off but worse now; dandruff-related facial rash, only shows up on the same spots – left cheek near nose, between eyebrows.
    Falling hair is worse now.

    I’m a copywriter for more than 3 yrs. I admit my posture is VERY bad, often sitting or lying on my stomach on the bed (probably caused the costochondritis). Was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with borderline anemia (mother is anemic). Prescribed iron supplements but I stopped cos of side effects which is diarrhea.

    THIS IS MY DILEMMA: I was thinking of eating healthier and exercising again. But wouldn’t raising the immune system make things even worse? I just hate the idea of being on immune-suppressing drugs, considering my now sensitive liver. I would be more open to “natural” treatments. How do I go about this?

  2. mamak2327

    Anyone know this type of arthritis?
    I was diagnosed with arthritis about a year and a half ago by a chiropractor, but he didn’t tell me what type of arthritis I have. It is in my back and neck, specifically T 4-6 and I can’t remember exactly where in my back. Because my husband has been out of work due to injury and he was carrying the health insurance, I have been without treatment (other than OTC meds) for the last 18 months. I’m trying to research homeopathic and natural treatments, but until I know what type of arthritis I have, I’m at a stand still. Does anyone else have arthritis in their back and neck and know what kind that is? I know I need to go to the rheumetologist as it is getting worse and worse, but I just can’t right now, there’s not stretch in my budget. I really need some relief! I was told it was caused by undiagnosed, untreated scoliosis and some because of hereditary issued (my maternal grandmother has Lupus and maternal great-grandmother had RA). I currently stretch when I can, my husband (trained paramedic) give me adjustments and I take BC Powder. I’m in my mid-20’s and am sick of the pain and fatigue and the numerous ways it is affecting/complicating my life…..any suggestions would be great!
    I have had a set of comprehensive x-rays-done by the Chiropractor-It wasn’t a guess, he actually showed me the arthritis shadowing on the x-rays

    1. My Kid's Mom

      Since you’re been researching homeopathic and natural treatments, I’ll share a bit about homeopathy in the context of your health concern.

      Despite myriad manifestations of arthritis, important to a homeopath is the person who has arthritis, rather than the “diagnosis.”

      While some health problems at appropriate for self-help care, you won’t be able to find a remedy to help your problem long-term. Ideally, you need to be under the “constitutional” care of a homeopath. Emotional stress plays a big part in the appearance and healing of physical symptoms.

      Even if conventionally considered arthritis (which literally means inflammation of a joint), and despite what your x-rays reveal, I’ve seen homeopathy resolve the pain and inflammation and prevent similar problems from getting worse. I’ve also seen problems considered “irreversible” improve. The homeopath has many “symptoms” (that we don’t think of as symptoms) available to find the homeopathic remedy that will stimulate your cure.

  3. kenbfos

    How do I deal with lupus with out taking drugs?
    I have had lupus for three years, but I just started get treatment from a lupus specialist at Magee womens hospital. I take a small dose blood pressure medication. But my doctor wants me to take plaqunil and prednesone. But those drugs have so many side affects and I hear so many bad things about how they help one thing but then something else breaks down, Then you are on this cycle of adding on medicine after medicine. I want to live, but I don’t want to lose my eyesight, have liver problems, or other complication caused by these medicines. I know their has to be a way of life change, or natural medicine that will help and have less or no side affects. I lived three years without medicine or help. But I do notice that I had more flares lately. I need to make a decision, I recieved my plaqunil in the mail a week ago, i need to decide if I am going to take or find something else that help to present to my doctor at my next appointment. I want to live but not taking alot of medicine

  4. popstarbria

    Does any one else have Crohn’s Disease?
    I’m 13 years old and I have Crohn’s Disease along with R.S.D. and also Juvenile Arthritis. I could possibly have lupus. I’ve finally figured out how to control most of the Crohn’s Disease flare-ups with natural remedies but my other problems are full fledged still! RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, will literally make my legs turn blue, cause me to lose any feeling in my legs and arms and I cannot use my legs sometimes when the flare-ups are really bad! Juvenile Arthritis is something else I could possibly have. No doctor has confirmed it, yet and I’ve had to travel out of town to see rheumotoligists before because the ones in my town didn’t know what to do with my conditions!!!

    When I was 6, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Now keep in mind that this was after coming to the hospital about twice a week for about 4 years because my Crohn’s flare-ups were so bad! My mom is a redhead, I like to call her hothead!, and thankfully she won’t take no for an answer!! She was extremely persistent in trying to find the cause in my horrible stomach pain even though almost every time we went to the doctor, they would tell her I was just fine! This was all before I was diagnosed. Eventually, she found a doctor that somewhat understood what we were going through (mainly her at the time, because I was very young) and tried all the possible treatments that could help ease the disease. Even today, there is no cure for Crohn’s Disease!! At 6, the doctor that helped us diagnosed me with Crohn’s Disease and put me through a series of medications including some that children aren’t allowed to take. I took Methotrexate for a long period of time and cannot think of the other medications right now. I now have to wear glasses because of the medicines I took and my family and I are pretty sure that the medications I took caused my other conditions. We’re pretty much certain that the medicines cause my RSD.

    Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is an illness that causes the lower and upper extremities to turn a bluish color and causes the extremities to become numb. When I first had a flare-up, it was when I was 11 and my parents thought it was a blood clot. So did the doctors. We went through a series of tests that day because I had to go to the hospital. I was admitted for a week and during that time, I had to get an epidural!!! Yes, that thing pregnant women get! I had to get it because my legs were hurting so bad they had to numb them! We’re still not sure if what I have is RSD, but it’s all we got for now!

    I know this is long and sorry but I only gave you two of my illnesses! lol If any one else has any thing I have, please give me tips on how to control it! Anything will help!´╝üThank you!!!

    1. Loz

      Hi there. I don’t have Crohne’s Disease, but I’m 25 and I’ve had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (the correct name for RSD) since I was 14. It started in my right knee following a minor operation, but it now affects almost my whole body and ahs put me in a wheelchair because of some of its secondary effects that no amount of physio or medication has been able to counteract. I’ve never heard of medications causing CRPS/RSD – it’s almost always initiated by some sort of injury or other trauma.

      I wish that I could tell you how to control it – I’ve been through pretty much every recognised treatment with no real success. I guess that my only advice for what it’s worth is to take each day as it comes and to recognise that you are going to have bad days. Don’t give up by any means, but know your limits and boundaries, and know when it is time to say ‘okay’ I’ve had enough and when it is okay to push yourself that little bit harder.

      If I can help in any way, please feel free to email me.

  5. sante

    I am so afraid to take plaquenil for lupus treatment! any natural cure?
    Does anyone has an experience with plaquenil? or some one knows a natural way to cure lupus? I am currently taking oil fish, cellfood and recovery( for joint pain) and multi-vitamins.

    I am 30 yrs and was diagnose 8 months ago, no internal organs involves and the only symptoms are fatigue and joints pain.

    Please help if you have experience plaquenil as treatment or someone else. I am afraid of side effects ( affects lung, kidney, bones , eye etc.) it help now but causes you trouble later on.

    I am going to see my rhumatologist tomorrow but I haven’t decided yet if i am going to start the treatment.


  6. sante

    I am so afraid to take plaquenil for lupus treatment! any natural cure?
    Does anyone has an experience with plaquenil? or some one knows a natural way to cure lupus? I am currently taking oil fish, cellfood and recovery( for joint pain) and multi-vitamins.

    I am 30 yrs and was diagnose 8 months ago, no internal organs involves and the only symptoms are fatigue and joints pain.

    Please help if you have experience plaquenil as treatment or someone else. I am afraid of side effects ( affects lung, kidney, bones , eye etc.) it help now but causes you trouble later on.

    I am going to see my rhumatologist tomorrow but I haven’t decided yet if i am going to start the treatment.


    1. Science Geek

      You do realize what lupus is right?

      Listen, I know you’re scared. Anybody would be with that diagnosis. But the drugs are safe. The side-effects are minimal. Not taking the drugs and pretending that there is a natural cure is dangerous. You need to understand that the drug was prescribed because it was proven effective in the treatment of lupus. There are side-effects with any drug, even natural ones. What you need to do is weigh the potential benefits of taking the drug versus the potential consequences of side effects and of not taking the drug. Lupus is a highly treatable disease but there is no cure for it. The treatments are proven to be effective and safe as long as you follow the doctors orders.

  7. Coole!

    natural treatments for lupus?
    My brother was diagnosed for lupus after a blood clog and i was wondering if there was any treatment for this in a natural way
    Also i was wondering if high doses of blood thinners could have caused his lupus?
    One more question. Is there any specialist that treats lupus?

    1. christibro40

      Hi, Im Chris, I have had Lupus since my teens, but not diagnosed until my 20’s. I am sorry there is no miricle cure, just ways to manage it through proper medical care and supplements that his doctor must approve. He needs to get a reffreal to a rhuematologist. A rhemotologist is a doctor who handles arthritic conditions, and connective tissue diseases, which Lupus is, as well as being an autoimmune disease.
      An autoimmune disease happens when the body thinks it is being attacked by outside foreign invaders. Our cells go into overdrive and start attacking our own organs, skin, blood, nervous system, and anything else in our bodies it can get to.
      There are drugs to help us with the flares (periods of disease of activity). But he needs to be on them, Left untreated, he will not have any improvment, and can become more ill. go back to his primary care doctor and get a referrel to a rhuemotologist, it can take 1-2 months for a new paiten to get in to most, since in most parts of the country there is a shortage. Even here in Los Angeles, There can be a wait of 1-2 months, and we have many Rhuemotologists available to us. If you live in a hot/ sunny climate keep him out of the sun, that can make disease activity worse. From July-Sept, I do everything early in the morning or after dark, even swim in my pool. Sunsensitivity can make us very ill. Keep his diet as perservitive free as possible at least until seeing the specialist. Like I said I do take specialized supplements, but they are tailored for me, and approved by my doctor, the help, but do not cure. You will see advertisments for miricle cures. They may do more harm than good. Don’t try them please, they may really hurt him, doing serious organ damage.

      If you need support or he does, I own a lupus/autoimmune support group on yahoo support groups, you can join to get access to our files, and get support, friendships, and knowledge and well some off topic fun. Ill also leave you several links, like some of the others did. Just don’t try anything until you get to the right doctor, and get retested, because it may be another autoimmune.

      Good Luck

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