Comprehending The Various Types Of Arthritis

Author: Brent McNutt

Until and unless you are diagnosed having a distinct type of arthritis, you might not realize that you will find several diverse sorts of arthritis that could affect you or someone that you love. Let’s take a look at the various sorts of arthritis that we are aware of.

Osteoarthritis – This is the most common type of arthritis, and many older people have this to some degree. Osteoarthritis happens when cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones – where the joints are – starts to wear down. The more the cartilage wears down, the more pain and swelling you will have in that joint.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Rheumatoid is the second most common form of arthritis. This is actually an autoimmune disease, wherein your cells are actually attacking numerous joints, as well as soft tissues. It can occur whether there has been wear and tear of the cartilage of the joints or not, and age is not a factor, however when it occurs in a young person, it is called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Gouty Arthritis – If you have a great deal of pain and swelling either in your largest toe, or in your knee, you could be suffering from this type of arthritis. This occurs because there is an accumulation of urate crystals in the joint. This type of arthritis can be treated with medication and a special diet.

Lupus Arthritis – Lupus is an autoimmune disease, but Lupus Arthritis is actually just a side affect of Lupus, and not considered an autoimmune disease itself. Typically, this type of arthritis will occur in the wrists, knees, and hands.

Pseudogout Arthritis – Similar to Gout Arthritis, Pseudogout Arthritis is actually caused by an accumulation of calcium in the joints. The most common joint that is affected by Pseudogout Arthritis is the knee joint.

Infectious Arthritis – This is essentially caused by an infection in the joint. Due to the infection, the joint becomes inflamed. This may also be referred to as Septic Arthritis or Bacterial Arthritis, and it can be very serious. The end result of this type of arthritis is that the infection must be treated, of course, but you may also require surgery to have the infection completely removed from the joint as well.

Hemorrhagic Arthritis – This type of arthritis is actually caused by bleeding in the joint. The blood essentially accumulates, causing pain and swelling. Normally, if you have this type of arthritis, it is because you have a bleeding disorder as well.

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10 thoughts on “Types Of Lupus

  1. Tattoo Steveo

    Can an ANA test or any blood test used to diagnose auto-immune diseases show all the types of lupus?
    Can they test positive for discoid, SLE and other forms of lupus or do only certain ones show up on blood tests?

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      A double strand ANA test can help with a Lupus diagnosis but cannot be used solely to make it. Lupus is diagnosed by blood work and symptomatically through patient history and complaints. A positive ANA test doesn’t necessarily mean you have Lupus, there are many reasons that a person has a positive ANA…it is just one of the diagnostic tools that a doctor uses to base his diagnosis.

      And “NO” an ANA test won’t specify which type of Lupus because it doesn’t even specify that you have Lupus…Just that you have a positive ANA.

    1. mgunnycappo

      There are four:

      Drug Induced.

      Systemic deals with the entire body and all systems. It can be fatal if not treated. All organs can be affected. Therefore this is considered to be the most serious.

      Discoid deals with Lupus on the skin, usually manifesting itself as rashes and skin leisons.

      Neonatal Lupus is found only in newborns. Most grow out of this after a course of methotrexate. Newborns with neonatal Lupus have about the same chance of developing Systemic Lupus as does the general population.

      Drug Induced Lupus can be bad but it is usually temporary. It is caused by certain medications and it mimics Systemic Lupus. Usually after the medication is stopped the symptoms gradually begin to disappear. There is a slightly higher risk of developing Systemic Lupus if you have had Drug Induced Lupus.

      Hope this helps.

  2. aintjomomma1970

    Does anyone know how many types of LUPUS there are? I know there are more than one, just not sure how many.?
    I know of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Or oterwise known as S.L.E. But I have talked to other people who say they have Lupus but they have never heard of it.

    1. Imaka

      There are four types of lupus, I believe. They are discoid lupus, systemic lupus, drug-induced lupus and neonatal lupus. This link should help.

  3. Jenna B

    In 4th grade I am going into 9th I was diagnosed with Lupus. An internal my kidneys where daautoimmune disease… I recently had a very bad flare up and it raised the chances of me dying earlier(some organs seriously damaged). When I was diagnosed I was told that dying was a possibility but most likely not until i got older… but i still I get seriously sick every year and am limited in activities. The type of Lupus i have makes my immunine system shut down, all my muscles give out (Legs, arms, etc) and face blow up and get beat red whenever I am in the sun… there is no cure . Especially in the summer I am secluded into my house it is either that or get sick again (my specific condition is so serious that not even suntan lotion and a hat can help me in the sun…i can not even take a hot shower…Kids at school tease…this year I stayed home from school for 2 wks afraid of what they would say to the looks of my face and inability to walk(I limp on good days and in wheelchair on bad

    1. mlk_maid

      Half of being strong is making up your mind to do something. Keep your head on straight and keep focusing on being well. Remember mind over matter. Don’t try to figure out ways to get through the week, just focus on the minute and it will be a lot easier.

      You are in my heart and prayers.

  4. Christine

    Mom had dark spot on chin- treated with steroid cream- went away- are there different types of lupus?
    I’m wondering what the differences are between kinds of lupus .. like are some worse than others?
    My mom had a dark spot on her chin, they gave her steroid cream and told her to stay out of the sun and it went away years ago. Does that mean she’s safe?

    Dad just told me tonight that they said it could have been some kind of skin lupus- and I’m like OMG WHAT? LUPUS?

    But he didn’t seem worried- and it’s never been an issue since- like apparently it wasn’t as bad as my brain jumped to it being.
    So I’m wondering

    a) Does that mean she’s probably safe then if it went away years ago in response to the cream?
    b) Are there different kinds of lupus- like this skin thing- that is different from the devastating lupus that I’ve heard of?

    1. John

      There are a few different forms of lupus (systemic, drug-induced, discoid). Based on your description, your mother may have had a discoid lupus lesion. Treatment with a steroid cream is often sufficient, but she will need to be monitored for recurrent and new lesions, development of systemic lupus, and the possible transformation of lesions into skin cancer (usually treated easily with appropriate monitoring).

      Hope that helps. Don’t worry, just help to make sure that she gets regular checkups.

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